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Pick A Card Love Relationship Singles Tarot Reading Timeless -
Cards 1) 4:12
Cards 2) 13:30
Cards 3) 23:34
Cards 4) 31:55
Cards 5) 39:34
Cards 6) 50:08
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Love Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 2 meses
Cards 1) 4:12 Cards 2) 13:30 Cards 3) 23:34 Cards 4) 31:55 Cards 5) 39:34 Cards 6) 50:08 ATTRACT YOUR ULTIMATE SOULMATE KIT: www.twinflamepsychic1111.co.uk/you-deserve-great-love-course.html
vie vie
vie vie Hace un mes
Pile#4 i hope is my twins flame
Jessica Hace 2 meses
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams Hace 2 meses
Amen 6
Life Undercover
Life Undercover Hace 2 meses
N3,N4,N6 I could choose just one. Must be the Libra in me. Fingers crossed for a mixture of the 3.
Queen Of cups
Queen Of cups Hace 2 meses
Pile #4 I'm going out with a pisces today I am a scorpio this fits....
learning English
learning English Hace 13 horas
@soul whisper tarot ..why it means when this describes myself'
Erika Yang
Erika Yang Hace un d铆a
Why do always get wheel of fortune and yin and yang in tarot card readings, makes it interesting.
Priyanka Barman
Priyanka Barman Hace un d铆a
Kab ayega wo mera prince charming ...baatao na plz universe...
DJ Workman
DJ Workman Hace 3 d铆as
I was bored and watching love tarot reading and somehow the piles I picked in two separate videos had both "Retreat" and "Religious Factors" in them.... welp 馃槄馃し鈥嶁檧锔
Vittoria Maria
Vittoria Maria Hace 5 d铆as
i watch these thinking it鈥檚 true 馃Η
priscilla !
priscilla ! Hace 5 d铆as
#1 馃挆馃挒馃挀
Black Panther
Black Panther Hace 5 d铆as
Pile 2 & 4 馃尫馃尫馃尫
Black Panther
Black Panther Hace 5 d铆as
@James William ok don't worry! Probably I have exaggerated! Cheers
James William
James William Hace 5 d铆as
Sorry about that
Black Panther
Black Panther Hace 5 d铆as
@James William have I said that this will help me??? And why are u here?
James William
James William Hace 5 d铆as
This will not help you
taleiwildefox Hace 7 d铆as
Greenpeniwrite Hace 8 d铆as
i keep getting readings that i'm going to meet my twin-flame or soulmate at some point....this is nuts.
Taerim Hace 8 d铆as
1&6. Thank you馃挍
thimali dassanayake
thimali dassanayake Hace 9 d铆as
Nicasia P
Nicasia P Hace 10 d铆as
Multiple channels, different days I watched videos, everyone saying the same thing when relating to me meeting my soulmate and that it鈥檚 gonna happen next month (April). Even the personality traits are the same and I鈥檓 like what the heck it鈥檚 a twin flame/high level soulmate/ someone I found in many past lives But jokes on you guys because of covid-19, we might be in lockdown next month lolol
Satan Hace 10 d铆as
#3 crazy that every 'next relationship' reading i've done i got someone who sounds just like myself...
JamieB Hace 10 d铆as
I鈥檓 not even single but I鈥檓 growing tired of my relationship... picked #4 hope this isn鈥檛 current energy cause I鈥檓 supposed to 鈥渨ait鈥 which I鈥檓 not up for much longer..
Taf Ngoma
Taf Ngoma Hace 10 d铆as
Card 5 x
Gretchy8 Hace 11 d铆as
Group 3
starry night
starry night Hace 12 d铆as
Pile 3 is literally me
Katherine Zsorey
Katherine Zsorey Hace 13 d铆as
Omg so when she rolled the dice and it said 5, I counted months from now and landed on August which is when I move to college and another tarot card reading said I would meet my soulmate in August during a change in my life... IT鈥橲 HAPPENING PEOPLE!!!
