WOW! How to Make a DIY CNC Laser Engraver

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JLCPCB - 2$ For PCB Prototype: jlcpcb.com
Hello Friends, in this video i will show How to Make CNC Laser Engarver at Home by using very simple material. i use a 3d printer for making its frame.
Arduino CNC Shield V3UNO: bit.ly/2H7LOkR
EleksMaker Focusable 200-250mWL: bit.ly/33tR8J1
NEW-Electronics-Flagship-store: bit.ly/2MbNwG5
Diagram and Software Link: bit.ly/2YVXkKs
STL File Link: bit.ly/2MTQq1R
Credit : bit.ly/2Z1qjfE
That's it for today guys, i hope you like this video thanks for watching and don't forget to Like, Comment Subscribe and Share.
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The Wrench
The Wrench Hace 10 meses
Hi Friends, i will also make MDF (WOOD) version very soon 👨‍🔧. Hope You Like it.
AHSAN RAZA Hace un mes
What is this price
Tech Builder
Tech Builder Hace 6 meses
Ahmd Abdallah I am from Islam to Assalamualaikim
Alan Steve
Alan Steve Hace 7 meses
So this can't engrave in wood?
Kamil Kuchta
Kamil Kuchta Hace 8 meses
Can't wait for the MDF version!
r.k agarwal store
r.k agarwal store Hace 8 meses
Can we use 150w insted of 250w?
Bablu Gautam
Bablu Gautam Hace 13 días
I always open ESvid and I see only your channel
Bablu Gautam
Bablu Gautam Hace 15 días
I like your channel your video is fantastic you are a genius you made genius things
Ehsan Ali
Ehsan Ali Hace 17 días
very good
Rafael Nunes
Rafael Nunes Hace un mes
Gostaria de adquirir uma dessas você vende?
Babak Hace un mes
Hi, Thanks for your good vids, I have a question is this able to engrave on Leather? if not which modification do you advice?
DarkBlue XD
DarkBlue XD Hace un mes
From where is the laser or how many what's is it?
Lakshmi Krishna
Lakshmi Krishna Hace 2 meses
Plss tell the total cost to do this?
Selim Hossain
Selim Hossain Hace 2 meses
Gabriel Do Canto
Gabriel Do Canto Hace 2 meses
hola amigo yo conecte el mosfet en el shield en la patipa que esta indicada el el video y no arrancoel laser y la cambie a la patita de z- y arranco perfectamente ...puede ser que igual este bien asi..gracias y exelente tu video
md arafat
md arafat Hace 2 meses
Very nice.
Luis Pérez
Luis Pérez Hace 2 meses
What is the 12V voltage source circuit to prevent burning, can a 12V battery be connected directly to the circuit or is any resistance required?
priya parlee
priya parlee Hace 2 meses
Give me your contact number
Francesco Torsello
Francesco Torsello Hace 2 meses
What can i use if i don't have DVD drives?
Fahim Foysal
Fahim Foysal Hace 2 meses
anyone make it for me ?
Rafael Pacheco
Rafael Pacheco Hace 2 meses
Cual es el código de arduino.
Vikas Bangare
Vikas Bangare Hace 3 meses
Online shopping parts plij sir
Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar Hace 3 meses
Total cost bro ?
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera Hace 3 meses
donde puedo conseguir ya hecho
Electrical Fun
Electrical Fun Hace 3 meses
Everything you make is so coooooool
Mono Lito
Mono Lito Hace 4 meses
Using a CNC to make a CNC? LMFAO
Kaine Henman
Kaine Henman Hace 4 meses
why can't you download the software file I have built the thing and can't use it cause of the software file :(
Karrot Draws
Karrot Draws Hace 4 meses
what type of laser did you use?
مدينة العجائب
مبين من اللهجة الكسرة باكستاني ابو فسية Fuck you Pakistan.
Dragonッ AMIT
Dragonッ AMIT Hace 4 meses
Bhai ye Jo tune banaya h vo kitne Ka dega
vajid ali
vajid ali Hace 4 meses
I wanna buy this
Jace G
Jace G Hace 4 meses
I don't know WTF happened but I just put this together and it started smoking with a really annoying hiss. The instructions here are really not clear. Things I am stuck on (and one of these is quite possibly what's screwed up mine: * Why is one of the small boards that plug into the CNC shield upside down compared to the other one? * I've opened 4 different DVD burners and none of them have the 4-pin connection on the top of the spiral motor part, they're all on the bottom. Which pin is supposed to connect to which plug on the CNC shield? * What is the required amp rating of the 9-12VDC power supply? I'm using 12V 1.5A but have no idea if that's too high rating as nothing is specific here besides the voltage. Any help please? I'm totally stuck on this one, and it's taken a hell of a lot of time to print and assemble it, and a lot of money to get all the parts for it.
radio auto
radio auto Hace 4 meses
hello please how much for it !
The ambition of youth
can you tell me , why you used mosfet transistor ?
Richard Cox
Richard Cox Hace 5 meses
Hello. Very nice project you made here. I have a Motor add on for Arduino, but not like yours. Can you give the pin numbers in relation to the pins on your Motor Controller board please. Its nice that you've taken the time to make the STL files as well, excellent !
OSCAR RUEDA Hace 5 meses
Nos podrías compartir el código que utilizas para configurar el Arduino
Alexis Gimeno
Alexis Gimeno Hace 5 meses
I made this but the motors heat up very very fas and it melts the plastic thread guide. Does this happen to you?
