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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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28 may 2020






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Comentarios 28 339
Hale Hace 2 años
One dollar, for thirty feral cats. Seems like a steal to me
Monsoon Hace 9 días
Kt McVeigh
Kt McVeigh Hace 18 días
came looking for 30-50 feral hogs comment and had to leave it myself
Matt’s animation Junkpile or something
@Miles Martin or if you steal the cat from someone
Matt’s animation Junkpile or something
id pass, i want those *human teeth*
Miles Martin
Miles Martin Hace 4 meses
@Abby Baker One cat can be free if you get lucky.
♡愛Rei Hino愛♡
♡愛Rei Hino愛♡ Hace 11 meses
Wish's motto should be "be careful what you Wish for!"
Penelope Hace 20 horas
[ Kyuu ]
[ Kyuu ] Hace 13 días
@Red Magnolia same
Tracy Nagy-prier
Tracy Nagy-prier Hace 16 días
@xAFallFarewellx r/wooosh
Blue spider lilies
Blue spider lilies Hace un mes
Red Magnolia
Red Magnolia Hace un mes
@G0bl1n_067 no, no I am not.
Cossack Gene
Cossack Gene Hace 2 meses
okay but for transmasc people who've had top surgery "I have no tit" on a crop top is a MOOD
Brenda Paduch
Brenda Paduch Hace 4 días
Your assigned fbi agent
brb gotta buy this shirt for future me's birthday
NeonDemon Hace 17 días
I need this shirt for the future
dopesickdog Hace 19 días
haven't had top surgery but i'm p flat, i NEED that shirt asap
Teacher Lizzy Liu
Teacher Lizzy Liu Hace 9 meses
I’m pretty sure Wish all comes from China. I moved to a small town in China in 2005 & was young & desperate to lose weight. I went to a pharmacy & bought the only thing with English words that seemed relevant. This bottle with a bikini clad blonde had the words “burn fat” on the front. I took the pills for three days and then flushed the bottle down the toilet because I worried my heart might stop. Why? For three days I wasn’t tired or hungry at all. I slept 3 hours a day, ate because it seemed like I should and had nervous energy. So, um, yeah… that 8 pack abs cream might have unintended side effects.
Place-Holder Hace 5 horas
Old diet pills were meth, maybe it was meth
Custard Cookie The 3rd
Seara Char
Seara Char Hace 8 días
PLEASE elaborate
Zoe Rose
Zoe Rose Hace 17 días
Yeahhhh a lot of diet pills in America used to be amphetamines too 😅
dopesickdog Hace 19 días
oh dude. you got that GOOD ephedra.
Bread Emoji Wheat Emoji
“you never know when your kids gonna find a new set of parents and cheat on you with them” dear evan hansen be like
David Bosy
David Bosy Hace un mes
Good for you.
Persephone Hace 3 meses
Yo someone whose aware of dear Evan Hansen. Neat.
consent club
consent club Hace un año
After getting top surgery: I H A V E N O T I T
@• § a m u r a ï • yes
• § a m u r a ï •
@THE DEMON GAMER "ew" to the video or the coment?
• § a m u r a ï •
N i c e
Ren Thewerecat
Ren Thewerecat Hace un año
"can i interest you, in an alley of stray cats?" yes, yes you can
Zoey Miller
Zoey Miller Hace 9 meses
wait that’s danny with an inhaler I THOUGH IT WAS DANNY DRINKING MILK
good_noodle Hace 6 días
bro wait that is
Cassandra Wait
Cassandra Wait Hace 11 días
me too i was having a crisis when i figured it out
Zoe Rose
Zoe Rose Hace 17 días
Your comment genuinely just made me realize he's not drinking milk in the picture 🤦‍♀️
stella k
stella k Hace un mes
Carter On AIDS
Carter On AIDS Hace un mes
@Oh Boi Lin no not me lol cuz I use inhalers, I can recognize them from miles away
Golden_Fred Hace 5 meses
As a former Dental technician, I do have to point out that those Teeth racks that you saw actually are teeth made out of ceramic. They're used for the fake teeth in Dentures. They aren't actual people's teeth. However, I do have to say, 5 dollars is sketchy. Who knows, they may literally be ripped from someone's mouth, cleaned, and then put on display for Fanservice, who knows.
