Worlds LARGEST Kerplunk!!🎖🏅

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Welcome to the World Record for the Largest Kerplunk! *Verified by Team Edge*
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9 feb 2018






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Rebekah Smith
Rebekah Smith Hace un año
Joey was shaving Bobby's leg the wrong way. He could have cut him, I have done that. ALWAYS go UP not DOWN!!!
100,000 subs with no vids ?
Joshua Latham omg your such a Karen 🤦🏽‍♀️
100,000 subs with no vids ?
fortniteisbad boy!! James
100,000 subs with no vids ?
Rebekah Smith why do you think he was going down?
The Boss
The Boss Hace 25 días
Alex Does
Samantha Lickers
Samantha Lickers Hace un mes
Kyren Warrington
Kyren Warrington Hace un hora
The winner is the one that has the most punishments at the end
BTTV Bobby O
BTTV Bobby O Hace 11 horas
You are saving the wrong way
BTTV Bobby O
BTTV Bobby O Hace 11 horas
Tinder in real life
Lincoln Austin
Lincoln Austin Hace 17 horas
Bobby’s should be bobeburrito
Realminer For the win
Realminer For the win Hace 23 horas
NED151 Hace un día
I forgot about this :0
Dylan Benfield
Dylan Benfield Hace 2 días
every challenge y'all do y'all got to wear upside down goggles
Orion Swanson
Orion Swanson Hace 2 días
Their so cringe
Stephanie Barkley
Stephanie Barkley Hace 3 días
Hi Joey Bryan and Bobby and matt
Jennifer Olson
Jennifer Olson Hace 3 días
Isabella Sargent
Isabella Sargent Hace 3 días
“ mama cita “ J-Fred 2019
Vinnington Township
Vinnington Township Hace un día
Isabella Sargent actually 2018
ink sans
ink sans Hace 5 días
So I've been thinking why won't they do ORBIE GUN
Ethan penland
Ethan penland Hace 5 días
Anyone else kinda jealous 😂
Mr.E Hace 5 días
Are there any Jennifer's in the comments?
Wendy Rivera
Wendy Rivera Hace 6 días
Bobby is sexy tho🤷‍♀️
sandra Zamora
sandra Zamora Hace 6 días
When Joey said “Jennifer” my mom said “Who are you on the phone with?” 😂
Salt Apple
Salt Apple Hace 6 días
*ball* punishments if they *fall* rhyme :D
Molly Caldwell-Kepner
Bobby is cute
Tybeedolphin Gaming
Tybeedolphin Gaming Hace 7 días
Bryan needs to grow up
WAFFLES4LIFE Hace 7 días
At 2:30 Bryan sounded like an elephant
vexing knuckles
vexing knuckles Hace 7 días
Hurry up = Korea? 3:41
Gianluca Forsythe
Gianluca Forsythe Hace 8 días
Uh did Bryan pee himself
jennifer Geist
jennifer Geist Hace 8 días
When he said Jennifer I was shook lol 😂
Ivy Sturdivant
Ivy Sturdivant Hace 9 días
I know what you can do try doing this in one typo challenge paintball Jones try to snipe the Drone down with paintball guns.
Solomon Zweig
Solomon Zweig Hace 9 días
what's the song name at 2:50
Jen Soldo
Jen Soldo Hace 9 días
Me ???
Midnight Speigner
Midnight Speigner Hace 10 días
1 year later and my choir sang Blue River for our sweet and sounds concert. 😂 Thanks Joey for singing part of it for me to listen to.
PH4NTOM . exe
PH4NTOM . exe Hace 10 días
Mophistoe Hace 10 días
My name is not John
Sy the Guy
Sy the Guy Hace 10 días
On kerplunk you don’t want the balls bobby lol
arthur Periatt
arthur Periatt Hace 11 días
Balls lol
Carson Cox
Carson Cox Hace 11 días
No girls watch this all 8 yr old boys tht play Minecraft an get beat by there moms boyfriends
brilee Necaise
brilee Necaise Hace 13 días
I. Wanna A. Team. edge shirt name is Brilee
sub2me kid
sub2me kid Hace 13 días
Does Joey's name say joyf
Brady Lorch
Brady Lorch Hace 13 días
this is so funny
Mike Torres
Mike Torres Hace 18 días
Matthew Makarenko
Matthew Makarenko Hace 18 días
DKs definition of cut out: Repeat it seventy times
Matthew Makarenko
Matthew Makarenko Hace 18 días
Joeys definition of night club: Nznznznznznznznz
Mark perez
Mark perez Hace 18 días
Any 2019???
Marczilla Goosebumps
Marczilla Goosebumps Hace 19 días
I liked this video because of Chady chathy
Stephanie Christmas
Stephanie Christmas Hace 20 días
It was funny seeing Joey shave Bobby’s leg wrong. 6:00. I love you guys a lot I watch you when I’m sad. And always makes me happy. Edit: also Joey you have a nice singing voice
Natalia Lozano
Natalia Lozano Hace 20 días
This is one of the most painful jobs ever
GamezWith Us
GamezWith Us Hace 21 un día
When he said jennifer i was like :0 cause thats my name
Brayden Biskit
Brayden Biskit Hace 22 días
To much info
It's almost 2020, where's that team edge nightclub?
TATOS WORLD Hace 23 días
Check out my chanel
MightyYoda06 06
MightyYoda06 06 Hace 23 días
Dude literally on the first round booby dropped so many balls
Let’s BeRandom
Let’s BeRandom Hace 23 días
I’m still waiting for team edge night club
Saif Khan
Saif Khan Hace 24 días
McGdRblxStormy Hace 24 días
when bryancito sounds like a dino: 2:25 lol
Ethan Bickerstaff
Ethan Bickerstaff Hace 25 días
Team edge please like my comment infact every one like my comment
Ethan Bickerstaff
Ethan Bickerstaff Hace 25 días
Joey stares at ball near Brian than the next thing Brian knows is he’s getting hit, eeeeeeeee webumbumbuwaaaaaaay
Jamesjackjames 11
Jamesjackjames 11 Hace 25 días
How many balls do they have? ;) :3
Xx TheHuman xX
Xx TheHuman xX Hace 25 días
It’s alright.... I’m dirty minded too😏😏😏
gemmac144 Hace 26 días
gemmac144 Hace 26 días
Ray Hace 26 días
"balls" 😆😆
Minion You
Minion You Hace 26 días
*Dirty Mind Challenge Ensues*
Athena Butler
Athena Butler Hace 26 días
Bobby is like a needey child
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