YONEX All England Open 2023 | Li Shi Feng (CHN) vs. Shi Yu Qi (CHN) | F 

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YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2023 | Super 1000
Men's Singles | Finals
Li Shi Feng (CHN) vs. Shi Yu Qi (CHN)
#BWFWorldTour #AllEngland2023
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18 mar 2023






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Andrew Cannon
Andrew Cannon Hace 6 meses
the amazing part is Li Shi Feng had barely 18 hours of rest after playing a late 3 game SF match against Anders Antonsen last night
BadmintonBites Hace 6 meses
Incredible tournament for Li Shi Feng!! He didn't look nervous at all when playing despite it being his first All England and he had some clutch wins. Perhaps we are seeing the rise of the next new superstar? Also a great tournament for Shi Yu Qi. It's too bad his form broke down in the 2nd game.
Aks Hace 4 meses
Who was the old superstar?
BadmintonBites Hace 4 meses
@Aks Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei was also a super star but often lost to Lin Dan in major events. More recently, Viktor Axelsen has been the men's singles star as world number 1.
greybo Hace 23 días
​@BadmintonBites18-20 belonged to momota he was absolutely unstoppable chou tien chen and shi yuqi were the only 2 who got close to him and Viktor during the end of 2019
Stuart Strachan
Stuart Strachan Hace 6 meses
Great win for Li Shi Feng, especially after making the German Open final. I haven't seen much of him but he looks a pretty complete player. His footwork and movement is fantastic, much better than most of the top 10/20 players and he has speed, a strong attack and solid defence. Shi Yu Qi seemed to give up in the second game - maybe he had nothing left as I don't think he is in the best condition atm.
Tray Tyler
Tray Tyler Hace 6 meses
The second game was a murder lmaoo
Dmitriy Sintsov
Dmitriy Sintsov Hace 6 meses
Loh Kean Yew footwork is like breeze, but he does not always win, perhaps something else matters as well.
Stuart Strachan
Stuart Strachan Hace 6 meses
@Dmitriy Sintsov shot selection, shot quality and unforced errors count. He suffers a bit like Ginting. Too many errors, going for the wrong shot (impatient).
Chye Heng
Chye Heng Hace 6 meses
I really like how calm was Li Shi Feng in his game. Great precise efficient movemnet and powerful attacking play
1 Joy of Life
1 Joy of Life Hace 6 meses
This is a very well-deserved title for the amazing youngster. LSF is a complete package: skill, speed, lightness of his movement, agility, stamina and power. Gill Clark aptly likened him to a gazelle😊 He has great coverage of the court, nearly air-tight defence, impressive netplay, sudden, aggressive and powerful smashes. These, plus his maturity, calm, level-headed and collected demeanor will surely bring him future success. BTW I don't think 2nd game was fixed. SYQ was simply tapped out, evidenced by his laboured breathing at end of game 1. After so many near-hit misses, maybe he realized "It's just not my day today". He is only human. That said, SYQ did amazingly well until today - winning all matches in straight games👍
Must.Af.aalik Hace 6 meses
Well said!!!Why would they fix the result; surely not with the prize money offered.
Kelly Hace 6 meses
. Shi said he had made too many errors to catch up in the second game. I was rooting for him in the 1st game. It is not easy to reach to the final. He should get encouragement instead of criticism
Fireshow Hace 6 meses
SYQ was doing lots of smashes in the first set to try to win. But it didn't work very well because Li is playing superb defense. In game 2, SYQ just ran out of gas😩. Hence the lopsided scoreline of 21-5.
Kelly Hace 6 meses
. Congrats Li ... 2 finals in 2 weeks Congrats Shi for reaching the final 1st game was amazing
Flanker Hace 6 meses
Congrats to Li Shi Feng🎉 Hope this 🥇is just a beginning of your career achievement. Soooo happy to hear Super Dan's name again in All England final😭
Shadyvoid Hace 6 meses
because he is super dan successor😁
Lucas Hamilton
Lucas Hamilton Hace 6 meses
@Dan Lagi LSF mentioned LD as his hero at the interview.
Liev Uy
Liev Uy Hace 6 meses
AE debut and straight crowned as the champion. Congrats LSF!