Brenda Paduch
Brenda Paduch Hace 4 días
I’m concerned that they look so different from package to package, and with china’s history of selling executed prisoner’s body parts… :(
Dilred08 Bandarii
Dilred08 Bandarii Hace 5 meses
Petition for Danny to do a suspiciously low-price wish products haul
Toasty Toast
Toasty Toast Hace un año
Wish is the closest thing to the black market that's not the black market.
Profile Hace 8 días
This is more black market than the black market.
Mikey Hace 19 días
The very dark grey market
ItsMonika_Playz Hace 2 meses
@IPTG men's tea
yum Hace 2 meses
I acctually managed to buy a tablet on wish for 26£ it's a working potato that lasts 1 week with dead pixels a terrible screen and sound and an absolute terrible camera
Syamimi Adi
Syamimi Adi Hace 11 meses
19:29 poor laura did her absolute best to get the food in the shot just for ad-danny to stand in front of the whole thing 💔
MikeyDL Hace 11 meses
“Wish dot com. We don’t know either.” That’s a motto
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford Hace un mes
The alley of feral cats actually made me breakdown laughing for a solid 5 minutes, thank you
Koi TheSnazzyOne
Koi TheSnazzyOne Hace 6 meses
I enjoy how Danny's concept of the camera gets progressively smaller
chuul Hace 2 años
Danny’s shirt - IF YOU CAN READ THIS SHIRT YOU’RE TOO CLOSE Me, on the other side of the globe - look man I’m trying my best
carcinoGeneticist Hace un mes
please does literally anyone know where he got this shirt i desperately need it in my life LOL
VARTIKA K Hace 5 meses
Lol same
Shaun bunds is Koresh jr.- not kidding idiot
@sphitzuki II nuh uh!!!
Fer R.
Fer R. Hace 6 meses
Is that be more chill?
eyalm867 Hace 8 meses
Natasha Vaughan-Firth
We need Danny to buy some of this stuff, who's with me
UnKnownEggs Hace 18 días
@Trit lmao 💀
Trit Hace 10 meses
he did Hes been waiting ever since
Jesse Armstrong-Kooy
That bird holder is to secure & calm birds when they’re being transported or are at the vet. Pretty useful for bird owners
M. M.
M. M. Hace 2 meses
@Annoyed Guy Name and pfp checks out.
Annoyed Guy
Annoyed Guy Hace 2 meses
As a person experienced in birds don't think stapping and trapping a bird in a cheap plastic that can cut it is going to calm it down. With most birds not being able to endure high stress levels, this for sure is not for live birds. Please educate yourself before putting a statement out to the public.
SupercriticalGaming Hace 4 meses
10:41 when he pretends to hold the mini camera it perfectly lines up with the nutcracker's hat.
