YONEX All England Open 2023 | Mairs/Moore (ENG) vs. Kim/Jeong (KOR) | R32 

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YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2023 | Super 1000
Mixed Doubles | Round of 32
Mairs/Moore (ENG) vs. Kim/Jeong (KOR)
#BWFWorldTour #AllEngland2023
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14 mar 2023






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Badminton Insight
Badminton Insight Hace 6 meses
😢 Thanks for the support everyone we really appreciate it!
Diabetus Maximus
Diabetus Maximus Hace 6 meses
Great effort guys, we all saw you can perform wonderfully when in your comfort zone(amazing first set). Might be good to work on the mental side of things, so you can keep performing well under any pressure/stress.
Earl Marion
Earl Marion Hace 6 meses
I’ll be waiting till you reach the top. You can do it :) hope to see you around UK
Andriy Pobigun
Andriy Pobigun Hace 6 meses
1 set game and start of 3rd is champions game, you can definitely, waiting for your victories!!!
Vincent Su
Vincent Su Hace 6 meses
I do not know why, maybe because of your ESvid channel, I love you guys a lot. It's so sad to watch one of my favourite pairs losing. However, tomorrow is another day. Donot lose heart. ❤
MrArtyPants Hace 6 meses
Hang in there guys!
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher Hace 6 meses
That third game hurts :( I really thought Greg and Jenny would make it through, but the Koreans really came back strong.
Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong Hace 5 meses
For real, I got emotional at the end
Tom Gravett
Tom Gravett Hace 6 meses
Could tell how absolutely gutted Greg and Jenny were to lose that third game, having been 14-5 up. They were on the "bad" side of the court for the last half game and unfortunately I think they lost the psychological/mental battle. That must hurt 😯 Come back stronger next time guys 👍
MrArtyPants Hace 6 meses
I feel awful for them, that was just such an upsetting way to go out. I really hope they don't dwell on this, I cant imagine the frustration and disappointment. Hang in there guys!
ARI ATH YF Hace 6 meses
To me the biggest tactical mistake Jenny and Greg did in the 3rd was to target exclusively the lady instead of aiming at the men to create weaker reply since He was the one totally exhausted.. Building the rally and using their superior physical condition to force tiring shots from opponents instead of seeking the early openings to go for the kills (basically sticking to the winning method of the first game). The mental trick is to play like you got score disadvantage instead of the lead so you can focus to keep the shuttle in and avoid playing too tight shots. Holding a calm mind is essential in the late game, something the MD Ahsan/Setiawan can teach them to unleash their scoring potential because physically and technically Greg and Jenny have already what they need to pass the first rounds of tourneys.
AJIM'S Hace 2 meses
it is like watching your teachers on national TV! love you Greg and Jenny! you guys thought me a lot even we never met.
Gabriel Leung
Gabriel Leung Hace 6 meses
No excuse for losing that third game for Jenny and Greg...hope they come back stronger!
Saigon oi
Saigon oi Hace 6 meses
My worry is they won't. Always at the periphery
Diabetus Maximus
Diabetus Maximus Hace 6 meses
They spent so much time on their physical game that perhaps they have neglected their mental game. In any case, if they are feeling confident they can do amazing things. Next time better!
BETA - Badminton Project
Good to see Greg + Jenny at All England, never under estimate the Koreans when it comes to doubles, they typically excel at it from the golden days of the Park Joo Bong and Chung Myung-Hee era. Learn from this and come back stronger Jenny + Greg!
Saigon oi
Saigon oi Hace 6 meses
Can't keep on learning, you have to decide to win or not
GM Hace 6 meses
I was there today, such a shame the match slipped away. Just got a bit tight, but played some great rallies before that. Belief, they can go,on into the top 8 no problem in my opinion.
Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong Hace 5 meses
17:45 OMG Jenny is INSANE with the defence!
Vilasack Phengnammachack
I enjoyed watching you play a lot in this game. Greg pulled out several nice deceptive shots here and Jenny was so strong at her defense, especially this rally 17:45. Keep fighting guys!
Aries W 🌎 R L D
Aries W 🌎 R L D Hace 6 meses
I think Greg tried too many deceptive shots. 😢
K Y Hace 6 meses
12:23 that slice omgg 13:40 deceptive cross drive 14:40 17:08 such good rally 20:25 insane smash speed from greg even in slow motion At 20:33 I'm confused, why was that shot done by the korean woman hard to get? Looks like a normal cross drop, but I am guessing because greg anticipated a straight drop? 24:22 love this simple yet effective serve receive 38:01 jenny's netkill was so smooth!! 57:51 the commentary for the korean "she looks like she just finished a marathon" lol noticing grenny aiming at the women, punch clearing and smashing to her. also greg doing lots of deceptive slices! nice!
Bong Kosol Badminton
Thank you KY! 😊
Steemium Hace 5 meses
at 20:33 Is a combination of bad foot timing, He was mid-air when she shit the shot. and being too far to the left when the time came.
Shruti Hace 4 meses
Feels very bad to see any athlete losing from winning position. Mairs and Moore gave a very tough fight to a top 15 pair
Justin C
Justin C Hace 6 meses
Good Effort! Moore and Mairs! Entertaining match. Love from Canada!
