Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct - Nintendo Switch

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Tune in for a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct presentation featuring roughly 20 minutes of information about the upcoming RPG adventure for Nintendo Switch.


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21 jun 2022






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Its Graves
Its Graves Hace un mes
I feel like this is Nintendo's version of the final fantasy series. I hope the Xenoblade Chronicles continues to expand. This will surely keep me busy for a long time
King Hace 4 horas
I guess but Xenoblade games are actually loosely connected stories
Hart Fantom
Hart Fantom Hace 2 días
@Komodo Dragon I’m not counting X since it’s a standalone. XC3 confirms XCX is a standalone.
Hart Fantom
Hart Fantom Hace 2 días
@********** nah
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon Hace 9 días
@Hart Fantom there are actually four games in the series simply Chronicles 2 is actually the third game second the second game is actually Xenoblade Chronicles x
********** Hace 11 días
@Hart Fantom so...no X?
paw Hace un mes
This looks insanely good, and the battle system with all its complexities makes me go tingly all over. I spend so many hours learning all the different blades and how to utilize them in battle in Xeno 2, can’t wait to get my hands on this new system, it looks super interesting.
Johnathan L
Johnathan L Hace un mes
Llama99 Hace un mes
@Zemocon man’s got no self control
Zemocon Hace un mes
And then they have something like casual or safety mode to make sure you never need to use any of those complex mechanics. You can probably slide these options on or off whenever you want too, to make it too tempting to not use immediately when you get stuck.
Roger3force Hace un mes
I'll never get tired of watching this masterpiece direct !! The game has so much content, plus the interlink mechanic is just INSANE! They definitely incorporated a truly amazing mechanic after the Driver/Blade one in XC2, Monolith truly never dissapoints!!!
Roger3force Hace un mes
@aya solaris yep
aya solaris
aya solaris Hace un mes
what do u mean interlink? (is it the Ouroboros thing?)
N P Hace un mes
I hope we get some good tutorials.
Gravity Falls Canada
The Rainman
The Rainman Hace un mes
This looks amazing it's my most anticipated game of the year. xenoblade 2 was such a masterpiece and I can't wait for the next chapter the new battle mechanics look so sick and their is so much variety. Edit: was expecting a typical nopon voice didn't expect Riku to sound like such a Chad 🤣
Tony Knighton
Tony Knighton Hace 11 días
@ainur rahman 2 Is just pure trash..
Jezza R
Jezza R Hace 24 días
Xenoblade chronicles 1*
ainur rahman
ainur rahman Hace 27 días
the best thing in Xeno 2 is Shounen style storywriting. make everything looks simpler and cooler. also BGM is masterpiece too. I know XC1 is great but its cant be as cool/fun as XC2.
Coen Tertoogen
Coen Tertoogen Hace un mes
@WOLF 222 I'd hard disagree on this. I'm a big fan of the Xenoblade series but I always found the gameplay in 2 really boring. The combat system is just way too simple for me to enjoy. It's interesting to see everyone talk about 1, 2 and 3 as if X doesn't exist. In my opinion X is by far the very best game in the series, the combat is just way too good and the open world is the best the series has had. Was really hoping for an X2 instead of 3, but hey that's just my humble opinion!
Hunter Vo
Hunter Vo Hace un mes
@WOLF 222 comparing a genre defining RPG with its glorified waifu simulator sequel that just served to remove everything that made the original great is kind of hilarious. XC2 is not at all comparable to XC1.
L Ly
L Ly Hace un mes
What I love about the Xenoblade series is their integration of their battle mechanics and story line. It hits different.
Derek Mott
Derek Mott Hace un mes
Glad someone else acknowledged this! Such an underrated aspect of the entire series. My favorites are probably how they made visions the main battle mechanic in xbc1 or how the weapon tossing mechanic was explained in torna
D m
D m Hace un mes
@dcoog anml nobody asked bot
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace un mes
There are 3 recurring people in this comment section that crack me up. Xenonlade, Kirby Kirb, and D M. Y’all crack me up.
Nmasih Hace un mes
This game looked really good. I’m a non Xenoblade fan and checked out this direct and I gotta say it genuinely got me interested in the series. I’ll definitely check this out if I can buy this game
CIAOAO Hace un mes
@barcster2003 cool i didn't notice the team thing
Gaming legend
Gaming legend Hace un mes
Play X if you can, that one is the most banger out of all 3 (that are out already), even tho the story sucks big time
Ayop Hace un mes
Though I hope you dont have to have all 6 characters on screen, just having 3 is enough I think, otherwise it's just going to get way too crowded
meanbean the nintendo guy
@barcster2003 The plot is also an allusion to xenogears. Think about it, 2 nations, giant mechs in battle.
barcster2003 Hace un mes
It's a great series. Keves (Noah's team) represents xenoblade 1 Agnus (Mios team) represents xenoblade 2. there are references to the first two games all over including in the gameplay.