Lychee Enby
Lychee Enby Hace 5 meses
Oh my god when Danny mentions how long it takes to ship that made me realize I've actually heard abt something like this before, and basically it's a scam where you pay the money (like, a buck) and then they never ship it. You're likely to either forget or not care cuz it's 1$, and calling out the scam would just be more trouble than it's worth. Crazy
kam Hace 2 años
Ordering on wish is the online version of making wishes to a genie that twists your words
Hello world 💀
Hello world 💀 Hace un día
And it costs money
OMEGA MAN Hace 9 días
wish is more like “give u anything u want* also wish *oh yeah ur recommended is the opposite of your search history sooooo 🤷*
KingAvocadoTek Hace 11 días
dumb hoe
dumb hoe Hace 5 meses
"i want a new phone." "you want new bones? ok!" "wait- nononononononononono- aUhg... ive been... rearranged"
Jack Septil
Jack Septil Hace 5 meses
A genie like that's called a Jin
Allison Forsythe
Allison Forsythe Hace 5 meses
I will say those “cat masks” are what cat muzzles look like and we have to use them once in a while at my vet clinic. And yes, they do look every bit as hilarious on as you think they do😂
Lawrence Lopez
Lawrence Lopez Hace 10 meses
One time while on the bus the conductor kept asking questions to an old man. Apparently he's been on the bus for a while already and he kept saying he'll go down the next stop. From what I can tell the poor guy's having memory issues and has forgotten his way home. Maybe Alzheimer's or dementia. Police took him away once we reached one of the next bus stops and I assume they helped him get home but if they just let him go there I imagine he might have ended up in the streets confused and scared. A gps for elderly people sounds good actually.
Quincy Freeman
Quincy Freeman Hace 8 meses
Ive seen this video at least 15 times and Im just now seeing Laura in the microwave reflection, holding the camera like 3 ft above her during the HelloFresh ad
Eldritch_Disaster Hace 11 meses
I constantly quote "One dollar for 30 feral cats" when I can because it's stuck in my head
Tonga Time
Tonga Time Hace 2 años
Welcome back to another episode of being wildly distracted by Danny’s shirt
Durahell_ Hace 28 días
💥If you 😤 can read this you’re💥 TOO CLOSE 😡
carcinoGeneticist Hace un mes
does anyone know where he got this shirt please i need that shirt LOL
Noah J
Noah J Hace un mes
Couldn’t stop staring 🤭
Fiona Hace un mes
@gabe this was a good time
gekoz♡ Hace 7 meses
Socially Undead
Socially Undead Hace 5 meses
I never really had a bad experience with Wish. Everything was, of course, extremely cheaply made. You get what you put in money wise. But I was always very careful about reading reviews. I got quite a few cool necklaces and fabric patches from there!
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby Hace un mes
“He got snacks, and they were $36,” got me.
DiDi Hace un mes
Watching this episode felt more like watching a rick and morty inter-dimensional cable commercial 😂😂😂
Rachel Hace 2 meses
Danny, I used to work at a dental lab (it was actually my parents business) and they repaired broken dentures and had a whole box FULL of those fake realistic teeth, they looked just like the picture. Through from an outside perspective, it would seem weird to just have some random ass teeth to buy off wish though.
Ericaa Hace 2 años
I always imagine you saying: What’s up Greg I hope y’all are having a Greg day
Elena Alipour
Elena Alipour Hace 2 años
omg so true ! i love ur cat
Nissi Hace 2 años
Lol me too
O Hace 2 años
Same bro
madeline Hace 2 años
Blueshark8O9 Hace 2 años
Wait he hasn't been saying that?
Larvin Hace 6 meses
Danny should do stand up comedy my stomach is actually hurting 🤣
your mom
your mom Hace un año
This was the first video of his I watched. I found his through recommend and this was his latest video at the time. I've watched him ever since, and this is the video that made me a Greg. This will always hold a very special place in my heart, like Papa.
KrissFlavored Hace 8 meses
I really love wish. I order tons of things from there, I usually always get my stuff, if not or it's late, it's instantly refunded and I keep the item when it arrives. You just gotta ignore the crazy stuff lol.. I do love their cute t-shirts and stuff tho
ChaosGremlin1 Hace 3 meses
“It’s more than just teeth, its an investment!” -Danny 2020
carly bryan
carly bryan Hace un año
wish: the reverse tooth fairy. takes a dollar and gives you teeth
Jennifer G
Jennifer G Hace un año
So bone troll?
Jonard Vincent Romero
@Chef Sporty laughing my fas off
Shakira Hace un año
this is the best comment I've ever seen
Christie Marie
Christie Marie Hace un año
@Abby i made about two million today you?
