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Pick A Card Reading TAROT CHARM Love Relationship Singles Twin Flame -
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 1:44
Cards 2) 17:21
Cards 3) 32:34
Cards 4) 49:10
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Cards 1) 1:44 Cards 2) 17:21 Cards 3) 32:34 Cards 4) 49:10 "How Does He Feel About Me?" Readings Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZWK3zP--imX0gWhrHVwGVdU
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2 💜
lyn flores
lyn flores Hace un mes
Pile 4 please I would like to find out if he reach it to me please thanks Xx.
Anna Vergara
Anna Vergara Hace un mes
Soul Whispers Tarot ♥️
tillyann 22
tillyann 22 Hace un mes
Ur amazing thanks its my story.. x
BiggTing3 Hace un mes
Pile 1. Spot on. "You may have needed them to step up...And when it came down to it, this person didn't deliver". I had to pause the video and walk away for a second 😂. Thank you!
Danyel Lyday
Danyel Lyday Hace 6 horas
Pile 3
Danyel Lyday
Danyel Lyday Hace 6 horas
Pile 1
Maddie Hancock
Maddie Hancock Hace 6 horas
I’m confused... does pile 3 mean he’ll reach out or no? I’m confused in the outcome lol. Totally resonated though.
EJAY Nirvehc
EJAY Nirvehc Hace 9 horas
card 1 and 3 totally resonated , its heart 💔for me to see I can't seems to make him opening up as I am still trying , patience I have still do , but for how long !! I really don't know it's like a cat and mousse constantly chasing each other and retrieving , till the next time around . Tiring that can be with the feeling of just giving up ,💔so I'll live this to the above for the time being as I cannot control the situation. Thank you Karen you are so on the dot , many blessings and much love to you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🕊🕊💕💕🌹🌹
emma fishman
emma fishman Hace un día
i chose pile #3 and i’m looking forward to hearing from him soon. i can totally feel it. i still have a chunk of hope
S H Hace un día
How accurate are tarot card readings?? I’m experiencing a really bad breakup and have been in no contact. What are the chances tarot’s can foretell if our exes come back or not. I feel like deck #2 reflected me instead of him being that I don’t want him to go but he has moved on....
weathergirl 🌧
weathergirl 🌧 Hace un día
#3 - I knew the answer before I got here. I'm crying...but I have to move on. I'm out here looking like an idiot, steady reaching out to him. I should have known better. 😖🥺😭💔
Nellson Ot
Nellson Ot Hace un día
I hate how the cards would resonate alot on his personality everytime I do these kind of things so I feel like I have enough reasons to believe the tarot but at the same time I can't. I just can't imagine him ever reaching out again, its been 3 years and I reached out a few times but he just never did. I'd like to think he is more of a bestfriend soulmate thingy, and honestly missing a bestfriend that good is just not really something easy to forget even after years. And he left when his life was falling apart really badly. So I can't even be mad at him, I just wished he'd reach out and say 'I'm alright' then I wouldn't bother as much anymore. Edit: Or at least tell me he isn't fighting alone. He tends to do that and really, he shouldn't.
Christina Kerestedjian
I got pile 2 and this was spot on
Matilda Xo
Matilda Xo Hace 3 días
pile 3- i texted him yesterday and told him that i had feelings for him, we talked for a bit but he didn’t say if he liked me back or not. he hasn’t texted me all day but viewed my story and i want to text him but i don’t wanna come across as needy. ahh i don’t know what to do 🥺
Mindy Jons
Mindy Jons Hace 3 días
I dont get how all the readings are positive coz i doubt if some of these men care or even think about us💀💀 Idky but that fact alone makes me doubtful about these readings🤔 I think i'll actually start believing if one time one of the readings says 'he doesnt want to reach out...he actually moved'😂😂✋😭
Siddhena Nirav
Siddhena Nirav Hace 4 días
I love the way u interpret ... truly amazing.. spot on... I like the language or the words spoken n the tone.. feels beautiful.. with wisdom. gratitude n honouring your spirit.. ❤❤❤❤🎊🎊🎊
Nicki G.
