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WOOSUNG (김우성) - Dimples | Official Video

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Available with English, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Indonesian subtitles.


웃으면 생겨
말할때 마저
깊게 그려진 자국이 너무 선명해
When i look at you
Baby all I see
빨간 볼의 보조개 girl

Dancing in the moonlight
달 처럼 파여진
너의 입가의 우물
Dimples make you something special
빠져 헤엄치고
헤어나오질 못해 girl

Loving you got the best of me now
Loving you makes me typical now
Loving you’s not the best for me alright
너에게 점점 흔들려 난
너에게 휙휙 휘둘려 난
네 볼에 파인 함정에 빠져

When you smile it shows
Even when you talk
I'm approaching your lips just to fall into your trap
With a grin you close
My only getaway
Stuck inside you let me out girl

Dancing in the moonlight
달 처럼 파여진
너의 입가의 우물
Dimples make you something special
빠져 헤엄치고
헤어나오질 못해 girl

Loving you got the best of me now
Loving you makes me typical now
Loving you’s not the best for me alright
너에게 점점 흔들려 난
너에게 휙휙 휘둘려 난
네 볼에 파인 함정에 빠져

Let me go oh please
You're killing me
I'm begging you now girl
I'm on my knees won't you just spare me my life

Dancing in the moonlight
달 처럼 파여진
너의 입가의 우물
Dimples make you something special
빠져 헤엄치고
헤어나오질 못해 girl

Loving you got the best of me now
Loving you makes me typical now
Loving you’s not the best for me alright
너에게 점점 흔들려 난
너에게 휙휙 휘둘려 난
네 볼에 파인 함정에 빠져

“Dimples” Track

Lyrics by: Woosung Kim
Composed by: Woosung Kim
Arranged by: Gyu Ho Lee, Woosung Kim
Chorus: Kang Tae Woo

“Dimples” Music Video

Company: Woolfpack
Executive Producers: Woosung Kim, Briana Frapart
Co-Producers: Jenny Zha, 성준환

Director / Editor: HYEYA (Hyemi Seo) (ZANYBROS)
Assistant Director: Juyi Jin, Junghee Kim (ZANYBROS)
Production Producer: Angelina Foss, Hakjun Lee (ZANYBROS)
Artist Coordinator: Emily Haydel

Director of Photography: Mintae Kim (ZANYBROS)
Camera Team: Yujin Jeon, Byeonggu Song (ZANYBROS)
Jimmy Jib: Namsun Kim, Sunghyun Won
Art Director: Seoyoung Park (Art of seoyoung)
Art Team: Yoonji Jeong, Suyeon Um, Minchae Kang (Art of seoyoung)

CGI VFX: Kookjin Sung, Hyangmin Lee, Heerae Park (ZANYBROS)
Titles by: Annie Stoll, Dyan Jong
Colorist: Hwan Jo (ZANYBROS)
Gaffer: Seungnam Yoon (BESTBOY)
Lighting Team: Inkuk Hong, Mincheol Kim, Taeyoung Kim (BESTBOY)

BTS Photography: 안홍제
BTS Videography: Arthur Zozimo

Hair Artist: 혜진 (ATTI)
Makeup Artist: 주경 (ATTI)
Stylist: Roy Back (Hinkchiworks)
Nail Artist: 진솔 (컨셉트네일)

Actress: 안소현
Partner: MARHEN.J

About "Dimples"
"Dimples" is a dreamy midtempo synth-pop that seamlessly blends retro and contemporary sounds, mirroring the duality of its lyrics that speaks about an attraction that feels so good, it's bad. The euphoric nature of the song allows the listener a form of pop escapism, made complete with a music video that touts a whimsical fantasy of WOOSUNG’s encounter with a mysterious figure.

Woosung is a Korean-American musician, singer, songwriter, and composer, best known for being the vocalist and electric guitarist of South Korean band The Rose. Debuting in 2017 with soft-rock hit “Sorry,” The Rose was named one of the “New K-Pop Artists to Watch” by Billboard. They subsequently broke into the top 10 of Billboard’s “Next Big Sound,” “World Digital Song Sales” and “World Albums” charts with extended plays Dawn and Void, the latter of which also hit #1 on the U.S. iTunes’ K-Pop Albums chart, solidifying the band’s dominance in being one of the fastest accelerating artists across the internet. As the frontman of The Rose, Woosung made his solo debut in 2019 with EP Wolf, and its title single, “Face,” quickly racked up nearly 20 million views on ESvid. In 2020, Woosung lent his vocals to the original soundtrack of award-winning K-drama series Itaewon Class. A multifaceted performer, Woosung has since established his own independent label, and his latest solo effort, "Lazy," was released in 2021.