Abby Hace un año
@Christie Marie Perfect!
doge jr
doge jr Hace un mes
imagine that one guy named greg who knows he is being addressed specifically
mrs.phoebeswift Hace 6 meses
this is my favorite danny video and sometimes when im going through a hard time i come back and watch it :')
Wavewatcher Hace 11 meses
As someone that treated a cat who died of cancer and had other health problems at a old age, those blindfolds were quite useful !
• Beatato •
• Beatato • Hace 2 meses
I remember buying a hoodie off wish and it was genuinely really high quality, I bought the same one off Amazon and it wasn't the same as the photo and was absolutely shit. I don't think this would ever happen again
elliott the brave
elliott the brave Hace 2 años
danny: why are they so cheap?? literally everyone: slave labor in chinese factories
Anna H
Anna H Hace 7 meses
Most expensive stuff is also made by slave labour in Chinese factories, to be fair. Also Indonesian factories.
Natalie Is Always Right
Tea ☕️
donald12998 Hace 2 años
And just, like, straight up lying.
Supreme_Court Hace 2 años
Nah just lying is way easier
Doda Garcia
Doda Garcia Hace 9 meses
This might be my favorite video from Danny, I keep coming back to it like it’s comfort food
OnyxTh3Ripqer Hace 9 meses
This video made me die laughing Literally die I am actually dead Well, I was. The power of us GREG revived me
Gargoyle Gray
Gargoyle Gray Hace 9 meses
About the beard oil: There's an episode of Happy Tree Friends where a character who has a botched haircut obtains some instant hair grow liquid and it legit grows hair on any part of your body. A different character he gets it in his mouth and suffocates because hair is growing in his throat lmao Reminds me of that.
siobhan riley
siobhan riley Hace 4 meses
that reminds me of the bobs burgers episode where the kids are retelling bob and linda's meeting story, and bob wishes for a muchtache and ends up growing hair all over his body
Gargoyle Gray
Gargoyle Gray Hace 5 meses
@Tide Pod Pad Thai lmao
Tide Pod Pad Thai
Tide Pod Pad Thai Hace 5 meses
also reminds me of another episode where a character spills like, plant growth spray on his teeth which makes them grow super long and he like,,cuts them off with pliers and it's Awful
- pavlova -
- pavlova - Hace 9 meses
thank you for reminding me of my nightmare
my padded cell
my padded cell Hace 9 meses
Skinny Dipper
Skinny Dipper Hace 4 meses
I used to be obsessed with browsing wish. Never have I ever seen the weird stuff they also offer. Thank God. But I am enlightened, so thank you 😂
Monster Truck
Monster Truck Hace un año
Danny's fashion aesthetic is basically weird amazon and walmart t-shirts
Gianna Hace 3 días
@EnchantedIDK I'd say Enchanted would be better, EnchantedIDK doesn't give off famous yter vibes. If you prefer EnchantedIDK, that's fine too!
Elliot M
Elliot M Hace un mes
Caitlin♡ Hace 5 meses
@noodlearg omg ur username 😆
Caitlin♡ Hace 5 meses
@EnchantedIDK maybe get rid of the "IDK"
‹ Lazy Lavender ›
‹ Lazy Lavender › Hace 10 meses
no. Hace 10 meses
Danny's search history: I want tongues and chicken helmets
Nostalgic Umbry
Nostalgic Umbry Hace 11 meses
For the camera thing. My mom and i used to live with my older cousin (He is a few years younger than my mom). She learned that he had a hidden camera at the time, when she confronted his wife about it, she said it was for the babysitter, later on my mom found out it was because my cousin would bring home women and....well, they did not know they were being recorded...
Raiden Hace 9 meses
“It makes your skin hard and slippery, just how the ladies like it!” Best ever quote.
