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From Academy Award®-winning director Steve McQueen ("12 Years a Slave") and co-writer and bestselling author Gillian Flynn ("Gone Girl") comes a blistering, modern-day thriller set against the backdrop of crime, passion and corruption. "Widows" is the story of four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands' criminal activities. Set in contemporary Chicago, amid a time of turmoil, tensions build when Veronica (Oscar® winner Viola Davis), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki) and Belle (Cynthia Erivo) take their fate into their own hands and conspire to forge a future on their own terms. "Widows" also stars Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall, Daniel Kaluuya, Lukas Haas and Brian Tyree Henry.
Director: Steve McQueen
Producers: Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Steve McQueen, Arnon Milchan
Screenplay by: Gillian Flynn & Steve McQueen
Based on “Widows” by Lynda La Plante
Cast: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Cynthia Erivo, Colin Farrell, Brian Tyree Henry, Daniel Kaluuya, Garret Dillahunt, Carrie Coon, Jacki Weaver, Jon Bernthal, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo with Robert Duvall and Liam Neeson
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Chicago Piece: fox.co/WidowsChicago
The Story: fox.co/WidowsTheStory
The Director: fox.co/WidowsTheDirector
"Pull This Off" clip: fox.co/WidowsPullThisOff
"I Know Why” clip: fox.co/WidowsIKnowWhy
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Widows | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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15 ago 2018

TrailerViola DavisMichelle RodriguezElizabeth DebickiCynthia ErivoColin FarrellBrian Tyree HenryDaniel KaluuyaGarret DillahuntCarrie CoonJacki WeaverJon BernthalManuel Garcia-RulfoRobert DuvallLiam NeesonWidowsWidows movieWidows trailerWidows Steve McQueenSteve McQueen12 Years a SlaveGillian FlynnGone GirlSharp ObjectsLynda LaplanteIain CanningEmile ShermanArnon Milchanocean's 8crime thriller






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Comentarios 2 893
WorldWide Roamers
WorldWide Roamers Hace 21 un hora
Trailer >>>>> actual movie ..disapointement
really? Hace un día
Worth to watch?
Roberto Lerma
Roberto Lerma Hace un día
I loved Viola Davis performance in this movie her form of acting in this movie made me love her even more. She never fails to at her roles ever
Brian C.
Brian C. Hace 2 días
What "Oceans 8" should've been.Not that cheesy,predictable throw up of a movie.
wally19 Hace 2 días
dont waste your time... boring movie, a 80% intro, 10% finish, 10% credits.
kmorris9098 Hace 2 días
This movie was hot garbage. Wasted a red box rental on this one. Thank God we didn't spend $30 to see in theaters. Pacing was way off. Just waited for 2 hours for it to get started, never happened.
Oxidizing Hazard
Oxidizing Hazard Hace 3 días
Most boring movie I’ve seen in a while.
M.J. C.
M.J. C. Hace 5 días
What a crock of DooDoo
Ailbhe Griffin
Ailbhe Griffin Hace 5 días
I didn’t enjoy it, trailer makes it seem much more action packed than it actually is
Lovish Landson.U.M
Lovish Landson.U.M Hace 5 días
MOVIE REVIEW: This movie is purely and simply amazing, and I found my self crying through some of the parts which are rare considering movie quality is going down. I wouldn't want to sit here and write all the spoiling details on this film for others who have not seen it if you have not seen it yet, I RECOMMEND YOU GET IT AND WATCH IT. FINAL VERDICT: 9/10 one thing I must add to this is I am truly happy to see some real acting, cause man what has happened in 2018 was a wreck when it came to movies, in my opinion, Halloween was horrible and they pumped that real hard, but I love this film truly.
Le Colosse
Le Colosse Hace 6 días
the swirling agenda is so strong these days! NFL, liberal media and now Hollywood who are pushing it. hard to believe that a black woman had to play the lover role with a racist like liam neeson.
Dexter Black
Dexter Black Hace 7 días
Viola Davis
NeaFrancia PH
NeaFrancia PH Hace 7 días
I just watched it today, and now im finding a reason to tell ppl how amazing the movie i just watched! Very unique story about widows, empowering women. Great actors, great intense build up and nothing left me hanging. The ending dont disappoint too so yea all in all i love it.
Movie Alert
Movie Alert Hace 7 días
Watch the best and the newest movies on: esvid.net/video/vídeo-ue-QOhCiCSg.html
Jack Robins
Jack Robins Hace 8 días
Viola Davis is such a great actress! She’s awesome! Want to see this movie!
e d
e d Hace 8 días
This is the film that You make when You run out of ideas. Horrible .
Younes Ramni
Younes Ramni Hace 9 días
Great movie I recommend it 👍👍👍
tryptychUK Hace 9 días
Based upon the 1983 British ITV series of the same name written by Linda LaPlante who also wrote Prime Suspect.