Nicki G. Hace 4 días
I picked pile 1. It really resonated so, thank you for that. He is my tf and I love him so much. For over a year he was in and out of contact with me because he would get so overwhelmed with his emotions. He recently started a relationship with someone else. As hard as it is to see him with another he broke the pattern and things are shifting between us. I also know she is teaching him what he wants and he’s beginning to realize his true feelings for me. We will be together again, it’s all a matter of when not if 🙏🏻💕
EL.EL Hace 4 días
Just Jamie
Just Jamie Hace 4 días
raffine123 Hace 4 días
mabry Hace 5 días
watched 4 tarot videos so far and i’m hearing the same thing every time ...
msbond700 Hace 5 días
Author Numbkid
Author Numbkid Hace 5 días
I picked 1. Strange because I went to view "Does he like you back?" or something in another channel and it says similar things. That this person is repressing their feelings because they are afraid due to either family or past relationships. And he once mentioned that he has a fearful attachment style. The problem is, I'm also described as that way too. I'm also afraid of someone getting close to me. Should I reach out to my crush? I'm scared but I really really have strong feelings for him. We have not talked in a long time (nothing negative happened) but the silence is killing me.
Kayla Jarvis
Kayla Jarvis Hace 3 días
alicyn danielle
alicyn danielle Hace 5 días
Thank you for this reading, I literally opened ESvid and this was the first video on my feed. Recently I’ve been caught up with someone who hasn’t been communicating with me, playing games. And then there’s another guy I’m separated from who has a lot of things holding him back. Pile number 1 and 2 spoke to me today. 💖
divine vine
divine vine Hace 5 días
I kinda laugh when I saw this on my recommendation. I've been thinking about this all day. Then I choose number 1. I'm kinda sad that he won't reached out to me now because I kinda miss talking to him 😔
Shyne Lily
Shyne Lily Hace 6 días
Antessa Leija
Antessa Leija Hace 6 días
This is crazy because my heart was drawn to the second one and very accurate to a situation I have at the moment. Thank you ❤️ much love!
Alice J
Alice J Hace 6 días
It hurts my brain that things can be so freaking difficult.
Balaji Rohit
Balaji Rohit Hace 6 días
Confused at pile#3.... Will he reach out or not????🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄
Midget Brigade
Midget Brigade Hace 7 días
Pile 4: [Internal screaming] 🙃 Trust issues! Parent figure! Accurate! [Screams into the void]
ꜱᴀɪʏᴜᴜ ʜᴀɴᴀ
Oh my lord he keeps apologizing to me for being such a bad person when we were sorta together I have to keep telling him "It's not your fault." He deserves the world, honestly.
athena cie
athena cie Hace 8 días
Crazy how I looked for 4 other tarot readings here in yt and they all say the same! 😭 so this is my story, fell inlove with someone committed and i also have bf that time. Broke up with my bf to be with this guy, but in the end i also broke up with him cause it's the right thing. He can't break up with his gf because he's someone who's a public figure. People will get mad at him if he'll do that. 😔 he didn't stop messaging me though, giving me gifts and all but i didn't return their affection. I feel bad for him cause he's stuck with whatever is holding him but I can't wait any longer. 😭😔 I still miss him though. 😪
diane lescota
diane lescota Hace 8 días
Thank you. Spot on with the Christmas pudding.
Dilara cee
Dilara cee Hace 8 días
What's the name of the oracle cards with the coloured rims and key words on them?? :)
Maura Ross
Maura Ross Hace 8 días
She got me with card#2
Marie Morgan
Marie Morgan Hace 8 días
#3, its creepy I get the same ready everytime I watch one of these videos, he wants to reach out but hes scared
Jaymee Rae Figueroa
Jaymee Rae Figueroa Hace 8 días
i chose pile 1 for my reading and tried to choose a pile in his perspective and chose pile 4. In our relationship ive been always the one who reached put but this time.. He really hurted me which is why i wont reach put to him now. I love him to bits and im scared that he would never reach out. 😢 I really pray that we can heal in whatever we are dealing with. Thank you so much for ypur reading. ❤
Tuuli Sihvonen
Tuuli Sihvonen Hace 8 días
It's amazing, how these cards feel like they're meant just for me and my situation with this person I'm hoping to hear from. This really gave me hope and sort of guidance to be patient. Thank you for this reading.
