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Soul Whispers Tarot
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This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 2:14
Cards 2) 16:40
Cards 3) 37:17
Cards 4) 56:08
Cards 5) 1:14:39
Cards 6) 1:34:50
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
Soul Whispers Tarot

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13 mar 2020






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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 2 meses
Cards 1) 2:14 Cards 2) 16:40 Cards 3) 37:17 Cards 4) 56:08 Cards 5) 1:14 :39 Cards 6) 1:34 :50 Where is my Soulmate? Readings Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZW02Fo5O_Gic-j2hIP1YaOx
Alyssa Arnold
Alyssa Arnold Hace un mes
I have a question if your a six could you have already met the person
AVERAGE 1 Hace 2 meses
Pile 5
Vick Kie
Vick Kie Hace 2 meses
Soul Whispers Tarot I choose pile 3 and ohhh 10th May is my birthday btw and thank you >
Megan Day
Megan Day Hace 2 meses
5, right on the spot. I have been trying to focus on self love because I’ve been so down! Thank you!
Taís Assadurian
Taís Assadurian Hace 2 meses
#4 thank you
Bryn Rianne
Bryn Rianne Hace un día
I cannot believe how accurate #4 was. I watched this in late march after you published it, picked deck #4. Obviously it was very positive so I hoped for the best. I met someone in the beginning of April and our connection was exactly like this. I knew I watched a tarot video that seemed to "predict" my current relationship, so I went back through my watch history and found it (this one). I actually cried watching it back because of how unbelievably true it is. Scary how accurate this was, but thank you.
Patricia Ray
Patricia Ray Hace 10 días
Cards 3 was exactly what I've been manifesting. 🌹🙊💗😍💖💍
Patricia Ray
Patricia Ray Hace 10 días
Pile 3. 37:17
Chahleen Singh
Chahleen Singh Hace 12 días
3 & 6
Star Brilliancy
Star Brilliancy Hace 13 días
Pile3 thank you 😊
BC VC Hace 15 días
#3 too cool 😎 thanks Karen 💕
Felicity Jung
Felicity Jung Hace 20 días
Why every time i hear you will meet him “soon” it felt like eternity
Soffy Ma
Soffy Ma Hace 22 días
Alexanne x3
Alexanne x3 Hace 23 días
(Just for myself: group 3,6)
Roxannie Miller
Roxannie Miller Hace 24 días
Pile 3
tara kerr
tara kerr Hace 25 días
Pile 3 🙌
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea Hace 26 días
Pile 6: 8 and 3 were the numbers I got on your other reading which I just watched. And this reading has said a lot of things other ones have recently.👀👀I’m trying to manifest my love AHH🥺😭
Yasmin WP
Yasmin WP Hace 29 días
Thank you❤️ I did meet someone new and he’s an athlete as you described💯
saswati ray
saswati ray Hace un mes
black death of a rose
I am crying because of happiness, thank you so much!
Card 4
Oof bb you fly
Oof bb you fly Hace un mes
everything has been coming back to the same person.... pile 2 is describing my crush and my newly found friend. he's in a relationship rn. we met through my friend. he's shy in real life, but online a bit rude but that's just his personality. i wanted to have a relationship for so long, but idk. the cards have never been wrong before, so i'm just a bit nervous to see how this turns out
m Hace un mes
I recently had a dream where- There was like a festival in my street i was hanging with my mom (or friends idk) and then I saw this boy,I’ve never seen before, Im saying this because I usually never remember people that I saw in my dreams. He had brown hair,he was wearing a red sweater, he had brown or green eyes.
Dallas Hace un mes
This is my second relationship reading this week, and I’ve gotten pretty much the same answer with both of them. I’ve gotten love who you are and retreat in both, and honestly it breaks my heart because I’ve been told twice now that I need to let go of the person I’m with now in order to let them in. It’s scary, but I’m happy to have some insight.