PR & media contact: WoosungPR@infinitize.co

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23 sep 2021






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WOOSUNG Hace 23 días
◤ Giveaway Announcement ◢ Hello Woolfpacks 🐺 To welcome you for joining the pack, I'm going to be giving away a few autographed WOOSUNG x MARHEN.J custom 'Bono' bags with a random photo card inside! Please comment your take on what's going on in the "Dimples" music video, or your favorite part to enter to win. Good luck!
Sunshine Luv
Sunshine Luv Hace 15 días
Oh, i thought you fell in love with her "dimples" but she is a mermaid kind of, or a sort of forbiden love and when she finds you can't be together she kidnaps you The end ( hope we'll get to know what happend in a next clip)
Vane Zuñiga
Vane Zuñiga Hace 23 días
2:50 the car under the water, is beautiful
SkzHowlin Hace 23 días
My take on the video: You met this beautiful girl who has absolutely captivated you with her smile. You're down a rabbit hole & can't seem to escape. She's a mythical being that fell in love & she has come to take you to her world. (She is the fish in the beginning) Off topic: Im so happy to see you smiling Woosung! You look like youve3 had a lot of fun filming the video
Janine Kaye
Janine Kaye Hace 23 días
2:48-2:56 is my favorite part!!! I like the execution of the taxi underwater... The dimpled actress and her overall attire is the epitome of how first love can be, dazzling, magical, and that one significant characteristic you'll never forget in a person "That Dimple" hihihihi
M Hace 23 días
Loving you’s not the best for me alright 😭😭-you’re killing me
mikumii Hace 28 minutos
Okay I'm staning the next big artist ❤️ I'm so lucky ꈍᴗꈍ
admaju Hace 2 horas
i love his songs so much
Ohad Raza
Ohad Raza Hace 4 horas
Who else Is missing the Rose
Camille Fernandez
Camille Fernandez Hace 4 horas
2,050,146 Woosung is also good in acting
park carina
park carina Hace 8 horas
Maria De Los Ángeles Urquidez Rojo
Me di cuenta a tiempo que woosung tiene carrera como solista🛐
Keiny Monje
Keiny Monje Hace 12 horas
Guao me encanta su voz, simplemente espectacular. Muchos éxitos, dimples excelente canción.🐺
Lua! Hace 12 horas
my boy.
Abeer Hace 13 horas
I’m in love…
youngbae Hace 14 horas
Es lindo pensar que lo conocí gracias a una recomendación y ahora soy adicta a su voz, necesito que más gente disfrute de su música ^o^
Lina Hace 15 horas
yesterday , I saw this for the first time and i can't stop watching it
LittleMix Trio
LittleMix Trio Hace 16 horas
Wow the chorus is magic
seyma #malsfbeomoppacisi
ILo Hace 18 horas
The girl is soo beautiful
Ibtihal noor
Ibtihal noor Hace 18 horas
♡♡ Good Night Woosung sleep tight ♡♡
starmy Hace 18 horas
it’s a bop guys it’s a bop
Magda Alfaro
Magda Alfaro Hace 18 horas
Estoy comenzando a obsesionarme con su voz... Me encanta!!
A. Hace 18 horas
7jker_ Hace 19 horas
Love u
TropiYany I am Yany ツ✌🏼
B r u t a l ! ❤️‍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
asxahii Hace 22 horas
Me after listen he’s voice: 😵
N. M.
N. M. Hace 22 horas
What a good song
Music lover Army
Music lover Army Hace 23 horas
He has the best voice I've ever heard 🤍✨
five season
five season Hace un día
다시 들어도 좋아
Mahfara Khan
Mahfara Khan Hace un día
This song deserve more views gosh so addicative l love you ❤️❤️
Elsa b_o
Elsa b_o Hace un día
I think that I fell in love... I really love his voice !
Gamze Çil
Gamze Çil Hace un día
독특한 💜
Negin Ashtari
Negin Ashtari Hace un día
Auuuhhh thus was so cutteee 😍
Phebelyn Lanit
Phebelyn Lanit Hace un día
You're Killing me!
Алена Луценко
belle alonte
belle alonte Hace un día
his voice is so uniqueee, same with his music, love him so much ♡
Mel Ruiz
Mel Ruiz Hace un día
Mel Ruiz
Mel Ruiz Hace un día
alona caayohan
alona caayohan Hace un día
i love the color yellow in you...i think i suits you well. Love you...from the Philippines with love
S0mebody H3lp m3
S0mebody H3lp m3 Hace un día
