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Mr.Oopsie Man and I play our own game and forget how to record a video
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11 jun 2019






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Irish Turtle
Irish Turtle Hace 2 horas
I like your number system more than the American one
TNT 64
TNT 64 Hace 8 horas
Jack I'm 5'11 I'm taller than u and I'm from holland
abbie hicks
abbie hicks Hace 19 horas
Its been a year since this colab. We are due for a new one
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace un día
Im 12 and im taller than liza koshy
Viel '
Viel ' Hace un día
2:56 Pewds and Jack creating a meme template The wholesomeness is too much for meeeeee!!!
Zayn Ayman
Zayn Ayman Hace un día
Aretha Coleman
Aretha Coleman Hace un día
Seán and felix [Irish man and swedish man]
Carrus Brick Productions
*calm “it’s been years since you’ve given me a shoutout” “ I’ll give you A SHOUTOUT!!!!”
JoyDina 13
JoyDina 13 Hace 2 días
Seán: such a shit video Me that think of this video as one of my favorite videos: well...
Rushford Family
Rushford Family Hace 3 días
my dad works for coke
Freddy Towell 2
Freddy Towell 2 Hace 2 días
Rushford Family ffffffaaaaaakkkkkkeeeee
Megan Weber
Megan Weber Hace 3 días
Watching Jack and Pewds laugh and giggle gives me a dose of dopamine
Megan Weber
Megan Weber Hace 3 días
Why is no one talking about how Coke stole Pewdiepies waves design
THE KING OF NAT Hace 3 días
Jack is more handsome...he has a beard and yes he's balding BARELY THOUGH HE DOESENT HAVE LONG HAIR LIKE FELIX
Dragonlight Animates
Pubzy Games
Pubzy Games Hace 4 días
Low quality porn ur ear touched my face
Pubzy Games
Pubzy Games Hace 4 días
6.9 mil views equal 69
Mr.YareYareDaze Hace 5 días
12:41 the white board literally said "Jack is better"
Ben Hace 5 días
6.9 million views... Nice
Bandit_Brawler_TTV Hace 5 días
It's back to the good ol' days where jack and pewds were best friends and always did vids together
PA1N戦士 Hace 6 días
6.9M views NOICE!
JustAnotherWeeb Hace 6 días
just start making out already
crocodile dundee
crocodile dundee Hace 6 días
Hesta Meyer
Hesta Meyer Hace 7 días
Jo bro you published this video last year on my birthday.
Clash Walker
Clash Walker Hace 8 días
my childhood in one video
Tessily Claire
Tessily Claire Hace 8 días
Why is this so funny 😂😂😂
John Mharwin Borca
John Mharwin Borca Hace 8 días
This video has 6.9 million views
that kid 다람jui
that kid 다람jui Hace 8 días
The video is at 6.9mil views at my time of watching
Dar Far
Dar Far Hace 9 días
Who miss jacksepticeye green hair 👇
toby0894 Hace 9 días
This reminds me of when me and my friends would record a video
Ariel G
Ariel G Hace 9 días
their friendship>>>>>>>>
spleens Hace 10 días
6:42 LOL
Brian Kinsey
Brian Kinsey Hace 10 días
Can we get 1k like on this comment for them to become legal brothers
Lel Hace 11 días
Around :50 ish how I used to think about jack
TheReal Lexai
TheReal Lexai Hace 11 días
I want to meet jack and Felix soooo much
johnwayne87 Hace 11 días
Aw they really do love each other. That’s sweet. 🤮
jawn Hace 12 días
Toaia ulanowska
Toaia ulanowska Hace 12 días
Piwedepie: Code piwedepie Me: Code Dawko!!!
account names r dum
account names r dum Hace 12 días
6.9 million views *nice*
Nachyo Hace 12 días
fuck i love videos
ame Hace 12 días
11:40 and no one is complaining 😌👌🏼
Piggieplays 600
Piggieplays 600 Hace 13 días
What's meriam mean
MyDixie_ REKT
MyDixie_ REKT Hace 13 días
mans has voicemod 😎
Agustin Cuello
Agustin Cuello Hace 13 días
5:55 I died so hard in this
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Hace 13 días
This is why I wanna meet the bois,they seem like they would be awesome friends to have!
Grim san
Grim san Hace 13 días
Im confused, why cant pewds swear doe?
11:33 subtitles: *these children*
Brickly Animations
Brickly Animations Hace 14 días
I love how the recipes icon on his home page were potatoes
Pedro 8952
Pedro 8952 Hace 14 días
Just realized i just turned 13 and i‘m 175cm
MegaMGstudios Hace 15 días
This video proofs that Robin is actually a spy for Felix
Karya Fazil
Karya Fazil Hace 15 días
and 4:56 or 4:55
Karya Fazil
Karya Fazil Hace 15 días
i mean 4:05
Karya Fazil
Karya Fazil Hace 15 días
the way he said it 😂 😂😂🤣🤣😂4:06
Mephilis 78
Mephilis 78 Hace 15 días
I'm taller than Felix by 1 inch.
