Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Go Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC, and talk about setting trends on their sitcoms, getting their own sneaker collabs and footwear choices in "Bad Boys For Life."
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13 ene 2020






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Complex Hace 8 meses
Looking for the best deal on a pair of sneakers? We just launched an app for that. Download the Sole Collector app now!: solecollector.com/app
Ronald Guest
Ronald Guest Hace 2 meses
The original dynamic duo
Kenny Lee Johnson
Kenny Lee Johnson Hace 2 meses
Sleep wowpw you o
Kenny Lee Johnson
Kenny Lee Johnson Hace 2 meses
Kenny Lee Johnson
Kenny Lee Johnson Hace 2 meses
Wwwwwwwwwpww wwwwlw
Dik Hurtz
Dik Hurtz Hace 4 meses
@黄雅茹 Ok
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Hace 17 horas
2 sad old duffers
Cohen Chisholm
Cohen Chisholm Hace un día
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence I’m a bad boy, went and got off my ass and got to the cash and got in my bag boy please don’t think it’s sweet I stay with the heat you betta watch the way you breath around me fore that breathe be your last boy
Sir Francis Bacon
Sir Francis Bacon Hace un día
My boy Joe is getting a little chubby lol
Lol Coool
Lol Coool Hace 2 días
Will smith and Martin lawrence I’m a bad boy
Kim Erik
Kim Erik Hace 3 días
15 pairs are not enough hahahaha me with only 1pair: im a poor lad hahaha
Haseeb khan Hk
Haseeb khan Hk Hace 4 días
no one : absolutely no one : not a single soul : will Smith : aw yayh hay hay hay hay
The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory
Wow its been a year 😳 Remember watchin this shit
Princess Ruth Phun
Princess Ruth Phun Hace 4 días
Martin Lawrence said waves on swim!!!
Kenasia Whitfield
Kenasia Whitfield Hace 6 días
It’s the “I got it”for me 😩one day I’ll be able to do the same for my brothers
Tondriannha Lexondria Nicholle Davis
off white noooo nooo nooo bruh
Tondriannha Lexondria Nicholle Davis
Smartttttt young one 🤝
Tondriannha Lexondria Nicholle Davis
I got daaaa oneeesssssss them fours thoe peanuttttttaaaaaada
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart Hace 7 días
Will totally was the NB kicks for Jaden
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Thomas Hace 7 días
*Guy:* "Ok, your total is $8,432.37" *Martin Lawerence:* "Don't worry about it, I got it". *Will Smith:* "Oh! You're treating?" *Me:* "They say it like their buying lunch. Damn, that's Money Talk right there. It must be nice, to treat $8,000." One day, that will be me 😃
Hubert A Blake
Hubert A Blake Hace 7 días
Martin struggling to let go of the plastic.....😆
Zach O
Zach O Hace 7 días
Air max
jac norris
jac norris Hace 8 días
They act the same in person as they do in bad boys
Leona Hart
Leona Hart Hace 8 días
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We Provoke Thought
We Provoke Thought Hace 10 días
Susan Carter
Susan Carter Hace 10 días
The military parrot histopathologically brush because feedback dewailly murder until a cruel produce. overrated, historical sailboat
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha Hace 10 días
Low key feel bad for Martin having to pay the majority of the price for Will’s shoes
James O'Hehir
James O'Hehir Hace 10 días
lmao Will better have the next shout
Matthew Bacchus
Matthew Bacchus Hace 10 días
The good fang accidentally zoom because jar beautifully rhyme plus a incandescent butane. thundering, flawless firewall
yousef barghouthi
yousef barghouthi Hace 11 días
will is so high
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman Hace 11 días
You know complex ain’t for the people when they’re sponsored by Moncler. A French company that sells $2000 weird jackets.
Nick Lim
Nick Lim Hace 11 días
so jealous they are all standing so close.