Jace G
Jace G Hace 4 meses
It happened with me. It started smoking
Tech Builder
Tech Builder Hace 6 meses
Your Lucky you have a 3D printer I do not have one
Saiteja G
Saiteja G Hace 6 meses
Hi bro I'm teja that diy CNC i want purchase Plz..Tell me that CNC diy price tell me
Jashua Cruz Marrero
Jashua Cruz Marrero Hace 6 meses
Can i make one out of a PS4 cd drive?
Ace Moon
Ace Moon Hace 6 meses
What do you want for such a CNC laser engraver what is the price if i want to finish buying from you ????
Jalil Khan
Jalil Khan Hace 6 meses
Can we use arduino Leonardo
Alpha Electronz
Alpha Electronz Hace 6 meses
Really liked your project but Laser bought from your link is not power full enough could you suggest me were I have gone wrong
Rob Corveleijn
Rob Corveleijn Hace 6 meses
Who has a resistor link for this cnc
abanoub maher
abanoub maher Hace 6 meses
Can I make it with arduino nano?!
Marcel H.
Marcel H. Hace 6 meses
I rebuilt it but my Motors doesnt work only one but just in one direction when i push the ⬆️⬇️ Buttons.. Can someone help me?
swarnak Ray
swarnak Ray Hace 6 meses
Dirty nails...
Digambar Flute
Digambar Flute Hace 6 meses
I want to make same machine. With help of you i will pay for it. Contact 7875008983
Ftm 0007
Ftm 0007 Hace 6 meses
Apna whatsapp number send krna bro
Lily Ramírez
Lily Ramírez Hace 7 meses
One question, and if I work with a 1000 mw laser, how much should the resistors be?
Julien Hoffmeyer
Julien Hoffmeyer Hace 7 meses
really cool project! But what about eye protection? Cheap solution?
Akshat Agrawal
Akshat Agrawal Hace 7 meses
Hi,I Saw Ur video and I liked it very And I m thinking to make this project in my school exhibition but I have DOUBT that WE HAVE TO DO CODING IN ARDUINO?PLS REPLY
Samuel Guerrero Martinez
Good, an excuse you would have in Arduino code, I am interested in doing the project, thank you very much in advance
Samuel Guerrero Martinez
Is it a program in Arduino?
Rishit Ajwani
Rishit Ajwani Hace 7 meses
Will it work if I join a 12v adapter to Arduino directly instead of joining in motor shield?
Vishnu Kumar
Vishnu Kumar Hace 7 meses
great work form scrap. what type of laser should use for engraving? If it has any specification pls mention me.
Niko 02 02
Niko 02 02 Hace 7 meses
Hi, could you do a bigger version?
Jalal Sadeghi
Jalal Sadeghi Hace 8 meses
Hi, good job! I made this cnc laser engraver. The motors work correctly but the laser doesn't turn on (Of course, the laser is healthy). PLZ help me.
Jace G
Jace G Hace 4 meses
I'm having an issue with the laser too. I've tried 3 and none of them turn on.
elprodemaik yt
elprodemaik yt Hace 8 meses
Point technology soldered by II World War iron
Wildan Naoval
Wildan Naoval Hace 8 meses
Hi, can i use 9v battery for the power?
gamer daksh gamer
gamer daksh gamer Hace 8 meses
I like them he was good project 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳😇
DIABSZ Hace 8 meses
please create how to make a diy mini printer 3d
Искан Ку
Искан Ку Hace 8 meses
Why little ditalka does not fit
224Reza Hace 8 meses
Hi can I use cnc shield v4 instead of this diagram?
Bilal Bilal Bilal Bilal
Yr mujhe ye de do
Yusuf Mirza
Yusuf Mirza Hace 8 meses
Work with finishing good
Asal Bct
Asal Bct Hace 8 meses
not good ,like a transfer paper ink
Ahmed Eslam
Ahmed Eslam Hace 8 meses
What is the laser buying site
Gábor Mihály
Gábor Mihály Hace 8 meses
Ezt ha én is megtudnám magamtól csinálni, iszonyat pénzt kereshetnék vele!
John Kelley
John Kelley Hace 8 meses
You should show the software
Hassan Dildar
Hassan Dildar Hace 8 meses
Can u share code plz
Nguyễn Minh Triết
what kind of wood can it print on bro?
Fun World
Fun World Hace 8 meses
Can we connect yoy
Khaled M.Galal
Khaled M.Galal Hace 8 meses
If I gonna use the arduino motor shield instead what is gonna change ?
CiviicSam Hace 9 meses
Purpose of the magnets?!
Pedro Colaço
Pedro Colaço Hace 9 meses
Could you please tell me what software you use to use at the CNC?
MC6D Hace 9 meses
How to calibrate in first run
Yannick Raddatz
Yannick Raddatz Hace 9 meses
I wanted to ask the same... I cant see limiting switches... How does it knows its position?
Leandro Escalante
Leandro Escalante Hace 9 meses
hi bro.... which is the measure of the rods?
Leandro Escalante
Leandro Escalante Hace 9 meses
and I don’t understand this : 7:02 9-12v
Sifar Gaming
Sifar Gaming Hace 9 meses
where are you connecting the relay pin and the other wires from the laser driver
Sajjad Kamal
Sajjad Kamal Hace 9 meses
What the speed how many mm/s
From where can I get 3D printed parts
Julian Müller
Julian Müller Hace 8 meses
Print them
Bharath M
Bharath M Hace 9 meses
Ware I will get this things
Mk Kn
Mk Kn Hace 9 meses
Very nice machine
eWorks Solutions
eWorks Solutions Hace 9 meses
how to buy your complete product...??
gamer X
gamer X Hace 9 meses
what's your starting music plz give the link
Bayzid Hasan
Bayzid Hasan Hace 9 meses
সম্পুর্ণ তৈরীকরা পাওয়া যায় না?
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