Jayaprakash Patil
Jayaprakash Patil Hace 6 meses
Lot of unforced errors in 2nd and 3rd set. There was patience missing and Jenny and Greg were trying too hard to win the points which cost them the game. While Koreans were patient and took one point at a time
nlsquare Hace 6 meses
the focus just slightly wavered too much on that last half and the Korean hung on long enough to close out the match. Nonetheless, very impressive performance by the English pair. Hope to see them more
김영준 Hace 4 meses
정나은 김원호 정말 침착하고. 담대하게 잘하네요. 앞으로 한국 혼복의 강자가 될 것 같네여. 정말 멋집니다.🎉
Fabian Singer
Fabian Singer Hace un mes
awesome play by Jenny!
Covernat Hace 6 meses
Let's go Korea!!!! You did it!!!
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar Hace 4 meses
Wow both pair doing great greg and jenney done a great job
2 Nawab
2 Nawab Hace 6 meses
It hurts more when you lose in front of your beloved ones.
Kevin Fung
Kevin Fung Hace 4 días
Greg and Jenny, you played an excellent 1st game but unfortunately you lost the match due to psychological reasons. I like you two and hope you come back stronger in next match
Mb Hace 6 meses
Point for 13-8 so good!
icefire8888 Hace 6 meses
Is that moving around your racket and shuttle allowed before serving? Seems to have thrown them off. Old rules only allow back and forth stroke but not sure if it changed.
Harry Buckley
Harry Buckley Hace 6 meses
they were 16-8 in the 3rd , then 16-12 and at that point i could just feelthe game slipping away 😞
Gandhi Komang
Gandhi Komang Hace 5 meses
Menurut saya permainan kalian lebih menarik, set 1 kalian begitu hebat, set 2 kalian banyak kesalahan sendiri, Set 3 kalian kembali lebih baik, namun sayang sekali keberuntungan poin - poin akhir tidak berpihak pada kalian. Jangan menyerah, tetap bermain, kami menunggu permainan kalian. 🙏
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall Hace 6 meses
That was so frustrating to watch... I could feel the pressure and unfortunately you could actually feel/anticipate the collapse and loss.
Cyril Hace 6 meses
Damn it, how could they lose that game???
Salman syed
Salman syed Hace 6 meses
J A Hace 6 meses
Go Greg! Go Jenny!
Oh May mai
Oh May mai Hace 3 meses
Kimjeong always dapet luck
snooffkin Hace 6 meses
Greetings from Israel ❤❤❤ I’ve been watching your channel lately and you are awesome guys!!! Keep doing what you’re doing 💪🏼 love yaa🫶🏼 … excellent game btw , I’m sure you’ll come back stronger ✌️
Oh May mai
Oh May mai Hace 3 meses
Kok bisa sih kimjeong nonton ulang aja kya gk percaya mereka bisa menang game ke tiga 😂😂
changyoub shin
changyoub shin Hace un mes
참 어렵게 간다! 왜 김& 정 조는 매번 1세트를 지고 시작하는지 모르겠음. 상대 파악 능력이 떨어지는지 항상 보면 후반전에 역전하는 패턴인데, 정나은이 첫세트에 헤매는 것만 잡으면 세계적인 조로 올라갈듯 함. 아슬 아슬 참 체력 소모가 많을 듯 보여 안타까움!!!
Michael S
Michael S Hace 5 meses
This still makes me sad a month later.... 😌
Caleb Leck
Caleb Leck Hace 5 meses
jenny creating a highlight reel!!!
Anjali Dilish
Anjali Dilish Hace 5 meses
The male commentator was totally belittling the English pair by blaming the Korean’s fatigue for all the points they earned. Really frustrating to listen to him.
Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton Hace 6 meses
Male commentator just does not shut up about the Korean's fatigue.
Thomas Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton Hace 6 meses
Great game by Greg and Jenny though.
sophorn seng
sophorn seng Hace 3 meses
exactly,..and they caught up and won the game at the end,...that explained how stable the Korean team was....
Dav L
Dav L Hace 6 meses
I thought they would win! 😢
vmp pvm
vmp pvm Hace 6 meses
Please stop with all the camera cuts during the rally. :(
Anonymous Comment
Anonymous Comment Hace 6 meses
Ahhhh always making mistakes and leading to the loss😔
Andriy Pobigun
Andriy Pobigun Hace 6 meses
something unreal😢😢😢 Be stronger!
Syazwan Sufri
Syazwan Sufri Hace 6 meses
Crucial mistake by jenny in that last game better luck next time
mx tube1
mx tube1 Hace 27 días
English pair made errors in the end of 3rd.
95thRiflesOCI Hace 6 meses
no 55th anniversary gear from their sponsor. Using a 1st batch version of Thruster Enhanced. Sucks hard for them being knocked out.
Kenroy Andre Smith
Kenroy Andre Smith Hace 6 meses
Yaaaaay my teachers are playing.
Dennis Pablo
Dennis Pablo Hace 6 meses
jenny ❤
amudhan bakthavathsalu
i dont like lauren and ellis.. they are arrogant and with full of attitude.. but I like you guys.. completely simple and down to earth.. you guys just could not handle the last minute pressure may be.. but it happens.. all the best ...
hey yo
hey yo Hace 3 meses
Best match,kim won ho is so hot and he is a best player
vivo vivere
vivo vivere Hace un mes
what name this theme song?
Muhammad Mu'az Al-Khair
english pair need to calm their nerves, too much emotional turbulence. manage emotion and mental throughout the whole game.
Xin Wang
Xin Wang Hace 6 meses