Worlds 2023 Finals Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard ft. NewJeans, HEARTSTEEL, and More! 

League of Legends
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Watch the Worlds 2023 Finals Opening Ceremony featuring live performances by NewJeans, HEARTSTEEL, and much more!
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18 nov 2023






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@TheWordAliveBand Hace 15 días
I don’t know what’s better, being back in Korea with some of the best fans in the world or sharing the stage with my brother Mako who crushed it! Rise forever 🤘🏼 - Telle :) aka yours truly, the blonde guy
@romelade9947 Hace 15 días
that was a great performance!
@user-bg1uc1gm3q Hace 15 días
shadow wizard money gang
@danielvolkov5173 Hace 15 días
我是中国人,我真的很喜欢你的评论。 我们很尊重一个男人,很少尊重一个女孩
@mozzarellapizza5513 Hace 15 días
You killed it man!! Both 2018 and today's performance
@TasBWyattay Hace 15 días
aka the guy who killed it as Viego in Pentakill 3
@ShotsAnimals Hace 11 días
A music video that breathes life into a song and paints a new realm before your eyes, akin to an enchanting journey through a world of colors and energies🦋
@DS-wl5pk Hace 5 días
No… not at all
@poddop Hace 3 días
chatGPT ahh response
@cassianonce Hace 14 días
Nobody does it like Riot Games when it comes to these ceremonies. My heart, this was so goooood.
@palettelites2022 Hace 14 días
오프닝 무대들을 이갈고 준비해셨네여.. 진짜 오랜만에 느껴보는 찐 소름이네요!! 대규모 무대에 증강현실 그래픽에.. 할수있는 기술력은 다 넣다니.. 역시... 이거 진짜 귀한 무대다..
@user-mz8gq8vp6u Hace 12 días
그래픽에 대박
@Haru-hd4hd Hace un día
모데랑 레오나가 대박임....😮
@user-tj6he4wo1e Hace un día
@user-wl7tw4gk4s Hace 9 días
롤을 할줄 모르는 사람도... 가슴이 웅장해진다..
@BruceWayne-ln6jt Hace 13 días
하트스틸 기대 안 했는데 백현햄 씨다씨 확실히 인기 많은 이유가 있다
@diealready6274 Hace 10 días
이즈리얼 원래 깝치는 이미지인데 하트스틸에선 좀 멋지게 나옴 ㅋㅋ
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 10 días
Exo Baekhyun as Ezreal Cool 🤍
@m.jeon_Somi. Hace 3 días
Exo Baekhyun ❤️
@Gonnereccon Hace 7 días
I am so glad that Riot gave Mako and Telle another chance to show just how good their song Rise was live, it was one of the best parts of the opening this Worlds 2023
@wearemako Hace 15 días
Totally overwhelmed to be on that stage again, put so much into this and couldnt feel more grateful to be back with Telle and celebrate Worlds again w you all. im at a loss for words, thank you everybody
@RenatoMoraes-jk6bf Hace 15 días
You did amazing, man. I'm grateful we had another opportunity to see you on the stage one more time!
@markmerante8342 Hace 15 días
You left a memorable performance! Always loved the song and seeing it live on stream made it that much better!
@rftg1793 Hace 15 días
You were awesome!!
@jasonleung6614 Hace 15 días
Redeemed yourself from 2018 lol
@albi7894 Hace 15 días
You completely redeemed yourself, great performance
@JGHJO972 Hace 2 días
라이즈 라이브 진심 개소름돋음,,,백현은 걍 이즈리얼에 빙의 했고 실력은 뭐 말할것도 없고 뉴진스 하다가 선수들 나오는 연출 너무 좋음
@user-lz5sg2gg8w Hace 11 días
롤은 하지 않지만 언제나 게이머들에게 보답하는 게임이라는 건 아주 잘 알겠네용 다른 영상에서도 그렇고 발로란트도 그렇고 많은 영상에서 모든 플레이어가 주인공이라는 주제를 다루고 있는 것 같아 인상깊게 보는 편이에요 그래서 영상은 언제나 챙겨보게되네요 이번엔 무대속 주인공이 다른 여러명의 플레이어들과 오버랩 되는 장면이 인상 깊었어요 이렇게 게이머들은 존중하는 기획력을 또 어디서 볼 수 있나 싶네요 언제나 최고입니다!!