BETA - Badminton Project
If LSF had said LD and then also, LCW, it would have been super awesome! Even super super awesome if he had mentioned the 4 kings but LD alone is good enough for this All England lah! ;-)
josephine888 Hace 6 meses
SYQ needs to figure out how to improve his stamina and also not to mentally give up when things get tough. He could totally have won here.
risistor318 Hace 5 meses
SYQ definitely could’ve made a comeback! But he just gave up. WHY!??? So disappointed with how the match turned out 🥺
Eth4n Hace 4 meses
​@risistor318 You shouldn't be surprised lol, after all he is the guy who wanted to retire after trailing 20-5 against kento momota
S L Hace 3 meses
It is fixed .Chinese players often fix matches when they play each other. It was so obvious that it was fixed.
lovely homes
lovely homes Hace 6 meses
I believe LSF will have a bright future. He is calm, strong, moving fast, quick reaction and much better control. SYQ is really tired 😀
SwazzerProductions Hace 6 meses
A new star from China has arisen! Congratulations Li Shi Feng!
Thinker Hace 6 meses
恭喜李诗沣。赢得生涯第一个Super1000.也祝贺石宇奇伤后重回巅峰,翁泓阳也要加油! 中国队未来看好李诗沣和翁泓阳!
Jinming Sun
Jinming Sun Hace 6 meses
His calmness and maturity are unusual for player of his age and experience.
Couchy Dragon
Couchy Dragon Hace 6 meses
Very modest champion hopes his new fans will continue to support the Chinese team. It is now very competitive to win and remain on top. All the players, new and old, are evenly matched in skills to create a tournament upset. It’s just a matter of form and luck of the draw, to clinch the title.
Hrishiraj Gogoi
Hrishiraj Gogoi Hace 5 meses
I feel like Shi yuqi just gave up in 2nd game,how can he make so much unforced error that's unbelievable,and feels like intentional.But it's the final of All england,why he didn't gave a fight to Li shi feng and let him win it so easily,I really don't understand what gone through his mind at that time.
Meander Myself
Meander Myself Hace 6 meses
Shi yuqi had nothing in the tank. He looked flat for most of game 1 but used his experience to try and win game 1 without expending a huge physical effort, but got pegged back and was forced to step it up and go all-out for it, which he finally lost anyway. Second set was a rout. i don't remember as quick a loss in a 2nd game. I guess we've been spoiled by so many great finals, this one was a bit underwhelming. Shi is probably the better player, but his current fitness level is not 100% yet.
Kat Hace 5 meses
Li Shi Feng is the new star from China - fabulous player..
Shadyvoid Hace 6 meses
oh my god What a strong mentality shown by Li, A new star is officially born. But that second game i was devasted and happy at the same time 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️😁😁
daxia Hace 6 meses
Good job ShiFeng!!! Amazing...
Lahiru Paranamana
Lahiru Paranamana Hace 6 meses
Shi Yuqi admittedly is in great form given the scalps he took this tournament. However there’s no player I’d like to see lose more than him after the unsportsmanlike conduct incident many moons ago. Surprised he didn’t retire in game 2.
Rahul Vijayakrishnan
What incident are you talking about?
Timothy Lu
Timothy Lu Hace 6 meses
@Rahul Vijayakrishnan a while ago he was banned from competing by chinese team because he retired at game point (20-5) against momota. His reason was “i didnt want to lose”
risistor318 Hace 5 meses
I am so disappointed that Shi Yu Qi just gave up in that last game. What the heck!??? Yes, he lost the first game but he played amazingly well! He could’ve definitely made a comeback in the second game but just decided to give up. WHY!!??? 😭 Such a disservice to his opponent as well. No one likes to win because of an injured opponent or when they just give up. A win is still a win though. Well done to LSF, especially after that epic game the day before against Antonsen 👍
呐喊 Hace 2 meses
Rubens Agaatsz
Rubens Agaatsz Hace 6 meses
Congratulations Li Shi Feng ✊✊💪
Sanjeev Sharma
Sanjeev Sharma Hace 6 meses
Yu Qi was injured, but still gave a great fight!
josephine888 Hace 6 meses
Was he injured? I dint hear anything about that
Harbour Hace 6 meses
@josephine888 maybe he wanna say shi yuqi's injury 2y ago? that really affects shi until now
Martin Červeň
Martin Červeň Hace 6 meses
How can he play with nails like that 😨 42:48 😰 That is surely more impressive than winning title 🤣
Badminton Generation
Good observation! No idea why he didn't clip it.
