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Hace 9 días
2 years, just ,2 years
Anushree Sharma
Anushree Sharma Hace 28 días
Thank you for giving me life.
Dream Space
Dream Space Hace 28 días
@Anushree Sharma we got what it takes♥️
Anushree Sharma
Anushree Sharma Hace 28 días
❤️ I'm unstoppable .
Dream Space
Dream Space Hace 28 días
This is your day. Nothing can stop you.
stevenstrumpf7 Hace un mes
My dream is possible. I know. I made sure it was when I made it. Back in 2012 I made sure it was big enough to be an unbelievably good life yet small enough that it was in the realm of possibility. What I didn't account for was the malevolence of other people and that the majority of humanity is aligned exactly against the good, aligned against what would be best for themselves and others. And they take actions every day to make sure that the good that could happen in their and other peoples lives can't be expressed. My dream was possible. But other people made sure that it isn't for me. There are people with similar dreams to mine, not the same but similar. I continue to exist to support those people now. Right now the person I've found who's similar to me who has a vision as close as mine as I can find is seb111114. So save for food and drink I give seb the rest of the money I make using the principles I learned from The richest man in Babylon, Rich dad Poor dad etc. Because I'm done investing in a dream that's already dead that other people killed. I'm done investing in myself. It's better to invest in another individual who's dream isn't dead and is the most similar to mine that I could find. We all reap the benefits, and have been doing so for the past 9 months. I see no reason not to continue. "Old age" old age is going to suck no matter how much or little money I have. And fuck me I'm going to die anyways. I always intended my life to be dedicated towards positive creativity and if this is the only way to go about it then so fucking be it! (Fuck my future that other people killed anyways)
it's me Mario
it's me Mario Hace un mes
Please uploade on Spotify!! Keep it up bro
dragon heart
dragon heart Hace un mes
Today I learned something new in this video. Thanks keep it up your motivation
joseph baides
joseph baides Hace un mes
has una de futbol por favor!!!!!!!!!!
Chispa Motivation
Chispa Motivation Hace un mes
Okay, voy a intentar hacer uno! No prometo nada igual
Eric Talkington
Eric Talkington Hace un mes
I have come to realize quite a few things lately. My gut, or instincts as some call it or intuition as others call it is always right. I mean it's never wrong. Even times that I used to look back on and think why did I do that or not do that? My gut told me to or not to. Those times I thought were a mistake listening to my gut because it seemed like the wrong idea at the time ended up being more right than I ever knew. I came to realize that those gut feelings are God's way of communicating with me. So many times I thought I made a wrong move and I made that move because my gut told me to. Fast forward way down the road and I realize that what I thought was a bad idea at the time because I listened to my gut ended up being exactly what I needed to do or needed not to do. Just took years for me to see it. I have followed my gut far more times than I realized too, but I didn't always follow it. Now, that is how I live life, based solely on what my gut tells me. It's working out far better than perfect.
Chris Ross MorMotivation
Hey buddy I have some fresh audio you can use if you send me your email
Mal McDowell
Mal McDowell Hace un mes
You know what LIVE your life how you would want to live it!Dont live OTHER people’s lives be passionate about what you want to do and I know it’s hard but I’m 12 and if I’ve already picked this up it’s not too late!!!!
Hans Sarpei
Hans Sarpei Hace un mes
If you don't even believe in yourself, then who does?
Marvin Bane
Marvin Bane Hace un mes
I will be Mr Olympia one day.
Dominic Tumulty
Dominic Tumulty Hace un mes
Only have friends with the same mindset.
Atharva Dixit
Atharva Dixit Hace un mes
"Your dream always whisper" I can now relate to this on another level
Roberto Williams
Roberto Williams Hace un mes
Ppl will hate on you and be mad while hoping you fall if they can’t benefit from your hustle
To Be Continued
To Be Continued Hace un mes
*Bro aj first Time apne 1M subscribers channel Holder wala Best video banaya hai You Became a Certified creater*
Trap_ts8 Hace un mes
When I watch these video they always give me goosebumps when I’m 18 yr old I wanna play in a football stadium a big one and have a long career in front of me I train everyday that’s because of my acl injury but I don’t wanna give up and I’m not going to I wanna get to that god damn pitch and play my game so if life gives me a obstacle imma jump over it and go for my dream 🙏🏻 I’m training over a year now for my knee to get better and I still have to train for 6 Months and than I prove myself
Sumedh Shirsat
Sumedh Shirsat Hace un mes
Pain is a sign of progress
Jean cibangu
Jean cibangu Hace un mes
Future House Cloud
Future House Cloud Hace un mes
*lets rock 2020 - TOGETHER!*
Future House Cloud
Future House Cloud Hace un mes
@Creepy Cub
Creepy Cub
Creepy Cub Hace un mes
Hell yeah! 🔥
Prithviraj Patil
Prithviraj Patil Hace un mes
Why am I watching this video ? I don't even have any dream.
Rod Iv
Rod Iv Hace un mes
You can have one now.
It's Just a Leap Of Faith 11:11
I'm not here to make friends or enemies. I am here to become a God once more. Not for the glory and praise of men. But so when I leave my children will know anything is possible.
Faris Jamal
Faris Jamal Hace un mes
Dear Chipsa motivation, the video titled "When it gets hard" talk by Andy Frisella has been deleted!! Please re-upload it as I've been hearing this video every single day for the past 1.5 year!!
A Helpful YouTuber
A Helpful YouTuber Hace un mes
That video must have been really good! What did you take from it?
