YOU vs FREDDY FAZBEAR - Could You Defeat And Survive Him? (Five Nights At Freddy's FNAF Video Game)

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You step into a pizzeria for a slice, when some creepy animatronic animals start singing and dancing on stage. No big deal, except when they go haywire and attack you. In today's video we will teach you everything you need to know to survive Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's video games in this funny animation video.
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15 ago 2019






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Comentarios 11 158
LUO RUI HAO Hace un hora
U can just hack the game and then lock the doors and thats how u survive
Tyler the Cat
Tyler the Cat Hace 4 horas
Why can’t we use what purple guy used in fnaf 3 ?
Ayman Yusof
Ayman Yusof Hace 5 horas
For your information if you harm the animatronics you won't get paid
Tyler Rooker
Tyler Rooker Hace 9 horas
Me pulls out bombs and panzerfust time to die hahaha
Foundation's Oversight
I know a large bit about FNaF lore. You were close, but hosing him down would still work.
vicente abobo
vicente abobo Hace 11 horas
Can u do fnaf two?
Noah Aguilar
Noah Aguilar Hace 12 horas
Just da power of jesus
Gaven Gillies
Gaven Gillies Hace 16 horas
You know five nights at Freddy survived fire many times
XXgucci BoiXX XD
XXgucci BoiXX XD Hace 16 horas
Freddy:Runs up too me Me:AHHHHHHH ITS A FURRY Freddy: -_-
Hilario Morel
Hilario Morel Hace 17 horas
I don’t like your comment you should get rid of the video I didn’t dislike because I am that’s too rude but take this video down
[AWP] Spytonio2006
[AWP] Spytonio2006 Hace 19 horas
You can put trip wires or just barricade yourself and call 911. I think few hundreds of policmen can destroy some dumb robots
Troling Gamer
Troling Gamer Hace 20 horas
Fnaf fun?
QwertyTwinkleToes Hace 22 horas
Freddy vs a10 warthog.
Bob John
Bob John Hace un día
Step 1 buy a shotgun Step 2buy some dragonbreath shotgun shells Bonjour two in one, fire and destruction in a small package
Kamil Jankowski
Kamil Jankowski Hace un día
Patrick Silver Padao
The Freddy Fazbear crew was forgotten so no more worrying now
yadira ponce
yadira ponce Hace un día
Dod get an axe or youer hand
Glichcat Hace un día
Why does foxy have a bow tie
OCD squad
OCD squad Hace un día
Do daytime shift and light freddy on fire dismantle with screwdriver costs like 10 dollars compared to the thousands of dollars you would have to spend if you were to purchase a flamethrower and an exoskeleton
_(:3 」∠)_
Trenton Reese
Trenton Reese Hace un día
Did you get your information from The Game Theorists?
lll Bryan
lll Bryan Hace un día
Some of it is right some wrong,but he's trying his best,not like those people who fake it all tell the lie of the story.
gamer land PH
gamer land PH Hace un día
Mext how can you defeat the infographic show
girl of magic3
girl of magic3 Hace un día
What if you were a kid they were kids once so they wouldn't hurt kids
Seth Stears
Seth Stears Hace un día
All you need is gasoline and a match and he shall die. Everything wrong with this video:golden freddy or foxy doesn't go on stage,freddy never moves only when the lights go out,*I'll let y'all find the others*
Wtf I am kirby
Wtf I am kirby Hace un día
2020 is when the movie comes out
C0UNTRY W0LF Hace un día
Those mascots are kid souls in a mascot there is nothing inside it’s just the suit and souls
Spooky Dude
Spooky Dude Hace un día
You could always take a sledge hammer to their limbs.
sonic the hedgehog
sonic the hedgehog Hace un día
Also why do all the animatronics have hats
Werewolves and gacha
DO Springtrap pls
Ravi Sledge
Ravi Sledge Hace un día
It isn't because they want revenge, it is because they think you are an exo skin without you suit on, which is against the rules
Airasouruse E
Airasouruse E Hace un día
Destroy the earth
Airasouruse E
Airasouruse E Hace un día
Nuke the town
Dog Hace un día
Ah yes, pay money to earn money
Omina Fornoz
Omina Fornoz Hace 2 días
2:25 CJ closed the shop xD
destroyer 2078
destroyer 2078 Hace 2 días
All you need is a 24 gauge shotgun and blast them knee caps
fostmango Hace 2 días
bakka. jr
bakka. jr Hace 2 días
hire an exorcist
Tactical Paul
Tactical Paul Hace 2 días
Get an aeresol spray can and lighter as a makeshift flamethrower (spray on sunscreen will also work to some degree) get Nomex flight gloves (about $26 on Amazon) to protect your hands from burns, and gasoline cans to throw at Freddy. Or risk your life elsewhere for minimal pay.
Janie Barajas
Janie Barajas Hace 2 días
You vs Batman
Fizzy SpookZ
Fizzy SpookZ Hace 2 días
It’s one long story Game theory people still making the storyline after years
Kendra Russell
Kendra Russell Hace 2 días
Just a joke but if Freddy’s made from iron just stick him to a giant magnet thien squish him boom easy done
Thanos Hace 2 días
Just wait till day time then cut freddy in half and hid all the body parts in different Countrys
Cam 4y6
Cam 4y6 Hace 2 días
Jinhua Vang
Jinhua Vang Hace 2 días
Will’s world
Will’s world Hace 2 días
You see burning it actually wouldn’t work you have to destroy the metal because that’s the part that possesses it in the book
Spy Eye
Spy Eye Hace 2 días
Hey can you ever do you vs currupted springtrap
Selene Royal
Selene Royal Hace 2 días
Actually,in order to see golden Freddy,you must summon him first.
Stacey-ann Howell
Stacey-ann Howell Hace 2 días
Bring a axe
Loly Hace 3 días
Gamer_Drawer Chill boi
How I survive? Bring water to throw on em.
The Cat Who Saw You Naked
He's a broken down old animatronic. Purple Guy was able to disassemble them one by one.
Blixer Hace 3 días
Just choke it with pizza :v
Remer Mequiota
Remer Mequiota Hace 3 días
This is the best way MOM CAN YOU PICK ME UP IM SCARED
Albert Rode
Albert Rode Hace 3 días
Kicking and lava
Nexus Hace 3 días
but this all might be true but if it is your first night on the job how would you know they are possessed and how do you think the boss will react to a flamethrower and an exo suit and if you had enough money for that why would you be working as a security guard and a pizza restaurant.
Tariq Isaiah Emata
Tariq Isaiah Emata Hace 3 días
You know nothing. We aren’t the son of the murderer and the reason theyll stuff us in a bear suit is because they see us as an endoskeleton without its suit.
catsniper1408 Hace 3 días
the soul is not controlling freddy like the golden freddy is in your room he wont move because their is no wires and metal but a soul is in him so yeet
withered bonnie 173
withered bonnie 173 Hace 3 días
And can you do you vs scp-173
withered bonnie 173
withered bonnie 173 Hace 3 días
Why don't you just buy a 1$ chainsaw or a axe
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