Emptying 1,000 Silly Putty Eggs

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Today we're taking 1000 silly putty eggs and putting them through a variety of tests, and ultimately putting it into one 25 lbs blob.
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Liberty Bell1776
Liberty Bell1776 Hace 5 horas
Is silly puddy bullet proof
Jesse Sippl
Jesse Sippl Hace 5 horas
Silly putty Melt it Drop it from really high Cast it with molten aluminum Put it in a vacuum chamber Put it in liquid nitrogen Put thermite inside of it
C Strieter
C Strieter Hace 6 horas
Silly putty ball was more of a bouncy ball than the bouncy ball project😔
Josephine Perkins
Josephine Perkins Hace 7 horas
Melt it and put it in a squirt gun then shoot each other with it
D Pena
D Pena Hace 9 horas
If one person did it. It will take 1 hour
Jennifer Michels
Jennifer Michels Hace 10 horas
Mack silly putty shoes
WhitRae 417
WhitRae 417 Hace 11 horas
Deep fry???
Wyatt Maxville
Wyatt Maxville Hace 12 horas
Send them to me
Shenek Kens
Shenek Kens Hace 13 horas
Make ornaments 😉
Colin Phinney
Colin Phinney Hace 14 horas
you should make a bird house with the eggs
EvilAngelNeo Hace 14 horas
You should see if a bullet can go through it!!!
Yellow Gorilla
Yellow Gorilla Hace 16 horas
Shoot the silly putty
Queen Rere
Queen Rere Hace 16 horas
Make a pair of shoes with the silly putty
issamiyahere Hace 16 horas
deep fry it
Emili Pegasus
Emili Pegasus Hace un día
Give me the containers... I love containers....
Kyle Janke
Kyle Janke Hace un día
Fill a pool with putty and mold people in it
Hailey Love
Hailey Love Hace un día
What will happen if you melt silly putty ?
The Gamer Cookie
The Gamer Cookie Hace un día
Make a ninja ball!!
Ethan Eller
Ethan Eller Hace un día
Put an explosive in it and blow it up
More. Mee15
More. Mee15 Hace un día
Drop a big ball of putty off of a building
gamer vamp
gamer vamp Hace un día
Mack a bead
tony vargas
tony vargas Hace un día
Send it to the moon
Jessy Stowe
Jessy Stowe Hace un día
All the putty together is my wheigh because I am a cheerleader 💞love you guys
Andrew Lamb
Andrew Lamb Hace un día
Deep fry it
Pepijn Bisschop
Pepijn Bisschop Hace un día
You should burn the cases and mold it into something
Robert Turner
Robert Turner Hace un día
It's will ensure that you won't need Easter eggs for the next 5 generations 😂
Chelsea Tomak
Chelsea Tomak Hace un día
shoot it with a real gun
Night Owl
Night Owl Hace 2 días
Corl intro muisc
Zelma Robb
Zelma Robb Hace 2 días
you should give some to me :) hehe
Masyn Uhlenkott
Masyn Uhlenkott Hace 2 días
Put it in a blender
Family Matuska
Family Matuska Hace 2 días
Vat 19
Lesbo Lad
Lesbo Lad Hace 2 días
Cover IT over a phone and hit it with a hammer..
Angela Dewey
Angela Dewey Hace 2 días
try shooting the silly putty
Kole Baker
Kole Baker Hace 2 días
Egg shaped popsicles
Bubblestacker Hace 2 días
Putty is a harder version of ooblec
The old Sandel Andrade
4:10 4:09
Gamer Player
Gamer Player Hace 2 días
Please what happens if you shoot 25 pounds of putty eggs will it bounce off or will it burn who knows?
Layla Zeller
Layla Zeller Hace 2 días
Try to melt them down and make candles
Jay Envy
Jay Envy Hace 3 días
Deep fry it
Coal Bach
Coal Bach Hace 3 días
You should see what it can protect inside it from high drops.
Isaiah Duffy
Isaiah Duffy Hace 3 días
Make a rope with them
Chyan MRF
Chyan MRF Hace 3 días
Just recycle the putty containers Also 4:10 the logo
Jullian Donohue
Jullian Donohue Hace 3 días
Burn it
Lizzy12634love Lizzy
Melt then down and make a sculpture
Jbear Yang
Jbear Yang Hace 3 días
Finish mixing it and then make a giant egg to put it all in!!!!!
Deluxtra Hace 3 días
*wallet as left the chat*
Selma Bassow
Selma Bassow Hace 3 días
Calvin Copp
Calvin Copp Hace 3 días
Lucifer Hace 3 días
If anyone can pause the video right when that thing come on screen, could you please screen shot it and send it to me? 😸 @__._.l.u.c.i.f.e.r._.__ i'd very much appreciate it!
Young Fwego
Young Fwego Hace 3 días
How about you see how many things you can break with putty or freeze it if you find this comment I love ur vids!
