WILL WE BE TOGETHER? ❤️ *Pick A Card* Love Tarot Reading Relationship Twin Flame Soulmate Timeless

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Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading Relationship Twin Flame Soulmate Timeless - WILL WE BE TOGETHER? ❤️
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 1:37
Cards 2) 16:04
Cards 3) 29:44
Cards 4) 38:47
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Cards 1) 1:37 Cards 2) 16:04 Cards 3) 29:44 Cards 4) 38:47 See more here - "Will We Be Together?" Readings Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZVYJAg9A0qlWHel108Y4d6o
Hermione Pardo
Hermione Pardo Hace un mes
I have spent months researching numerology and discovered an awesome website at Numerology Secret Blueprint (google it if you're interested)
Mariam Najim
Mariam Najim Hace un mes
Shamir tmg
Shamir tmg Hace un mes
Thank you Soul Whisper. I chose no.2 and most of it resonates very well. Its like bitter truth that needs to be heard. We both know we are so damn opposite..we tend to fight more often and we are not on speaking terms now yet deep down we both know, we love each other a lot and cannot let go. We both cannot go through that phase of losing each other. So, how are we suppose to end up if we need to?!
Soul Whispers Tarot
@Malika Zane yes 🙂
Tuwana Vining
Tuwana Vining Hace un mes
It scrolled up so I was only able to choose pile 4, that was a first lol.
Star Hace un día
#3 You haven't been wrong this far now the rest is up to God
littlegraycat Hace un día
Pile 4: ❤️
Jannis Hace 6 días
Pile 3. Thank you Karen!
Sarah Hace 9 días
I felt drawn to two contradictory piles, first number 4, and then 1. How can that be?
Jousette Anaya
Jousette Anaya Hace 9 días
You are amazing
Ramwhom Channel
Ramwhom Channel Hace 13 días
Pile 3: I was super super lowkey hoping for a hell no bish tho. 😂 Still continue waiting for him, but sometimes I can see him posting a status in a group said he lost his trust in women, shared lots of post about how trashy and useless himself is. So idk wut to do. 😪 We even didn't get enough talking so that I can tell him that idc how u see yourself bish I like you a lot and imma change that negative look at yourself of you cuz nobody is trash especially the one that I care about. NO ONE! Buttttttt... I'm starting to get tired now and I really wanna give up on this dude cuz we haven't had anything together yet but smth keep telling to stfu and continueeee. 😩 30% is tarot cards that I have watched in 2 months lately like it all have a same message And 70% is smth really weird keep saying in my head that keed going like gurllll
Delia Enya
Delia Enya Hace 22 días
Thought i'd try another one since it's been recomended. Picked 4. Resonated, as well, even tho the one from yesterday told me to gtfo lol 😅
Aries Peralta
Aries Peralta Hace 22 días
Pile 3. I don’t know if i can take him back. We broke up 3 days ago and it’s just a toxic relationship but we always come back to each other. I’m not going to lie listening to this reading gets me happy because i love him but i know he’ll be doing thing while we’re not together “until he changes”... idk honestly
Malileen Palm
Malileen Palm Hace 25 días
#4 he choose her 😔 but the reading is beautiful
Nàng Hương
Nàng Hương Hace 27 días
#3 so lovely xx
angeel678 Hace 29 días
ABE LOVE Hace un mes
#3 God will bless us..thank you
nvthequeen2001 Hace un mes
Pile 2: I definitely needed to hear this! You were right about it all and I have to release him for someone better. Let go, love myself more and receive the real love I am deserving of. Thanks.
marelular lar
marelular lar Hace un mes
comment I thought he was my soul mate
Seline K
Seline K Hace un mes
I first picked 1 and then 4 but I still don’t know 😕😕😕
Argie Lhainee Reyy
Argie Lhainee Reyy Hace un mes
I pick #3
Butterfly K
Butterfly K Hace un mes
Pile # 3
bxllet _
bxllet _ Hace un mes
Pile 2: I've been going after this person for quite a long time. I could be in other relationships and still think about him. I've tried to be with him before but it was always after he had a breakup, and obviously he wasn't ready. Now I haven't been trying so hard, and I feel like he's actually starting to try more, himself. We've both been single for a bit, and I feel like we might be ready. But I'm not going to force anything, and I'll let everything play out. And if someone else pops up I'm definitely down for it :).
Stacey Rae
Stacey Rae Hace un mes
I really really hope so.. we have known each other for a long time and I’ve never had such strong feelings for someone.. he messaged me last night out of the blue
Patricia Alastre
Patricia Alastre Hace un mes
Pile 2: I walked away in December, at this point I’m no longer interested on this person, I have a lot of love for him, but I don’t want him in my life, now I’m just watching this out of loyalty of this channel who has helped me on this process. I am working on myself I don’t want other love, than my self love.
