WOW! EPIC Dance Crew Delivers Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter Show - America's Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent
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Adem Show will leave you with your jaw on the floor with these INCREDIBLE dance moves!
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In season 14, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, and host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel. Also joining the panel this year are two fresh faces - award-winning actress, author and producer Gabrielle Union and Emmy Award-winning choreographer, actress, singer and dancer Julianne Hough. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
WOW! EPIC Dance Crew Delivers Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter Show - America's Got Talent 2019
America's Got Talent


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18 jun 2019






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Comentarios 80
George Panagoulopoulos
Its ben 11 months, where is the second auditions
Dominic Hmar
Dominic Hmar Hace 2 horas
I agree when Howie's said 'that is talent'
waalex11 Hace 8 horas
Man, I hate it when they cut to the judge's reaction, zoom or worse change the angle on dance routines, leave it on face front view so we can enjoy it for what it truly should look like.
Scorper Hace 16 horas
It would be cool if they could do a bicycle Kick
Zoey Goldman
Zoey Goldman Hace 20 horas
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سلام* المـــطيـري
AMIR ARKADA Hace un día
عجب بابا
Dewi Williams
Dewi Williams Hace un día
Anyone else notice the platform when the last guy did the matrix move
CT Nielsen
CT Nielsen Hace un día
... please do not put something in the title you know nothing about...
Erluq Hace un día
Is the gray character smoke ir noob Saibot?
Gabi SA
Gabi SA Hace un día
They sould've hited the golden buzzer
Dr. sloop
Dr. sloop Hace 2 días
026 x011
026 x011 Hace 2 días
Me: knows they've trained and worked very hard for this and are most likely very used to it by now Also me: "ouch"
افلام لحد البيت ومسلسلات ومنوعات وبرنامجي
KG SEMA Hace 3 días
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Hace 3 días
and now they have a new mortal kombat friendship in honor of them, Raiden
Snowy Fusion 2007
Snowy Fusion 2007 Hace 3 días
Who ever came up with up for the name they were given
Heaven Nanud
Heaven Nanud Hace 3 días
They got the character names wrong
Cris Adrian Abrea
Cris Adrian Abrea Hace 3 días
Fact: they were on Asia's got talent and got the golden buzzer from Jay Park
Billie’s Eyelash
Billie’s Eyelash Hace 18 horas
Jay Park is an icon so they should be proud 😂
Fiaz Khan
Fiaz Khan Hace 19 horas
The Living Living Thing
I think using Triborg would be better for this
makios chavez
makios chavez Hace 3 días
de razón eran chinos
Bruno Sergio Rangel
Bruno Sergio Rangel Hace 3 días
Malditos ninjas
xAcePako Hace 3 días
What is the song??
Soda Pop
Soda Pop Hace 4 días
Scorpion rocking that hair tho
Chloe Adena
Chloe Adena Hace 4 días
good job guys asian's are so great love from philippines
lionel lezama
lionel lezama Hace 4 días
Dika Belog channels
Dika Belog channels Hace 4 días
Kenji Ken Asakura
Kenji Ken Asakura Hace 4 días
Hilarious wow
lax hunter
lax hunter Hace 4 días
can I have music name pls
Max Hoselton
Max Hoselton Hace 4 días
It looks as if they were already prepared for COVID-19.
Yenuli Ranaweera
Yenuli Ranaweera Hace 4 días
In Asia's got talent they got to the finals and I cant believe agt is so blind
Samael Morningstar
Samael Morningstar Hace 5 días
Wow so quarantine did this to mortal combat characters to?
BMW BMW Hace 5 días
Эмиль Конулькулов
Best of the best. Made in Kyrgyzstan 💯🤙
Bilo Rani
Bilo Rani Hace 5 días
Only asians can perform something like that ... 👍👌
KaitoKidFG Hace 6 días
"Raiden wins! Friendship!"
Aaron paul Bonzo
Aaron paul Bonzo Hace 6 días
Nahun Aarón Moyotl Aguilar
Wow taleny
Brian McRoberts
Brian McRoberts Hace 6 días
does anyone know the song they used?
Ciro Salasmarcano
Ciro Salasmarcano Hace 6 días
Brutalllllllll talento
Dhon Medeiros
Dhon Medeiros Hace 6 días
Quem veio depois do lançamento do Friendship do Raiden no MK11?
1C #30 Mauricio Meza
name of song?