Keara Deery
Keara Deery Hace 2 meses
Danny clearly didn't know what he was yelling when he said, " Hard and slippery! Just how the ladies like it! " 🤣🤣
JesseKWB Hace 7 meses
"I've never seen a product use it's negative side effects to advertise itself" - Well, don't cigarette companies do that all the time?
Magey Todd
Magey Todd Hace 4 meses
I took a drink every time he said "dot com" and I'm fucking dead now
Kristin Norman
Kristin Norman Hace 8 meses
I've watched this every time it pops up in my recommended and "I an here!" makes me laugh so hard every time
saigeonstage Hace 11 meses
This is possibly the funniest video I’ve seen on this channel. Probably because I know the pain of the Wish app 😂😂😂😂
Catherine B
Catherine B Hace 2 años
Danny is a lot like Wish: giving us what we never asked for and also what we never knew we needed.
Cedar C
Cedar C Hace 2 años
And takes months to make!
AFI Gamming
AFI Gamming Hace 2 años
Not never thought we needed but never needed 👌
Carson Games
Carson Games Hace 2 años
This needs to be pinned
Just Your Average AJ
And we can get human teeth from him
•Homeboy Jayce•
•Homeboy Jayce• Hace 2 años
Lol true-
Sarah Bulle
Sarah Bulle Hace 2 meses
fun fact: in many countries, cigarettes are sold in packaging that advertises with images of the health problems that smoker can develop in graphic detail. that's the one product I can think of that advertises its own negative side effects.
Mollie Lovett
Mollie Lovett Hace un mes
Why yes, Danny. I buy human teeth all the time. They go lovely alongside the tongues. Sometimes I hide a chicken helmet in between them if I’m feelin’ a little rebellious.
💿ScoutyMicmuffin💿 REST IN PIECE TECHNO
At 8:56 I spaced out a little and came back to the world and actually thought this was an ad so I started looking for the skip button but after I saw that it was Danny I realized. You probably thought I was gonna realize it wasn’t an ad because there was a guy crying about not being able to see his house but nope. It was just the realization of Danny being there :)
Annoying Kitty Cat
Annoying Kitty Cat Hace 3 meses
Wow, can’t imagine complaining about a month shipping length here in New Zealand when things from America take like 2 weeks to get ready for shipping. Now imagine my thoughts when I hear Danny complain about wish sometimes taking “more than a month”
Bumbero Hace 2 años
wish is like Troom Troom, but instead of a useless DIY project you just skip all the DIY steps and buy the sad end result
Ralx Hace 2 años
Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Madina Ahmadzay
Madina Ahmadzay Hace 2 años
i can see shane dawson's new conspiracy vid being titled 'is wish behind troom troom?'
Master of P A S T A
Master of P A S T A Hace 2 años
A bird holder sounds exactly like a troom troom thing lmao
Augustė Sagatytė
Augustė Sagatytė Hace 2 años
Cosmic Sabers
Cosmic Sabers Hace 2 años
Where did you get that idea because that was amazing.
Jordan Lindsay Taggart
danny's singing made me cry. so beautiful. wow.
Mach37 Hace 7 meses
“What are they doing that you see an eight pack in three days?” Very powerful hallucinogens.
Dannie Crispin
Dannie Crispin Hace 7 meses
For some reason I was watching this video at work and I had to go out of my office building so that I can continue laughing mao and crying like a crazy person. I enjoyed this a lot hahhaahha
FranMcOd Hace 2 meses
haven't laughed so hard for a long time
G42 Hace un año
Petition for part 2 where he orders the products
Sukuna's markings
Sukuna's markings Hace un año
Caroline_ Hace un año
sighs with an aesthetic hand writing which i will never have
Stella W
Stella W Hace un año
Love the profile pic
Leftover Lemons
Leftover Lemons Hace 8 meses
2:52 These “cat masks” are probably for when you need to trim some kitty claws and the cat keeps trying to bite you.