Stacey W
Stacey W Hace un mes
Pile 3...I pray this is right because Im on the verge of giving up
Luna Moon
Luna Moon Hace un mes
3# L. ( just a note for myself)❤❤
Ejhoxox_ Hace un mes
Got the Amber and it had me in tears because it hit me so hard. It’s exactly right. He’s emotionally unavailable and I’ve been trying to prove myself and fight for his love and it’s been draining me. I’m resistant to let him go because I love him, but how is it love when he gives nothing to me. Claims I’m his soulmate but he’s just a soul lesson. I need my spirit guides to help me to move forward and learn from it b
LyrasRaven Hace un mes
#2 I knew it was so... thanks for telling it the way it is.
Chloelee Butler
Chloelee Butler Hace un mes
Thankyou! I chose number 3, perfect, Thankyou!❤️
theboy murph
theboy murph Hace un mes
I picked cards 3) an i knew an feel this was the Situation. Thank you
jjjje Hace un mes
Zyntina Noanoa
Zyntina Noanoa Hace un mes
4 ❤️ like pheonixes rising from the ashes 💕 so worth the wait
Bõ.õsBõ.õs Hace un mes
Me too i chose 3
rafa carazzai
rafa carazzai Hace un mes
#1 - long distance... difficulty in meeting me halfway... he has tried to open up like you said but lately he’s been shutting himself off and i dont know exactly what’s he’s thinking...
Daisies and Lillies
Everything around me is saying marriage is coming and a breakthrough is coming. It’s time. I deserve better.
Mina's Bookshelf
Mina's Bookshelf Hace un mes
Spot on! May I ask you which oracle did you use at the end (not the Romance Angels)? Thank you🙏💗
Χριστίνα Ντ
Pile 2. You made me cry... It was a powerful message! Thank you ❣️
Dea Dalia Junita
Dea Dalia Junita Hace un mes
Pile 3. AMEEEEN ☺️
Sheba Bowie
Sheba Bowie Hace un mes
I LOVE love love your channel Dear Goddess! Especially when you use your hand made deck !!! Please use the ones you made often! *BUT!!* I'M SOOOO OVER these ones about relationships! Please please PLEASE do one for singles!!!!! PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO FOR SINGLES!! Alot of Twin Flames dont care anymore if they miss you, what hes thinking, feeling, will he reach out, who cares??? If you're that confused he's not the one!!!! Please do one about singles and NEW LOVE!!!😍😍😍😍😍
theeSublime Swan
theeSublime Swan Hace un mes
I want to get the I am Love meditation
theeSublime Swan
theeSublime Swan Hace un mes
Number 2 so on point, attracting emotional unavailable distant people
this cool girl
this cool girl Hace un mes
pile 3: it completely resonates it’s crazy
shinkuevangeline Hace un mes
The way you talk really reminds me of belle from once upon a time
Bonsy Phom
Bonsy Phom Hace un mes
That's really true....I like it...I choose 2
Laura Witt Chandler
#3 thank you so much . I claim this reading. ❤
UnknownLuna 902
UnknownLuna 902 Hace un mes
I picked 3... He likes someone else tho- We’ve also dated in the past but.. :/
Marian Harold
Marian Harold Hace un mes
Pile 3: So close yet so far. It seem like our relationship has faded but i can still feel his energy around me.
William Martin
William Martin Hace un mes
1 and 3. 😶
MuthaFlippnGem Hace un mes
Group 2. Ok bye lol
brightside 786
brightside 786 Hace un mes
Pile 3. I met this person and I feel like I’ve known him from a past life! He is the stranger I recognised. I’ve never felt this feeling in all my life. He feels like a soulmate. He is not communicating and the reasons why do resonate. I just need confirmation that he is interested so I’m not wasting my time on him!
Rainy x
Rainy x Hace un mes
I am love ❤️
niva Sherpa
niva Sherpa Hace un mes
I choose 2 which didnot resonates me and when i heard 3 , that one actually resonates me, i think so
Amitha Babu
Amitha Babu Hace un mes
3..but how is it possible???we are breaking up every day....he don't even care...he just turn into everything he said he wouldn't.....💔😭
Martin Ildiko
Martin Ildiko Hace un mes
Thank goodness, Just fantastic reading for number 3 spot on 😊🙏love from Australia
Goddess Goddess
Goddess Goddess Hace un mes
Hello 👋🏽 This is my 1st time here. I enjoyed the reading. I was drawn to 3&4. Thanks for the confirmation..
