Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion (w/ David Henrie & Jennifer Stone)| Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller

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GUYS!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A DECADE, THE CAST OF WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE IS BACK TOGETHER ON CAMERA!!! This week we take another trip down memory lane... trivia style with David Henrie and Jennifer Stone. Who remembers Wizards of Waverly Place the best?! We reveal tons of on set moments and memories that bring the nostalgia to an all-time high!! Also...we talk about a potential reboot of the show. IF YOU WANT A REBOOT, COMMENT below, LIKE this video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel!
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About Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller:
Hi guys! First off, we hope all of you are safe and healthy during this stressful time in our lives. We are all in this together. If you are still with us, subscribed to our channel after the ups and downs, we are so grateful. Gregg and I have been a part for over 2 years, but we realized that doing this together brings us so much joy. It’s not the same without the two of us. We love making content, and we love doing it for you. With that being said... WE ARE BACK!
Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion! | Gregg Sulkin and Cameron Fuller
Gregg and Cameron


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Gregg and Cameron
Gregg and Cameron Hace un mes
Comment if you want a reboot!!!
Amy Freeman
Amy Freeman Hace 9 días
I want a Reboot please
Pandaidol 101
Pandaidol 101 Hace un mes
We all want a reboot!
Alexis Grant
Alexis Grant Hace un mes
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Hace un mes
Nidia Moran
Nidia Moran Hace un mes
We do !!! Just rewatched the show but with my bf he had never seen it ‼️🤯
charlie Hace un hora
9:38 is harper's iconic laugh!
Kira Taylor
Kira Taylor Hace 11 horas
We absolutely need a reboot
Mya Brown
Mya Brown Hace 12 horas
I just finished re-watching wwp
Chela GEM
Chela GEM Hace 14 horas
I always sing the hat song 🤣
Grace Blackthorn
Grace Blackthorn Hace 23 horas
Sarah Reyes
Sarah Reyes Hace 23 horas
Glowing For The
Glowing For The Hace un día
Justin was the younger, hotter , Ross
Josh Faul
Josh Faul Hace un día
Wizards of Waverly place is like the best show ever like I watched it like five times over and over it was so amazing I wish you guys could like add more episodes but probably not because you’re all busy and different things right now because of COVID stuff but you guys should do this triva again
Susie Carraway
Susie Carraway Hace un día
This is something I didn’t know I needed
Gabriela. Hace un día
The way David talked about Demi's voice made my heart melt.
ember13dp Hace 2 días
I’m rewatching this show on Disney Plus now! It’s my second favorite Disney show ever 💖 (Hannah Montana is first)
Giselle & Brandon
Giselle & Brandon Hace 2 días
Yes reboot!!!!!
Everyday Bray
Everyday Bray Hace 2 días
We need reboot
mimi Hace 3 días
Jennifer is so effortlessly beautiful 😍
mimi Hace 3 días
Jennifer is so effortlessly beautiful 😍
hannah taylor
hannah taylor Hace 3 días
david henrie is so adorable oh my god
Lily Russell
Lily Russell Hace 3 días
Betsi Cruz
Betsi Cruz Hace 4 días
9:35 HARPER'S ICONIC LAUGH!!!! Brings back memories 😢
Kayfromdaway Hace 4 días
gabellamava _
gabellamava _ Hace 5 días
Dudeeee i discovered this and i am so happy
Woma V
Woma V Hace 5 días
I really miss you guys 🥺💚🥺
lil aria
lil aria Hace 5 días
He is doing God's work pushing the reboot this hard. We need it.
Yama Choedon
Yama Choedon Hace 5 días
Selena 💕💕💕
constellationalize Hace 5 días
Seth Scott
Seth Scott Hace 5 días
Miah Harvey
Miah Harvey Hace 5 días
Please make a reboot and try to get a video with Selena plz
ziah Hace 5 días
get selena
Jeremy Roskes
Jeremy Roskes Hace 6 días
I'm just so glad no one's on zoom
anthea yeet
anthea yeet Hace 6 días
Omg they do not AGE
Sabrina Mepham
Sabrina Mepham Hace 6 días
Yes we want a reboot, a new series
gustavo elizeire
gustavo elizeire Hace 6 días
Isabelle Needs
Isabelle Needs Hace 6 días
i remember it being d for the one what was justin allergic to bc i remember when rosie was tryna make him do bad stuff he stole flowers for her even tho he was allergic and then when that one kid made the coogle and came with his family he was like nah i can’t have that i’m allergic to cinnamon
Atharva Gawade
Atharva Gawade Hace 6 días
Who's here for Selena Gomez
sara tabatabai
sara tabatabai Hace 6 días
How am I just seeing this now?!?? Wizards was and still is iconic! we WANT and NEED a reboot ASAP! It would literally be the greatest reboot of all time
Morgan Chillemi
Morgan Chillemi Hace 6 días
I only got 2 wrong! I still watch this show LITERALLY EVERY NIGHT before I go to bed 🤣🤣
Amanda Bengtson
Amanda Bengtson Hace 6 días
14 points. pretty sure i beat gregg.
Sydney Ousley
Sydney Ousley Hace 6 días
I want a reboot!!!!