Me Rodriguez
Me Rodriguez Hace 9 días
Guys is just me or this is a REMAKE of a British series I watched in the 80's 🤔 and with the same bloody name?
Testos Tyrone
Testos Tyrone Hace 10 días
F'k the racist and the bedwench...
Olya A
Olya A Hace 10 días
This is the remake.. the original movie (TV series) was made in 1983
Olya A
Olya A Hace 7 días
+Azhar Qureshi I hope you find one soon :)
Azhar Qureshi
Azhar Qureshi Hace 7 días
Hi I'm looking for girlfriend
Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed Hace 10 días
How do you cut a sea into two halves.. With a sea-saw
G G Hace 10 días
All I read is Windows
Waqas Ali
Waqas Ali Hace 11 días
Very nice movie good boy and girl 😎🙌👈
Anastasija Bukumirić
Anastasija Bukumirić Hace 11 días
The worst movie ever.
Azhar Qureshi
Azhar Qureshi Hace 7 días
I'm looking for girlfriend
Grand Fresh
Grand Fresh Hace 11 días
This is Set it off 2 even the driver looks like the girl in that movie..
Akhtar Jamali
Akhtar Jamali Hace 11 días
This is Movie best ????
mark ferris
mark ferris Hace 11 días
It's a remake of a British 80's TV series also called Widows. It was inspired by the book of the same name by English author Lynda La Plante
atokz nenekz
atokz nenekz Hace 11 días
what is this movie all about
andy rivera
andy rivera Hace 12 días
liam is not a racist ! this movie prove it😊 thanks michelle rodriguez😊
DsW Hace 12 días
This is a great switch-up, it's usually the female characters who get fridged to further the plot. Good way to turn the trope on it's head.
Heru Permono
Heru Permono Hace 12 días
Heru Permono
Heru Permono Hace 12 días
MAST3RM1ND Hace 12 días
anyone know the song at the end!?
JON E. Hace 13 días
Amazing film
Kuhle Gwamanda
Kuhle Gwamanda Hace 13 días
It’s a actually a good movie
Mstr Dstboy
Mstr Dstboy Hace 13 días
im already widow maker
S Hace 14 días
Bracketville August
Bracketville August Hace 14 días
I have to see this movie. I have to purchase
BAdrianne91 Hace 14 días
How in the world this movie had a low budget??? What people is thinking???
Goya Hace 14 días
SPOIL ALERT! Neeson is alive!
The Flash 2024
The Flash 2024 Hace 11 días
Obviously you can't kill Liam neeson, he will find you and kill you instead
Bro' Joe
Bro' Joe Hace 14 días
Just another violent nonsense movie for the lowest common denominator intelligence.
Bro' Joe
Bro' Joe Hace 11 días
How many times is somebody knocked out for an hour, after being hit over the head?
wacko User"s DEN
wacko User"s DEN Hace 14 días
This was mind boggling.Truly a healthy dose of women self empowerment !
Hannah Ismail
Hannah Ismail Hace 14 días
Pls don’t waste your time watching this - like l did .. such a poor movie..
I_am_A Boy_Damon
I_am_A Boy_Damon Hace 15 días
I wanted to catch this movie on DVD, but Liam Neeson is a racist. I will skip it.
HASSAN ALI Hace 15 días
1:37 what do you want them to tell your kid your mom was a thief and she got killed wow what a motivation for her kid to be a dentist when he get old lol
Juicy Tomatoes
Juicy Tomatoes Hace 16 días
Wow the cast are amazing.. is this movie good?
Mandlovhu HRH
Mandlovhu HRH Hace 16 días
Just finished watching it ... loooooove it
Trill Spill
Trill Spill Hace 17 días
Movie was trash and definitely not like they promoted, it wasn't even as action packed as the trailer...
Starry&Bohemian Hace 17 días
Neeson in peculiar action role... (a man with a too heavy regret) Even so Viola Davis is the main attraction here, she's at so many crossroads of this story She's got the wheel(s on fire)
Andora Leigh
Andora Leigh Hace 17 días
Oooooo I wanna watch this
Bernarda Cardoso
Bernarda Cardoso Hace 17 días
lavere Hace 17 días
Just seen it, enjoyed the build up and deep acting with lots of big names
Goofey ButReal
Goofey ButReal Hace 18 días
Viola! Yes, I can’t wait to see this.
Connor B
Connor B Hace 18 días
black people
Kacem Hace 16 días
more like niggas
Smoked Eel
Smoked Eel Hace 18 días
So these days bad guys are good guys, crime justified by "extraordinary circumstances", killing people is funny. Don't cry people when you get robbed on the street in broad daylight and no one help you but recording and posting on internet (for fun of course).Greetings from good old days fellas!