Alondra Gonzalez
Alondra Gonzalez Hace un mes
Group #3 ☺❤
Emma Foster
Emma Foster Hace un mes
I picked pile number 3 and yes he is my twin (I'm a Cancer and he's a Scorpio) and we've had so many ups and downs over the past 4-5 years and I can only hope that he may still have feelings for me. He doesn't talk to me anymore though, although he was so sweet to me when we were talking every day, like he'd nickname me and get into my interests and stuff, but I don't think he really loves me aha. I miss it so much.
nantstic x
nantstic x Hace un mes
Thank you so much!!🙏🏻❤️
Sara Paolicchi
Sara Paolicchi Hace un mes
#2 no words you are amazing! Specheless..Alla true.. I will do the meditation! Thank you so much!
septemberflowers Hace un mes
pile 2. fits my situation perfectly. thank you for putting what I needed to hear into such clear and kind words.
Zonia Flores
Zonia Flores Hace un mes
Card 3
Deirdre Fox
Deirdre Fox Hace un mes
pile 4 right on target xoxo
Kate Johnston
Kate Johnston Hace un mes
Group 3- I keep having tarot readings saying this person is my soul mate.. and I’m now starting to believe it. This was a crazy reading 😦💫✨
Oona Mustonen
Oona Mustonen Hace un mes
Picked a pile 4. Interesting.
Marilou Hace un mes
Resonated so much, thank you❤️❤️❤️
kristeena grover
kristeena grover Hace un mes
So accurate it was!
Tanushka Paul
Tanushka Paul Hace un mes
Pile 3
essential star tarot
Wow I've never been so confused in my entire life. I chose one and 3 and one tells me no possible chance walk away and the other tells me were meant to be. Awesome universe. Thanks for making it clear
Τζένη Μ.
Τζένη Μ. Hace un mes
Hello😊Many thanks for this reading #1👍👌👌really resonates with me, although it was very sad for me ♥Deep down, I knew it was very difficult to happen (a lot of difficulties )but. .I really really fell for him. .after a long time in my life (we have the same way of thinking )ok..another lesson to be learned. .and move on. . Thanks again 😊🌹🍀 (sorry for my English, by the way, my name is jenny)
Dazzling Oracle
Dazzling Oracle Hace un mes
3 thank u so much
Diva M
Diva M Hace un mes
pleiadian13 Hace un mes
Reading 3 the Rose Key You’ve helped keep me positive and on track with preparing for my twin, which I need so much. Thank you. Excellent reading I did feel so amazing afterwards. Bless your heart always.🙏🏻❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Maju Pacheco
Maju Pacheco Hace un mes
#3 every reading about us makes the reader's throat bad.
ernestine ramirez
ernestine ramirez Hace un mes
Weird, we broke up two months ago because he got back with his baby mama. He totally blocked me out and called me outta nowhere, I’ve forgave him but idk if I can go back to someone who was still in love with his ex..
Sandra Pahi
Sandra Pahi Hace un mes
I picked #2 and I knew it would tell me what you’ve explained. I just needed someone to say it. Thank you and I release what I thought would be my forever person and seek self love instead
Feel Good
Feel Good Hace un mes
bestofidea Hace un mes
#3 is so wonderful 🥰 Thank you so much! 🙏🙏🙏
MissGoddess UniverseYan
1 mr Gemini 2. Mr leo 4. Mr cap
Rose S
Rose S Hace un mes
I picked pile 3 and it completely resonates as 6 of cups and 4 of pentacles for me is twin flame..and yes right now he’s going through life situations / struggles and battle between mind/ego and heart .. but I know he’s trying to push forward towards me because I know based on my psychic reading I had done he’s fighting through this and will reach out.. like your video says .. changing his thought paths and then will make move on me.. like my psychic also predicted ... yes he has fears opening up and yes he had difficulties in the past due to issues we had together ... and that’s right even my psychic said even if his mind/ego is saying no his heart is saying yes so he’s getting pulled towards me like a magnet ... ... so I know this all truly resonates with me
Powers of Tarot
Powers of Tarot Hace un mes
Pile 1!!
MyEgoBeauty Hace un mes
wowwww! deck 4 Yes, he didn't expect things to be as intense as it is. He became comfortable with me pretty fast which is weird for an introvert but he is a real busy man & ppl are always going to HIM for help, advice, etc so he's spread thin. We're really attracted to each other. Also, he is a builder! Fabricator technician among other things! We're healing each other w/o trying so hard. Thanks for the confirmation.
Andreia Reminiec
Andreia Reminiec Hace un mes
Cards 1 It is a long distance He lives in Germany,I live in the States Could shyness be a part of the problem Thanks for the reading,Karen
zazikotova Hace un mes
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