Gianrico Roma26
Gianrico Roma26 Hace 7 días
Raiden's friendship in mk11 is a reference to them
Cirkuit Knight
Cirkuit Knight Hace 7 días
That wasn’t Raiden it was his favorite nephew all grown up KIDD THUNDER!
Zainal Abidin
Zainal Abidin Hace 7 días
So no one is gonna talk about how that guy was standing on one foot leaned backwards .
Zainal Abidin
Zainal Abidin Hace 7 días
I feel sad because nobody realized they were MK characters
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Hace 3 días
How do you know they didn’t?
AGmusic Hace 3 días
Copied comment
Zainal Abidin
Zainal Abidin Hace 7 días
Remember people no matter whatever you do, there is always an Asian better than you.
July Bates
July Bates Hace 7 días
They forgot Kidd thunder
RaalRado Hace 7 días
No "street" and no "fightert" just KOMBAT!
RONNIE Williams
RONNIE Williams Hace 5 días
Rotf i hear it in johnny cage voice lol
SanQuiSau Hace 7 días
Me: mom, can we have mortal kombat? Mom: we have mortal kombat at home Mortal Kombat at home: 0:43
Isla Nublar
Isla Nublar Hace 7 días
And I can't even put my foot behind my head
Cibele Da Rosa Flores
Beautyful 😍😍😍👏👏👏
The Unidentified
The Unidentified Hace 8 días
Julianne Hough is on fire
Kdraws 246
Kdraws 246 Hace 8 días
Why did they rename the klassic😉 ninjas
Abraham Herrera
Abraham Herrera Hace 8 días
1:44 song?
3̶D̶ 2Y
3̶D̶ 2Y Hace 8 días
see, this is the kind of act that deserves a golden buzzer, but they dont have tragic sob stories so they aint getting it -_-
NoMeCalmoNada Nada
NoMeCalmoNada Nada Hace 8 días
Se merecieron por mucho el botón dorado!!!!!
Tsm_Hack for life Me
They be read y for corona
Judy James
Judy James Hace 9 días
Best performance of all time! And with Mortal Kombat!
OtakuAnime01 Hace 9 días
what is this type of dance called?
Spencer Givens
Spencer Givens Hace 9 días
This hurts me as a gamer
Michael Alberico
Michael Alberico Hace 9 días
they deserve a golden buzzer
Irvan panjul
Irvan panjul Hace 10 días
Bjirr Fanny skin skylark
ali dehgan
ali dehgan Hace 10 días
woooow 😍😮😮
The Random
The Random Hace 10 días
Damn Raiden be using his powers for dancin😳
Коля Никалаев
Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬👍
Anonymous Hace 10 días
𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖎𝖘 𝖛𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖊 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖓 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖔𝖜 𝖋𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝖎𝖙𝖘𝖊𝖐𝖋
Shakhzod S
Shakhzod S Hace 10 días
Когда гордость зашкаливает за своих соседей)) Лучшие ))
Freddydestroyer 229
Freddydestroyer 229 Hace 11 días
I thought celebrities watch a lot of movies so they should’ve known what they were from (I’m joking that’s talk show hosts knows a lot)
thiago barros
thiago barros Hace 11 días
_14 mil deslikes deram até aqui significa 14 mil invejosos que não conseguem fazer o mesmo. 😂💦_
Henrique Luis
Henrique Luis Hace 11 días
Os malucos são brabo
Алтын Алтын
Алтын Алтын Hace 11 días
Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬☝️
Priyank Srikanth
Priyank Srikanth Hace 12 días
She not knowing where they got their inspiration from is very disappointing
paulo david
paulo david Hace 12 días
Patrick Miley
Patrick Miley Hace 12 días
Would’ve been better if it was Sektor Cyrax and Cyber Smoke
Golden Pen
Golden Pen Hace 12 días
These guys came prepared
Aneudys Perez
Aneudys Perez Hace 12 días
Omg que locura
UNSTER Kaymi Hace 13 días
Song ?
Riviru Eren
Riviru Eren Hace 13 días
If they said their wives had cancer, he was mad and was bankrupted they would give them gold buzzer
KücükHamster Lolo
KücükHamster Lolo Hace 13 días
Scorpion, subzero, smoke and raiden. Where is street fighter characters?
蒸ベヽS a e k i !
@Pug Pals No, they are not...
Pug Pals
Pug Pals Hace 10 días
Scorpion, smoke, sub zero, and raiden are street fighter characters.
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