Woosung te amo mucho
Luz Ele_Contreras:,-)✌️
Amarte no es lo mejor para mí, si (^3^♪
Coumba Hace un día
La musique est vraiment cool et originale 😩❤️
Byoutee ByBai
Byoutee ByBai Hace un día
He makes me appreciate my dimples ☺️💕
710 sun
710 sun Hace un día
i love you and the type of music you do woosung pls always keep doing music in your own way you are an amazing artist!!
Joyce karoline Pereira de Almeida
Uauuuu que música legal, amei é um som bem viciante. Saudações desde o Brasil🇧🇷
♡I like that ♡
♡I like that ♡ Hace un día
Sus canciones me relajan tanto , su voz es tan hermosa, estoy segura que en algún futuro recibirá todo el apoyo que merece ♡
エチャMY Hace un día
1:00 this part makes me smile lonely:)
I'm StAy I'm ThReE
I'm StAy I'm ThReE Hace un día
i can't explain how much i love your voice . It is just so angelic and beautiful huge fan of the rose and woosung hope they do a group comeback in the future
the wiam
the wiam Hace un día
Yaaayy special song
Lina Hace un día
Amazing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Josseline Sanchez
Josseline Sanchez Hace un día
me encantan sus canciones, su voz hace especiales a las canciones😍
Michille Garganera
Michille Garganera Hace un día
Your rendition of ILYSB brought me here. ❤️ from the Philippines🇵🇭
Espacio Melody
Espacio Melody Hace un día
Evt ağzıma takıldı nolmuş??
nahiara quintana
nahiara quintana Hace un día
Cómo te extrañe porfaaaaa!
Gunay M
Gunay M Hace un día
i am addicted to this song
Me alegra haber encontrado este cantante
Gkurosé Hace 2 días
Damn I didn't realize he had a comeback...I'm so late, but as usual Sammy sounds amazing ❤🌹
Camille Fernandez
Camille Fernandez Hace 2 días
بيتر كيوب
بيتر كيوب Hace 2 días
he so handsome what his name
Pearl Mac
Pearl Mac Hace 2 días
Woosung~aaah🥰🥰 사랑해요 I have a dimple on my right cheek, that makes me special, right?😆😆
Lillian K
Lillian K Hace 2 días
KYLE Hace 2 días
I'm so sorry for being late as a fan Woosung.😥
eowww Hace 2 días
Ilove uu bebe
Arabelles Hace 2 días
Congrats on the 2M BRoses!
Letícia Evans
Letícia Evans Hace 2 días
I like woosung your Voice is Very unique i love that
Mila Kater
Mila Kater Hace 2 días
His voice is unique 🤩 a blessing for my ears🥰
Nazarena Bernal
Nazarena Bernal Hace 2 días
Demasiado bueno, amoooooo.
waj sun
waj sun Hace 2 días
we love you woosung
Lua! Hace 2 días
hmm, we need a s t r e a m party
Aleyna Tanrıverdi
Aleyna Tanrıverdi Hace 2 días
Omg so good
Aleyna Tanrıverdi
Aleyna Tanrıverdi Hace 2 días
Love youuuu
Lua! Hace 2 días
It's unacceptable to come here after hearing his Mindset and discovering that for a while he thought himself and his voice was ugly. Like, WHAT?
Bangtans_girl Hace 2 días
Galiba düştüm...
Pixie Lisa
Pixie Lisa Hace 2 días
Luz Ele_Contreras:,-)✌️
Bailando a la luz de la luna!!! Dimples es algo especial ,I love those 2M, we go for more brosess (• ‿ •)
Amistoso Isabelita Y.
Please, don't get tired of singing 🥺 I don't want to loss you here🙏
Lua! Hace 2 días
We hit another mark, I'm the happiest person in the world.
Michelle Kim
Michelle Kim Hace 3 días
Is it too late to put in my thoughts?? Ahaha I'll leave it here anyway. I've never been great at deciphering messages, but here is my attempt at it. I feel like the whole song is metaphorically in a way trying to explain the way it feels to love someone or something without loving yourself first. Before you say anything, hear me out.... We're first introduced to this fishbowl with only water inside. Soon after, Woosung goes into a car and sees/imagines a glowing fish (which I believe is the person or thing you start loving). This in my opinion shows the beginning of an interest to someone or something. So while you're thinking about this person, you start getting swayed, confused and startled (which is depicted by the crash). Then we're introduced to this scene where he is lying down inside the tunnel, which I take to understand is the feeling of being 