The Wanderer
The Wanderer Hace un mes
I'm in awe at what I'm seeing. Can't stop watching it. Love everything about it; the music, the drama filled story, the voice acting, the world, the action. This could very well be the best jrpg in a long time. Can't wait to play this masterpiece.
daniel yanez
daniel yanez Hace un mes
I think xenoblade might be becoming the best JRPG franchise and this game might cement that.
jase276 Hace 27 días
@Ninja Slayer NieR Replicant might be [one of] the best JRPGs of all time, but NieR is only a franchise. Only 2 real games, even though Yoko Taro considers NieR reincarnation as canon. The NieR IP is pretty much done for now.
jase276 Hace 27 días
Nah, let's not get carried away, Dragon Quest still exists
daniel yanez
daniel yanez Hace un mes
@Ninja Slayer For me a JRPG means turnbased mostly I know that technically any japanese RPG is a JRPG But at least that is what I have grown to understand by it.
Ninja Slayer
Ninja Slayer Hace un mes
nah, NieR is the best JRPG franchise. nier automata is a literall masterpiece of a game.
TriniManBrandon Hace un mes
Monolith is definitely going for game of the year awards, best game soundtrack awards and probably more with Xenoblade Chronicles 3!
Lucar Hace 23 días
Ooo and with Bayonetta 3 as well, man this year is gonna be g o o d
eggnog _
eggnog _ Hace un mes
@Martin game or rpg probably. Soundtrack? No way unless it's completely rigged
Martin Hace un mes
No, I think this will go to Elden Ring ^^
Velvet Crowe
Velvet Crowe Hace un mes
@3abdooogamer 73 Definitely a strong contender for soundtrack of the year although RPG of the year will go to Elden Ring.
eggnog _
eggnog _ Hace un mes
​@Kirby Kirb Kirby kirb most ratiod commenter of the year
Millahtime Hace un mes
Monolith was the best acquisition Nintendo ever made, and Nintendo turned out to be the BEST home for Monolith. As someone who has been following Takahashi since Xenogears, I couldn’t be happier. It went from very worrying 12 years ago when “Monado, Dawn of the New World” wasn’t slated to be localized into English, I was worried I’d never get to play another Monolith game again. Then Operation Rainfall happened, and the rest is history.
Millahtime Hace un mes
@Fuzzy You’re kidding right? Xenoblade effectively had the illusion of an infinite draw distance for massive environments running on the Wii and EVEN the 3DS. Achieving Gaur Plains on the Wii with the entire geography being visible on screen (less textures/foliage/monsters) and no loading zones was technical wizardry. Compare that to Elden Ring, which has noticeable “fog” the farther you look into the distance. Other than key landmarks like the Elden tree, your actual view of the map is fairly constrained around the player. Further out, there’s fog. Xenoblade achieved what it did…running on Wii! You can be at one end of Gaur Plains and see the mountains/terrain on the other end. No loading between the different elevations either. That’s just the technical magic. On top of that, they design visually artistic environments and geography. They pioneered the modern design principles of open world games having visually iconic landmarks to help orient the player and make the world visually interesting. The opposing mountain arches of Gaur Plains is iconic. In BOTW…Dueling Peaks, Death Mountain, or Hyrule Castle centered on the map, visible from everywhere and visually iconic. That design paradigm has been highly influential on the industry, and was really fleshed out by Monolith and then BOTW. So even regardless of visual fidelity and graphical effects, their environmental art design is second to none. I imagine they played a big part in designing a lot of the iconic geography in Breath of the Wild, and helping the technical team achieve that one massive seamless environment with an infinite draw distance (for the geography). That is why I said Monolith is the best acquisition Nintendo is made. Not just for Xenoblade, but for their work on Breath of the Wild as well.
Fuzzy Hace un mes
@Narius_Jaden No, the Wii hardware didn't hold back Monlith because even on PS3 and 360 there weren't bigger JRPGs than Xenoblade. Monolith held back itself like they're still doing. They're not great at creating engines, that's a fact. And they are the ones who choose to create big but mostly empty open worlds. Because other than monsters and creatures there's nothing else in their worlds.
Narius_Jaden Hace un mes
I'm not saying you're wrong, but the intensely bad marketing and the Wii hardware held back Xenoblade 1 so badly. I mean god knows that Xenoblade is such an awesome rpg series, but back then I remember finally being able to rent the game once and being turned off by how dated it felt even back then visually. The definitive edition really saved the day for me in terms of getting to enjoy the game as it truly should have looked from the start. I just hope someday Nintendo doesn't take half a decade or more to catch up in graphical fidelity >.
CIA Hace un mes
I was already hyped for Xenoblade 3, but I'm afraid this direct is gonna be the death of me because now I'm wayyy too excited. I'm also glad this comment section is pretty positive from what I've seen so far! Looks like there's a lot of people that seem to be interested in the franchise for the first time and I gotta say, if you're thinking about it... Pick the xenoblade series up!! Honestly, one of the best JRPGs. I first started diving in when Nintendo was teasing (and then soon after releasing) Xenoblade 2 and it was one of the best choices I've made. After finishing the game, I instantly picked up the definitive version when it came out a few years later.
Michael Naramore
Michael Naramore Hace 22 días
Too many people got angry at 2 but I devoted the time into it and loved the game. I tried to get people to at least look into trying it for themselves as it's is a game that should get better attention than it has. I'll be definitely insta buying three in a couple of weeks.