@venuslilith Hace 13 días
My son, a LoL player, said Baekhyun looked like Ezreal himself. His clothes, stage attitude, general appearance and voice, according to him, are like Ez himself. He doesn't like live performances, but he loved Baekhyun's part because there was no change from the studio voice to the live voice. The difference is that Baekhyun's live part was even better than the studio part, due to all the vigor and vocal quality presented even with such energetic choreography. I can only completely agree with my son. Baekhyun is Ezreal.
@sickening_love1154 Hace 11 días
Your son is so based for that. 😭
@louisrobitaille5810 Hace 11 días
Unless you were there live, you both need new ears because he sounded nothing like the studio version 😐. The studio voice and his looks on stage do look like Ezreal though 😅.
@KIMMYzocaa Hace 7 días
​@@louisrobitaille5810I believe you really need to hear it properly, besides him singing completely in line with the studio voice, Baekhyun was dancing. Baekhyun is an idol, he just killed it a lot.
merry christmas to your son
@venuslilith Hace 6 días
@@louisrobitaille5810 Sorry, English isn't my native language ... so I guess I couldn't explain it properly. My son wanted to say that he doesn't like live performances because a lot of vocal quality is lost (the voice becomes different, without the same quality, without the same beauty, strength) ... But with Baekhyun this didn't happen, because even with all his vigor of the choreography, Baekhyun has not lost his vocal strength, his quality, his beauty. One of the studio parts that my son liked most was the first vocalist, but he didn't like it live, because he thought he lost his vocal quality ... that his voice was very different. In the live performance, he considered that the best part was Baekhyun's ... as he maintained the same vocal quality as in the studio ... but even more beautiful than the studio version. I hope I was able to find the words in your language to explain it correctly. And it doesn't matter what the haters say ... because Baekhyun was amazing ... Baekhyun is Ezreal.
@user-cb4os3up7q Hace 13 días
리그오브레전드를 플레이하는 소환사가 주인공이라는 연출이 인상깊네요. 개막식 노래해주신 가수분들 모두 최고였고. 연출도 정말 좋았습니다!
@rmmb13 Hace 6 días
Baekhyun is showing what Top star is! the others did great too! and Telle, you rock as always!
@Vysia Hace 14 días
4:05 PARANOIA by HEARTSTEEL 7:09 Rise by Mako, The Word Alive and The Glitch Mob 9:42 GODS by NewJeans
@piratapirata78 Hace 13 días
THX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ekis1227 Hace 13 días
9:42 sykkuno!
@charlesa3505 Hace 13 días
mako wasnt drunk this time XD
@UnknowinglyDerpy Hace 13 días
00:00 Legends never die
@CliffordDLewis022 Hace 13 días
​@@charlesa3505Where did this come from? lol
@xiangxiang3974 Hace 14 días
Baekhyunnie is dancing while singing tho his vocal is still stable.That's what we call talent.I'm so proud to be your fan Baekhyunnie,u never let us down.All of Heartsteel members are amazing.
@Exo-L.ian.Ryusei Hace 8 días
Exo- L proud of Baekhyun ❤️
@johnnyperry1471 Hace 4 días
Or he lip-synced for the live performance. If it makes a more enjoyable show there is nothing wrong with that. No one believes people are doing the reverb live, it is accepted to add little things so the show is more like the studio version.
