Yin Yang Spinner (2000 year old bog oak and maple)

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A spinner fidget toy made from 2000 year old bog oak and white maple.
First a piece of bog oak is cut in half using a bandsaw. A 7 mm 9x6 cm sheet is then cut from both bog oak and maple pieces. 3D spinner model is made in rhinoceros.
3 mm flat end router bit on kuka kr150 robot is used to carve out the two pieces of yin yang symbol. Two slats are secured on robot table using hot glue. After milling, two pieces are glued together, sanded and polished first with steel wool and then with small buffing wheel.
Three ball bearings are cleaned from excess grease in solvent cleaning fluid. After drying, they are glued into holes using two component cyanoacrylate glue.
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Music: Tobu & Jordan Kelvin James - Summer Breeze

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GАBA Bog Oak
GАBA Bog Oak Hace 3 meses
verry nice, bog oak it is my life )
redhead sticky
redhead sticky Hace 8 meses
Spinner's rank right there with the pet Rock.
lignum Hace 8 meses
XD you just made my day !
Watah Bastard
Watah Bastard Hace un año
Fidget spinners just got cool again
GBB Hace 2 años
Sanic. zip
Sanic. zip Hace 2 años
Meh its not even handmade ;_; u just use it like 3 printer..
Typical Otaku San
Typical Otaku San Hace 2 años
But now it’s dead
⁓ fanimations. ⁓
Does anyone know what a "Karambit" is?
Ashley Gamer Laughed
When your done with yang it looks like a karambit
Norma Beltran
Norma Beltran Hace 2 años
File Kyle
File Kyle Hace 2 años
Regular person: we have 2000 year old wood, let's use it for good! Lignum: screw *good* let's make some freaking fidget spinners bro! Regular person: why did I decide to work with you?
Johan11LP Hace 2 años
Maan😂 i discovered your channel a loong time ago, but i still keep finding "new" videos 😂 wow. You rock!
lignum Hace 2 años
Thank you man! I'm glad you enjoy it!
Samiqeu Hace 3 años
Its 2000 years old fidget spinner real or fake.real like
Lost memories
Lost memories Hace 3 años
Make me one
awesome possum
awesome possum Hace 3 años
you do good jobs on your projects I love them relly!!!!!
awesome possum
awesome possum Hace 3 años
shocked not shot lol
awesome possum
awesome possum Hace 3 años
lignum can you do more of them and the one with knife figetspiners that wus very creative the first time I Sall this channel I wus shot
lignum Hace 3 años
Thank you man :)
Gloob Blob
Gloob Blob Hace 3 años
Cool idea, outcome, music, and angles :) I would give this video a 10/10
lignum Hace 3 años
I'm really glad you like it! Thank you! :)
Misheel Battulga
Misheel Battulga Hace 3 años
рхэшргошлүүзд ььььььььхрохрлхрррррххрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрхрххрхрхрхгсаөаөёсахси смивввввввслүозосыу хргидт сөаот ө а с схгмгн хс эсё ханөхнахрөгхоаахахархрхрхрхрахххахахрхрхрх ахаааааа лззлгшлүшүздпдпдзз?%,?ү:
Eclipse Hace 3 años
*insert stupid karambit comment*
Christian Stephens
Christian Stephens Hace 3 años
Poor tree, it thought it would actually amount to something of purpose.
Justin Z.
Justin Z. Hace 3 años
Ye stupid Dumbarse, my great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather planted Dat tree 2000 years ago
Budi Matuwi
Budi Matuwi Hace 3 años
isn't it illegal to buy or get a 2000 year old tree?
Muhammad Habil
Muhammad Habil Hace 3 años
Good man
lignum Hace 3 años
Thx :)
Mario Trkulja
Mario Trkulja Hace 3 años
odlično napravljeno
lignum Hace 3 años
Hvala! :D
deeF awaY
deeF awaY Hace 3 años
are you sell l can biy
lignum Hace 3 años
Sorry, I don't sell ..