Weston Meyer
Weston Meyer Hace un mes
I wanted to buy Definitive Edition as my first Xenoblade but I couldn’t wait for the release date and ended up buying Xenoblade 2 and Torna before that. This is one of my most wanted games ever. I am going to be SO mad if this game isn’t recognized at the game awards after this is a smash hit.
TriforceWisdom64 Hace un mes
Best game franchise out there. This is going to be huge!
MattH123 Hace un mes
This looks like the most complex battle system I have ever seen. Layer after layer of options. I am giddy after each function shown. i cant wait to play this. I will have to buy it and play.
Quintessence Hace un mes
@Barbaros Gatti I can't even imagine just how good the lighting at dark would look with 4k
Barbaros Gatti
Barbaros Gatti Hace un mes
@Quintessence I recently started emulate X to 4k resolution with cemu. It looks better than any rpg ever released lol
Lady Golgi Stain
Lady Golgi Stain Hace un mes
@Dave I booted up X a little while ago after several years. Tried some ground combat to remember how everything works and died before I even knew what is happening. Yeah, X can be hard sometimes. 😂
Dave Hace un mes
@Quintessence NIntendo doing a horrible job marketing the wii u killed the system faster than the console itself. Wii u is a hidden gem imo. Its unfortunate we live in the timeline where monolithsoft poured their heart out and made a game that fits the narrative and settings of their older titles as well as made the best open world and the best gameplay in the blade franchise and it didn't sell well due to being made for the console nintendo horribly marketed oh and it got unecessary hate by some at first for things like censorship or mechanics being too complex for many to handle. Also to answer your question on Torna in 2 yes its much better and you aren't as reliant on fusion combos for damage anymore and talent arts were brought back along with taunt status and a vanguard system and they tweaked and reworked some of 2's gameplay mechanics making a faster and smoother and fun experience than 2.
Quintessence Hace un mes
@Dave X definitive would've been amazing.. damn you wii u
Justin Peace
Justin Peace Hace un mes
This is the most hype game I have ever wanted in my life. It has everything and more on top of the more. Just WoW
Bidoofenshmirtz Evil Inc.
I'm honestly super excited for this game to come out. The new Fusion mechanic looks crazy, the story looks engaging, it just looks like a very fun time. Here's hoping the game thrives (Edit: Apparently auto correct likes strives better than thrives)
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben Hace 27 días
Klefki :)
Klefki :) Hace 28 días
@El Navas they said you can play it by itself but playing the earlier games will be a little better
Aqua Aquemini
Aqua Aquemini Hace un mes
Thank you for your honesty
Rafael F.
Rafael F. Hace un mes
@Zephhi Granpa >>> (…) every other character ever.
Paul j
Paul j Hace un mes
Daxer / Aivi
Daxer / Aivi Hace un mes
I’m so grateful to be a Xenoblade fan 😭
ThaPokéstopPapí Hace 23 días
We eating good!!!!
ProFLNS Hace un mes
This really feels like a perfect blend between all three previous xenoblade games, in terms of gameplay, art-style, and world features. I'm starting to really feel it!
Jezza R
Jezza R Hace 24 días
What a bunch of jokers!
Vemearts Hace un mes
This game is a tremendous achievement for monolith and I’m proud of em
Gps1337 Hace un mes
I already know I'm gonna love this game, the story already had me beyond intrigued because of the ties to XC1 and 2 but the gameplay looks amazing too I was already hyped because of the fusing but man class changes in jrpgs are a quick way to get into my heart and this looks sooo good, now I'm even more excited for the game
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander Hace un mes
Hopefully Shulk and Rex along with their crew members are mentioned as legendary figures and aren’t forgotten by Nia and Mel.
sebastian guerrero
sebastian guerrero Hace un mes
You do realize that this isn't a completely different world from 1 and 2 and has it's own history and those queens aren't nia or mel And at you guys are just falling for some weird fan theories
sonicgalaxy27 Hace un mes
@Wingraptor Sundaughter Yes that is very true even so Shulk was the one who recreate the universe with no gods.
sonicgalaxy27 Hace un mes
@FireFury190 Yes that is correct. They both don't. Shulk and Rex I mean.
sonicgalaxy27 Hace un mes
@Traveler Yes perhaps. But your actually right. They might be long dead just like Shulk is.
Joe Bridges
Joe Bridges Hace un mes
@Andro actually, Pyra and Mythra (pneuma) are a Monado (aegis) , so....
Denizen of Agnes
Denizen of Agnes Hace un mes
Is nobody acknowledging the amazing use of camera angles!?!?
Ram Hace un mes
I'm most interested in the story tidbits. Looking very much inspired by xenogears, and I love the clear callback to the Xenosaga testatments.
Ninako Hace un mes
This finally made it back to its Xenosaga roots in terms of existential crisis and I am absolutely living. This is what I've been waiting on since 2006. Thank you for listening, Monolith Soft and Nintendo. We're still here.