5.000.000 Hace 18 días
0:17 The Punisher
4K Movie
4K Movie Hace 18 días
download 4k-hd.club/movies/thrillers4k/648-widows-4k-2018-ultra-hd-2160p.html
Paulo Hendrix
Paulo Hendrix Hace 18 días
That's a MOVIE! :)
Rosani San Gilbert
Rosani San Gilbert Hace 19 días
Es muy entretenida hay muy buenos actores
Shalintha Perera
Shalintha Perera Hace 19 días
Big fan if viola davis whata natural beautiful actress she is amazing movie ...love from srilanka
Jacques C
Jacques C Hace 19 días
Was a really good watch. It reminded me a small bit of "set it off". Well worth the watch.
Jonathan Vazquez
Jonathan Vazquez Hace 19 días
Not the Liam Neeson we deserve, but the Liam Neeson we need for this one.
Scorpion 1
Scorpion 1 Hace 19 días
Deden Prima
Deden Prima Hace 19 días
uvuvwevwe onyetenyevwe ogembwem osass -jatemme
Lee-Ann Thomas
Lee-Ann Thomas Hace 19 días
Omg...I read a book like this and always wonder if it would ever make it to movie status...viola is the perfect choice for the main character in the book
Zachary Seville
Zachary Seville Hace 19 días
Timothy Andoniadis
Timothy Andoniadis Hace 19 días
How do you people watch this leftist garbage? Stop paying these people.
JNF FNJ Hace 20 días
Wow Nina Simone blasting in the background is haunting.
Taino Lolino
Taino Lolino Hace 20 días
another SJW Propaganda BULLSHIT.
The Blue Man
The Blue Man Hace 16 días
Nope. Believe me, this movie is awesome. For some people it may be slow but for me it wasn't
Omar Mostafa
Omar Mostafa Hace 20 días
What the kind of music at this trailer
words0217 Hace 20 días
Funny how they put the total truth in a movie. It should have been called What's really the problem in Chicago.
Vadim Parkhomenko
Vadim Parkhomenko Hace 20 días
Have anybody found this track on Apple Music?
yannick katayisha
yannick katayisha Hace 20 días
oh boy ! this movie gonna be great
Color Blind
Color Blind Hace 20 días
Rand Saad
Rand Saad Hace 20 días
The worst Liam Neeson's movies I've ever seen..
Dwayne P
Dwayne P Hace 12 días
All his movie terrible 😂😭😭
trstn1 btch 2018
trstn1 btch 2018 Hace 20 días
This movie was really good 👍 worth watching 🤑
L3giOn Hace 21 un día
Abukenyo Hace 21 un día
Slow paced. Could've done in 90mins. Not enough action
Ivaila Damyanova
Ivaila Damyanova Hace 21 un día
Very nice!is sad but sametimes this is Real Life!!! gratilaishan for good Job!
Tumz mad
Tumz mad Hace 21 un día
Set it off 2.0
Soup_910 Hace 21 un día
Is me or is it a lot missing from this movie I mean it was good but they should of put more into the storyline n I’m not really feeling the ending
TDave tdave
TDave tdave Hace 22 días
You would simply be idiotic 2 deprive yourself of this movie . Loved it .
Andrea Richardson
Andrea Richardson Hace 22 días
I about to watch this
M.M Andersson
M.M Andersson Hace 22 días
Another female badass movie.
Jade B
Jade B Hace 22 días
Oh dear Annalise, you never seen to keep your hands clean.
zhina rafiq
zhina rafiq Hace 22 días
Just watched this, oh boy this is prolly the best of the years in this genre
GZA036 Hace 23 días
CRANGE. The female ghostbusters of heist movies, sweet.
ahmed essa
ahmed essa Hace 23 días
I'll watch it for Viola Davis
mrs ricaa Tull
mrs ricaa Tull Hace 23 días
I came here just because of how to get away with murder yass viola
People Smart
People Smart Hace 23 días
Should watch
Andy Ceballos
Andy Ceballos Hace 23 días
But they literally have no balls...
Blaze Hace 23 días
C'mon meh, thats not Chicago i didnt see no dreads no extended clips nothing...
Rico , suave
Rico , suave Hace 23 días
The Black Widow !!!!!!
Retsam Razwinkz
Retsam Razwinkz Hace 23 días
My advice is dont read comments if u really like the movie TRUST ME
Anand Thomas
Anand Thomas Hace 23 días
How to get away with murder lovers can like here👇
Movie Unduh
Movie Unduh Hace 24 días
BluRay driveufr.com/widows-2018-bluray-720p-1080p/
Nick Pascoal
Nick Pascoal Hace 24 días
You should put captions on this so I can understand what's going on, get interested, and buy it.
Mister Stag C
Mister Stag C Hace 24 días
Absolutely fantastic movie....
Wayne Moan
Wayne Moan Hace 24 días
just finished watching this, and i gota say i was well impressed, dam good movie
FinalVertex Hace 24 días
I was reading Windows
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