Happycat Hace 6 meses
I wondered the same. But I think there gotta be a reason for that, though I can’t think of one. maybe they were not even nails.
Nathen Hace 6 meses
Li‘s toe is injured
Fresh Off Da Boat
Fresh Off Da Boat Hace 6 meses
Having nails like that helps with the bounce from the ground. It helps me anyway.
Martin Červeň
Martin Červeň Hace 6 meses
@Fresh Off Da Boat of course 😂 the longer the nail, the more bounce you get, just like a spring 😮
XvvxvvxvvX Hace 6 meses
56:08 holy jesus that is incredible
george li
george li Hace 6 meses
I thought SHI YQ will leave the game once again after trailing from 20-5.. but this time he didn't
LaGGing Productions
LaGGing Productions Hace 6 meses
He learnt from last time
Happycat Hace 6 meses
@LaGGing Productions he is much more humble this time. He congrats LSF with smile in his face and bows to the audience for supporting
LaGGing Productions
LaGGing Productions Hace 6 meses
@Happycat that's great
lalala Fu
lalala Fu Hace 6 meses
Na SYQ had last time in Thomas Cup conflict with his former coach on the court, who didn't allowed him to retire despite his injury. So Shi quitted at match point as a resistance. No doubt that such a behavior is childish and disrespectful to Momota, but the main fault should count by the coach team.
Lucy Li
Lucy Li Hace 6 meses
Maybe SYQ was injured again, and he couldn’t deliver a normal 2nd game, couldn’t retire either… strange game
我想静静 Hace 6 meses
Cloudo Hace 6 meses
LSF is a complete package just like the young version of lindan. His mental strength is not as good but he will improve with time I think.
Dan Lagi
Dan Lagi Hace 6 meses
Hope So
1 Joy of Life
1 Joy of Life Hace 6 meses
Li Shi Feng - 玉面杀手, a mega star is born👍👍👍
Genguise Hace 6 meses
I think game 2 was a fix, watching it live at the stadium was bizarre, he went from confidently holding his own to suddenly being shit and then losing 21-5
Lucas Hamilton
Lucas Hamilton Hace 6 meses
The Minions even lost 18-21, 3-21 to Endo/Watanabe at Asian Championships final.🙄🙄
Timmy Hace 6 meses
He could have been to harsh In himself for losing the first
Hui L
Hui L Hace 6 meses
qi smash a lot in the first round, could be lost of stamina too
happyyuppie Hace 6 meses
it's pretty obvious that SYQ was running out of gas near the end of game 1.
molie987 Hace 6 meses
Hasn't that occurred frequently in the past, when someone expended all their stamina in the first set?
Huhuplert Hace 6 meses
Scared for lee zii jia now in swiss open. Playing lsf in r32 😭
Vishwap Sengar
Vishwap Sengar Hace 5 meses
Great match
huy hoang
huy hoang Hace 6 meses
A new star from China. I think now he can defeat Axelsen and Lee Zii Jia
Lucas Hamilton
Lucas Hamilton Hace 6 meses
He defeated LZJ at India Open 2 months ago.
JMUDoc Hace 6 meses
Shi should have defaulted at 20-5.
swish nz
swish nz Hace 6 meses
Feel like even li felt bad about shi yu qis performance in the 2nd set
firefoxx1812 Hace 6 meses
Looks like a fixed match by China TBH, a realy good close first game and then give the win to the new guy to get another name in the History books.
AOA 8 Hace 6 meses
Shi YuQi never learnt what sportsmanship is about, withdrew from the match at the last point, and now didn't try to play as a pro for the last game, with no respect for his opponent and the game! A big shame for the team!
Dean Jin
Dean Jin Hace 6 meses
How come a runner up is a big shame?
Dean Jin
Dean Jin Hace 6 meses
@Shadyvoid Then how could he be runner up?
Dean Jin
Dean Jin Hace 6 meses
@Shadyvoid He went all the way to AllEngland final by natural talent? Only lost to one guy so he didn't make effort, no spirit and give up?
Kelly Hace 5 meses
​@Dean Jin Great comments 👍
Thị Hằng Trần
Thị Hằng Trần Hace 6 meses
New star from china! Li shi Feng...number one!!!
Shii Shin Chiu
Shii Shin Chiu Hace un mes
Shi Yu Qi, is not consistent. He can get a good lead and then lose it all away in a flash. That's his issue.