Kai Nelson
Kai Nelson Hace un mes
Me: We're in quarantine, I won't meet anyone. Also me: **Watches this anyway**
Aliyah Hace un mes
Thats crazy we met on the 14th ( 7+7) and just the other day he sent me a personalized playlist :)
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Hace un mes
I got card 2 and today me and a person was talking about starting a romance relationship and it is April 27 so I thought I would just share that
Amelia Hilbert
Amelia Hilbert Hace un mes
Julia Samanthaa
Julia Samanthaa Hace un mes
gosh you predicted everything about my next relationship
Bree_ Kavaris
Bree_ Kavaris Hace un mes
Okay....everything you said in card deck three....MATCHED my ex boyfriend
Happy Betta.Stories
Pile two: may have children Me: in 8’th grade?! WHAAAA Also me: A father?! But I want a weemen not no man!
Roxie Mae
Roxie Mae Hace un mes
Me watches a different video before this one: tells me I will find my soulmate and be happy Me: hold on let me double check. Goes to different ESvidr who tell me basically the same thing. Me:alright fantastic ESvid recommends this video Me:me alright I’ll watch it. Also this can be my triple check. Video: this person is your soulmate. Me: omg I just triple checked and everything is basically the exact same😊😊 Also me: tears of joy cause I can finally be happy with someone who will care for me. I picked pile 3 btw
Gianna’s Life
Gianna’s Life Hace un mes
pile 1: "there very mature and stubborn just like you" me : i just watch another video say that..
Savannah Kiser
Savannah Kiser Hace un mes
Okay this is crazy, I picked the 3rd pile and it said you’ll meet them in a certain amount of days, weeks, months, or these 2 specific dates. And two of the things she said stuck out to me. 5 months and 10 days and October the 5th. Keep that in mind. And remember she said roughly, not exact, because this is a large audience. Today is April the 24th. 5 months and 11 days from now: October 4th....mind. Blown. 🤯
Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker Hace un mes
#4 😍😍😍 Please have him be tall and no more than 5 years older 😚
Miku Hatsune
Miku Hatsune Hace un mes
I watched a reading on soulmates just before this and holy crap, the readings are almost the exact same even though the cards/charms/people reading it all are different. My mind is rather blown. Thank you for the reading
Andreina A
Andreina A Hace un mes
Heard several tarot reading in the past days and they ALL say the same things for me. So I’m manifesting this amazing person and hope we meet sooner rather than later. I think it’s time I get away from those type of video. But wish you all meet your love soon !
Jin Zhou
Jin Zhou Hace un mes
i just wanna know how much sh*t you get for your name bc we all say karens love asking for a manager but like yeah idk
M-M-M-MARRIAGE?!?! I’m chill with that as long as everything is accurate to my reading.
Katya Rodriguez
Katya Rodriguez Hace un mes
Okay but am I my own soulmate?
Charlotte Crolley
Charlotte Crolley Hace un mes
Honestly I've watched a couple of these pick a card readings (from different channels)about soulmate/relationship and when I watched this today I was like okay now there are a lot of similarities going on now. Things in common: pentacles card(cant remember the number),that king card, the sun card, most readings saying about vacation, soulmate, music Me trying not to get hopes up about finding the one on holiday thats booked (so that covid better *off) one of the obstacles could be language barrier. And I did actually think earlier today about seeing a castle when away
Acie Perez
Acie Perez Hace un mes
I told myself i'd totally love to marry my soulmate and pile 5 just said "yes, you will." I don't know who you are yet but for the 3rd time this week the universe keeps on telling me that you apparently have a big heart. I'm looking forward in meeting you! ☺
Candy White
Candy White Hace un mes
This video: you will marry them Am I on their mind video: no
Meredith D.