Ana Games
Ana Games Hace 3 días
Melt the containers in 99% nail polish remover stuff
Elchanan Haber
Elchanan Haber Hace 3 días
How bulletproof is sillypuddy
TheGingerbreadGamingChannel Thing
Make rope from sillyputty??
Lala Townend
Lala Townend Hace 4 días
gallium Maldives for me all the rappers
domibic jackson
domibic jackson Hace 4 días
And then vacuum chamber it
Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark Hace 4 días
melt it freeze it
Galaxy Bom
Galaxy Bom Hace 4 días
I think you should just play with every day
Happyperson 101
Happyperson 101 Hace 4 días
Burn it and freeze
Robert Barrett
Robert Barrett Hace 4 días
Is it bulletproof
Gabriel 7778
Gabriel 7778 Hace 4 días
I’ll take them
Jazlyn Montes
Jazlyn Montes Hace 4 días
Miranda Bramley
Miranda Bramley Hace 4 días
Kendra Miller
Kendra Miller Hace 4 días
If you're still unsure of what to do with the containers, contact zoo's and exotic animal facilities! We are always looking for new enrichment options for our animals :) -Your follower from Safari West in Santa Rosa, CA
Mason Sellati
Mason Sellati Hace 4 días
Hey don't judge I have a friend at school that would probably eat all of that he has eaten pencil lead and shaving
Colton Irwin
Colton Irwin Hace 4 días
Make 1000 gallium eggs what the containers
Space Unicorn2007
Space Unicorn2007 Hace 4 días
Make candy eggs
karanterus Hace 4 días
make the house symbols from Harry Potter (and make a Dark Mark) P.S. I'm a Proud Slytherin and Death Eater :) XD
Flores A
Flores A Hace 4 días
Give away of the silly putty
Helen Rodrigues
Helen Rodrigues Hace 4 días
Can you pls show how to make a homemade heating powder that changes color plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsl
Austin Moore
Austin Moore Hace 5 días
Peep the Hermès belt
10 Subscribers Sub For Sub
How much is it wheigh? Lol?
Lakeyn Peters
Lakeyn Peters Hace 5 días
Put a lock on his Amazon account
Green Penguin26205
Green Penguin26205 Hace 5 días
Have an Easter egg hunt!!!
louis manzanares
louis manzanares Hace 5 días
Try melting it and fill a small pool
Crazy KupKakes
Crazy KupKakes Hace 5 días
Can you mix 20 pounds of chocolate with 10 pounds of gasoline and set it on fire? I’d like to see if it set on fire!
Alden's Greatest Hits
Chuck it off the roof and put it on your face and feet/ shoes! I going to die if you do both experiments!😵😵
Crafty. Cat
Crafty. Cat Hace 5 días
Can you try to melt it?????
Jessx Hace 5 días
Give it away
Gal Vidmar
Gal Vidmar Hace 5 días
why you don t do that before
elizabeth Baldwin
elizabeth Baldwin Hace 5 días
Put lava into the Silly Putty🔥🔥🌋🌋
Yee Ultimate
Yee Ultimate Hace 5 días
Throw them at ur neighbor
Fire j Plays
Fire j Plays Hace 5 días
Silly putty verse lava
iNeMeE Hace 5 días
Turtle Dad said it I ship u two. Now I wait until the ship sails ❤️
Avacado Gacha :D UwU
Wait, I thought they were married....😔
SpaceKitty_Gacha Lyfe
BLOW IT UP!!!!!!
Wolf Hace 5 días
Melt them
kaden Checketts
kaden Checketts Hace 5 días
Fill your bathtub with the putty then go in it for 24 hours
venom mous
venom mous Hace 6 días
Egg bommm
Taya Johanson
Taya Johanson Hace 6 días
Sell them
Alan Toy
Alan Toy Hace 6 días
Is Silly Putty bullet proof and can it catch on fire?
Something Else
Something Else Hace 6 días
Make chocolate eggs or candle eggs or candy eggs
Evocater Hace 6 días
Wow they would mold that gallium like a co*k
james jines
james jines Hace 6 días
Silly putty egg container firework or possibly non toxic paint grenade? Or fill it with powdered sugar and throw it in some acid.
Tayla Schneider
Tayla Schneider Hace 6 días
Make the container ester eggs 𓁹♡㋛㋛
Musical Ninja
Musical Ninja Hace 6 días
See of it will melt and if it does you should try casting it in something
Teresa Espinoza
Teresa Espinoza Hace 6 días
Keep the shells for Easter
Teresa Espinoza
Teresa Espinoza Hace 6 días
The putty
Teresa Espinoza
Teresa Espinoza Hace 6 días
Put them in liquid nitrogen
Bead On YT
Bead On YT Hace 6 días
play basketball with it
T. L. Cutuli
T. L. Cutuli Hace 6 días
Ok so make a HUGE ball of it then cut it and try not to get satisfied.
Blake Kotecki
Blake Kotecki Hace 6 días
Maybe you could make really big putty sculptures
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