November Rose
November Rose Hace 9 días
I have watched most of your videos and I always choose card no. 2, and it almost relates on me, thanks Hope to hear it from him😊❤ Love your videos, it inspires me❤
Rohan Dhawan
Rohan Dhawan Hace 9 días
I think the reading is about me. pile 3. hahaha
Elisa Burcheri
Elisa Burcheri Hace 9 días
he wont hes in a relationship
Shelby Beltran
Shelby Beltran Hace 10 días
I chose pile one and honestly it’s very close to how they were with me, he felt as if expressing how he felt would show weakness and he was afraid to show me how he truly felt about me. Towards the middle of us talking he started being more distant because he liked me, I didn’t understand why he would distance himself if he felt that way about me. I tried making him feel like he could trust me and that he was safe with me.
Shelby Beltran
Shelby Beltran Hace 10 días
I truly do care for this person but they didn’t believe that I did and would not let their guard down. Communication and confrontation were a problem for him. He wouldn’t want to talk about things and fix them, which really would make me upset because I knew that doing that could make things better but he was pretty stubborn on not communicating
piscesd0ll Hace 10 días
#4😭 the hedgehog, that’s his favorite animal 😭
Kaitlynn Jansen
Kaitlynn Jansen Hace 10 días
Pile 1: he has a lot of masks, and he’s good at keeping them on. I’ve learned that about him. I want him to feel safe with me. He loves families and kids :) he hasn’t been himself for about a year, he got new friends, and now he ignores me when they’re around. and that hurts me because he’s one of my best friends. whenever he is with his friends he makes himself less than what he is. he likes whatever they like, not wanting to show his other traits and the best parts of himself. i feel like I’m losing him, and I’m trying to keep him on a string close to me. If he feels this way I want him to just say it, because I’ve done everything I can. I know him better than almost anybody else, but I’m still the one he is shutting out. and I’m not sure what to do :( edit: I met him at Christmastime....
A J Hace 10 días
hiplikedyani 2003
hiplikedyani 2003 Hace 10 días
3. He drunk texted me one night and told me I deserved better, he told me that he thinks he is nothing. His mom calls him a slut and his family calls him stupid but I see him in a different view point. I’ve tried to talk to him, but he acts uninterested. Doesn’t tell me anything so I’ve been sitting here waiting for him. I just wanna know if he will come back or not.
Grape Fruit
Grape Fruit Hace 11 días
#2 I’m still waiting for him..
Penelope Hace 11 días
#4 thank you! 🙏 He's overcoming codependency and learning to love himself, I am SO happy about this! He's a beautiful boy who deserves love, very much worth waiting for. 🥰
Melissa M. Sutton
Melissa M. Sutton Hace 12 días
#1...Wow. This sounds exactly like him- so many details were on point. And I'm ok with waiting for contact. It's got to be him, though, as I've got no way to contact him.
James Hace 12 días
Was this about ME OR HIM? 😭💀
lovebug Hace 12 días
i picked pile 3 and it sounded like. a lil bit of me and him. is that possible?
SenoritaTJ Hace 13 días
I so do hope that he'll reach out to me because I feel I totally fucked up. We both have said and done things.
Lisa Hang
Lisa Hang Hace 13 días
Didn’t talk to him since Monday and he contacted me yesterday lol
B Karol
B Karol Hace 13 días
He needs to stop fearing me..hope its not because we are of different ethnicities...
Lia Esminia
Lia Esminia Hace 13 días
1&2 is me and him all the way! I don’t understand or know why I keep having 2 cards/stones apply to me & his situation with eachother.