Omar Mohanad
Omar Mohanad Hace un mes
I'm excited for this, xenoblade chronicles 2 was one of the best jrpg games that I've played
Gage Piercy
Gage Piercy Hace un mes
Being able to switch characters on the fly mid-battle is awesome. This will really open up topple strategies. Also, that Shulk amiibo function is just beautiful. I hope it can also look like Monado 2 or REX
Chris Tsang
Chris Tsang Hace 27 días
feel the same here , this change make this system epic , and this is all i hope for so long
Naru Hace un mes
On top of that, there seems to be a manual dodge and a job class system. This looks like a big improvement over 2 in its battle system.
Lukas Wilson
Lukas Wilson Hace un mes
Nah man get the junk sword on there lol
Jonathan Odude
Jonathan Odude Hace un mes
@Zephhi monado REX, not Rex lol.
Florence Hace un mes
What if Rex and Shulk are additional DLC heroes and you could potentially have Shulk and Rex on the same team.
Shinigami Hace un mes
I wanted to avoid spoilers but this trailer was very minimal in that aspect, so that was a good surprise. I already ordered the Special edition and have been a Xenofan since Xenogears, but this looks to be one of the best games of the series, and thats no small feat to accomplish either.
G G Hace un mes
It’s really interesting to see FF7 Remake’s mid-battle character swapping, Xenoblade 1s chain attack mechanic and 2s art and class system. Not to mention increasing party size from 3 to 6(Which I wished they had done sooner to be honest, but I digress.) Combined with Xenoblade Chronicles 1’s gem system, Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s item system, and the cooking mechanics likely inspired by combining Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s and FF15s cooking systems, I think this game shows a lot of potential in terms of fixing some of the issues from the prior two entries (Xenoblade Chronicles X’s system was too big, to grindy, had WAY too much focus on gear instead of leveling, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had way too much focus designing gear, classes, stats, and even class stats around Blades. My biggest worry however, is that the dev team either fails to deliver in terms of storytelling and world building, as I feel like Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s story just didn’t really feel personally impactful, and Xenoblade Chronicles X really overdid one overarching narrative that dragged on for way to long as it’s possible hole story (Although I did love some of the side quests and affinity missions. I just wish they didn’t make some of them a requirement for the main story.)
tytyh9667 Hace un mes
This direct has convinced me to get this game. I'm super glad they gave it a dedicated direct because I never would have checked it out otherwise. Cant wait for the 29th to play this and Digimon survive!
Dillon Kinder
Dillon Kinder Hace un mes
I’m a huge Xenoblade Chronicles fan each game tells amazing incredible stories and has great gameplay mechanics
Shadow Fox Infinite
This game literally combines all the best from XC1, XC2, Torna, and XCX all in one package. I think this will be the best 1st party RPG yet.
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas Hace un mes
​@Dave I'm not sure it's in this trailer, but there's a screenshot/clip somewhere of a menu that shows that you do get skills from mastering classes. Also, saying a game refuses to allow freedom when each character can be one of 20+ classes and can have master arts from any of the others is an odd claim. It might not be freedom how you want it, but there's lots of options. In addition, I absolutely can 'blame' (although that's a weird term for it) you for your worries considering you're the only hardcore fan I've seen who has these problems.
Shadow Fox Infinite
@Dave Strawman Argument yet again. You don’t even see that you’re doing it. Very well
Dave Hace un mes
@Shadow Fox Infinite YOu even spun what i said when i never once said not to try XC3. But you didn't even bother reading any of my responses. You are the real troll here.
Krizzah47 Hace un mes
I expect nothing less then the best game to be released in 2022 or better this decade, please dont dissapoint me . the first two games were absolute top notch. i have high expectations. if this game lives up to the dream i will be filled with joy and satisfaction thats out of competition
Johnny Montilla
Johnny Montilla Hace un mes
Jaros Romody
Jaros Romody Hace un mes
@Garrett Young xenoblade? 🤔
I'm scared
I'm scared Hace un mes
Good For You...
Ivan Opoku
Ivan Opoku Hace un mes
The BGM is going OFF in the background, I mean, just listen to the start of the Battling It Out Section!
neyvie Hace un mes
Been wanting to get into this series for a while now. I'll probably buy this one and start it. Looks sick!
Weston Meyer
Weston Meyer Hace un mes
You definitely should. I ignored Xenoblade until Definitive Edition came out and I am kind of mad at myself for doing that now.
RadenWA Hace un mes
“Find your fashion and fight for the future” words to live by
Chandler Hace un mes
I don't even know what to say. I'm floored by how incredible this game looks. And sounds, for that matter. You can tell that Monolith poured every last ounce of their experience with all the other Xenoblade games into this one.
furyberserk Hace 19 días
@Fermín2004 But men in skinsuit tights isn't sexual at all. Got it. Can't believe they didn't have mai in the game and covered bayo and pyra but left shulk in his trunks. Sexualization means different things to different people now. I wish it would just not be addressed too absurd.
Brian C
Brian C Hace 24 días
@AnderClips I'm gonna level with you, I didn't play it. Couldn't get past the muddy resolution. It's a small pet peeve but idk, I couldn't do it.
