YONEX All England Open 2022 | Lakshya Sen (IND) vs Lee Zii Jia (MAS) [6] | Semifinals 

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YONEX All England Open 2022 | Super 1000
Men's Singles | Semifinals
Lakshya Sen (IND) vs Lee Zii Jia (MAS) [6]
#BWFWorldTour #AllEngland2022
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18 mar 2022






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Deroucade Hace un año
Lakshya Sen has a stable defensive playing style similar to Kento Momota back in his prime. And he is only 20 years old. His future is definitely bright.
ShuttleStock Hace un año
True definitely he's in his prime
Annesh B
Annesh B Hace un año
I thought same during watching this match, his defensive style like momota
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma Hace un año
But he is not consistent
Adm Musicc
Adm Musicc Hace un año
One of the best defense I have seen in a while. One of the only players I have seen give back the steep smashes of Victor back to his side consistently.
Shalini Verma
Shalini Verma Hace 2 meses
Lakshya defends like the great LCW. Hope he reaches heights of success in his career ❤
Juspreet Sandhu
Juspreet Sandhu Hace un año
It is wonderful to see Lakshya steadily continue to show his potential and keep increasing his performance in clutch situations in the match - He mentioned in an earlier video that he has been working on defense and different game styles to complement his natural attacking style which he preferred when he was young, thereby trying to become a complete player. Given his wonderful footwork and agility, this is paying dividend with his strong mentality and quick thinking under pressure. Congratulations! Great match, and a great show by the defending champion Lee Zee Jia too!
CoolNumber1 Hace un año
He play like LCW lol this Laksya. Which is Viktor or tall players weakness. LCW always destroyed Viktor head to head.
NUR Muhammad
NUR Muhammad Hace un año
@CoolNumber1 but sadly defeated by victor
bharat Hace un año
@CoolNumber1 Victor is an amazing attacking player..need to be at their best to beat him when Victor's attacking game come's together..
karthik gorige
karthik gorige Hace un año
He is not attacking player
Extra News
Extra News Hace un año
Both played world class, but at the end Lakhsya, , able to reach his Lakshya 🇮🇳 ❤️ u Lakhsya, we are proud of you , jai hind 🙏🏻
Phyzic Hace 3 meses
bad joke bro
Utkarsh Awasthi
Utkarsh Awasthi Hace un mes
​@Phyzicyea badhoke for you mate😂😂
Elmar Grüber
Elmar Grüber Hace un año
An impressive performance from both players. Out of this world in parts.
Jatin Soni
Jatin Soni Hace un año
Love the croud! They cheered for both the players almost equally. Great to see!
Chye Heng
Chye Heng Hace un año
One of the great matches of recent generations. Attacks and defenses on great display. Sick of Momota’s control, defense, bet and everything but almost zero smashes. This match shows a great example how youngsters should play to their advantage.
RongRongie Hace un año
Laksya Sen got the most stable defensive playing style I have seen so far..He's so calm and collected..and he's only 20 years old can you imagine..What a future for him..Great match though feel little bit sorry for zii jia but both have been amazing..
CoolNumber1 Hace un año
Not really, if u reached your peak at 20 years old, u wont improve anymore lmao, you only able to maintain it at this point. Is like playing video games, once you reached max level, u wont level up anymore. The same because Human have limit.
Jan P
Jan P Hace un año
Haven’t you seen Momota play?
RongRongie Hace un año
Momota's good when he's at his best.
Jan P
Jan P Hace un año
@RongRongie At his best he was untouchable, not even Viktor could beat him. Just look at the record against Viktor, in 2021 it was 14-1. I'm not sure if Momota will get to that level after Covid and his traffic accident, but I hope he will recover fully and gain back his confidence.
RongRongie Hace un año
@Jan P I'm a fan of momota also..and yeah he was invincible at that time..Really hope he can somewhat find his form again.
Zzz Zzzz
Zzz Zzzz Hace un año
I love how Sen kept the hopes of the partial commentators alive just to crush them eventually.
K D Hace un año
Sen is so stable in his defense and neutral shots.
Shashwat Dwivedi
Shashwat Dwivedi Hace un año
What an amazing player! Outstanding defense and amazing attacks. All the best for finals
Channa Laleen
Channa Laleen Hace un año
What match !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the Best Lakshya what a speedy player from IND after a while !!! hard luck Lee well played !!!!