Hachikoo1414 Hace 13 días
I love how many people here are truly in love and passionate about their person even if the world had been cruel for them/ for us..that no matter what happened you still care about this persin.. and the fact that u can still love this person from afar, man that's unconditional love. Thank you for this beautiful reading Ma'am Karen. I always admire your power. 💗
Alice J
Alice J Hace 6 días
Kaitlynn Jansen
Kaitlynn Jansen Hace 10 días
Hachikoo1414 i loved reading this :) you’re amazing
Dianne Ramos
Dianne Ramos Hace 14 días
Pile #4 resonates so well especially about family issues.its like a personal reading actually.😊
Ella Morshead
Ella Morshead Hace 14 días
i picked card two and i’m glad that he’s gonna text me bc i want him to know that i don’t want him back especially after all he had said to me. like for example he told me to go and cut myself after i told him that i know i’m not the only one he talks to. i think i’m gonna start working on myself 🥰
Alina Mills
Alina Mills Hace 15 días
#2 really described the situation Im in
Cheng qin
Cheng qin Hace 15 días
Pile 1 and i feel that i'm just going in circles with this person and i hope it'll work out soon
canie ;
canie ; Hace 15 días
I'm really confused right now; like I've been watching these videos while thinking of someone and now when I watched this while thinking of other people, I got the same cards as before (I keep getting the same cards now and then, even though I think of anyone else) (well I'm also confused when it says more about myself rather than someone that I thought of)
Sumedha Tiwari
Sumedha Tiwari Hace 16 días
3....... :( :( :(
dark rosie99
dark rosie99 Hace 17 días
1# I really hope I hear from him lol im missing this person so much. I really hope this comes true
Natural Selection
Natural Selection Hace 18 días
Joe Hace 19 días
No wonder I was torn between 1 and 4 as the readings were so similar...
Lily Lisa
Lily Lisa Hace 19 días
Compared more than 3 topics that are related and they all match... it's so accurate it scares me... keep up the awesome work ♡
King B 👑
King B 👑 Hace 20 días
OMG 😳😱
Erica Sky
Erica Sky Hace 20 días
I will come back here once the person reached out. Accurate reading. "Cat yin and yang" When I and my person are the mother and father of zodiac
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis Hace 20 días
A lot of it sounded like what I'm feeling on my end. I'm not sure sometimes if I'm feeling a deep soul connection with someone I've never met in IRL, or, I'm just going crazy. I'm quite a story teller. Even to myself. And there's no outside way of reality testing this. But, to be honest, if it isn't real, it has still served my higher self and I'm grateful for it, nonetheless, and if it is real.... then..... Good.
Emery Easley
Emery Easley Hace 20 días
Card 2, he indeed left me for someone else. Followed me on Instagram again about a month ago. I don’t know when he will hit me up.
Choc Nut
Choc Nut Hace 21 un día
Does this apply like to a person you just met online? 🤔
Stephanie Krol
Stephanie Krol Hace 22 días
Thank you
cloud Hace 22 días
Pile 3 yess But in all seriousness I ain’t waitin forever nor am I reaching out first if he don’t reach out well I’m just gunna move on he’s doesn’t got a lot of time lol😂🤷🏻‍♀️
amber1350 Hace 22 días
Chose pile 3 and honestly this describes the guy I like so accurately it’s scary af
Catherine Hace 23 días
Card 2: Hitting a little too close to home. I guess we shall see what happens... Edit: Moon charm definitely hit too close to home.
Jessica Grayson
Jessica Grayson Hace 23 días
2. Listening to this a feeling of I am finally not fearful of rejection came rushing over me. I truly feel like my work is paying off! Wow. What a feeling-something I have never felt before! I’m shaking!
delightnora Hace 23 días
Cards 2): LOL "F*CK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT" does sound like what he would said. WOW~
Rashmi JainRashmiJ
Rashmi JainRashmiJ Hace 24 días
Thank you
Andrea Espeut
Andrea Espeut Hace 24 días
3. I miss him so much.
Lee Ann Keys
Lee Ann Keys Hace 24 días
So great
ANASTASIA ! Hace 25 días
3. They all say this.
Malileen Palm
Malileen Palm Hace 25 días
#3 i texted that ass cause he texted me first but he blocked me cause he is now okay with that girl. He just texted cause they fought. 😔
Sugoi Naachan
Sugoi Naachan Hace 25 días
maybe i should just move on
Maxine Glanville
Maxine Glanville Hace 26 días
Picked pile #1 & it was spot on! He runs away every time we argue. We are twin flames. And the christmas relevance?...... his birthday is christmas day!!
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