Timosz Hace 9 meses
His commercials give off the interdimensional cable vibe from Rick and morty
Gracie Pigou
Gracie Pigou Hace 7 meses
We should get a video of Danny trying items from wish
Dustin Malpass
Dustin Malpass Hace 2 meses
8:28 that looks like a real photo. How did he grow that much body hair. Like I have a good feeling it wasn't the cream but I am curious. That's an impressive amount. I myself wouldn't want it unless it was fairly normal and natural, but it's still kinda cool nonetheless.
Alexandra Lee
Alexandra Lee Hace 2 años
Laura's reflection in the oven of her reaching so high to get the perfect angle of Danny cooking is the cutest thing I've seen all day omg
notcindymae Hace 2 meses
That's adorable.
Alex xelA
Alex xelA Hace 5 meses
Lol I was scrolling to check if anyone else saw that, thank you 😂 I love it so much
The sign painter
The sign painter Hace 2 años
@Loqwean a toaster oven is a mini oven.
Jacobs John
Jacobs John Hace 2 años
@Raja Grandiek instead of trying to move the finish line, you could just admit to being wrong 🙂
Raja Grandiek
Raja Grandiek Hace 2 años
@LordFrog but it's not like you can see that from the outside
SmurfDroppin Hace un mes
6:48 are we just gonna ignore the fact that is says "for people men and women" in the top left lol
miya ibrahim
miya ibrahim Hace un mes
hi laura. we missed you, it was nice seeing you through the oven. it was adorable, btw. also its 7pm i just woke up
Oat Milk Possum
Oat Milk Possum Hace un mes
Had a moment where I was like "No, teeth only sell for like 25¢ on the black market. . ." Do with this information what you will
○ Kenny ○
○ Kenny ○ Hace 6 meses
The cat masks/blindfolds are for when you need to do something to the cat that it doesn't like.
Ethan H
Ethan H Hace 2 años
I can read his shirt, where do I go now
Fanklejeane132 Hace 12 días
Your too close
a name
a name Hace 14 días
Riley Croll
Riley Croll Hace 17 días
Back to the ranch
Yoshikagekirasimp Hace 18 días
Spoohic Hace un mes
If Danny actually made the "ad" part an actual ad, Wish would be booming..
TinyTigerTamer Hace 6 meses
That intro gets me every time😂
epresvanilia Hace un año
As a dental technician I would really love to buy those teeth for that price 😂😂😂
Posh Quack 07'
Posh Quack 07' Hace 26 días
“Why would you buy human teeth?” “Maybe there’s a kink… …in the supple chain.”
Posh Quack 07'
Posh Quack 07' Hace 26 días
Ah damnit it’s 1am I cant type sorry
Emily Ogletree
Emily Ogletree Hace 2 años
finally, a beard oil that can turn babies into ed sheeran
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Hace un año
@A little bit d3ad ed wrote the song lol
Deborah Gaudet
Deborah Gaudet Hace un año
Ah yes 💫PERFECT💫
Vicente Aguilar
Vicente Aguilar Hace un año
Vicente Aguilar
Vicente Aguilar Hace un año
PoppyMarshmallow Hace 11 meses
I used the hamster harness part on a video of my friend on a zip wire and she found it so funny🤣
Corban Licitra
Corban Licitra Hace 22 horas
Ok I would actually buy the hamster harness if I had a hamster, that is kind of awesome
Daymien Spencer
Daymien Spencer Hace 8 meses
I always thought that picture in the back was Danny drinking a glass of milk. Anyone else? No? Just me? Ok.