Meredith D. Hace un mes
So the person described, is like the dream person for me. I watched this soulmate one and it was talking about how it’s going to be long distance relationship. In the stack I chose it said it might be a long distance relationship. In this video it also said that you might get married and end together too. I’m kinda excited 👀
Melly Wo
Melly Wo Hace un mes
I‘m always scared to like pick the wrong deck 😩😩😩😅 but it always resonates 🔮 guess spirit finds it’s way 😎
카일라 Hace un mes
(group 3) all of the recent pulls i’ve got say that he’s an athlete/athletic 😳 idfk how that’s gonna work - my last one i watched said he was athletic and took a lot of time into the way he looked because he may have been bullied beforehand and is now trying to better himself 🥺🤚🏼 which kind of resonates with this reading too since you said he could have been bullied before- - so i’m getting me a shy bullied athlete who take time to care for himself... idk how he’s going to like me but i’m waiting lol
카일라 Hace un mes
i forgot to mention: AND HE LIKES CATS??? 🥺🥺 i’m so ready
Shredded Art
Shredded Art Hace un mes
This Pearson is definitely not from my school. People at my school are either druggies that are failing their classes or those creepy ass people you want to steer clear of.
Janae Perez
Janae Perez Hace un mes
I was drawn to deck six, as you went on with the cards. Your brought up mourning the death of someone. I am now watching this, On my grandmothers anniversary of death and I just lost my great grandmother. I am speechless and emotional.
The Monster Under Your Bed
This is interesting considering I’m aro =w=
Haley Barrett
Haley Barrett Hace un mes
The card she created(Pile #6). The first word I saw 'Popular'. My reaction: wait what!! No. . . . .well I guess I can believe it. I have never been popular at all. Well, maybe in my elementary every person knew me because my mom worked there but. . . After the video: Can I cry? I had an urge to cry, but I can't now. I loved it by the way!
Linnea Hace un mes
omg green stone’s beggining is so true! I have had problems with being overweight. I just was on a diet and lost around 35 pounds, but im going to start to workout and I stay up all night thinking about my weight and ideas, and the next card says I Will be happy and go trough with it, and that means I Will loose the weight I still want to lose and finally love myself. And then I Will find my soulmate. When the 15 came and you said maybe when you turn 15. I was like shook fr. I have birthday in 5 days and turn 15. I am actually suprised of how true this is!!!
Syd M
Syd M Hace un mes
this was hella creepy... I feel like she was describing my exact past relationship!
Mimi Bart
Mimi Bart Hace un mes
i chose card number 3 and the dice thing said that i might meet someone in five months... im starting a new school in five months 🥺
Monica Puentes
Monica Puentes Hace un mes
i don't know how or why but this video has made me really excited and at peace with my romantic future. thank you!
Jess Payne
Jess Payne Hace un mes
I’ve watched a few of these and every one I’ve watch is saying very similar things but idk
Sweetpizza 07
Sweetpizza 07 Hace un mes
It doesn’t feel like u know what ur talking about
saphireaudios Hace un mes
Pile 4: they are a father Me, a 14 year old: NO
Julie Lawler
Julie Lawler Hace un mes
Rinn Tori
Rinn Tori Hace un mes
I tell you what you’re fucking good. I chose pile 5, and nothing can express how true this is. I’ve always felt spiritual connections for many years, and recently I went under a transformation of forgiving myself for punishing myself over childhood matters I couldn’t control. Because I made this space, someone who I never expected who is experienced, mature, good listener- he reached out to me two nights ago, and apparently all this time he’s had a ‘thing’ for me. And I had no idea that he did, and this balances well with another reading the other day, it was unexpected that I didn’t see ‘him’ or how ‘he felt’ all this time. To cut a long story short under a revelation I managed to transform and doing so brought him to me, and I am happy to say things are taking off- I took a leap of faith into the unknown and our adventure begins. Holy fucking shit.