Jan Piter PS
Jan Piter PS Hace un año
I don't know why but I was supporting Sen and happy he won it... there was something about Lee's gesture that made me feel more comfortable to support Sen 👍😁
Archie Ysip
Archie Ysip Hace un año
Couldn’t agree more 👍
Kid’s Health
Kid’s Health Hace un año
What a great match by 2 great young budding sports persons. Sure, we are gonna see such great matches in the future.
rudhir bhaskar
rudhir bhaskar Hace un año
Coming here after CWG 2022, this guy is another level, solid defense mechanism with so much of agility round the court.
Mehul Jain
Mehul Jain Hace un año
What a match! Congratulations to both the players!
Sean Yiu
Sean Yiu Hace un año
Congrats to Lashya Sen. Lee Zii Jia did well but he has lots of room to improve. Mainly in relative lack of deception. He has improved compared to even 3 months ago (probably due to Wijaya) in some misdirection by net cross court and turning racket to opposite direction of shuttle to the opponent's "no mand's land".. However he can add more double or triple racket deception at net. I only saw one try against Momota to good effect. WIthout more deception, his opponents keep on anticipating high lifts and and have too much time to anchor for offensive shots. His defense is good but under sustained attack, it will break and we saw that in this match. He can also improve on sliced downward shots from his left side when he going to same side. He missed a lot of them in this match.
murali murali
murali murali Hace un año
indian player got lucky day
Aniket Verma
Aniket Verma Hace un año
@murali murali lol what
LordOfNothing Hace un año
What a bloke! I feel like working harder in my own profession looking at this guy. What an inspiration!
May Solechin Morel
May Solechin Morel Hace un año
What a match! I'm rooting for you from now on Sen. New fan here :) Stay humble
Sharon Minaqueen
Sharon Minaqueen Hace un año
Same here 💕
Laura Lee
Laura Lee Hace un año
Same here too ❤️
Dattraj Suryawanshi
Dattraj Suryawanshi Hace un año
Thanks 🙏
channel name
channel name Hace un año
@Dattraj Suryawanshi u lakshya? 🤣
Dattraj Suryawanshi
Dattraj Suryawanshi Hace un año
@channel name what
NNAZ Hace un año
Congrats to both players. And for Lee Zii Jia, thank you for your hardwork, your gameplay always amazed me. You nearly won but no luck. U fought every match really hard and advantage for lakshya he got 1 day rest. Comeback really stonger because i know you will. To Lakshya, go get the title bcs u deserved it🔥🔥❤️❤️
Bharath gowda
Bharath gowda Hace un año
Cross court smash and net play from Lakshy sen is Badass 🔥🔥
Ss Rr
Ss Rr Hace un año
Brilliant, intelligently played by Lakshay Sen. A sensetional incredible match.💪🎯🇮🇳🙏
Rajan Vyas
Rajan Vyas Hace un año
We must shake hands 🤝 before we celebrate!! Great advice and true across all sports!! Victories are temporary on the road of life !!
Laura Lee
Laura Lee Hace un año
SEN..You are now on the list of one of my favorite players. Keep it up and be humble🤩
171_Indranil Dutta
171_Indranil Dutta Hace 8 meses
@Responsibilities he is cute too
M Gopal
M Gopal Hace un año
Two great players and what a great game. Lee got a little bit confident in the middle game and underestimated Sen's defense, especially after he was finger waving after a point etc. Sen remained cool and conserved energy. ITS NOT OVER UNTIL ITS OVER folks. Next
SirChocula Hace un año
Sen is hungry!!! You can see it in his eyes. Quiet determination on the exterior but a deep deep fire burning on the inside! That's what's needed of a potential champion! :D
Lee Shen
Lee Shen Hace un año
Though lost, Lee Z J has potential in future as long as he can improve psychologically his stability and sustainability.
Rachit bharti
Rachit bharti Hace un año
phenomenal performance by SEN
AlphaOmega Hace un año
it's okay lee zii jia , it was a close match, even though you lost you entertained us and i am proud of your gameplay, just continue with being consistent with your current form as that will make you powerful.
Vicky Vicky
Vicky Vicky Hace un año
I rooted for both..i get excited when any one of them scored point and frustrated when any one of them lose a point! What an amazing game it was!
Rohayah Rani
Rohayah Rani Hace un año
One thing for sure..who ever played against LZJ,the crowd surely will enjoy it!very entertaining and heart pumping match!👏👏👏
Akhil Hace un año
Well the commentator is not aware of the fact that Lakshya hails from Almora which lies at an altitude of 3000m above sea level. He has the stamina to last long a god gift i would say
M.C Hace un año
Dude, not everyone knows where Almora is and its altitude and the effect of its geography to the stamina. Chill. But thankyou for the funfact.