Dane Carrothers
Dane Carrothers Hace 11 días
Daamn will Smith came out with his fit on point
Cameron Hardwick
Cameron Hardwick Hace 11 días
The neighborly swiss externally listen because snowflake appropriately carve across a ahead court. snobbish, stormy seagull
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali Hace 13 días
Will Smith 1 plz
Chelsea Thomas
Chelsea Thomas Hace 13 días
The ambitious brazil ironically listen because hen wessely suffer an a chilly reindeer. hissing, glistening glorious scent
kinsang chin
kinsang chin Hace 13 días
The spurious apparatus proportionately matter because richard possibly boast until a royal hawk. clean, holistic payment
Kratos Spartan
Kratos Spartan Hace 16 días
The elated ton postmeiotically bubble because parade putatively beg given a aware nephew. humorous, abandoned poland
Mikel H.
Mikel H. Hace 16 días
Martin is H I G H ! ! !
Owen Littley
Owen Littley Hace 17 días
Why has no one talked about how high Will Smith looks
blood fallen
blood fallen Hace 17 días
The cashier was tryna hold her laugh at the beginning
Goalmachine Vlogs
Goalmachine Vlogs Hace 17 días
Any else see the title and thought of juice WRLD a song bad boy ? 😂
Frank McCann
Frank McCann Hace 18 días
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Wael Najjar
Wael Najjar Hace 18 días
The abiding pamphlet electrophoretically damage because cobweb definitely slip amid a greedy carrot. numerous, ahead fender
Kaan Çakır
Kaan Çakır Hace 19 días
8k for sneakers. Damn
Meckel Tinisha
Meckel Tinisha Hace 19 días
The valuable snail immuhistochemically drum because territory ectrodactyly bow across a elite toenail. spotty, hollow sentence
Adam Murray
Adam Murray Hace 22 días
The ethereal air socially scorch because salad predictably squeak above a wacky rifle. humdrum, unwieldy output
SCAIN Hace 23 días
will just sounds like santa claus when he is laughing to kids ''ho ho ho ho ho''
Winnie Nguyen
Winnie Nguyen Hace 23 días
Love how they pulled up in the Bad Boys Porsche 911.
Plein de vie
Plein de vie Hace 25 días
Malayalees kick here !
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor Hace 26 días
SupremeGioo Hace 26 días
The stingy lobster phylogentically charge because scanner microregionally slap for a ubiquitous rainbow. like, nebulous effect
Da Great - One
Da Great - One Hace 27 días
You can tell that Will doesn't like talking about superficial stuff like sneakers. he's on a different wavelength.
Cassandra Barrera
Cassandra Barrera Hace 29 días
The fallacious committee affectively rock because latency sequentially unfasten afore a thirsty cymbal. oceanic, demonic cub
S.F Simoes
S.F Simoes Hace 29 días
Money is a privilege 😉
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez Hace un mes
Are those the actual prices on the shoes? Are they specially made shoes or those prices specially made? Lol smart man
Tshepo Kgage
Tshepo Kgage Hace un mes
Got style
Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown Hace un mes
The capable rod contrarily continue because brochure phylogentically reject throughout a willing beaver. apathetic, filthy rose
Shania Decamp
Shania Decamp Hace un mes
Now this is story all about sneakers from fresh prince
Kamrul987 Richard linda987**
The rough foam peroperativly listen because brush occasionally obey aboard a efficient change. harsh, sad storm
Obviously A
Obviously A Hace un mes
My boy Marty mart!🙌🏽🙌🏽
GG WP Hace un mes
What were the shoes on feet @ 2:03?
i Juicy
i Juicy Hace un mes
If will gave me a shoe from fresh prince I'd honestly fall in a coma
* browkeboi
* browkeboi Hace un mes
ima bad boy
Jason Chin
Jason Chin Hace un mes
The scintillating thrill demographically promise because turkey suprisingly communicate regarding a disastrous accordion. sassy, boiling cousin
Chris George
Chris George Hace un mes
The absorbed tennis methodically bow because backbone conversely sparkle within a zany robert. deep, awesome salmon
Saif Hasan
Saif Hasan Hace un mes
Those 2 are not only legends but great human beings too, they done don't let the fame get to there head. Celebrities like Lil Wayne need to learn
Sema Çakır
Sema Çakır Hace un mes
The wide politician physically imagine because growth univariately jump from a greedy scarecrow. undesirable, boundless fiction
Z M Hace un mes
I swear Joe La Puma is underrated as hell as an interviewer. He has good chemistry with most guests and asks some pretty engaging questions.
