YOU vs FREDDY FAZBEAR - Could You Defeat And Survive Him? (Five Nights At Freddy's FNAF Video Game)

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You step into a pizzeria for a slice, when some creepy animatronic animals start singing and dancing on stage. No big deal, except when they go haywire and attack you. In today's video we will teach you everything you need to know to survive Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's video games in this funny animation video.
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M chaos
M chaos Hace 4 horas
Nope almost all WRONG
Wrathgar the Dovahkiin
It's a robot built before the 2000's or in the early 2000's. So just tip it over and take a nap in that office while a robot bear has a seizure on the ground.
MRMICDOGMAN 2 Hace 5 horas
Golden freddy *is not a mascot* Golden freddy is *spring freddy* A *retired springlock suit.* I think.
Pat Pleer
Pat Pleer Hace 6 horas
You can buy son clamors and blow him up
Hulax Hace 10 horas
Its super easy to defeat him, you can just close your door and he will walk away, even better lock it, but thats just if you feel like being mean
Lord Washing machine
Lord Washing machine Hace 14 horas
0:58 Golden Freddy is more of a secret haunted animatronic not a mascot
thekiler HUN
thekiler HUN Hace 16 horas
Just use an axe and the biscuits we get at the school that are stronger then steel lol
canned gamer boy
canned gamer boy Hace 23 horas
Just say ok boomer then he will just implode
Cam0009 Hace un día
Nuke Freddy,During The Day Pretend Your Doing To Fix Him But Destroy Him In Public
YuriDrinksTea Hace un día
Why does foxy havr no pants and a tie?
Serdominater 03
Serdominater 03 Hace un día
Matpat punching the air rn
ScuffedlineTV Hace un día
I thought I was working there cause i was low on cash... yeah lets just buy a flamethrower and some crazy suit that should work XD
Daniel Klucinski
Daniel Klucinski Hace un día
They are kids lol
Aaron B
Aaron B Hace un día
This guy takes video games so far
Geosan1987 Hace 2 días
Foxy does not have a bow tie
Tim Mario Player 1
Tim Mario Player 1 Hace 2 días
Close door on freddy. End
NATHAN BLACK Hace 2 días
Why not just be a Walmart bagger, no bears over there. The worst u deal with are 7-11 crackheads
Cascade Flims
Cascade Flims Hace 2 días
You are in need money *also buys 3000 dollar flamethrower*
Blatant Pottery
Blatant Pottery Hace 2 días
2:12 *IS THAT THE BITE OF 87?!?!?* shitpost is funny
GdGamer Best
GdGamer Best Hace 2 días
Why bonnie has eww ears
Eric Figueroa
Eric Figueroa Hace 3 días
Cooper the dog dogs
Cooper the dog dogs Hace 3 días
Call Ghostbusters
Horror Man Face
Horror Man Face Hace 3 días
2:08 IT WAS A BITE OF 87????!!!!
M T Hace 3 días
Theres always the ac 130....
Goaty Goat
Goaty Goat Hace 3 días
ps it works on every animatronics
Neimne Wasd
Neimne Wasd Hace 4 días
anyone ever wondered why closed doors need energy to stay close?
Dolder Hace 4 días
How to beat them: 1. It’s fiction 2. It’s fiction 3. It’s fiction
KaseysGames Hace 4 días
I would take chica to the backroom :3
Mello Ramos
Mello Ramos Hace 4 días
Yes fire and ice
Dino Died
Dino Died Hace 4 días
Well not realistic but you could try to make him follow you to the scooper room and turn it on
Dominic Ames-Aragon
Dominic Ames-Aragon Hace 5 días
Fred bear was the bite 87 baby was the bite of 83 because Elisabeth was killed by baby because she got mini scooped in baby
ILoveTurtles Hace 5 días
Fantom foxy is Mr.afton older son
ILoveTurtles Hace 5 días
Mr.aftons little son is fantom freddy
ILoveTurtles Hace 5 días
Ballora is Mr.aftons wife
ILoveTurtles Hace 5 días
Baby is Mr.aftons daughter
ILoveTurtles Hace 5 días
I know the WHOLE storyline of fnaf
litongtong Hace 5 días
1:54 So, bite of 87.....
Lukas Szabados
Lukas Szabados Hace 5 días
Infographics show: *says that an animatronic bit someone's head in the bite of 87* MatPat:I'm gonna stop you right there
TUXEDO skell
TUXEDO skell Hace 5 días
Whos going to let you in the pizzaria with a flamethrower tho
DansGamers 01
DansGamers 01 Hace 5 días
Alternative ways to discapabily the animatronics : 1. Use Axe and Chop em up just like what purple boi do 2. Call 911 3. If failed call 911 this is the alternative.. always carry Pocket Knife. why? well just if you want to discapaticated em with more brutal and painfull to em but risky to you. 4. Brings revolver... Bcs its kinda cheap and has The better Velocity on the bullet than the Pistols (except Desert Eagle)
Kona And Other Things
Boi children died there
Kona And Other Things
graham pitchford
graham pitchford Hace 5 días
And lots of secrets about the game to
graham pitchford
graham pitchford Hace 5 días
I know the story of the animatronics Especially springtrap
•Kake N Kill•
•Kake N Kill• Hace 5 días
*Matpat has entered the chat*
egle fumero
egle fumero Hace 5 días
Even if you killed freddy, you will be with phantom freddy or nightmare freddy.
Revanant 4
Revanant 4 Hace 6 días
But water kills ghosts
Revanant 4
Revanant 4 Hace 4 días
Go ____ your self
graham pitchford
graham pitchford Hace 5 días
Does not
code wolf6000
code wolf6000 Hace 6 días
Yeah dismantle them let me explain in the third game when you beat a night you'l have a minigame when you follow shadow freddy which is wiliam afton in a purple freddy suit the animotranics cannot enter a room which wiliam uses as an advantage and when you give on trying to enter the room wiliam follows you quickly then dismantles the animotranics all of them was dismantled exept golden freddy cause he has no endoskeleton so he's already dismantled oh and wiliam is killed by the suit that he used to decieve those kids done there
Freddyav Hace 6 días
why does bonnie have a hat....
Purple Lakes
Purple Lakes Hace 6 días
What you SHOULD do to survive is work the shift until your done, since you are not William, and you'll be safe, and enjoy the spring lock failure.
Purple Lakes
Purple Lakes Hace 6 días
Well, the spronglock failure meaning William being crushed by the spring locks.
Fastronix Vector
Fastronix Vector Hace 6 días
Use a signal breaker and maybe use things that make noise
SheepTurtle Hace 6 días
You CANT!!!!!
Zogwok Hace 6 días
This gave me nightmares and ruined my life
Monica Gaming
Monica Gaming Hace 6 días
Does freddy die on water? XD
Given Family
Given Family Hace 6 días
theres like 13 freddies in this series so i think you might need some more firepower
Teresa Lucero
Teresa Lucero Hace 6 días
"5 animatronics" lol you mean 4 animatronics and a ghost?
Israel Nunez
Israel Nunez Hace 6 días
lauavesi yolomees
lauavesi yolomees Hace 6 días
you need to open the box
Bat Hace 6 días
How to beat them? Use William's weapon, get into a suit, just dont activate it, or ull be the 2nd spring trap
Mandy Mims
Mandy Mims Hace 6 días
How I would survive *holds cross* go foul beast
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