@m.jeon_Somi. Hace 3 días
Exo Baekhyun slayyyy ❤
@m.jeon_Somi. Hace 3 días
​@@johnnyperry1471 ûncle we love Exo and Baekhyun and we always support him no matter what
@m.jeon_Somi. Hace 3 días
Baekhyun ❤️ slayyyyyyy
@avalonaura4076 Hace 7 días
The players rising up out of the stage during the last refrain was brilliant. Goosebumps everywhere.
@user-bz9wj7qf1z Hace 12 días
무대가 진짜 멋있다.
@Loren-xf3qq Hace 13 días
La presentación de los chicos de heartsteel estuvo increíble, pero esperaba escuchar la canción completa. merecían más
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 11 días
Heartsteel cool Want to see more music form them
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 11 días
Whole HeartSteel album
@louisrobitaille5810 Hace 11 días
@@Exo-L.Ren_SamuraiProbably not gonna happen, at least for a solid 5 years. Next year is Arcane, then maybe True Damage if we're lucky, then we'll see 🤷‍♂️.
@m.jeon_Somi. Hace 3 días
HeartSteel 🔥
@LSUfan4life97 Hace 10 días
I'm so glad Mako and Telle got to run it back. They absolutely killed it this time. Stellar opening ceremony this year. Hopefully we get more heartsteel. too much talent and a great audio mix. keep churning it out
@CalScrubyTV Hace 13 días
worlds 23 best week of my life - honored to share the stage w so many legends ❤️ big big big thank you to riot, my heartsteel brothers, and LEAGUE FANS ACROSS THE WORLD - yall are the best !!
@Ryu_Yokohama1688 Hace 13 días
Your performance also cool ❤
@Exo-L.ian.Ryusei Hace 13 días
@Exo-L.Ryo888 Hace 13 días
🎸 Rockstar
2019 will always be my favorite Worlds Ceremony. This one seems like it's tryling to get back on track. Because before this one, all the other ones (Except 2019) just seemed like an afterthought. Rough, I know. But true. This is definitely a step back into the right direction.
@loirinhadotchann Hace 14 días
Muito orgulhosa de nossos idols de kpop, Baekhyun, Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin e Hyein. Stage, vocais, performance e dança impecáveis!
@waykyrub Hace 13 días
A execução da performance do Heartsteel foi perfeita! Baekhyun realmente entregou TUDO! Vocal, dança, carisma... Realmente um veterano, um artista que sabe o que está fazendo! O Heartsteel é realmente muito legal, mas uma pena que foi tão curto, teria sido mais divertido aproveitar as interações no palco por mais tempo. Quanto a Gods, logo que a música saiu eu achei fraca, não fazia nem mais questão de ouvir, mas depois dessa performance eu vi o valor dela kkkkkkkk O ao vivo não foi dos melhores, mas a meninas arrasaram mesmo assim, e elas estavam realmente lindas, aquele acessório na cabeça... Senti algo divino de verdade! E Rise... Não pude conter as lágrimas, esse mundial foi enorme!! Riot conseguiu mesmo fazer algo grande, só deveriam ter aproveitado mais de Heartsteel mesmo.
@user-jy6rk3co2c Hace 15 días
Heartsteel's debut performance could have been better! Baekhyun, Tobi Lou, Ozi, and Cal Scruby were really great live singers. I think there's something wrong with the mic's volume or sounds because the fancams sounds great, and you can hear the audiences' cheers. How I wish their performance wasn't cut suddenly.
@superEthan1251 Hace 15 días
Yeah, I think their audio this year probably wanted to let the video playback have audience noises, but they turned them up too high. All of their other ceremony videos didn't have much audio from the audience.