Yasmine Hace 13 d铆as
Pile 3 馃グ I claim this message鉂o笍
Ha Hee Lee
Ha Hee Lee Hace 14 d铆as
Pile 2
Ryan Joey
Ryan Joey Hace 18 d铆as
I've been investigating numerology readings and found an awesome website at Stefs Magic Numbers (check it out on google)
music is muah
music is muah Hace 19 d铆as
I got pile 4, and I know it, he will be back in my life, I got a big feeling that he will, and I'll be back in his, we're an unfinished story as I like to call it, we have a very deep connection with each other and we both fell in love, but he was the right person at the wrong time and I had to leave so I can heal, but I know we'll be back together soon, I mean c'mon, we never even confessed because I rushed myself so much, he is literally the guy version of me, when I think about him or when I'm with him I feel like I'm finally complete, my whole life I've been waiting for him, I've always felt incomplete, when I met him everything felt right, and thank you for the reading
babypinkchainz Hace 19 d铆as
what if you had just described a person completely right from the reading and i know them already-
cloud Hace 22 d铆as
What if I meet the right one and am not interested in him. 馃樁
Eda 脟olak
Eda 脟olak Hace 22 d铆as
Pile 4馃挍
Sacred Pheonix
Sacred Pheonix Hace 23 d铆as
This is wild! I did a reading similar to this and I got the same reading before!!
serena sapphire888
serena sapphire888 Hace 24 d铆as
#1 OMG! Blown away how much is resonating, amazing that even the number 7 is when I knew he he was coming back into my life, I have been writing him letters. Omg as I am writing this and you are describing me in pile #2 and you are talking to HIM about ME, wow, cool thanks Karen
Beach Girlie
Beach Girlie Hace 24 d铆as
Chose pile-4, I will sure update if this prince arrives. 鉂わ笍 Thank you
cbs Hace 26 d铆as
Thetchie Hace 27 d铆as
Pile 6 hhmm can't be him lol
Miranda Myrie
Miranda Myrie Hace 28 d铆as
#3 + #5 both resonated and very accurate reading..
Tiny Crab
Tiny Crab Hace 29 d铆as
*Laughs in gay*
Nisha Shetty
Nisha Shetty Hace 29 d铆as
Hahahahahh.... brave of you to think that I ll have a bf...馃槀
Sonakshi Verma
Sonakshi Verma Hace 29 d铆as
#4 claiming it. Resonated
Silvia Hsu
Silvia Hsu Hace un mes
3thank u for ur reading
NoRainNoFlowers Hace un mes
Pile 1: Finally. A fricking good. clean. loving. healing. supporting romance.
mara Kaira
mara Kaira Hace un mes
6 u could have a children w this person *me being 16 yrs old* :LOCK ME UP PLEASE!
Sufi Suzy
Sufi Suzy Hace un mes
What does it mean if it explains you instead? Do you think it's just someone similar, or should I pick another pile? Thank you.
Alexandra Oliveira
Alexandra Oliveira Hace un mes
This is funny you know when you start watching these videos you can't stop hence why I pick them carefully I picked 6 symbolises 2022 gave myself 2 years to find this type of person and the way you read the cards is exactly how I envision this person to be.. Subscribed 馃ぃ joker 馃ぃ i use this pick a card readings to help me manifest if It dont match my vision I don't tune in 馃檮 but this oneeeee damn..
Classy Educated Black female
I always get high priestess in almost all my readings, does that mean something?
Sean Pearson
Sean Pearson Hace un mes
Is it okay if i picked two piles because i was indecisive about 2 and 3, so I picked both of them.
StarPassionx3 Hace un mes
#3 i picked myself.. interesting
Facts Uncensored
Facts Uncensored Hace un mes
No. 3 resonated. Thankyou 馃檹
Serafina Azmi
Serafina Azmi Hace un mes
5 days...5 months?? May? Hahha i picked number 4 馃馃馃
Inez M
Inez M Hace un mes
Pile 4.....bring him on!!!!
c薪eon g蠀蠀
c薪eon g蠀蠀 Hace un mes
pile 4. i've actually been seeing yin and yang around a lot omg- im so excited to have him it hurts :(
girasoli Hace un mes
Ms Coleman
Ms Coleman Hace un mes
Cards #6 wonderful 馃挓鈽笍
m1ss0utsp0k3n Hace un mes
#3. I鈥檓 going to date myself?