AnderClips Hace 24 días
it looks like a wii u game
AnderClips Hace 24 días
@Brian C lets hope the writing is better then 2. that was a trash fire.
eric23443219091 Hace un mes
@Wesley Robb this game is probably rushed version of dude project all in 1 lol but improvised
Brian Silva
Brian Silva Hace un mes
This game looks great, even if I only know these series through Smash. I hope this new outing goes well and sells well. It is a shame this was the only direct we got during June, but This just shows how much Nintendo wants this series to succeed.
Michael Naramore
Michael Naramore Hace 22 días
I'd recommend checking the games out they are some of the best RPGs ever.
AnderClips Hace un mes
Nintendo has been trying to kill this series
Matthew Wylie
Matthew Wylie Hace un mes
This will be the most agonizing month ever. This game looks incredible and I need it now!
Kristoffer Nichols
Kristoffer Nichols Hace 19 días
If this game really is serving as a re-imagining of Xenogears Perfect Works, I think we can all say we really are in for a Wil D. Ride.
M.T.K. Hace un mes
The battle system is ridiculous I love it!
Tristan Irwin
Tristan Irwin Hace un mes
The ability to swap characters _IN BATTLE_ is going to be *so* essential to making combat with 6+ combatants at once possible.
Jezza R
Jezza R Hace 24 días
So glad you can as there was nothing worse than inflicting break and then the AI not doing the right art to topple or taking to long so the meter runs out
Tristan Irwin
Tristan Irwin Hace un mes
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ name checks out.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭100:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Boba Bubble
Boba Bubble Hace un mes
@NaSHINe Works well it did, but you could only switch between your Blades and not other driver's
NaSHINe Works
NaSHINe Works Hace un mes
@TophatAndTeacup X golden country did tho...
Taion Hace un mes
Its literally a new twist on Xenogears’ story, we have two nations at war, a third power that controls everything from above, Mechonis’ sword is the equivalent of Babel Tower and Shevat, reincarnation etc. Already my game of the decade, can’t wait for the release
Soren Hace un mes
Takahashi finally getting a chance to tell the story he's been trying to for over 2 decades.
Nicknack Hace un mes
This game has so much in store for us then I thought, this is going to become one of the best rpg experience that we will ever have.
PlastikRappaVEVO Hace un mes
The more footage I see of this game the more antsy I keep getting the closer the release date comes. 1 and 2 were both incredible games, and this looks just as good and I cant wait
ThaPokéstopPapí Hace 23 días
2 more weeks!
Darwin Darmatama
Darwin Darmatama Hace un mes
The scene at 12:08 goes so hard with the music, so hype!
Gilberto Silvester
Gilberto Silvester Hace un mes
Right with that one is the track at 21:17
Meng Thao
Meng Thao Hace un mes
Hyped for everything going into the combat system!!
CaliforniaHP Hace un mes
This is a fantastic blend of every Xeno. Xenoblade, Xenosaga, Xenogears
Frostyblade 88
Frostyblade 88 Hace un mes
I had non stop goosebumps watching this, it looks so incredibly beyond amazing, I can't believe it's coming out so soon. I can't wait!!!
Mattbattmatt Hace un mes
This is going to be a masterpiece
Jikangire Hace un mes
I was already a huge fan of the Xenoblade games since the first, and was already excited for Xenoblade 3 before watching this Nintendo Direct, but after? Now I can hardly contain my excitement! There are so many amazing things being added to an already amazing game series to make things even better! Classes? Check. New battle mechanics? Check. DBZ Fusion? Check. The only thing that really makes me sad is the Nintendo Switch is severely holding back the game's graphics quality. Could you imagine playing this at 4K on a Super Nintendo Switch, or Switch Pro, or whatever Nintendo's next console will be? It would be even greater!
ZKatt Hace un mes
I don't think even a Switch Pro/ Switch 2 could do 4k for this game. At least not true 4k. I would settle for a locked 1080p though. XC2 and XCDE had some issues when it came to graphical clarity, and at least a clean 1080p would fix that
Mujushin Kenjutsu
Mujushin Kenjutsu Hace un mes
this is good enough for me. it looks awesome
Fermín2004 Hace un mes
I think it looks neat, sure it could look better, but eh
Ghost Of Hallownest
I love how they are able to get around this. This forces innovation. I also am not a crazy photorealistic type of guy it can work for some games, not all. The game still looks good despite the limitations.
EmblemBlade9 Hace un mes
Just wait for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Swap in 8 years or something lol I dunno Yeah this game is definitely pushing the Switch to the limit, but if there’s one thing about Nintendo specs I appreciate it’s that it brings out a lot of creativity with the art style of games. I’m glad not everything is photorealistic and all that
PsychicSilver Hace un mes
Never played any of these games, but looks cool
John Kula
John Kula Hace un mes
I am a sucker for an RPG with jobs or classes! And I was already a huge fan of the entire Xeno series!
Partha Dey
Partha Dey Hace un mes
Seriously want to play this soon as possible
NovaCam Hace un mes
This seems like a perfect sort of balance between the first two games on so many levels. Not the least of which is that all the layers of combat and gameplay complexity seem like they won't be dropped on the player within the first hour or so of gameplay. If only I could change the clock to be July 29th right now.
