Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Talk ‘Bad Boys’ Trilogy, Growth, Regrets + More

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13 ene 2020






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Comentarios 15 082
Free Spirit1980
Free Spirit1980 Hace 5 horas
Man I live 4 this!!! Two icons just being as real as possible! Martin is my favorite comedian of all time and Will Smith can do no wrong! Wow😀
Leola Iverson
Leola Iverson Hace 5 horas
I love them two
jwil757 Hace 6 horas
Will nailed it with CTG..If you bite on the lil nosey quearion he's gonna back door you with that hammer 😂😂😂😂! Not today buddy !!!Great interview
Maxilo Caminero
Maxilo Caminero Hace 6 horas
He is so smart and intelligent You can tell this guy is super smart!
carlos mon
carlos mon Hace 6 horas
Love theses guys growing up in the 90’s was great
Maurice Walker
Maurice Walker Hace 6 horas
Martin sitcom was better than the fresh prince Martin is the man I'm more of a fan of his will take nothing away from his talent but I rock with Marty Mar
A F*UCKING WORD Hace 6 horas
I love to see healthy positive friendships amongst black men
Low Enzo
Low Enzo Hace 6 horas
King will and Marty mar
M C Hace 6 horas
Black definitely don't crack! Looking good gentlemen. I can't wait to see this.
Sempple Tempple
Sempple Tempple Hace 7 horas
This was a great interview thank you Angela Yee for engaging Martin!!!
rdp 132
rdp 132 Hace 7 horas
Martin reminds me of Sebastian Maniscalco. Both shy & quite in real life, but absolute comedic killers on stage. Rare to see comedians who are so active on stage but shy off.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hace 6 horas
"You'll never have enough" That has been the realest quote I heard in a min.
krlm2280 Hace 7 horas
The 30:27 mark is the Marty mart i grew up on lol and ctg was out of pocket with the money question glad will checked his ass
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hace 6 horas
Dam will Smith and Martin Lawrence
flaco 313
flaco 313 Hace 7 horas
Queen Latifah didn't get her acting start in Juice?
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Hace 7 horas
Get King von up
King Nate
King Nate Hace 8 horas
Bro this my childhood
Gee Status
Gee Status Hace 8 horas
Since Bad Boys 4 Life Made Around $100 Million (According 2 Variety's📰Statistics) I Feel Like They Should Take Some Of Those Resources Wit Incorporating It Into Making Another Video Game🕹 In Development So This Franchise Can Expand!!!!! (Gaming Is Bigger Than Ever Now!!!!!)
Gee Status
Gee Status Hace 8 horas
Even A Mini Series Would Do Some Justice!!!!!!
Mz Ross2 #QueenSquared #QueenQuotes
Literally feel like I'm watching ppl I know like uncle MartyMar what happening lol oh and Thanks BClub I watched this multiple times so really thank you for asking them on💯 #Interview🔌s
Canisha-ann Walker
Canisha-ann Walker Hace 8 horas
I love Martin 😍
Yeo Man
Yeo Man Hace 8 horas
Envy always has to ruin a moment with a stupid question. Sit in the back and shut up
Canisha-ann Walker
Canisha-ann Walker Hace 8 horas
Icons 🙌🏽❤️🤩🤩🤩🥰
Caletha Henry
Caletha Henry Hace 8 horas
AMAZING.....Marty-Mar is super mellow, introvert!! Prime example of an actor exact opposite of his characters (body of work). Same with Eddie Murphy....real-life super mellow, low-key......but off-the-screen characters. Surprisingly, both Aries men--- traditionally super vocal, in-charge, aggressive. Dang Will....chill-out. Talked entire interview.
mdj 342
mdj 342 Hace 8 horas
SHALOM EVERYONE. LOVE 💖AND 💡 LIGHT...NAMASTE. EVERYDAY!!! ✊🏿👶🏿 ... 💌 ... #SOL ... Darya Maurice Gooden ... THE KING OF ISRAEL. 1/21/2020.
Lamorris Kyle
Lamorris Kyle Hace 9 horas
Martin needs that one movie role that will cement his already legendary career. He needs to be a bad guy or something
50ksavage Good Savage
20:35 Reggie part
Nayla Hace 9 horas
Dope interview
Sleeper108288 Darkside#1982
Dam will Smith and Martin Lawrence
superbadisfunny Hace 10 horas
"You'll never have enough" That has been the realest quote I heard in a min.