Juspreet Sandhu
Juspreet Sandhu Hace un año
The commentators are not from India, so that's unreasonable to say. You can only reasonably expect us Indians to know where Almora is and the fact that living at high altitude in the Himalaya means one's legs and lungs need to adapt to the conditions. Relax.
Akhil Hace un año
@M.C No Gillian Clarke knows this, that's why she is the best commentator among the rest but pity she will be in evening session
Sumit Adhikari
Sumit Adhikari Hace un año
At height of hills lung capacity and leg strength is exceptional
M.C Hace un año
@Akhil ok, nice info. Now show me the video of proof. And still, i'll keep saying that not every good comentator will notice what the effects of one's birthplace to the body~~
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard Hace un año
Lakshya Sen just showed heart and played better. Congrats India
Santhu Hace un año
Redbull India
Redbull India Hace 10 meses
whole match i feel like I'm watching lee chong wei vs lin dan Match...Lakshya Sen is Pride of India...Less Mistake Fun to Watch goosebumps🇮🇳
Manoj B K
Manoj B K Hace 10 meses
So much attitude from lee zii jia after winning a point and it is killing him in either way. Look at how Lee chong wei was so calm throught the game and certainly it was treat to watch him play. Lakshya is the new rising star of India, beware of him, he can be fatal at any point of time.
min Hace un año
We are so proud of you Zii Jia. You’ve done your best WHAT A PERFORMANCE. SUPERB..! WHAT A FIGHT. THANK YOU FOR THE FIGHT JIA 🦾🦾🇲🇾💕
Harale Yash
Harale Yash Hace 11 meses
Mark my word he will bring India a Olympic gold 💥
Renjith Raj
Renjith Raj Hace un año
What a performer... both were amazing... congrats Sen.
JACK HIEW Hace un año
lakshya sen is in his prime currently but this match he is having an advantage cause he had a rest day b4 that and lee zii jia face momota in the previous match.But this match was a really close match❤❤❤
RiCh Hace un año
Damn.. what a breathtaking match!🙏🏻
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Wow this was so awesome! Like the Final instead of the semifinal 😄
Vishwarajsinh Zala
Vishwarajsinh Zala Hace un año
1:16:55 ganpati Bappa Morya ❤️ gave me goosebumps
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Hace un año
And the smash after it 💥🔥
masaki s
masaki s Hace un año
Laksya Sen,thank you for your great play!
The WAnderer
The WAnderer Hace un año
Extremely. Both players. Delightful to watch. What a competitive match
_hell_raiser___ Hace un año
Commentators giving all lakshyas opponents the win , what a 💥
D A R C K i🔪
D A R C K i🔪 Hace un año
What a amazing match,,, both sen Brothers are gem for india
Amit Bartwal
Amit Bartwal Hace un año
sen always has an attitude of never giving up till match point 💁🏻‍♂️
P.... Hace 4 meses
What a match by lakshya shen 🎉🎉🤩
long luc
long luc Hace un año
Chúc mừng Sen. Quá hay quá bản lĩnh
Ravi Jeetun
Ravi Jeetun Hace un año
the third match was like two boxers punching each other really hard with the one with greater stamina winning although Lee zee ziz was the most powerful
Pak Ngah Banting
Pak Ngah Banting Hace un año
Sensational from LS. Genius. Good defensive. Bright future. LZ do a lot off unforce error.
uttam mor
uttam mor Hace un año
although LZJ's smashes are dominated but lakshay's presence of mind and passiveness directed him to win last couple of rally . both are very good players hoping their another face to face in world championship . 🤝
GM Hace un año
Lee had the best fist-pumping, full of arrogance, but Sen was the best player. Good.
Ainafarissya Farhan
Ainafarissya Farhan Hace un año
Anggga Hace un año
Menang baru sombong, belum menang sudah sombong 🤣
Steven Arvelino
Steven Arvelino Hace un año
Pemain sombong takkan pernah dapat respek
Muhamad Syukron Ali
Muhamad Syukron Ali Hace un año
Siddharth V
Siddharth V Hace un año
Captain? Captain of arrogancy?
Himanishah Miss Dancer😎
42:54 What a smash by Lee zii jia😍😍😍 and look at his expression!!!😃😃 He didn't even followed up! like that's a missile not gonna come back!!😎😎😎 Wonderful
Jatin Soni
Jatin Soni Hace un año
Umpire is insane. A 20 y o has just booked a final in All England, i think you should have warned him if he had not celebrated the way he did, not the other way.
