YelaWolf "Bloody Sunday" Freestyle

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10 mar 2019






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Ben30001000 Hace 32 minutos
G-easy lay down
Tonio Rodriguez
Tonio Rodriguez Hace un hora
I love how Rittz is just chilling in the background
Jeff Storr
Jeff Storr Hace 3 horas
Still fire! No matter how many times I listen to it!
TOMASBEATS Hace 12 horas
HaasFormulaOneFan Hace 18 horas
Man this song is to hot for ESvid!
Ørjan Vigrestad
Ørjan Vigrestad Hace un día
give me this on spotify plz
John Drach
John Drach Hace un día
"Nothin made me somethin baby!"
John Drach
John Drach Hace un día
Never thought I'd ever see anybody in red suede boots rap like that...
zion auel
zion auel Hace un día
Dissed em at the end
Kenny Gerberich
Kenny Gerberich Hace un día
I don't see a diss...lot's of people are looking for shots towards Eminem for some reason, but he's had nothing but appreciation for him, even after leaving the label. "Fuck you pay me" is like saying "too easy..." or basically just a general statement to everyone saying "I keep killing shit, give me the recognition I deserve."
Hunter Colquhoun
Hunter Colquhoun Hace un día
inuyasha0xpk Hace un día
I've listened to this 14m times
JK Myatt
JK Myatt Hace un día
I choose Any day but Sunday's !!! Keep the Sabbath Holy, my Brother or Sister...
Cole Jared
Cole Jared Hace un día
Jєѕѕє Hace un día
Long live yela wolf 🐺
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine Hace 2 días
I love this song more than most, I can hang word for word now and it's a blast to run with ya Yela 🐐♥️✊
Dylan Stelmack
Dylan Stelmack Hace 2 días
Bumping this daily!!
Butterfly S
Butterfly S Hace 2 días
Hahaha he's trolling so much 👹
Ryan Hace 2 días
So sick for real no joke yelawolf so sick so eminem so mgk respect all of tham 🤘👊😎
Ayoub RQ7
Ayoub RQ7 Hace 2 días
the beast yela
yeah music i love it
😂🤣😂 2:15🤣😂😂 3:08 😆😂😂
Mitch Case
Mitch Case Hace 3 días
G East listening to this Shit and was like.....aight ima head out real quick y'all be good
josh culp
josh culp Hace 3 días
Fuck post malone just to see if he answers anyway lol shit fire as f
Brady Lyons
Brady Lyons Hace 3 días
Is this ever gonna get added on spotty
Kilo Corleone
Kilo Corleone Hace 3 días
On a Yela binge like it’s 2014 again
hutch PAC
hutch PAC Hace 3 días
Dont get old 🔥
Jose Betances
Jose Betances Hace 3 días
Bad ads mf
Tucker Hunsaker
Tucker Hunsaker Hace 4 días
this shit ain’t underground u need bones and like chris travis
Cj Laws
Cj Laws Hace 4 días
This is crazy yella can fuckin spit this is probably one of the best songs I have heard from him and I have heard a good bit of his stuff
Star A
Star A Hace 4 días
He become more Eminem style.!! That's not his style?? Why u start biting??? Daaayuummn too bad
Kenny Gerberich
Kenny Gerberich Hace un día
Ok, try explaining what makes it anything like Em's style...because as far as I can see, the cadence, flows, and the themes he uses to construct his lyrics are all very unique among most artists I've listened to, and certainly seem completely different from Eminem's.
Tyson Spradling
Tyson Spradling Hace 4 días
White boy got the skill, eminem ain't fuckin with no duds!!!!!!!!
Awake Joker
Awake Joker Hace 4 días
soo good!
Ѣцϯϯεяs Ѣacн
This is ... HEAVY Pure skills, pure style
Jessica Arenella
Jessica Arenella Hace 5 días
I think he has the best smile in the world😏
sky ryder
sky ryder Hace 5 días
Manuel Ramirez jr the 3rd
G eazy never replied LOL 😂
April Maskew
April Maskew Hace 5 días
Us: Who you wanna dis today? Yela: Yes.