'stuck.' You're all alone in your empty thoughts, nothing beside you, and the recurring memories and moments you had with this person starts appearing in your head (and as a fun little thing, I feel like the tunnel physically represents dimples on either sides of your cheek). You're feeling drawn in and 'trapped.' His last moments in the tunnel was the last moment he had before losing himself, and instead, falling into the deceptive mirage of loving someone else. It's a heavy feeling, you can't escape it, even if you're trying to run or walk away. You're feeling stuck. Something is holding you down, and before you know it, its too late. Anyone who has felt this before will understand. The feeling of thinking that you can love someone without loving yourself. Now, this may all sound silly, but I'm just gonna keep going hahaha... So then we are introduced to this new environment. Never seen before. His outfit has changed, his style has changed, and suddenly he is in a room filled with people that he does not know (or so it seems). As he starts walking down the stairs, he's stumbling, finding it difficult to adjust, and suddenly his behaviours have changed. He is seen dancing, and 'vibing' with this new style, but is he really finding it comfortable? We are constantly being referred back to his stumbling moments on the stairs, like he's lost, confused and out of it. He's in a room, which he is not comfortable with, and that can be seen with his visual scans across the room, looking lost and a bit out place. This scene depicts the feeling of unfamiliarity and maybe he's a little scared to this new feeling that he has. While he is in the club/bar area, he does not once interact with the people around him, until he sees the fishbowl again. But this time, it's not filled with water. It's filled with this silver-like substance (bringing in the deceptive theme again) which appears to be heavy, like something that will draw you down. We then see the reference of the jewels on his hand, which then directs you to the girl he is in 'love' with. The jewels appear to cover the ugly truth. Which I would like to think is the idea that even though you feel lost, uncomfortable and out of place, these feelings can all disappear with the thought of someone you love. You're putting someone before yourself, and the weight of loving someone before loving you is heavy, uncomfortable and out of place. Doesn't mean that the person that you love is a bad person, it just means that you are in need to find yourself first. So, as he places down the bowl, supposedly a loud sound or vibration gets emitted into the room, drawing all the attention on him. He feels uncomfortable with himself, lost, insecure. He is very uncomfortable until he sees his lover again. He sees her glowing in the dim room, drawing his attention. The love that he has for her has overpowered the neediness of finding and loving himself. And just like that, like nothing ever happened, he is able to blend into the crowd... maybe faking a personality to fit in better. To love her better. All the while, the love he has for this girl is getting stronger, she is getting brighter and larger on the screen, showing how it is overtaking him. Now while this is happening, he reaches his hand out, in the final attempts to try and find the love for himself, but it is overshadowed by the love he has for the girl. Although he is so deeply in love with the girl, because he did not have the foundations of loving himself first, he starts sinking. This tiny fishbowl has suddenly transformed itself into a never ending abyss. And now, there is no way to get out. We're taken back to the bar/club area, and he's getting crazier, more hyper, losing himself entirely. He's in this sinking car by himself, which depicts the idea that he is losing himself, losing his love for himself, while at the same time, he is falling deeper and crazier in love with this girl. In