Syed Shoaib
Syed Shoaib Hace un año
Axelsen did the same tonight against Chou Tien and the umpire said nothing 🙄so it seems to be accepted widely… this umpire was just eager to have a word every now and then 👮🏻‍♂️ meh
Archie Ysip
Archie Ysip Hace un año
and he should’ve said those words with his microphone “off” .. the hell he wanted Lakshya to do, turn he’s back off when his coach’s in front of him? Massive Felicitations Lakshya Sen.. you deserve to be in the finals.. BEST OF LUCK 🙏
Aspirant Hace un año
@Syed Shoaib partiality always
CS CS Hace un año
Just seen Game #1 ), couldn't help but notice. One of the commentators is quite biased against Lakshya, quite annoyingly so. "No doubt Lakshya is frustrating Lee, getting shots back "some" of them with good quality" ...it's called outplaying your opponent. Lee lost game #1 at 13 "Between the two Lee has a much better attack", Lakshya has a world beating attack, he just has a near impenetrable defense, hes just a better rounded player. "....if he has to play among the big boys.." lol, he's not playing among them, he is beating them hollow "If it's a physical battle, Lee has a clear advantage.." hahaha Lee is stalling and taking "strategic" reviews just to catch his breath, Lakshya is calm and composed. Silly commentator, Lakshya made him eat his "expert" words, way to go!! I still have to watch the rest of the games!
Sam Hace un año
Lee Z J has very good and powerful skills, but I think he has a concentration problem and mentally he is not strong enough. Pitty he lost the match when he was 4 points ahead on the third set.
Bui Quang Minh
Bui Quang Minh Hace un año
newbro Hace un año
I am not trying to be racist, but seems a lot of Malaysian players have the tendency of showboating, which maybe a contributing factor of the concentration problem that you speak of.
Aarshit• Singh
Aarshit• Singh Hace un año
@newbro you know lee chong wei?????
newbro Hace un año
@Aarshit• Singh Of course I do, LCW loves to showboat as well. Read my post carefully, I said a lot of Malaysian players, not ALL.
Pragati Singh
Pragati Singh Hace un año
Don’t make excuses. It’s pathetic.
Chamgaipou Phaomei
Chamgaipou Phaomei Hace un año
Anil kumar D
Anil kumar D Hace un año
Soo Matured game and attitude by Lakshya sen....New champion....!
Subhra Robin Bhaumik
After following lakshya playing style I'm sure he is a strong follower of LIN DAN the legend.... I find his court movement is very similar to LIN DAN...
edward Hace un año
What a cracker of match this was🔥🔥🔥
Rosli Romasa Rms
Rosli Romasa Rms Hace un año
Great play by both player from this generation... Happy greeting from Malaysian fans here... Subhanallah...
KillerTacos Hace un año
Lakshya Sen is on FIRE!!!
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar Hace un año
1:15:32 this was crucial point taken by L. Sen
INFO INDIA Hace un año
Just 19 years old man wow.... What a player 🇮🇳
Chye Heng
Chye Heng Hace un año
When LzJ was leading at 16 to 13, he was playing it safe. He paid the price at the end,
Adam Mustafakamal
Adam Mustafakamal Hace un año
People that thinks Zii Jia is too arrogant clearly can't read the game beyond the physical display. For what it's worth I believe he was just trying to stay calm and not get too excited to put pressure onto the opponent as too much excitement will lead to mistakes even further. Tactically speaking there was 1 or maybe 2 times where Zii Jia caught Lakshya completely off guard in the net area around after 16 points. But surely enough he made many unbearable unforced errors. Tough luck as he was trying to play safe but fortune favors the bold and in this match, Lakshya displayed just that. Props to Lakshya on his victory and come back tactically better Zii Jia.
Rose Dawson
Rose Dawson Hace un año
He is arrogant
NNAZ Hace un año
@Rose Dawson mind to share which part?
Archie Ysip
Archie Ysip Hace un año
@Rose Dawson couldn’t agree more.
Archie Ysip
Archie Ysip Hace un año
@NNAZ here are some .. @ 1:13:05 and @ 1:16:50 .. I have the still photos if you want them!
Laura Lee
Laura Lee Hace un año
@NNAZ From his body language already can see.