LitJacky Hace 2 meses
Chen Yu fei losing is rough one
Lovesyoutube Hace 4 meses
Can someone pass a message to Li to not take off his shirt when he wins - it’s not an in thing anymore. Enjoyed watching him play until the shirt comes off. Not needed. He’s good and he’s good. No need to try to let everyone know he’s the second Lin Dan.
jammiedodger235 Hace 6 meses
Game 2 seems very fixed, like it was intentionally thrown from Shi, as if someone had told him to throw
whatdouknow zilch
whatdouknow zilch Hace 6 meses
when did that "someone" tell him to throw the game?
Anshu Kujur
Anshu Kujur Hace 5 meses
One is student of lin dan and one is student of lee chong wei with the power smashes🤐 just cant get over with their retirement ....
李蔚 Hace 6 meses
Dan Lagi
Dan Lagi Hace 6 meses
Great Comment
Shadyvoid Hace 6 meses
Hou Jason
Hou Jason Hace 6 meses
GM Hace 6 meses
So glad Shi lost, as I sat in the arena a few days ago and watched Weng and Shi play yet another fixed match. Neither of them played with any effort, they both made dozens of unforced errors, lots of 5-7 shot points, it was terrible to witness, the typical chicom inter-squad cheating, they should be banned. Interestingly, looks like LZJ has been bought out, paid to lose to chicoms, just like LCW was all through his career, throwing all the major titles to Lin Dan. Such a crooked sport, infested with snakes and cheats.
Sean Wang
Sean Wang Hace 6 meses
Snakes and cheats, such as the one I am replying to right now.
S L Hace 3 meses
Fixed as usual
Jack Curtis
Jack Curtis Hace 6 meses
That was anticlimactic 😕
Anh Tú
Anh Tú Hace 6 meses
Từ cuối s1 thấy Shi đánh hỏng nhiều quá
Game Vui
Game Vui Hace 6 meses
Li Shi Feng 3 năm trước còn đánh thua Tiến Minh Nguyễn mà năm nay vô địch All Eghland rồi 😮
Dan Lagi
Dan Lagi Hace 6 meses
Tien ?
95thRiflesOCI Hace 6 meses
Shi Yu Qi was trolling
Bill L
Bill L Hace 6 meses
I just enjoyed Shi losing.
Pierò Qiu
Pierò Qiu Hace 5 meses
Đức Cháu
Đức Cháu Hace 6 meses
Games 1 is good but games 2...just...🙃🙃🙃
Rubens Agaatsz
Rubens Agaatsz Hace 6 meses
'Robot' SHI YQ > KO 😁😁
王小凌 Hace 5 meses
Ch Erb
Ch Erb Hace 6 meses
why choosing the translator that can not translate very well. there's 1 billion chinese people. how on earth such a big tournament can't find someone who is fluent both mandarin and english.
Bui Trang
Bui Trang Hace 5 meses
Trung Quốc luôn sản sinh ra các tay vợ xuất sắc
Việt Hùng Bùi
Việt Hùng Bùi Hace 6 meses
ッAlexander Hace 6 meses
absolutely insane first game but syq needs to work on stamina and mental for when he cant win in straight games
Zoey Meng
Zoey Meng Hace 6 meses
Tan Andrew
Tan Andrew Hace 6 meses
Sports Lover
Sports Lover Hace 6 meses
Shi Yu Qi do not have sports ethics , he deserve loosing.
gundam zaku
gundam zaku Hace 3 meses
to the commentator who said someone would benefit from the pandemic, that's quite a tone-deaf comment!!!
王小凌 Hace 5 meses
Ashraf Hossain
Ashraf Hossain Hace 6 meses
Will you be sai brahma's wife?
Mr Keep183
Mr Keep183 Hace 6 meses
Lam ơn tiwnh ah
Urban George
Urban George Hace 6 meses
New star but to late. This copy cat will maybe get couple of years of semi- success
Zhang Ray
Zhang Ray Hace 2 meses
Great game to both. Shi just run out of energy and morale at the second game.
Lucas Pogi
Lucas Pogi Hace 6 meses
Vincent Hace 6 meses
Lucas Pogi
Lucas Pogi Hace 6 meses
@Vincent 翻译确实太烂,一句话都能漏半句,自己按自己理解改词,太不专业了。
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