° sour grape °
° sour grape ° Hace 11 meses
This video reminds me of something that happened to me on eBay 😢 so I always heard people saying how you can’t trust eBay and it’s suspicious and sketchy and my like 7 year old me thought otherwise 😄 I searched up eye socket, eyeball,tounge, and a few body parts I can’t remember uhm so I told my mom and she said it was my fault when I ran up to her terrified 😆😆😆😆 Also found free airpods
Xander Mykah
Xander Mykah Hace 2 años
Some may ask, “How long do products from Wish take to arrive?” Well, put it this way. My girlfriend and I wanted matching rings because she found some on the site she thought were cute, so I bought them for us. They took so long to arrive, we’d already broken up...... I WISH I was joking.
curposio Hace 6 meses
@Clara's Cats it’s been four years at this point I’m gonna guess it got lost in like three weeks
Clara's Cats
Clara's Cats Hace 6 meses
@curposio did it arrive?
Xaviar_Westfall Hace 7 meses
@spamton Wdym. I just said “hi” to the commenter
spamton Hace 7 meses
@Xaviar_Westfall no i’m pretty sure he said ew because his roommate was sleeping with their gf who then proceeded to call OP her sister
PJ Young
PJ Young Hace 2 meses
the "cat blindfolds" are muzzles, I'm a dog groomer and we use a similar sort of thing for breeds like pugs/bulldogs/etc where their faces are too flat for a regular muzzle. they do look hilarious out of context though
~gacha Kat~
~gacha Kat~ Hace 9 meses
1:24 is no one talking about the the original price for the bubble things was 69$
Ruby Hyuck
Ruby Hyuck Hace 10 meses
Danny’s shirt: if you can read this you’re too close Me over 75 feet away:
RedDominos Hace 10 días
the intro makes me roll on the floor laughing every time
riley pine
riley pine Hace 2 años
the question is why WOULDN’T you want a chicken helmet
Easton Creger
Easton Creger Hace 11 meses
Helmets not included
Easton Creger
Easton Creger Hace 11 meses
@Glamoire than buy an alley full of stray chickens
Kaleo's Trains
Kaleo's Trains Hace un año
As a Chicken owner, idk either.
Brooke .-.
Brooke .-. Hace un año
Oddity Hace un año
I don't have a chicken
Chelsey Lin
Chelsey Lin Hace un mes
9:45 how has no one noticed that on the screen where it says “size” …it just says “No WiFi” like they didn’t even get the “color” description right either 😂😂
Zealand Hace un mes
Laura in the microwave filming Danny cook: 👁👄👁
ash_gxre Hace 28 días
10:51 I'm literally cry laughing, God my humour is so broken 💀
Kalle Mattila
Kalle Mattila Hace un año
0:05 That mood whiplash was almost as drastic as the one in Pinocchio after the first 30 minutes. Almost.
ToasterMan Hace 2 años
My lights flickered when danny said "H U M A N T E E T H"
Kolby Cosgrove
Kolby Cosgrove Hace 2 meses
Follow the cat
Stop Motion Stupidity
hey_beanbun Hace 6 meses
hey_beanbun Hace 6 meses
@Vellerdium yuh
hey_beanbun Hace 6 meses
Uhm chow anyway so....
MajorIndecision Hace 5 meses
2:23 this part hits different when you’re rewatching it and glance up and ur cat is in fact looking at you from a short distance away and you can definitively answer yes with the evidence sitting right there making eye contact n silently begging for ham
Enoch Hace 11 meses
I'm pretty hyped up for Men's Tea 😎
Maggie The Ravenclaw
can u please make another one of theses. like could u make it a series?
Duygu Tezcan
Duygu Tezcan Hace 2 años
Hamster harness is something Jenna Marbles needed once in her life
Dessie Hace 2 años
@Waving I was joking lmao ion even have a hamster chill TF out
Kaeldlr Hace 2 años
-e /
Aerianna Jasper
Aerianna Jasper Hace 2 años
Rest in Peace 😔
Cat on the floor 😿
しょうこ Yea some people don’t end getting their research done before getting a pet. :C
Margaret Lambert
Margaret Lambert Hace 2 años
rip ad😔
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