Keshav Anand
Keshav Anand Hace un año
Future superstars lakshya, lee, LKY and kunavlut. Asia 💪
NNAZ Hace un año
Daddy lky seems declining after won big title but not suprised. Lee zii jia has been there after he won AE last year and now he’s improving. Overall, lky’s gameplay still good but not enough. Give him time to prove himself
Jayadev Sitaraman
Jayadev Sitaraman Hace 16 días
Lakshya is the real OG🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
VISHESH B Hace un año
Sen doing all the right movement at the moment. Once he grows up his smashing will improve...he is just 20..
Amit Ram Dubey
Amit Ram Dubey Hace un año
Lakhya is going to be no. player in the world soon ! what a game what a player is lalshy sen
jeonsa Hace un año
Idk why but I rooted for lzj from the start. There’s just some people that catch my eye and remain in my mind for a long timeee. And no matter what the odds, I just root for em ALWAYSSS
A Bit Fun
A Bit Fun Hace un año
L Sen Well done well played... wish you all the best for your future.
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry Hace un año
Superb Indian player... Congratulations.... keep going
Nangbia Jyoti
Nangbia Jyoti Hace un año
lakshya sen is an aggressive player. I like his playing style...keep it up brovo....
Pramod Mehta
Pramod Mehta Hace un año
Gyanaranjan Mahanta
Gyanaranjan Mahanta Hace un año
That umpire is some serious 'Badas*' Anyways, Congratulations Lakshya❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳
Damekit Pynkhlong
Damekit Pynkhlong Hace un año
Very good lakshya sen. Keep growing.
Malli Anumula
Malli Anumula Hace un año
1.15.45 :) match turning point .. both gave their best .. gr8 match
After seen the match I want to say just one thing..what aaaaa match..
Madhavi Gunnala
Madhavi Gunnala Hace un año
Laksha SEn is too good !!
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof Hace un año
47:13 incredible rally
Madhu Yadali
Madhu Yadali Hace un año
Congratulations 🎊 Lakshya sen!!!
Andrew Charles
Andrew Charles Hace un año
L Sen simply outsmarted LZJ in this semi final encounter. At the start of the match, nobody would have given the Indian a ghost of a chance as on paper, he virtually was 2nd best in every department..i.e..height, defence, smashes, net play...etc. So how then did he beat Lee with all this statistics against him? Simple.....fitness, determination and patience. When an athlete's fitness is suspect, he will tend to lose out on longer rallies, because he will be more prone to errors by trying to end the rally with a winner. That was what happen to Lee. Period. L Sen played all his cards well and Lee fell into a trap which he never recovered from. Even though Sen is very much younger then Lee, he displayed a far more matured performance then Lee. Congrats.
Phạm Kim
Phạm Kim Hace un año
In this match, Sen player better than Lee. I admit. But not “far more matured”. …….
Pragati Singh
Pragati Singh Hace un año
@Phạm Kim cry more 😭
Phạm Kim
Phạm Kim Hace un año
@Pragati Singh??? What do you mean ?
SHB Hace un año
I would say Sen was Zen in this match!!
Abhi Nahi Banna
Abhi Nahi Banna Hace un año
He will be headache for men's singles top 10 players in upcoming years like in women's catagory An se young
Hoang186 Pham
Hoang186 Pham Hace un año
Both are good. Sen has similarities with Rafael Nadal Nadal "tennis "
Himanishah Miss Dancer😎
1:17:02 Eye catching smash from Lakshya😲😲😲🤒🤒🤧🤧
Frozz Way
Frozz Way Hace un año
Lakshya Sen, that is INCREDIBLE!
Arrella Srinivas
Arrella Srinivas Hace un año
Superb play of lakshya sen, superb superb
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof Hace un año
1:17:05 excellent shot at the r8 time
Subham Goyal
Subham Goyal Hace un año
And Sen got adrenaline at 1:16:57 😂😂 For other let me tell you that someone chanted Hindus god name😂
Faisal Raja
Faisal Raja Hace 9 meses
Welldon ZindaAbad sen many many congratulations 👏👏👏
HAPPY LIFE Hace 8 meses
56:12 longest rally of the match
Nihar Ranjan
Nihar Ranjan Hace un año
Loved our infian crowd. Lovely. Ham log jahan jate hai chaa jate hai. Najar na lage kisiki. Touchwood
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof Hace un año
1:19:28 the match could have finished at this pt if Lekshya finished it
b-dash Hace un año
lee ji zia - i will only do superman shot so that public and commentary goes gaga over that shot but can't win the game 😅 sen- i will play my normal game and will win the game . 😄
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj Hace un año
lakhya sen a future star