Untitled unmastered
I couldn’t be any happier with this!!! Unbelievable amount of improvements and looks very promising gameplay and story wise
Link wolf
Link wolf Hace un mes
@Untitled unmastered he knows about xenosaga so I think he is a troll
Untitled unmastered
Tanya Ca`berro average xenoblade hater, let people enjoy what they like, if you prefer something else good for you
Tanya Ca`berro
Tanya Ca`berro Hace un mes
Voice overs are horrific, graphics are PS2 level. This game won't be better than xenosaga 3
sonicgalaxy27 Hace un mes
Anime style games like these are always so great these days comparing how much Xenoblade and Fire Emblem series has gotten much reception these days.
Lupo Hace un mes
@key with 6 characters + enemies firing off abilities, there will surely be drops
Enoch Brooks
Enoch Brooks Hace un mes
This looks absolutely amazing. I am so ready to sink hours and hours into this.
Wind Crow
Wind Crow Hace un mes
I havent played a Xeno game yet, this one looks cool. Its a lot of systems though, and hopefully it doenst get open world syndrome. I excited for this one.
Alex Langley
Alex Langley Hace un mes
Screaming in pure excitement for this game! I don’t care if I’m about to go to college, I will buy this game with the dlc asap!
Ryan Barham
Ryan Barham Hace un mes
I'm literally begging, with tears in my eyes, for Gray to secretly be Zeke in disguise
ZER0 Hace un mes
They went above and beyond. As a big Xenoblade fan... Xenoblade 1 being my favorite game of all time I had to stand up and applaud for the job they did.
ava for life
ava for life Hace un mes
@Narukami for rdr2 I think they should strive for 4k 120 fps. It's completely doable. It's not like that was released on very old hardware. And we all know most ps5 games don't even run native 4k on ps5 most ate just an upscale version which means increasing the framerate is completely doable. As far as this game though it's not a old game, it's literally a brand new release not a remaster so in this day it should be very easy to make it hit atpesdt 60fps Even on the switch. It's not like it's that graphically demanding honestly and woth the combat system it showed us it almost needs it to be a guaranteed 30 fps with zero dips or the much preferred 60 fps. Having said all that in no means I say this is a terrible game I'm just saying they should delay it and at the very least make sure it's a constant 30 fps with no dips even if they don't want to try for 60 fps. Anything below 25 is extremely noticeable and it does make a difference when you are playing. You are playing with a sort of lag at that point and that's no fun. From what I saw story looks good, graphics are fine, viive acting seemed hit or miss but just happy there is any and the unstable frame rate. For all we know this is already fixed abd the final game has no frame rate dips or very little but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned. Even during very little action scenes I saw some stability issues. That's just my interpretation though.
Narukami Hace un mes
@ava for life I have a PS5, a PC and a Switch, and a 120Hz TV. I like to think I've played all sorts of games with different frame rates and as someone who's played XC1 and 2, I don't even see why 60fps should be considered for a game of this scale on a handheld from 5 years ago, the same way no one asked for it with other beautiful large scale games like BotW and SMT5, or even 60fps on 'modern' games like GoW or H: Zero Dawn because they were made for hardware from 2013. That's like saying we should get 4k120Hz max settings RDR2 on the PS5 just becasue it's 'next-gen', even though it just roughly has the power of a RTX 2060S. It's not very realisitic and even as a hope, it sounds like it's coming from someone who doesn't even have a clue what they're talking about, I mean no offense. None of us know for sure how the game will play until it comes out but Monolith have proved several things mutliple times including that they can make an extremely complex battle system work even on the small screen that the Switch has, whilst playing it at an apparently unplayable framerate. If anyone is really worried, they should either a) wait till the game comes out and see what people say about it or b) not pay any money and write an email to Nintendo complaining you won't play the game until they force Monolith to make the game play at a locked 60 whilst not draining the Switch's battery in an hour. Then wait.
Cam Harkness
Cam Harkness Hace un mes
@ava for life "just because you're okay with a very laggy slow game" very much is an insult. Since you're putting me down, while putting something else down in the process. If you have to insult something, while saying just because you like it, you're insulting the original person. Even if that wasn't your intention. Especially when you start saying it's a fact, taking away the ability for someone to be okay with something or say it's good.
ava for life
ava for life Hace un mes
@Cam Harkness I said an overwhelming majority would prioritize frame rate above quality. I didn't insult you for enjoying 30 fps either lol. I'm just stating this demo shown doesn't look fun to play considering it dips well under 30 fps and sometimes to 20 fos given the fact that it's a faster paced combat system
Cam Harkness
Cam Harkness Hace un mes
But then said it's not an insult... It's a fact that 30 fps is laggy and unplayable for everyone besides me.
Ghostmilk Hace un mes
I wasn't super excited about another Xenoblade game, but from the class/combat systems this looks like it could be the best one yet. Officially hyped
Tolly Boyer
Tolly Boyer Hace un mes
Amazing Direct, thank you, Monolith Soft
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran Hace un mes
There is no question about it! Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a must have game on my shelf!
Elden Ring is a 2022 GOTY game.
A very fun open world 3D RPG. It's the best game of my life.