Promys Brice
Promys Brice Hace 6 días
Roopjit Uppal
Roopjit Uppal Hace 6 días
7:12 wasn't it when Mason said he loved juliet so Alex broke up with him, then he decides to prove it to her with the necklace and they get back together, but then juliet bites hims so he turns into a werewolf forever. So isn't c the right answer.
dylan gaming. vlogs
dylan gaming. vlogs Hace 6 días
He got the theme song wrong 😂😂
Luke Nance
Luke Nance Hace 6 días
9:35 Harper jumped out
Alexandria Kay
Alexandria Kay Hace 6 días
“Well you know everything’s gonna be a dream” 😂😂I’m already laughing and I’m 10 seconds in, my FAVORITE Disney show!! Hands down
Adi Greenberg
Adi Greenberg Hace 7 días
Ok the russos changed Disney Channel
Melanie Magoon
Melanie Magoon Hace 7 días
I got a score of 21. I would also love a reboot
Melissa Cordero
Melissa Cordero Hace 7 días
Nathan Steele
Nathan Steele Hace 7 días
I don't want a reboot. I need a reboot!
PoopTüdruk 101
PoopTüdruk 101 Hace 7 días
I have seen the first season all through and the second season to episode 9 and they started the season 2 all over again so I hope I get to see the 10th episode or the 3rd season
PoopTüdruk 101
PoopTüdruk 101 Hace 7 días
I got 7 thanks to the last one
Tanya clark
Tanya clark Hace 7 días
Yes a reboot
Justin Davis
Justin Davis Hace 7 días
Your Favorite
Your Favorite Hace 7 días
Justin did not have 11 girlfriends. That was wrong
Your Favorite
Your Favorite Hace 7 días
Nick S
Nick S Hace 7 días
Saying the right magic words like the family compitein
Nick S
Nick S Hace 7 días
Zeros Spark
Zeros Spark Hace 7 días
Carly Sharmat
Carly Sharmat Hace 8 días
I got all of them
Gabriel G.
Gabriel G. Hace 8 días
Simply Chary
Simply Chary Hace 8 días
3:15 not me crying missing Demi and Selena’s friendship
Jeremy Gomes
Jeremy Gomes Hace 8 días
Jennifer Stone is incredibly beautiful!!!!
Shannon Anderson
Shannon Anderson Hace 8 días
Is that really you I watch pictures of Riverly Place every single time I feel sad because it makes me really happy
Brooklyn Benoit
Brooklyn Benoit Hace 8 días
please do a reboot because after you guys finished wizards of waverly place there was a copy made
Suzi Hace 8 días
9:36 OMG harpers laugh
Alex Russo fan
Alex Russo fan Hace 8 días
I would love a reboot.
thebeastyoutuber Hace 9 días
Defo wanna reboot
Jamie Hudson
Jamie Hudson Hace 9 días
This is the most I’ve ever laughed
Priscilla Lopez
Priscilla Lopez Hace 9 días
Now all I need is Jake T. Austin... We alr saw Selena and David together
Hit the whoa
Hit the whoa Hace 9 días
aight...SEE YA IN PE
Sophie Hewlett
Sophie Hewlett Hace 9 días
I’m late but 13/19 😭
Gianna Aragona
Gianna Aragona Hace 9 días
Lol I beat you
zuraida tajoodeen
zuraida tajoodeen Hace 9 días
I got 10 points
Shae Yalden
Shae Yalden Hace 9 días
We don’t want a reboot we need a reboot
Sauccy Time
Sauccy Time Hace 9 días
Rebootttttt my favourite show
Ao CF Hace 10 días
David henrie has a big...carisma 👀
Abigail Way
Abigail Way Hace 10 días
"Justin Russo, that's drip" I'm crying this is perfection
Vivek Chopra
Vivek Chopra Hace 10 días
YES! Best show ever!!
Crazy Mara
Crazy Mara Hace 10 días
6:02 what about jeremy from science ?
Emma Gerety
Emma Gerety Hace 11 días
I’m still confused about how the marker spot got on his pants because the tip of the marker was facing upwards
Alyssa C
Alyssa C Hace 11 días
I feel like this shows cast never aged... they all look the same. Also y’all should try to get Selena too and do something.
Salty Bruja
Salty Bruja Hace 11 días
can someone list all of Justin’s ex-girlfriends? I know there was a Werewolf, Centaur, Goth girl, Juliet, The Angel....
mel 0dy
mel 0dy Hace 11 días
I MISS DELENA!!! please reboot
AffirmCustard Hace 11 días
S E E Y A I N P.E.!
Amazing blogger Photography
Iman Fahmy
Iman Fahmy Hace 11 días
I got 33 points
Jahan Hace 11 días
Mei Vetter
Mei Vetter Hace 11 días
YESSSS!!!! Lots MORE wizards videos!!!
Jimi W
Jimi W Hace 11 días
Lindsey Dandrea
Lindsey Dandrea Hace 11 días
Reunion 😁😁😁😁
ava gammons
ava gammons Hace 11 días
david being so confident that is dream has me screaming😂😂
Mackenzie Higbee
Mackenzie Higbee Hace 12 días
More Jennifer and David collaborations!!!
Ana Moise
Ana Moise Hace 12 días
I don't want a reboot. I need one🥺
Modad V.S
Modad V.S Hace 12 días
I highkey missed Jennifer's laugh/distressed laugh.
Inderjeet Singh
Inderjeet Singh Hace 12 días
A reboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttt
Liz Nash
Liz Nash Hace 12 días
Reboot plz plz plz I loved this series so much still live it and yes reboot!!!!!
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong Hace 12 días
this makes me want to watch wizards of waverly place again
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong Hace 12 días
"the only wizard in the room is the one that can not figure out where the mark is coming from" TRUEEEEEEEE LOLOLOL
Corinne Stevenson
Corinne Stevenson Hace 12 días
please do a reboot!!!! everyone wants it!!!! cast and fans!!!! so might as well!!!!
Serenity Linares
Serenity Linares Hace 12 días
Her laugh is the same as harpers 😭oml, the flashbacks I had during this video.
Joey Stonerock
Joey Stonerock Hace 12 días
Joey Stonerock
Joey Stonerock Hace 12 días
A continuación