Bek ItAllMakesSenseNow
Immediately saw pile 4 bc it looks like some of Tame Impalas artwork 馃槅 maybe Kevin Parker is my next boyfriend 馃馃槅馃グ Thank you for all your energy!
Paige N. S.
Paige N. S. Hace un mes
Group 5!
Devin R 鈸
Devin R 鈸 Hace un mes
I met this person last Thursday. 2/13 and it's cool because the universe has a label on this person as the number 1, and that's amazing that the dice rolled 1
Rita Fafnir
Rita Fafnir Hace un mes
#3 鉂わ笍
Tiziana Maniezzo
Tiziana Maniezzo Hace un mes
Cards 4 : fingers crossed ! I know this is timeless, but I actually met someone 5 days after your video (7th of Jan !!)
Y Universe888
Y Universe888 Hace un mes
I receive miracle lovely wonderful man now!Thank you Universe!Love and miracles to all beings鈾
Mia Hace un mes
Number 3
Coralie Lunion
Coralie Lunion Hace un mes
Picked 1&4 and guyyyys it seems like I鈥檓 gonna date my future husband 馃槀 strangely I felt as if you were talking about the same person but with more details. It was so strange, because I felt the connection and it just resonated like no joke. 5 seems to resonate more than 7 to me but the thing about past lives and twin flame/ soulmate came up twice, guess it鈥檚 true. I鈥檓 so excited to meet him ! I鈥檒l keep you updated if anything comes up 馃檹馃徑
danna鈥檚 vlogs
danna鈥檚 vlogs Hace un mes
when my pile describes me but also my soulmate so like we鈥檙e the same person 馃槝
Shirley Motley
Shirley Motley Hace un mes
S W Hace un mes
pile 5
dishpar17 Hace un mes
Sangsim靸侅嫭 Hace un mes
pile 6- ... it sounds exactly like my crush... WOAH
Puvaneswary Gopalan
Misanthropic Feline
I felt like I had to pick 2 cards so I did. The first one just described me, in detail. The second one kinda described this dude I met today. Idk.
kuss.albina Hace un mes
Pile 6....I really want someone who is an introvert and has zero friends... hahahahah why does he have to be popular... im a complete introvert and hate going out and meeting people... a nice reading tho... i wish he is as nice as you say!
Abundance Hace un mes
#5 wow... 馃挄馃挆馃槏鉁ㄢ湪
Bex Gardiner
Bex Gardiner Hace un mes
When you're scared if commitment and u get the commitment card lmao
Teacupladyxx Hace un mes
#6 sounds too good to be true. My pick lol
NerdySuccess Hace un mes
I pick number 5 Thank you 馃槉
Kathleen 鈥
Kathleen 鈥 Hace un mes
picked 2, 4, and 6! i resonate with the three of them omg thank u
Madi Grace
Madi Grace Hace un mes
I got a reading last month about who might be my next boyfriend, and one thing in particular stood out to me. This whole different channel said that I may meet this person in May or April. (I鈥檓 group 6) you said nine weeks, in nine weeks is the start of April. That was just a bit of an odd coincidence ahahah
Melanie Case
Melanie Case Hace un mes
4, 5, 6 馃挄
Asarfi Karki
Asarfi Karki Hace un mes
She is literally describing my crush 馃榿
cho woodz
cho woodz Hace un mes
Barbie Doll
Barbie Doll Hace un mes
Hello. Pile # 6 and thats funny that she described almost all of the personality of my boyfriend. (8 yrs in a relationship with him) im introverted and he鈥檚 extro.
amoralavenezolana1 Hace un mes
Valerie A
Valerie A Hace un mes
Picked #5, the spiritual path has consumed me for many years, so much so that I haven't considered being in an actual relationship for a long time (other than my relationship with the Spirit.) Your aura and the extensive, gentle, encouraging message of this reading is helping me to have faith in that future possibility (a pleasant thought.) I'm very much listening and trying to believe. Finding the courage to embrace the wonders of the unknown. 馃檹馃寣馃挄
Natalie Sprowles
Natalie Sprowles Hace un mes
#6 I claim this message!!!! Will be soon
Nivia Gonzalez
Nivia Gonzalez Hace un mes
I picked #3 and it did resonate with me. I felt that you was speaking about me in the reading
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