David Vest
David Vest Hace 6 días
I want more songs like this. Brings back some memories
Kyle Longjohn
Kyle Longjohn Hace 6 días
I cant find creek water whiskey in michigan bro WTF
Second-Nature Hace 6 días
Check out Second-Natures new track "Amaretto" available now exclusively on soundcloud. soundcloud.com/secondnature13/ammarretto #hot #new #rap #hiphop #trap #exclusive #2019 #2018
Hero Kid
Hero Kid Hace 6 días
Why you always loud n yelling bruh
Justin Dungey
Justin Dungey Hace 6 días
So good to hear the old YW
RayGunz Hace 6 días
The only two white rappers out currently other than Eminem that I respect are ebe bandz and catfish Billy rest in peace ebe bandz he was real to his soil and that is what hip-hop is about if you have to make something up in order to create an image you are not real end of story and mgk is not real this is a guy from the suburbs claiming the east side of Cleveland? I'm from there I've never seen you there I'm actually from the block he said he rides up and down in his song which is Miles I've never seen him over there but I did find a dead rapper over there on cranwood Park boulevard when I was living at Parker's Court ...it was tombstone from the graveyard shift and he was dating Krayzie Bone sister at the time this was back in 97 MGK would not be in that neighborhood I was the only white boy around that I saw all the way up until the mid-2000s he was never there
RayGunz Hace 6 días
Definitely the real deal he claims where he's from he doesn't makeup is hometown like MGK I'm from Cleveland MGK is not... Is actually from Texas originally and he's from Shaker heights Ohio which is a suburb definitely not a hood sorry but I had to do that he's a fraud
Moeez Abdul
Moeez Abdul Hace 6 días
Who’s the other white boy from Gaston ?
Chris Whitehead
Chris Whitehead Hace un día
Clever, Gadsden Alabama
James Wildrick
James Wildrick Hace 6 días
Church ask church I need to look in
Big Sexy Big Sexy
Big Sexy Big Sexy Hace 7 días
I bet Post Malone is still trying to get the smell out his house from where he shit himself after hearing Yelawolf call him out
dardan lahu
dardan lahu Hace 7 días
“There’s only one clever as for the other white boy from Gadsden...yeah whatever” ... oh shit lol
Is this to post malone?
Carl James
Carl James Hace 7 días
hiphophd xx
hiphophd xx Hace 7 días
Fuck post malone #CatfishBilly
niko lebel
niko lebel Hace 8 días
anyone know what the tag on the wall says? at 0:44
hlua hrahsel
hlua hrahsel Hace 8 días
Bitch i'm on fire like holiday nuts.....fucking damn son
vaheedh Hace 8 días
1,000 bucks says, Eminem ghostwrote this. Fuck I heard his other lame ass songs, he raps like a 5 year old. hell I'll bet my soul to it. that's how sure I'am By the way, thanks Eminem for bringing this lame ass out and mixing Rap with Southside beats, thanks for ruining Rap Music.
Kenny Gerberich
Kenny Gerberich Hace 5 horas
@FanRose FabRose Spencer Lol just giving examples of the type of dude that would post the original comment.
FanRose FabRose Spencer
@Kenny Gerberich I can't tell what you're saying but this is straight facts bro
Kenny Gerberich
Kenny Gerberich Hace un día
@FanRose FabRose Spencer Lol for real. In every comment section you'll find at least one overly bitter spaz either in dire need of getting on anti-depressants, dire need of getting off HGH, or just blocked up from lack of interest to their disappointing genitalia.
FanRose FabRose Spencer
This comment is an L
brucabi213 Hace 8 días
Zian Marco reyes
Zian Marco reyes Hace 9 días
NastyNati0527 Hace 9 días
I need about 10 more songs with this energy right here.
Tin Tizzy
Tin Tizzy Hace un día
He's gotta save some shit for next rap album he's on the country shit again now
Allen Catalan
Allen Catalan Hace 5 días
NastyNati0527 I’ve been saying that. This shit hits so hard. I need more of this YelaWolf
ツUcanet Hace 9 días
YelaWolf is honestly my favourite rapper, but we all know the real slim shady is better
Daville Vancil
Daville Vancil Hace 9 días
get am
Paul G
Paul G Hace 9 días
God I hate the pauses...yeshh... this is terrible Yelawolf fell off. Gone like the summer..fuckem
Bradly Rudd
Bradly Rudd Hace 10 días
Yelawolf is hands down better than G easy
Paul G
Paul G Hace 9 días
Ur high lol
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