@andrea2864 Hace 15 días
:( true
@AP-pv6vk Hace 15 días
Yea I was also wondering if their mics were not on or something. The singers did great but it wasn’t really captured with the way production was done. Their voices didn’t resonate here
@catecatfemme Hace 14 días
I was thinking the same, I could barely hear them which left the whole performance feeling lackluster
@nadhirahbakar Hace 12 días
Heartsteel should less CGI more focus on their costume and group performance,
@CassandraInPink Hace 10 días
MAAAAAAKKKKKOOOO!!! I didn't think I was a Baekhyun fan but I think I have to be now? The outfit, the dancing, the confidence - he was easily the most magnetic on that stage. That said the live vocals on all the heartsteel boys went HARD!! NewJeans are just adorable all the way around, this was a great opening ceremony. Easily the best since KDA - with the Arcane themed year with Bea Miller coming in as a very close third
@teqwe9191 Hace 10 días
백현 잘한다 진짜 팬되버림 목소리도 좋고 퍼포도 좋고
@Clau.7 Hace 9 días
Regreso una y otra vez a ver la poderosa actuación en vivo de Baekhyun! Este hombre es puro talento! Por eso lo llaman el IDOL GENIO, ya es un artista de talla mundial! Pronto tendrás el reconocimiento que te mereces! ❤😊
@isap366 Hace 5 días
PSY mola mas
@aalinalove Hace 14 días
Heartsteel's performance though, Baekhyun is so charismatic and mesmerising, and his vocals are insane, Øzi also caught my eyes. Congratulations to the Heartsteel team, you were amazing ❤
@Troy_16 Hace 12 días
​​@@0Krazy get a life uncle haters is less like you but fans are more
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 12 días
​@@0Krazy uncle hater like you gonna hate hate HeartSteel gonna slayy slayyy
@m.jeon_Somi. Hace 12 días
​@@0Krazy haters gonna hate but fans always stand with Exo and Baekhyun
@satriahadi1893 Hace 13 días
the performances were good and that morde and leona CGI was amazing. i can't wait for next year worlds song. every worlds song is a recap of the story from last year, i can feel next year will be such a banger telling about the rise of T1 back to the top
@ValiantDoesStuff Hace 15 días
Mako definitely redeemed himself with this performance 🔥🔥🔥
@danielvolkov5173 Hace 15 días
我是中国人,我真的很喜欢你的评论。 我们很尊重一个男人,很少尊重一个女孩
@Kenzen. Hace 15 días
Mako and Telle went Crazy
@darkshadowsXtreme Hace 15 días
Mako redemption finally 😆
@leowerinio5524 Hace 15 días
I’m so happy for him. He deserved this chance.
@pipipupu3399 Hace 15 días
finally not wasted
@exo-love1539 Hace 14 días
Heartsteel are on some other levels.. waay up ... i just love it .. the hype the power the energy.. everything was on point
@watermelowne Hace 14 días
@daalldalli Hace 13 días
потрясающе Нью Джинс и Бэкхен как всегда шикарные
@user-vr3vs7ce7g Hace 12 días
слабый опенинг, особенно из последних
@Troy_16 Hace 12 días
Baekhyun performance was coolest ❤❤
@m.jeon_Somi. Hace 12 días
Baekhyun 🤍
@artalekseev21 Hace 4 días
Legends never die, thanks to RIOT for another masterpiece
@JAGUARZIN Hace 8 días
E o show de abertura mais incrível q eu ja vi eu te amo Riot ❤
@user-qv4cr4qx4o Hace 14 días
하트스틸은 언젠가 재평가된다..K/DA의 충격에 비하면 시작은 미약하나 중독성 있는 멜로디 나름 찰진 멤버 구성 다들 목소리가 서로의 빈 틈을 채워주는 기분 결승전 무대도 넘넘 멋있었음 백현 리얼 이즈리얼 그잡채.. 이젠 마음 속에 노머고가 아니라 하트스틸 메보가 되어버림
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 14 días
Do not spamming kda
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 14 días
Don't spamming
@Xxhyeem Hace 13 días
Baekhyun’s energy was phenomenal! Riot made a good decision in choosing him!
@jorgemarin4638 Hace 8 días
Pensé que mi parte favorita sería la canción de New Jeans pero sin duda la actuación de Heartsteel se robó mi atención.