S.TRUJILLO Hace un mes
Hi guys just wanted to share this with whoever comes across this with much love to you guys 💛 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-M01I1t-t1RE.html
Cade Camfield
Cade Camfield Hace un mes
Why do you not have millions of subs man fackkkk
Cade Camfield
Cade Camfield Hace un mes
Man I needed this😏
911RoyMan Hace un mes
I really like your editing style. Keep it up!
Self-Improved Millennials
Hello, I am an aspiring motivational speaker. Please subscribe to my channel and check out my motivational videos. I really appreciate the support and I wish you all the best of what life has to offer!
Jason Ross
Jason Ross Hace un mes
What song is this. Anyone know the name?
Ahmed Al Naabi
Ahmed Al Naabi Hace un mes
The best from the best! Thank you brother
Initiate Change Spark Peace
Our dream and vision is BIG. Together we can make a change and create more peace for future generations.
Alex Dacoda
Alex Dacoda Hace un mes
Who knows the name of starting background music please I need link thanks
... Hace un mes
Im sooo sorry i can't do it ... I can't I can't
The Patriot
The Patriot Hace un mes
great, but old quotes. waiting for something new
Creepy Cub
Creepy Cub Hace un mes
Don't wait for motivational quotes, you gotta do effort to make your dream come true! 💥
Shelby Lee
Shelby Lee Hace un mes
I always love the tone, calmness, and focus your videos bring Chispa!
Shorty sherbrooke
Shorty sherbrooke Hace un mes
Getting the losers out of my life and energy drainers. I need a better 2020 than last year
Vlera Gashi
Vlera Gashi Hace un mes
I practice judo about 7 years. My life without judo will be soooo different , I can’t even imagine that life . I have change a lot since when I start with this sport . Now judo is is my life . So if you have one dream please make it to become true and that dream can’t be true if you just close your eyes and think about it in your mind , you should get up and to start make it true . Cause if you want it you get it . If you think that “ i am a loser “or “ I am NOBODY “ you are wrong . Everyone is someone , someone special , in our heart hide an another us and we should find and catch that . Judo is not what I do , judo is what I am
Wolin 51
Wolin 51 Hace un mes
Zenperial Hace un mes
My dream is to help 1,000,000 with their personal finances. I feel with my whole body and soul it’s my purpose.
Zenperial Hace un mes
Eric Talkington Thank you so much Eric! It means the world to me. Can’t wait to accomplish this mission🙌🏻
Eric Talkington
Eric Talkington Hace un mes
Do it! I wish you the best sir! I hope you are able to help a billion people!
Marlon Mcleod - Freedom Guider
Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh Hace un mes
One of the Best background score
Justin Bloom
Justin Bloom Hace un mes
fact hello
fact hello Hace un mes
Nice #facthello
Santizagola Hace un mes
I will qualify for the World Cup
Nerdi_ Brilliant Idea
Hahhah nobodi can label my dream but myself so I wan pay the USA deficit 22 trillion so sit and learn how big dreams come true.....
Bai Hace un mes
this one hit very hard 🙏
Runu Behera
Runu Behera Hace un mes
710 like 0 dislike Power of motivation😎😎😎
NANO Hace un mes
A Helpful YouTuber
A Helpful YouTuber Hace un mes
That is the only formula!
Thomas Hovgaard
Thomas Hovgaard Hace un mes
You dont know me son
The Money Management
A few things I’ve learnt from starting my channel, this will help many: Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t choose the right time. Don’t overthink. Just start. It takes time but with a little consistency and patience, the results will come.
Frolenko Maxim
Frolenko Maxim Hace un mes
Ralph Castaneda
Ralph Castaneda Hace un mes
Where’s my 6am club?
Aviral Sharma
Aviral Sharma Hace un mes
@Niko Buzi zucemberg? LMAO 😂😂
Niko Buzi
Niko Buzi Hace un mes
@Aviral Sharma 6 am or 4 am doesnt matter i am wakeing up at 3 you can wake up at 4 someone else at 5 mark zucemberg wake up at 7...
Aviral Sharma
Aviral Sharma Hace un mes
@Asjad naqvi 4 am club Reporting Sir
Asjad naqvi
Asjad naqvi Hace un mes
Ralph Castaneda 6am is for amateurs,4 am is for winners
Damian Malczewski
Damian Malczewski Hace un mes
"If you can dream it you can do it" - Walt Disney
Keshav Rai
Keshav Rai Hace un mes
Don't Let Somebody Tell You... You Can't Do Anything
Mn On
Mn On Hace un mes
Those that say something cannot be done, need to get out of the way of the one willing to do. Do or do not there is no try. VARIOUS
A Helpful YouTuber
A Helpful YouTuber Hace un mes
Couldnt agree more more!
SNAKE EYES Hace un mes
Pursuit of happiness
Positive Creators
Positive Creators Hace un mes
I need help pls
O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me
The bridge between a dream and the reality is *ACTION* The time is now and beginning starts in this moment.
It's Business
It's Business Hace un mes
It is POSSIBLE!!!!Let's go and get there!!!
Bart van Riessen
Bart van Riessen Hace 2 días
You have to be obsessed about it.
A Helpful YouTuber
A Helpful YouTuber Hace un mes
That's the kind of energy I love!
Chillout Meditation Music
"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." --Thomas Jefferson
Costas Georgiou
Costas Georgiou Hace un mes
"If my mind can perceive it and my heart can believe it then I can achieve it" Muhammad Ali
Jenesis Hausia
Jenesis Hausia Hace un mes
!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GOOD !!!!!!!!
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