Cadeez Anuts
Cadeez Anuts Hace 3 años
For decades that wood was growing and growing into a great and tall tree. As time came, the tree died, and fell into a river. Over time the tree was covered in clay, sand, and silt and has been changing in color and texture for the next 2 millennia. It was then dug and discovered by humans that now live today, and they have created beautiful items like knifes, furniture, and walls. Then somebody used it for a fidget spinner. ಠ_ಠ
Cadeez Anuts
Cadeez Anuts Hace 3 años
Alright :D
lignum Hace 3 años
:) Thx hehe , she likes it.. Ideas for what I can make with it are welcome! As i said, I have a huge log of this material and it is so difficult to dry it without cracking. If some interesting item crosses your mind, small enough to avoid the cracks, make sure to let me know!
Cadeez Anuts
Cadeez Anuts Hace 3 años
Hope she likes it. I hope you know that comment was a joke, but you've probably already gathered that. Nice work on the fidget spinner though. :)
lignum Hace 3 años
Actually, people who dug it up wanted to use it as fire wood so I think that a small peace of that log I got, that had too many cracks for anything larger is probably better off as a spinner I made as a gift for my girlfriend than a smoke. :D
I Rock at Gaming
I Rock at Gaming Hace 3 años
karambit-karambit-karambit-karambit-karambit why karambit everywhere I don't even know what does it mean.
Yusuf Praditya
Yusuf Praditya Hace 3 años
I Rock at Gaming
I Rock at Gaming Hace 3 años
seems like general mass has gone crazy on this stuff . I haven't got one yet. idk why it's so special
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat Hace 3 años
Kerambit :D
JT Hace 3 años
plz da name of dis liquid
Nussara Junchanant
Nussara Junchanant Hace 3 años
Carlos Miranda
Carlos Miranda Hace 3 años
George Vasilop
George Vasilop Hace 3 años
It not spins long
Alperen Mustafa Bozkurt
Oogily Schmoogily
Oogily Schmoogily Hace 3 años
What's next fucking bendable toys?
TVcents Hace 3 años
陰陽減壓陀螺(yin yang fidget spinner in Chinese,I'm Hong Kong)
Orvar90 Hace 3 años
Way to ruin nice wood that could been used for so much more usefull stuff
SharpenLimited Hace 3 años
The karambit, except it helps adhd.
Spence Muly
Spence Muly Hace 3 años
I still don't believe for a second that that piece of wood is 2000 years, and even if it is he still used it for a god damn fidget spinner
blwsff Hace 3 años
quais são as coordenadas
Pandau Hace 3 años
those pieces of wood looks like 2 karambits
MineWilly Hace 3 años
I want one of these
Greenyboi Gaming
Greenyboi Gaming Hace 3 años
the coolest thing I've​ been seen
Ioana Enache
Ioana Enache Hace 3 años
jharooth y ana avena/ savaleta
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! vacano quisiera que me lo regalen
XtremeCookieBoy Hace 3 años
I want to buy this.
Bryn Sadler
Bryn Sadler Hace 3 años
hey ligum you have some real potential to become the next big youtuber
Bryn Sadler
Bryn Sadler Hace 3 años
np :)
lignum Hace 3 años
:D That sure sounds good hehe.. Thank you!
youtube said i could change my name every 90 days
Quality oak! I asked my father to look at this video to see the oak type and he was suprisingly happy to know what type it was! thank you mister
Karoline Lærke
Karoline Lærke Hace 3 años
when the pieces were cut out they kinda looked a bit like karambits from csgo little mini ones
Gonzalo Rodríguez
Gonzalo Rodríguez Hace 3 años
k onda k pex
Ng John
Ng John Hace 3 años
does anyone except me(chinese dudes) knows what is the meaning of yin yang(real meaning)
MCA Hace 3 años
That intro was 5 seconds too long
lignum Hace 3 años
Yeah I think so too, on every upload I say to myself: I 'l change it on the next one .. :)
Silver Hyrule
Silver Hyrule Hace 3 años
i need one one of those spinner
Lil Middle toe
Lil Middle toe Hace 3 años
can you plz send me a spinner I don't have one
Kael Hace 3 años
*insert a comment about a karambit here*
Yungmaka Hace 3 años
2:09 What is this ?
krista salomon
krista salomon Hace 3 años
what are those round things ?
amerah 4
amerah 4 Hace 3 años
i want one
Cédric Meister
Cédric Meister Hace 3 años
lignum can i get this?
