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It's time to break some recs! (records)
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16 may 2016






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Comentarios 83 724
Haider Alkhazali
Haider Alkhazali Hace 19 horas
Ibrahim Toughstoneson
Ibrahim Toughstoneson Hace 19 horas
Here for 06:00, first shot? No frickin way
Arjun Aejuk
Arjun Aejuk Hace 20 horas
Hyy nice video I live Nepal I am a big fan dudeperfect
ashmit11 Hace 22 horas
I can beat the world record for never having a world record 😂😂😂
Ketan Sharma
Ketan Sharma Hace 22 horas
They are like " THE GENERATION OF MIRACLES " from kuroko no basket !
NANDINI M D Hace 23 horas
Mita Shah
Mita Shah Hace 23 horas
3:37 he is like he doesn’t even know I exist. Of course he does ur in dp
Shri Shyam Nursery
Shri Shyam Nursery Hace un día
Unlimited records 🏁
I think you should join basketball
John Boudreaux
John Boudreaux Hace un día
My friend half courted a basketball with one hand.
Realist Hace un día
All the celebrations and all that make this so american to the point its unwatchable
The Royal
The Royal Hace un día
If DP forms a basketball team. Opponents : 😒😭That's cheating
Game CHANGER Hace un día
Who here always looks for DUDE PERFECT in the Guinness Book of World Records
Santanu Samal
Santanu Samal Hace un día
So why are they don't playing in NBA
Andro New
Andro New Hace un día
junior nuggets Nation
I love basketball. In the Laurel highschool gym I'm playing basketball it is my favorite sport
sujit gupta
sujit gupta Hace un día
Real Avengers
Dendrinos Stamos
Dendrinos Stamos Hace un día
1:15 I bet they trolled him at least to times before it actually happened
Random Shadow
Random Shadow Hace un día
5:57 *blindfolded *Makes it on the first try " Is this a prank? It was my first try" 6:17 *confirmed "Give me that!"
Ankana Roy
Ankana Roy Hace un día
How do they do it?
Priyanshu Maheswari
Priyanshu Maheswari Hace un día
111 million views WTF........
Macsen Holland
Macsen Holland Hace un día
Harlem globe trotters best almost all of your records
Eliane Truffer
Eliane Truffer Hace 2 días
Will Wensley
Will Wensley Hace 2 días
They have discovered NZT.... it's official
Mia Lewis
Mia Lewis Hace 2 días
Question:What record can you beat? Me: -_- Ermm..... NONE I'M JUST A KID!😣😑😅 Everyone else: O.o
Random Explorer
Random Explorer Hace 2 días
That guy will run out of Certificates 😁😁
Krish Keswani
Krish Keswani Hace 2 días
But why aren’t they in the Olympic Games
Battery Gaming
Battery Gaming Hace 2 días
Jessica Murray
Jessica Murray Hace 2 días
Were you guys on the twin towers when the video started
HNT SB Empire
HNT SB Empire Hace 2 días
Bru that happened more than 2 decades you slow
Jayson Williams
Jayson Williams Hace 2 días
Why would people dislike this
Eletricidade Veicular
fantástico esses caras
Riley The Gaming Goober
Me: cant even do a backflip. Ty: does longest shot while doing a backflip off trampoline 4:59
Cathy Heatley
Cathy Heatley Hace un día
Ill give you u ur first like on this comment
Cathy Heatley
Cathy Heatley Hace un día
It was a front flip btw
Csongor Albert
Csongor Albert Hace 2 días
Bruh i did a 50ft hook shoot
oskuboi642 ,
oskuboi642 , Hace 2 días
This must've took more than 4 days to do
N. S.
N. S. Hace 2 días
Whos is watching in 2020
Srbija Hace 2 días
nguen wah goh
nguen wah goh Hace 2 días
YOU guys are amazing
Quello Su Youtube
Quello Su Youtube Hace 2 días
Some comments says that the basket's ball Is fake and It's done from a paid actor,Is It real?
Ding_ Dong
Ding_ Dong Hace 2 días
*Guy gives record* Some dude: YEaAaaAahAaaHh
sankalp kumar
sankalp kumar Hace 2 días
The dislikes are from the guys who had earlier made these records.
Royal Baloch
Royal Baloch Hace 2 días
subscribe my chanel
Xd Blasta
Xd Blasta Hace 2 días
I don’t see them in the record books
HYBUZA gaming
HYBUZA gaming Hace 2 días
Audzac gamer
Audzac gamer Hace 2 días
2:34 literally the same number as the world record, the time ran out
Shashank Sharma
Shashank Sharma Hace 3 días
Inke Satha "koi mil Gaya Ka jadoo hai
Shashank Sharma
Shashank Sharma Hace 3 días
Unbelievable Yaar 😃😃😃😃
igor buttskin
igor buttskin Hace 3 días
that building in the thumbnail looks a lot like wtc1 and 2
holderness muzah
holderness muzah Hace 3 días
they should start a basketball team
Nameless Hace 3 días
Imagine if the cameras stop recording
Nanasunoyusuf Hace 3 días
The longest basketball shot is fake
Sia Hicks
Sia Hicks Hace 3 días
6:50 is edited look at how the ball randomly floated to the rim and made it
hafid luqmanul hakim
"how many world records can you beat?" Dude perfect : "YES"
Mita Shah
Mita Shah Hace 23 horas
hafid luqmanul hakim u watch fresh don’t u
Devon noveD
Devon noveD Hace 3 días
First try?
Gideon Peterson
Gideon Peterson Hace 3 días
they should do this video again, or do it on overtime, specifically because they lost the record for worlds highest basketball shot, its now owned by how ridiculous.
Trez Hace 3 días
Not one take.
Lil Uzi Vert
Lil Uzi Vert Hace 3 días
i might have what you are looking for. bio
step on me
step on me Hace 3 días
Props to all the physicists that made this video possible
T T Bros Ltd.
T T Bros Ltd. Hace 3 días
Dude perfect shot, timing and goal!!!
daidarus maxmillan
daidarus maxmillan Hace 3 días
This is fake only editing with adobe premier ;v
Joanne Garcia
Joanne Garcia Hace 3 días
The music is lit 👌
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