Mephilis 78
Mephilis 78 Hace 15 días
This is more awkward than the interviews
CodeNameContent Hace 16 días
7:36 saving this for later
Mad Death
Mad Death Hace 16 días
Love how this guy was gased bout winning pewds shoutout competition a few years ago
Angel L
Angel L Hace 16 días
dev Hace 17 días
I have hair like pewds in this video my whole life idk why..
Matthis Van Leeuwen
Matthis Van Leeuwen Hace 17 días
Lmao I’m Dutch 14 and almost as tall as Felix! *Dabs in tall*
Jexian515 Hace 17 días
7:11 Felix looks like he’s gonna break Jack’s ankles
Depressed Dude ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
Description *Swedish Man*
Anna Griffiths
Anna Griffiths Hace 18 días
they would not be able to do this in the current times
Emily Tsan
Emily Tsan Hace 18 días
Is it just me or does the subtitles make this a tone lot funnier
SAD -official channel
SAD -official channel Hace 18 días
Coca Cola energy drink came out in 2020 tf how did they know about this in June 2019
Aniruddh Chaturvedi
Aniruddh Chaturvedi Hace 18 días
the rule is.....simple well done boys difficult is no more
Aidan_Francis 57
Aidan_Francis 57 Hace 19 días
No one talking about the robotic high five at 4:48
Half a Banana
Half a Banana Hace 19 días
Literally half of this video is both of them laughing
Cosmic GamerKit
Cosmic GamerKit Hace 19 días
Is it weird that i can smell their coke?
Declan Hace 20 días
Lol I got a pew die pie add
IAmStridle Hace 20 días
6.9M views hopenooneruinsit
MEE6 Hace 20 días
Dude felix is pretty funny he should make a youtube channel
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo Hace 20 días
6.9Million views Perfect
Shaggydog619 Hace 21 un día
This is like the most HD way you can see Felix
We 3
We 3 Hace 21 un día
“Pewdipie can’t cross a bridge”
creepypasta lover
creepypasta lover Hace 21 un día
Tell us the damn rule no offense
spacemelons Hace 21 un día
this whole video is just no thoughts, head empty
Disrrpt Hace 21 un día
I’ve come back to this video I’m 13 and I’m 2 cm shorter then jack
Espkater Hace 21 un día
9:07 Charmx
Ozakesus Brackesus
Ozakesus Brackesus Hace 21 un día
Nobody: 3 minutes: aight imma head out Felix: Okay we start now!
Athena Louise3120
Athena Louise3120 Hace 21 un día
this video is just " two idiots hanging out for no reason " actually i want more videos with pewds and u
Athena Louise3120
Athena Louise3120 Hace 21 un día
i ship it 😂 best duo ever
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata Hace 21 un día
Robin: How much editing do you want in this video? Jacksepticeye: *FOR THE SAKE OF THE IRISH GODS...YES*
BootySlappa Hace 21 un día
I like how Jack is talking with Swedish accent.
Oh No
Oh No Hace 22 días
Verkku Serkku
Verkku Serkku Hace 22 días
Why do they look like brothers
LazerToonz Hace 22 días
Cant believe it was already 1 year ago...
Jonah Rubio
Jonah Rubio Hace 22 días
Jack: “this video is such shit” Me: *laughing at every stupid thing they do*
Anne Mccreary
Anne Mccreary Hace 22 días
6.9 million views nice
Frost Paramount
Frost Paramount Hace 22 días
Damn Felix really just did Liza like that lol
Natalia Givens
Natalia Givens Hace 22 días
WHAT DOES THE WORD AT 7:37 MEAN. i literally can’t find it anywhere and it doesn’t help that i can’t spell it 😂 please help
R Azaroff
R Azaroff Hace 22 días
If Jack said "robin cut that out or your fired!" That would have been hilarious
Lula Marcus
Lula Marcus Hace 22 días
Lol “I didn’t say hi cuz I thot, “can’t be him too short””
miniondraws Hace 22 días
This is still one of my fave vids
Ahlan Malik
Ahlan Malik Hace 22 días
Every youtuber is *dead
Eca Boots
Eca Boots Hace 22 días
7:42 honestly Felix could be terrifying if picking an actual fight
ARC.P Hace 22 días
* C O R O N A V I R U S*
sasi grill
sasi grill Hace 22 días
cutest couple ever❤️
icarly wannabe
icarly wannabe Hace 23 días
i love how amazed felix is of the camera quality
Mr. AwesomePants
Mr. AwesomePants Hace 23 días
Imagine becoming best friends with your favourite youtuber and getting 24 million subs when you never thought you would get 1 mill. Thats epicness
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming Hace 23 días
So o am higher then jack and i am 14
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