Martin McHendry
Martin McHendry Hace un mes
This looks incredible! Thank you for showing just enough to get me excited, but keeping potential spoilers to a minimum!
JellyCORE Hace un mes
Yeah, agreed! ^^ And same here, I'm super excited! Thank you from me as well!
Seb-LoBo Hace un mes
Looks absolutely amazing... can't wait
Reavo End
Reavo End Hace un mes
Darling in the Franxx vibes with the whole limited lifespan thing and those ouroboros designs. This game is really striking a chord with me! Such a nuanced, thoughtful presentation.
Jim Raynor
Jim Raynor Hace 25 días
I think this is possibly the best Xenoblade game so far. Xenoblade X's class system brought unique ideas to the fold of the Xenoblade franchise, and here's Xenoblade 3 going as far as it can with those ideas!
Jim Raynor
Jim Raynor Hace 22 días
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Hace 22 días
Sorry to burst your Bubble but fortnite is a million times better than this stinky feet game 🤮
Kello Kabana
Kello Kabana Hace un mes
Xenoblade was my favourite Wii game. Xenoblade X was my favourite Wii U game. And Xenoblade 2 would be my favourite Switch game if it wasn’t for Breath of the Wild. It’s crazy to think how fast this franchise has grown on me, and the roller coaster of emotions I have experienced after playing each title is unlike anything I have experienced in gaming. The quality of this series is on par with the best Nintendo franchises. Every Xenoblade game to date has offered a rich 100+ hour experience packed with amazing characters, story, combat, soundtrack and exploration. Monolith Soft even worked on Breath of Wild, so it’s no surprise this game’s open world looks amazing. It even looks to be taking advantage of the hardware better than anything on Switch so far.
Court Justice Drunk3pO
This game looks so beautiful
Dekurian Hace un mes
The Soundtrack of this game is just insane again. Everything looks so good. I need this game in my life right now :D
SlugLord Hace un mes
Damn ! Now I see why y’all have this it’s own direct. The game looks so sick
ChaosTES Hace 15 días
When you're emotionally attached to the characters before the game comes out
Hethra19 Hace un mes
I can't believe how much STUFF they've put into this. I'm already overwhelmed just watching the Direct, and no doubt there's more they haven't shown. I am so looking forward to this game.
FlamingCrystal Alchemist
This is a good Nintendo direct
3abdooogamer 73
3abdooogamer 73 Hace un mes
best nintendo direct
Hasok nocturno
Hasok nocturno Hace un mes
This looks so good. I hope I have the opportunity to buy this soon
Liam L
Liam L Hace un mes
Awesome! Thank you Nintendo for doing a Nintendo Direct about an individual game again, I love it when you do these.
Arend King
Arend King Hace un mes
Holy crap I am Super excited for the Ouroboros mechanic! Just the fusion mechanic looked cool, and the additional modification you can do with it is awesome!
Aaron LeFebre
Aaron LeFebre Hace un mes
Damn, and here I thought I couldn't get any more hyped for this game. Combining all three of XC1's, XC2's, and XCX's combat elements into one game works surprisingly well, and I was right in that's what they were going for this whole time in terms of building up to this game. My favorite part is the improved version of XCX's class system. Really lets you get into customizing your characters' play styles, and that's one of the best things I enjoy about class systems. I'm wondering if NLA and the survivors of Mira will have anything to do with this story, seeing as so many gameplay and visual elements are coming from XCX. Perhaps that "new story" hinted at in the season pass will be it. I sure hope so. XCX is one of my favorites in the series.
TheShanicpower Hace 24 días
@JellyCORE Fully agreed, Jelly
Dave Hace un mes
@The Legacy of Gaming XCX2 needs to happen. Monolithsoft can't leave us on that cliffhanger forever. X is even supposedly Takahashi's favorite xenoblade and he proved it because he pops up in the x servers a lot. We need an X port as well though to introduce it to newer audiences. Hopefully Monolith and Nintendo wouldn't obsess about mainstream appeal with an X 2 and X port though cause that would aggrivate me. Tired of losing options and customization features because they want the games to appeal to a larger audience.
The Legacy of Gaming
Same man. I was disappointed when I heard XCX2 wasn't coming out and it was this instead, but this one looks promising.
JellyCORE Hace un mes
Oh my God, imagine!
Mark Evans
Mark Evans Hace un mes
That battle theme at 12:07 …. 🔥🔥🔥
JStew_TM Hace un mes
@Brandon Valentin That’s why I am here now😂
Mark Evans
Mark Evans Hace un mes
@3abdooogamer 73 there hasn’t been a track I havnt liked yet and I’ve went through this direct just to hear all the music. XC3’s OST is going to be something :)
3abdooogamer 73
3abdooogamer 73 Hace un mes
what about 15:22 ?
Brandon Valentin
Brandon Valentin Hace un mes
I’ve been rewatching the video just to listen to it lol
JStew_TM Hace un mes
PoisonClaw4 Hace un mes
So many different systems and combat possibilities... I almost feel like I'm going to need a PHD just to wrap my head around it all.
Gorilli09 Hace un mes
I hope we get the Aegis if the Pyra and Mythra amiibo were released.