@IsMar-ef5ej Hace 8 días
4:35 podria verlo una y otra vez todo el día. Baekhyun es realmente increible
@aryalakshmicr4534 Hace 13 días
@ingridsantana706 Hace 10 días
I never played LOL but I'm always so excited for the opening ceremony!!!! It looks amazing every year🔥
@aphelune8760 Hace 15 días
This was nice but the standards were set too high after the 2019 ceremony. The flow, creativity and everything was amazing. This was great too, the choreography was the highlight for me. Hopefully next year we can get one that can compete with 2019. Congrats to T1 too for that absolute stomp
@keyln4148 Hace 15 días
I agree with you, the expectations was too high, but it was still great for the finals !
@phanquan9470 Hace 15 días
@@keyln4148 i mean its faker in the finals after 10 years , who wouldnt ?
@yunwale9767 Hace 15 días
Agree! I think this year is good but it still can't be compared to 2019. The opening ceremony in 2019 was amazing. The combination of talented singers and technology in 2019 were setting the standard so high.
@keyln4148 Hace 15 días
@@phanquan9470 Faker is just the Goat
@Sitiaisyah-zl5ik Hace 15 días
Agree i still feel goosebumps rewatching 2019 worlds opening. By far the best worlds opening for me compared to this year
@pampamkimmee6439 Hace 14 días
Estoy maravilloda ver Baekhyunniie por dios mi chico sin duda verlo estoy llorando y es IMPRESIONANTE el escenario no imagino estar alli y gritar y estar eufórica ♡
Me encantó lo bien que se complementar onda las canciones con los gráficos. *Mi parte favorita fue la de NewJeans 🐰👖❣️🙏🏼
@BB_0912 Hace 3 días
하트스틸 차 튀어나오는 거 진짜 너무 멋있다 ㄷㄷ
@user-vs7yy8dm3u Hace 13 días
진짜 롤드컵 개막식은 올림픽 이나 월드컵 보다 더 잘 만들긴한다! 롤드컵은 개막식만 봐도 본전뽑은 느낌이다.
@zwhazey8376 Hace 4 días
I think this was the best opening ceremony in quite a few years. So well done
@sweglo_ Hace 15 días
기술력 진짜 개신기함;;;; 다른 무대랑 효과들 다 좋디만 하트스틸 무대 특히 너무 마음에 듦
sooooooooo true
@abigail8035 Hace 15 días
@user-vv7ef3ym2n Hace 15 días
@user-zj6qk3ig9n Hace 15 días
너무 짧아서 아쉬운ㅠㅠ
@user-ce4lz4jj1d Hace 15 días
@jseah94 Hace 14 días
Is that okay if we can have a separate video for HEARTSTEEL plz? The music and BAEKHYUN is just so 🔥🔥🔥 💣 💣💣
@Kizuwolfmeow Hace 11 días
Freaking amazing, jesus christ they know how to hit you right in the feels, not sure about the weird added animation again though, but the performances were insane
@sogushka Hace 11 días
Меня переполняет восхищение быть частью фандома League of Legends и k-pop слушателем одновременно Спасибо, Riot за эти эмоции
@Jomjom1114 Hace 13 días
BAEKHYUN was the star 🔥🔥 his vocals and dancing were on fire 🔥🔥
@jaece09 Hace 12 días
I'm so proud of you Beakhyun!! 😭 I even cried watching. 😭 You did so so well!!! Slay! ❤❤
@Zzar27 Hace 15 días
Hearsteel deserves a full album, their voices together are so good and powerful!
@opqrstu9665 Hace 13 días
와 첫 소절 부터 이즈리얼 그 자체다 ㄷ
@yashpangti Hace 9 días
I had goosebumps during New Jeans performance.
@musicalheart4947 Hace 10 días
Очень долго... Я этого ждал.... И не зря RIOT, New Jeans вы великолепны! ❤ Огромное спасибо за такое чудесное представление!