Archie Hace un mes
“They might be a father” *me with daddy issues*: hmm tell me more
maxervix Hace un mes
Is it narcissistic to choose the pile number four and think that you're talking about me? I'm okay with marrying myself if I have to 👁️👄👁️
maxervix Hace un mes
@rorichii lmao
rorichii Hace un mes
most likely lolol
Sebastian Weiner
Sebastian Weiner Hace un mes
This video just told me I have daddy issues and it’s not wrong
Kork `
Kork ` Hace un mes
Soul and other tarot card users: Your soulmate is going to be very successful Me: Holy sh*t my soulmate is mostly likely rich-
Pacifist Sans
Pacifist Sans Hace un mes
Pile 5 I’ve recently learned that I am transmasc, so when you were talking about self love, I felt that this was more of a personal tarot than a video. Thank you so much!
Kaitlyn Pool
Kaitlyn Pool Hace un mes
Card 3 is so accurate omg 😳
Emma Wellington
Emma Wellington Hace un mes
i was told by another tarrot card reader that i was going to meet someone on May 10th so when you rolled a 5 and a 10 i freaked out (i picked card 3)... i wasnt expecting that at all lol i subscribed so freaking fast
Adventures without NoodleBoy
Why does my "person" sound exactly like me? Am I the one for me?
hemmo lovely
hemmo lovely Hace un mes
as you were going through my cards almost all of them reminded me of the person i like
a. one
a. one Hace un mes
Pile: You may meet on a snowy day. **Laughs in Southeast Asian** - Edit: Pile: Snow or Winter will be significant to both of you. Crush: **is a figure skater** - Ok so. I was watching a video of a person proposing to someone. And at that moment. Crush just replied to my question. "Yes" was what crush messaged. Can I hope? 🥺😅
lps sage
lps sage Hace un mes
I honestly felt like mine were so right. This was the hope i was needing right now. Thank you!!
Kait Mackenna
Kait Mackenna Hace un mes
I'm speechless
Renaissance Woman
Renaissance Woman Hace un mes
Marina Diaz
Marina Diaz Hace un mes
53:52 in another tarot video I got a bicycle 👀
Sandra T
Sandra T Hace un mes
pile 3 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 17/04
A F Hace un mes
Cards 4... this is so perfect I'm cryinh
Annwyn Simpkin
Annwyn Simpkin Hace un mes
*me picks Card 3 * *me shook w results* Guy I like always wears an ellese hoodie ,was abused as a kid and people tend to use him ,is really fit ,loyal,intelligent,defensive,knows how to treat girls because he watched him mom go through bad relationships,we get along really well and kinda just vibe , works really hard towards his future,we aren't allowed to be together because of our parents who hate eachother (used to be friends , that's how we met) so we have to wait 2yrs to be together.
AhoyItsKaitlyn Hace un mes
Those are the most gorgeous crystals
Julia Meira
Julia Meira Hace un mes
her: **shows violin** they might serenade u, they might be into music me: teehee i love music (but also thinks of jk) her: **shows bomb** me: **immediately thinks of bts** ight ppl move out the way I'm on my way to marry jungkook her: **shows a purse** they might be wealthy me: yup jk bby I'm comin
Jacqueline Crelley
Jacqueline Crelley Hace un mes
Pile 2: it might be snowing me: *lives in Arizona *
Micah A. Wolfgang
Micah A. Wolfgang Hace un mes
Thanks! BTW your next partner/relationship/love would be more inclusive
Galuh Hasanah
Galuh Hasanah Hace un mes
The mindblowing things is i just came from 2 other tarot reading about this question. All of them even these one says almost same thing in the pile that i choose 🤯🤯 that's shocked me
Daniel Hace un mes
Omg sameee
Leon Lovegood
Leon Lovegood Hace un mes
Me who just let go of a friendship that lasted over 4 years: Moving to another country after quarantine I'm lonely Pile 2: Yeah nah i gotchu
In the middle of our house
i was cheated on recently, this post is the perfect thing i needed rn
Mary Abanes
Mary Abanes Hace un mes
Pile 6
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