Devin Hace un mes
The first time the game was announced I wasn't all that excited but dang does this game look to have so much cool stuff to dig into.
fierce deity
fierce deity Hace un mes
omg Nintendo! what did you do!!?? this game looks gorgeous!!!
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller Hace un mes
I’m beyond hyped!
Kin Hace 18 días
Jason McFadden
Jason McFadden Hace un mes
So hype for this game. Think I can echo almost every comment already made. While not a direct sequel to XCX on Wii U, it's the closest yet - I'll take it! Ready to pause life so I can immerse in XC3. Also, vote with your money, buy this game, so it's success will lead to XC4 or XCX-2 on Switch Pro or whatever with better frame rates, higher resolution, even bigger worlds. Just more please!
The Legacy of Gaming
Yea I was hoping for X sequel, but this looks pretty good. Didn't play 2 but will be picking this up
Sean Kock
Sean Kock Hace un mes
I love how they brought many elements of both games :)
Weston Meyer
Weston Meyer Hace un mes
And X
JacksooN2000 Hace un mes
Omg I am so thrilled, what a beautiful journey it will be!
Jackson Sather
Jackson Sather Hace un mes
Back in 2021 I got Xenoblade Definitive Edition for christmas. I just thought it looked interesting and I had been playing Shulk in smash since the Smash 4 days. It slowly over the next three months grew to be one of my favorite games ever, and eventually climbed up to my favorite game of all time. After that, I instantly bought Xenoblade 2 and played it fast. It was another case of awesome game. Didnt overtake 1 for me, but still one of my favorite games ever. After that, I waited. I couldnt buy Xenoblade X because my wiiu didnt have storage and I need to find an sd card.but when february rolled around, I broke my friends' eardrums with how loud I yelled when this game got revealed. This will be the greatest Xenoblade game, perhaps even the greatest Xeno game ever. Thank you Monolith Soft for the incredible rollercoaster of Xenoblade Chronicles.
Arin Jäger
Arin Jäger Hace 24 días
RIP friend's eardrums (F in the chat)
Person that exists
Person that exists Hace 26 días
SgCy Hace un mes
Kirby Kirb
Kirby Kirb Hace un mes
UGH a super touching story about how someone got into this kid franchise
D m
D m Hace un mes
Ok but ratio
Boywonder Hace un mes
From what I’ve seen of this game I think I may be game of the year worthy, If I’m correct nether one or two got GOTY so I think it’d be a massive achievement
3abdooogamer 73
3abdooogamer 73 Hace un mes
@Weston Meyer We'll see, tbh I want xc3 to be goty even if it's not likely
Weston Meyer
Weston Meyer Hace un mes
I don’t think it can beat Elden Ring or Horizon because of the bias at the Game Awards but it can definitely be one of the candidates.
Xeno Cross
Xeno Cross Hace un mes
The game looks amazing. You can really feel that Monolith put their hearths into the games they make, and as a player I love their games because of it and more than any others.
Sam M.
Sam M. Hace un mes
I’m so excited!! The music sounds like this will be a finale of some sort, and it looks like some serious stuff is gonna go down. I can hardly wait!
Archer Levinson
Archer Levinson Hace un mes
Absolutely amazing. I cant wait.
Quintessence Hace un mes
Looks incredible everything i loved from Xenoblade 1 and some of the improvements from Xenoblade 2 It also looks far more Xenoblade 2 than Xenoblade 2 did but i'm all for that
Soul Food Gaming
Soul Food Gaming Hace un mes
I've never played a Xenoblade game before, but after seeing this trailer, i might try this one out.
Kirin Hace un mes
Same! 2 turned me off a bit just from the voice acting and character designs, but this looks phenomenal. Time for me to finally try Xenoblade. I'm excited!
Laurin Zanon
Laurin Zanon Hace un mes
Would recommend if you love big worlds, complex but engaging combat, and a captivating and deep story.
Matt Buchicchio
Matt Buchicchio Hace un mes
Looks so great, I’m so happy they give this franchise love it deserves.
EscapeTheRace Hace un mes
xenoblade 2's combat was like a drug can't wait for 3
The Legacy of Gaming
20:33 These 2 are already my favorite pair. Their Skell looks amazing
Laurin Zanon
Laurin Zanon Hace un mes
You mean ouroboros?
Sokuto KH3
Sokuto KH3 Hace un mes
This game’s art style seems like it’s taken the best parts of the previous 2 games and even from X. Along with a unique style of it’s own. The gameplay looks like an evolved version of 2. The characters seem very interesting wit great designs but I do not like the dub voice acting which is why I’ll switch to japanese like I did with the other games. The world looks absolutely beautiful. And the music is as good as ever. This seems to be doing everything a sequel should do. I think this game can not only be the best Xenoblade game, but also Game of the Year.
Sokuto KH3
Sokuto KH3 Hace un mes
@3abdooogamer 73 I will celebrate if it does
3abdooogamer 73
3abdooogamer 73 Hace un mes
Beating Elden Ring will be tough but If Xenoblade 3 gets goty then I can't be happier
Mark Hace un mes
that was a awesome direct