his last moments of him truly being himself, he looks confused, lost, scared. While the girl is smiling, eye-catching and luring him in. Suddenly he's alone, where his club/bar character looks back at his beginning self. The same pair of eyes portraying two different emotions. He is completely lost now. In the final scene of the video, the girl is now in charge of the car, while at the same time, he is now in his first outfit. He has closed his eyes, and this deceiving thing called love has overtaken him. Because he wasn't able to love himself, he is now sinking into this abyss with the love of his life, but is that true love? Yeah, so there's my essay. Hahaha. It's essentially the idea of what it feels like to love someone or something without loving yourself first. I'm not sure if anyone else has had the same idea as me, but this is what I get. Now, the girl here could physically represent an actual love experience he has had, or maybe it could be something else. For example, his love for music. Or even his love for Black Roses. With that being said, I'm not saying that he doesn't love us or we are toxic to him, but rather the idea that you can feel lost and maybe even scared if you work so hard for something that you love so much. Something that you don't want to lose. And so, your lover/love for something can end up driving your every emotions, behaviour and attitude, making you feel lost in this never-ending abyss. You suddenly become something/ someone you don't know. If you made it to the end, thank you for reading this. I'm surprised that I was able to keep my focus on this, because I don't ever spend this long in one go for my assignments. Anyways, bye! I rose you! 🖤🌹 And thank you, Woosung for giving us such an amazing song. I love every single moment! ❤️
Michelle Kim
Michelle Kim Hace 2 días
@Lua! hehe thank you! 😁😁
Lua! Hace 2 días
I love it
Maria Lai Alesova
Maria Lai Alesova Hace 3 días
Wow this guy is so talented and handsome 😍 like ....angel
Lua! Hace 2 días
Yess, my boy
hendery Hace 3 días
Sayra Vanessa Arteaga
Que ganas de irme de fiesta con esta canción
LJ Black Rose
LJ Black Rose Hace 3 días
Few more vi3ws broses!!
Lua! Hace 2 días
Fighting for three million.
Rocio Bojorquez
Rocio Bojorquez Hace 3 días
Can we talk about the AMAZING bridge this song has? It’s so good 10/10
Chtina Q
Chtina Q Hace 3 días
Woosung's voice and visuals has no jokes,,both of them r masterpieces
andrea •ᴗ•
andrea •ᴗ• Hace 3 días
me encanta 😭
five season
five season Hace 3 días
Neyele Marques✌
Neyele Marques✌ Hace 3 días
이 노래도 사랑합니다 💕 우성이 나에게 말을 걸거나 내 의견에 답할 수 있습니까? 내 꿈은 당신의 나라를 방문하는 것입니다 ... 당신을 사랑합니다 ♥(️te amo!)#Brazil
Sarahi Aguilar
Sarahi Aguilar Hace 3 días
Woosung I LOVE YOU SO BAD ❤️✨
-Yukii.🍃 Hace 3 días
ah Woosung posted the song a while ago and just saw it :'(
Anthonietha Hannah Ranario
will u marry me💍
Anthonietha Hannah Ranario
u deserve to have 1billion fan's.
Nguyen Thanh Hang
Nguyen Thanh Hang Hace 3 días
안녕하세요 Hace 4 días
Wow the voice is amazing ! :O
Eunice Jung
Eunice Jung Hace 4 días
Sammy, I always come back here not because I want to stream but because I love your songs. But yeah, stream is good.
Camille Fernandez
Camille Fernandez Hace 4 días
2M here we go
LJ Black Rose
LJ Black Rose Hace 4 días
Road to 2M Let's Goooo!!
Diana Hace 4 días
Amo su chaqueta amarillo pollito pastel
Laura Ruíz
Laura Ruíz Hace 4 días
Woosung en su totalidad es superior a muchos dentro de la industria, joya!
lala lee
lala lee Hace 4 días
오우~~노래 너무 좋은데요!!!!!잘됐음 좋겠다💕❣️💓
Spring 7
Spring 7 Hace 4 días
I'm obsessed with his voice 😭
Elaria Francisco
Elaria Francisco Hace 4 días
Amo a tua voz, a tua vibe é muito boa. Não desista.
Jéssica Hace 4 días
i love you Woo
paula buitrago
paula buitrago Hace 4 días
Ya he escrito varias veces, solo quiero decir que no me cansaré de está canción y todas las que ha sacado, en la banda y como solista
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