Macarius OMeally
Macarius OMeally Hace 3 años
Can I have it
Shosho 474
Shosho 474 Hace 3 años
How much does this spinner even costs?
Santiago Montoya
Santiago Montoya Hace 3 años
Khánh Ken Tv
Khánh Ken Tv Hace 3 años
fuck youtober
Patatesli Salata Sevmem
1:17 looks Like mini karambit
Urban_Nutlurg 1337
Urban_Nutlurg 1337 Hace 3 años
Looks like a small karambit to me when it are just one piece
Cam Trimarche
Cam Trimarche Hace 3 años
I would like to have one
Kilo's World
Kilo's World Hace 3 años
*is flaunting around the $150 I made selling spinners at school*
Bri Gon
Bri Gon Hace 3 años
originally made for fidgeting,used for fun,and is 2017 big trend...a fidget toy...makes sense
M Nazeer
M Nazeer Hace 3 años
lol how can i get one like that
Артур Вин :3
2:07 Water?
lignum Hace 3 años
solvent cleaner
maxie iv
maxie iv Hace 3 años
ssel6 Hace 3 años
mini karambits???
TIIMOX Hace 3 años
Tale just one part of ying yang and it's a karambit
Broseph Hace 3 años
2:26 thank me later
Diamond Money
Diamond Money Hace 3 años
강민지 Hace 3 años
Icy Hace 3 años
Earth's Army
Earth's Army Hace 3 años
Ying and Yang, the individual pieces looks like a karambit..
yuong shad
yuong shad Hace 3 años
the seperated yin and yang look like a karambit wanna be
Barry Steakfries
Barry Steakfries Hace 3 años
I love how generous the people were 2000 years ago to plant a tree so it could one day become a fidget toy
Nameless101 Hace 3 años
Imagine if this is on amazon :O
Jastorio Swag
Jastorio Swag Hace 3 años
Meilleur handspinner ?
Danik kz Chennle
Danik kz Chennle Hace 3 años
BIRDYCOD YT Hace 3 años
no respect tot he wood just make dto a usseless thin gdidint he know dis oak is historical
Demani Swan
Demani Swan Hace 3 años
How much for one?
Karen Anne Saldua
Karen Anne Saldua Hace 3 años
you went through all of that..... just to get that?
lignum Hace 3 años
This is not what I do for a living, I I use my workshop for larger, usually construction projects. Sometimes when I have a free afternoon or a weekend, I use it to make things somebody tells me would be cool just for the fun of it..
Karen Anne Saldua
Karen Anne Saldua Hace 3 años
I mean its pretty good but..... a workshop???
Moby Gaming
Moby Gaming Hace 3 años
can I has plez
Yaman Aleryani
Yaman Aleryani Hace 3 años
Your so good keep up the great work! It would take me a whole year to make that
Elias Rønning
Elias Rønning Hace 3 años
is it only me or do the two halfes look like mini karambits?
tungster24 Hace 3 años
wow look at all that 2000 yesr old bog oak wasted lol
lil bertrum
lil bertrum Hace 3 años
20 yrs, must also be ur age
Thomas SARDA
Thomas SARDA Hace 3 años
How to make this hand spinner: -first step: plant a tree and wait 2000 years We'll see the second step later
PeaceWary Hace 3 años
Low key looks like 2 karambit knives
tungster24 Hace 3 años
the half of the ying yang looks like a 9 and a 6 wait,,,,, oooooooooo
Ace of Blades66
Ace of Blades66 Hace 3 años
That into is hecka cool😄
Thomas Szoke
Thomas Szoke Hace 3 años
what's with all the karambit comments??? Is it like a new trend or something?😂
Glossy Macaroon
Glossy Macaroon Hace 3 años
give me that Fidget Spinner please!!!
fourp4nts Hace 3 años
before it was sticked together they looked like karambit xd
Paul Snyder
Paul Snyder Hace 3 años
Evan._.edits Hace 3 años
when u spin it it looks like an optical uloshin
Alenexel Qp
Alenexel Qp Hace 3 años
thats some old wood mate
꧁X꧂ Hace 3 años
The best
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