YONEX Swiss Open 2023 | Chou Tien Chen (TPE) [3] vs. Koki Watanabe (JPN) | F 

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YONEX Swiss Open 2023 | Super 300
Men's Singles | Finals
Chou Tien Chen (TPE) [3] vs. Koki Watanabe (JPN)
#BWFWorldTour #SwissOpen2023
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25 mar 2023






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Cake Person
Cake Person Hace 6 meses
I honestly thought CTC would make short work of Koki. But Koki's performance this match is crazy! He's so fast and relentless, CTC couldn't keep up. Congrats, Koki! Well deserved!
CoolNumber1 Hace 6 meses
They saw LZJ injured. More like Koki was too good today.
Lesson Learned
Lesson Learned Hace 6 meses
I know especially after he beat Victor. What a waste !
mitsuko owen
mitsuko owen Hace 6 meses
Love Koki's mannerism, after a short celebration of the victory against Chou he was much closer to the coach but he went to the opponent to thank for the match. Koki played extremely well in this tournament I'm happy for him.
Drey Hace 5 meses
I was amazed in front of my screen. Thank you both players for giving us such a game ! Amazing Watanabe, simply, amazing
Jin-Ho Lee
Jin-Ho Lee Hace 6 meses
Koki's movements and also physical appearance from the back look so identical to Momota's! Amazing how this is possible...
truonghuyy Hace 6 meses
pretty close to witnessing Momota play in his prime. Congrats Koki! Keep it up!
rhob cortes
rhob cortes Hace 6 meses
so happy for this man, he has all the positions of defence and offence style, more powers!!!
Tu-in Ngu-in
Tu-in Ngu-in Hace 4 meses
i love how the umpire and the commentator were concerned about and interacting with Chou's status here 39:47. it would be just a scratch but he really got emotionally damaged after that point; nevertheless, he recovered quickly. Not quick enough to beat the Nippon dude, though.
船津泰蔵 Hace 5 meses
Nice speed,power,quickness,and concentration. Congratuation to Koki san,this time.
KillerTacos Hace 6 meses
Congrats to Watanabe. I was really rooting for CTC because he deserves a win, but sadly not this time
Kelly Hace 6 meses
. CTC wasted the first game. I was rooting for him, too. KW deserved the 🏆
Quá tiếc cho Chou Tiên Chiên . Phong độ cao mà sao trận này đánh yếu hẳn, chắc do suy giảm thể lực 😢
fwei_aye Hace 4 meses
i thought chou would defeat koki. this is heartbreaking😢
Must.Af.aalik Hace 6 meses
Too many breaks between points to towel off & even drink!!! Otherwise fantastic match from both players.
s42bm Hace 6 meses
Chou needs to improve the quality of his shots, especially deceptive ones, which is supposed to fool the opponent not to give him an extra time.
Kelly Hace 6 meses
. I agree with you 💯 I prefer he plays aggressively instead of playing the deceptive shots. The shots don't work as the match progresses.
Sujay Lal
Sujay Lal Hace 2 meses
The referee's voice break @1:02:50😂
Ralph Panstruga
Ralph Panstruga Hace 2 meses
Amazing match
Unexpected Item In Bagging Area
this commentator has the charisma like gill clark - if gill clark retires we may have found a replacement - just need some gill clark training
Grimz Hace 2 meses
Koki demolished CTC wthh 😂😂
Bubble Bubble
Bubble Bubble Hace 2 meses
Anyone knows Koki’s racket weight 3u or 4u?
H_A_L#7 Hace 6 meses
Well done
Shadyvoid Hace 6 meses
Although I was supporting Koki in this match Ctc went from strong to weak in that first game, he could’ve taken it
Kelly Hace 6 meses
. He wasted the first game. He thought he could win the match easily until it was too late He can't afford to f/u
Lê Xuân Tùng
Lê Xuân Tùng Hace 6 meses
what a game!!!
nick munawar
nick munawar Hace 5 meses
This man is better than kento momota.
Gwydd Hace 6 meses
Koki Risks more so he won
Yong Dae
Yong Dae Hace 6 meses
ctc play so long but tough to get champion.pity of him,.even he play lin dan lcw era😅
Doh Doh
Doh Doh Hace 6 meses
Beat the dragon, lose the next round
Shadyvoid Hace 6 meses
Beat the unorthodox god win the title
Khang Nguyễn
Khang Nguyễn Hace 6 meses
Tiếc quá thắng số 1 mà thua
OsukaSuyi Hace 5 meses
do line judges ever feel embarassed they called out but challenge says in? like the entire audience will just look at you like... youre shitt.. or is it so common that they dont care.. i line judged for a provincial tourny before.. i called everything correct but the parents who thought otherwise glared at me as if i made their son lose.. and that already gave me pressure. i cant imagine having the AI tell me im wrong and having the whole world lookin lol
DO TRUNG KIEN Hace 6 meses
Thể lực thua hết japan
waibibabow Hace 6 meses
50:52 "good length on that net shot" Correction: I misheard, he said good length **from**
Bravo Wong
Bravo Wong Hace 4 meses
i think he's saying how watanabe managed to get still get good length on his lift after chou's tight spinning net shot
Lambda Hace 3 meses
He said "good length *from* that net shot." He means his return to the net shot had good length.
Bob Yang
Bob Yang Hace 3 meses
Calvin Ajah
Calvin Ajah Hace 5 meses
Pembukaan nya koq lagu NOAH Ariel😂
95thRiflesOCI Hace 6 meses
Viktor & LZJ all slumping hard. Now CTC is tilted from a fake Watanabe LOL
Eth4n Hace 4 meses
wtf is a "fake watanabe" lmao
郡司直 Hace un día
athipa6 Hace 6 meses
Match fixing
Sal Ahmed
Sal Ahmed Hace 5 meses
Eth4n Hace 4 meses