@MaleOreo Hace 12 días
Mako absolutely killed it this year, everyone else too might be my new favorite.
@shaniquewright1951 Hace 11 días
First time hearing Paranoia! They’re awesome! Came to hear New Jeans and enjoyed all performances including the effects
@luboo2861 Hace 15 días
The performances were amazing! Congrats to all the artists! Baekhyunee you made all of your fans really proud with this crazy live perf, loved your vocals and you crushed that choreo!! Have some rest now before bbh4 ;))
@Exo-L.Ryo888 Hace 15 días
Exo- L proud of Baekhyun ❤️
@Ryu_Yokohama1688 Hace 15 días
Baekhyun was not feeling well But still he gave his best Exo -L proud of Baekhyun ❤️
@malisa1616 Hace 14 días
Baekhyun best ❤
@Troy_16 Hace 14 días
Baekhyun your Exo -L Proud of you 🤍
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 14 días
Baekhyun slayyyy ❤️
@vanillaci7971 Hace 2 días
NewJeans slayed 👏🏻🔥
@nhatnopro2692 Hace 13 días
Một bữa tiệc âm thanh ánh sáng mãn nhãn. Chúc mừng T1 🎉
@uaenami Hace 13 días
Haerin’s opening of the song, then Minji’s clear voice and Hyein’s movements… all of New Jeans did excellent and I am so proud of them. It was an amazing performance. I enjoyed the other artists as well. What a wonderful event!
@lills999 Hace 13 días
Ale mega to wygląda 😍😍
@user-gu9ts6bu4e Hace 13 días
듣다보니 점점 좋아져서 지금 너무 좋아
@yes2139 Hace 15 días
하트스틸 HEARTSTEEL 무대 어떻게 풀어나갈지 너무 궁금했고 기대됐는데 진짜 기대감 충족 그 이상! 최고의 무대였다... 백현이는 무대를 찢어요 🔥
@LastKnight0727 Hace 14 días
For the next guest group to do a song, I'd HIGHLY recommend Dreamcatcher. They never disappoint, and have done OSTs for multiple games and animes. They aren't the biggest group, but they will not disappoint and will give 110% to the performance.
@elinamoeinian3035 Hace 13 días
I love newjeans so much. They're so awesome and very nice 🐰💜
@0_base1 Hace 12 días
@tegoshin Hace 14 días
Heartsteel did so amazing ❤️o❤️
Mako performance was amazing this time wtf, the amouth of work and improvement you have to make.. he really prove himself, respect
@GOTGames Hace 15 días
The NewJeans entrance! Baekhyun just being incredible and the all round EPICNESS of this!!! 10/10 from everyone!!!!
@Ditto_Metamong Hace 13 días
연출인게 보여서 조금 웃기지만 가상의 검이 실제가 된 부분이 난 너무 좋다 다음엔 뭘 또 보여주려구!!
@AmandaTiti-pi1li Hace 11 días
@Dio82723 Hace 13 días
@amandahreis8988 Hace 12 días
Baekhyun arrasa sempre
@altsen9239 Hace 9 días
Awesome songs from Heartsteel and Gods. NewJeans gears and performance is fantastic. Juz saw Minji and Hani clips singing in Spanish. Keep it up.
@ipamesnow9004 Hace 15 días
The Heartsteel guys did it very well without needing so much production! I hope to hear more songs from them in the future and see live and virtual performances. Congratulations 💞
@Exo-L.Ren_Samurai Hace 14 días
Full album ❤ form HeartSteel
@Ryu_Yokohama1688 Hace 14 días
HeartSteel slayyy 🤍
@wuytsadrien4045 Hace 14 días
Artist looked so happy to show there, it looks magical, incredible show
@locoartsuu9607 Hace 14 días
Man, they did such a redemption arc on Rise's second live performance. Reminds me of Chrissy Constanza's return for Phoenix being after the slippery start on her first League performance.