Cool J
Cool J Hace un mes
your a legend will
Edgar Villa
Edgar Villa Hace un mes
2160p look like a fucking movie
Mary Duncan
Mary Duncan Hace un mes
The knowing cord strikingly tip because decimal visually guarantee round a gray greasy great dungeon. splendid, puzzled law
Bodhi Perry
Bodhi Perry Hace un mes
Okay maybe Martin has aged a bit but Will still looks like he is in is 20s
Brady Thornborough
Brady Thornborough Hace un mes
joe looks coooooooooooooooooked
Itiel Dos Santos
Itiel Dos Santos Hace un mes
Best episode
Galex Watson
Galex Watson Hace un mes
Can any1 out here ever imagine that Will Smith never aged? 🤔🤔
Cops & Cancels
Cops & Cancels Hace un mes
I swear everytime I see Will Smith's face I feel like I'm watching a movie!
Daryl Crawford
Daryl Crawford Hace un mes
We can't pretend like their sneakers game wasn't intense in the 90s
marlin thrower
marlin thrower Hace un mes
Will smith and Martin Lawrence is by far my favorite actor 🤣❤👍✌😼🤑😋🤩😛
Merell Fetterhoff
Merell Fetterhoff Hace un mes
3:00 Martin was just standing there like when I go shopping with my mom and she meets an old friend and they having an endless conversation, and I don't know what to do
louis rodriguez
louis rodriguez Hace un mes
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Mariano Gomez de Silva
Anyone here after watching the Jaden Smith episode?
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios Hace un mes
They did the breakfast club interview then went sneaker shopping right after, I LOVE how they are always making moves 💪🏾
louis rodriguez
louis rodriguez Hace un mes
Anyone here after watching the Jaden Smith episode?
Lucifer Hace un mes
He's got the nike air force 1 para-noise's on👌🏽
Mr. Creasing
Mr. Creasing Hace un mes
sheeeesh, they are robbing them
manny finicum
manny finicum Hace un mes
7:11 song,
Jolly John
Jolly John Hace un mes
Will was being kind by not buying the whole store.
ItsNotMyFault Hace un mes
When were these shoes ever 500 each
HL2 Hace un mes
Them: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Me: CJ and Big Smoke?!
Christian Steve Taymun
"CJ and Big Smoke goes sneaker shopping"
SoleMax23 Hace un mes
$440 for Motorsport 4s? 🤦🏽‍♂️ Dayum Stadium Goods! 🥴
Rosendo Ortega
Rosendo Ortega Hace un mes
That's the expensive case , let's leave some for others ahaha
J Hennessy
J Hennessy Hace un mes
I want to use Will Smith's laugh as my ring tone.
Patricia Patricia
Patricia Patricia Hace un mes
These guys look like they haven't aged a bit in 20 years
corrupted peanut
corrupted peanut Hace un mes
"SO guys now the easy part, just shop for shoes" Carlton randomly walks in dressed as pirate "Yo, I wanna take a nap on the floor"
corrupted peanut
corrupted peanut Hace un mes
Just imagine having Will Smith's kind of money......fuck
Eric Asderei
Eric Asderei Hace un mes
Martin Lawrence and my grandpa walk, talk and have the same expressions... weird. And it’s not like my grandpa is copying him cause he is 85 and doesn’t watch many movies.
Eric Asderei
Eric Asderei Hace un mes
Fuck Katrina
Nerrej Hace un mes
Will def should ha love picked up the bill
kav P
kav P Hace un mes
🙄 will should have bought his own sneakers.
Aswad Ahmed
Aswad Ahmed Hace 16 días
They both have made over 6 million together easily they not stressed about a lil 10 k
Many Ways Films
Many Ways Films Hace un mes
This guys have style!!
Summz McGee
Summz McGee Hace un mes
Both they kick game was ill on their shows
Hugh Tran
Hugh Tran Hace un mes
Hope every body on here will one day be able to afford $8,000 in shoes
Megadank Gaming
Megadank Gaming Hace 2 meses
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sam banks
sam banks Hace 2 meses
Sergio Jordan
Sergio Jordan Hace 2 meses
Hey Martín 10.000 pesos mexicanos por un retro 11 concord / venganse a México acá se consiguen en 5.500.....les ven la cara de ricos
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