Montae Williams
Montae Williams Hace 11 horas
Who is watchin this after Bad Boys opening weekend? I loved it but I also went in with low expectations lol
DeJae McBride
DeJae McBride Hace 11 horas
Living Legend. Martin Lawrence first guy I ever found funny. BB4L was top 5
Aye. Jay
Aye. Jay Hace 11 horas
i wouldn't expect anything less from Dad, anything attempts to snatch up one of my boys is getting the same treatment.
dev ang
dev ang Hace 12 horas
will smith stunt double is hancock fyi
BuffaloGamer John
BuffaloGamer John Hace 12 horas
Will was the star in this interview but Martin the star in the Bad Boys for Life Fact!!!!
innocentia radebe
innocentia radebe Hace 13 horas
Martin 😍
innocentia radebe
innocentia radebe Hace 13 horas
Martin 😍
Ade Oredin
Ade Oredin Hace 14 horas
When he talks about Jada his wife he he gets tongue tied and uses his words wisely .
homieheartable Hace 15 horas
ref.surveyjunkies.co/Lilsmurf Easy money check it out for yourself
Steve SIPUL Hace 15 horas
Martin is simply an introvert around unusual company ... Even if the interview was 2hrs long he would still talk less of the time. Plus up until Def Jam25 and Bad Boys 3, he was kinda off the grid
John jacob Smith
John jacob Smith Hace 15 horas
The only tear jerker episode Martin has is when he gave that kid those Jordan’s. That’s why fresh prince will always be better
CHI TRE VIDEOS Hace 15 horas
Shark Tales 2?😂😂🤷‍♂️
Jr Smith
Jr Smith Hace 16 horas
15:14 💯💯💯💯
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hace 15 horas
I really love these two they mean a lot to our childhood . Super talented and expressive men 💪🏿thank you and bad boys for life is a must see
Iheart Pinkumz
Iheart Pinkumz Hace 16 horas
I fuckin love martin wish he spoke more
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hace 15 horas
who is this!!!! REAL M RAP RIGHT HERE esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-5d8o_XYFn3Q.html
Mz Ross2 #QueenSquared #QueenQuotes
Will Smith can't do an interview without doing something gay as fucc why he pick up that ass after gay ass charlemagne referenced it
Dee Nelson
Dee Nelson Hace 16 horas
Yees questions be so long
D Jacc
D Jacc Hace 17 horas
27:35 my mood for these women 2020
Tori Marie
Tori Marie Hace 18 horas
There’s so much maturity in Will expressing his jealousy
HIDDEN Hace 18 horas
Why do black people always have to talk about money, why do black people say this is for the culture when it was given to you, why is the Breakfast Club for the culture when its ran by whites, and why is it so much money being made from black people but no one is helping the majority....Why??? Why??? Why???
K Brown
K Brown Hace 18 horas
The question C the God made was the best question he ever asked in the breakfast club
dnoallyn16 98
dnoallyn16 98 Hace 18 horas
Will Smith is a very emotionally intelligent guy. Impressed.
G'Nard DA Star
G'Nard DA Star Hace 19 horas
How tf did 2000 people dislike this?
Joanne J
Joanne J Hace 20 horas
That Fresh Prince scene will always be a classic!!! & well I love every scene of Martin lol their friendship is so sweet & protective of one another❤❤
HispanicBoiGaming 47
HispanicBoiGaming 47 Hace 20 horas
c Hace 20 horas
Me and will have the same birthday. Yo we so alike lol 😂 a true inspiration.
Dongrind Hace 21 un hora
DJ Salad
DJ Salad Hace 21 un hora
Will was nicely and smoothly telling Charlemagne to stop fronting with the ctagod character and be the real Lennaaard (Monique voice)
Streets Child
Streets Child Hace 21 un hora
who is this!!!! REAL M RAP RIGHT HERE esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-5d8o_XYFn3Q.html
Ahmed Abdi
Ahmed Abdi Hace 21 un hora
I really love these two they mean a lot to our childhood . Super talented and expressive men 💪🏿thank you and bad boys for life is a must see
Bigtrek34 Hace 21 un hora
Bad Boys For Life Was outstanding!!! Well worth the wait, and does justice to the franchise.
Latina Heat
Latina Heat Hace 22 horas
Love the movie love you guys God bless
Gina G
Gina G Hace 22 horas
I wish this could have been done without Charlapain! He can be a lil immature at times. I think he also missed what Will Smith was saying🤔🤨🤫
Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson Hace 22 horas
at times yes...Angela asked decent questions tho
Tanya campbell
Tanya campbell Hace 22 horas
2 great talented gentlemen
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