@xxargonautxx9790 Hace 12 días
To used “legends never die” for the opening part is so much sweeter knowing Faker is back on top. Got emotional seeing him lift the trophy finally. A legend never dies and we all saw this happen.
@jayvibez Hace 6 días
I had so many chill watching this live. WHAT A PERFOMANCE! (Chills coming back with the memory)
@sharagastardo3993 Hace 12 días
how Cal Scruby drops his voice from diffent octaves are really so dang fire. I still love him from RUN IT till now
@rebeckaroy6790 Hace 15 días
Bravo to Baekhyunie and all of Heartsteel! That moment at around 6:45 watching the performers jam out together on stage was the essence of why we love live performance. Hope to see some more from these guys
@janisr3266 Hace 14 días
Ame a baekhyun y a los chicos definitivamente lo hicieron increíble
@tiaravenesa Hace 14 días
I was not expecting Mako nor Telle to be in this years' worlds and I'm so happy!
@ceve2866 Hace 10 días
Ya saquen un corto de esta presentación de Hearsteel por favorrrr Me canso de tener que adelantar hasta que salen ellos .
@Callmethecosmo Hace 14 días
Beaky performance was so perfect ❤️‍🔥!
@Flippirino Hace 3 días
The transitions and camera angels are fantastic
@user-fe6cm7ig2i Hace 15 días
아 변백현 쟤는 진짜 부족함 없이 너무나도 완벽하다 아니 별명이 천재아이돌인 이유가 있음 그 답네 저렇게 개빡센 안무를 하는 데도 안정감 넘치는 라이브와 성량, 영어발음은 둘째 치고 여유도 넘치고 무대 즐길 줄 알고 .. ㄹㅇ 칭찬 받아도 모자람
@minhpham678 Hace 14 días
PARANOIA deserves to have its own live performance video plz!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@user-vy6jf1gb6x Hace un día
백현 라이브 지린다 ㄷ ㄷ 뉴진스는 개뽀록났고 고음은 힘든그룹이란거
@dormat_orgon1492 Hace 13 días
i need to go to a concert like this
Deberían de sacar un disco con todos los temas!! Creo que se venderían como churros! Ojalá algún día RIOT se anime,nos haría felices a millones! ❤️
@naylaw1928 Hace 12 días
If they dropped records I'd loose my mind
@22October13 Hace 7 días
옛날 명곡들은 들을 때마다 소름돋네 ㄷㄷ
@Tini3006 Hace 15 días
Baekhyun our genius Idol really showed again how incresdible he is while singing live and dancing at the same time. We are so proud of you Baekhyun, and all of the Heartsteel and the New Jeans girls did a great work.
@joaorebochooaw6321 Hace 15 días
Clearly lip syncing. They all were
@rinarisna2160 Hace 15 días
@@joaorebochooaw6321 really? But in baekhyun's fancam he sings live
@mfkimkai Hace 14 días
​​@@joaorebochooaw6321baekhyun always sang live..hes rlly good at it thts why u think he lipsync..on last chorus he shouted out "death of the rockstar" which is in diff note proven it is indeed live..in fancam his live vocals is clearer..he is not called genius idol for no reason
@Xixi-ie7nk Hace 14 días
En las fancam se puede apreciar mejor que si canta. Lo que pasa pocos pueden sonar igual o mejor como baekhyun ❤
@dimasnugroho12 Hace 8 días
i think this is the best open ceremony !!
@HoangNguyen-kx3nv Hace 9 días
The performance is flawless 🔥🔥
@moisescuellar165 Hace 3 días
Hermoso!!!!! Bravo!!!! Es lo mejor del mundo verlo aunque sea x ESvid algun dia me dare el gusto de ir a presenciarlo❤
@CPaSiOnJM Hace 14 días
Asombroso performance! Pero desde aquí empieza lo bueno 4:08