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Notre-Dame de Paris

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Ciencia y tecnología

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30 nov 2021






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SmarterEveryDay Hace un mes
A video like this could not thrive on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or even Facebook for that matter. This is my attempt to explain what's good about ESvid, and to encourage decisions within ESvid's leadership to consider leaving a bit of money on the table in favor of protecting the beautiful cathedral that they have created for us. Following the short-term numbers will destroy the beautiful thing you have created, but if you stay the course and stay true to Your Voice, I believe the fact that Educational content thrives here on ESvid will ultimately make you win in the end. Thank you to those who work at ESvid for making a platform where beautiful things like this can exist. The challenge now is to fight to keep it this way, when the siren song of more dollars is no doubt trying to pull you away from that which is good.
Imagine then Make
Imagine then Make Hace 11 días
I so needed to see this video. I create content for ESvid as a hobby and as you suggest, I have found myself wondering from time to time how I should "change" my videos to perform better (get more views and longer watch times). The answer seems clear to me now; don't worry about making videos that will perform, make videos that share and teach what I have learned. Don't lose my voice. I first started making videos because I couldn't find the answers to questions I had about a woodworking tool I was interested in. So I got the tool and made the videos I was looking for but couldn't find. Many videos later, I find it is very easy to get side tracked and caught up in video performance stats which increases the possibility of pulling me away from my voice. Thanks for reminding me.
Imagine then Make
Imagine then Make Hace 11 días
@Luke Arts You make a very interesting and important point. I have noticed more and more people of all ages (from very young children to grown adults) are seemingly addicted to screen scrolling. They seem like they are in a trance and really not even paying that much attention. And then I think about my young years. I was tinkering, dreaming, inventing, and doing. TV was the only screen back then to get addicted to and most of the time, I found watching it boring. I rather be physically doing something. I recall the deep feelings of accomplishment when one of my ideas became real and worked (I built myself a toy car or boat or plane or something). What do young children addicted to screen scrolling have to feel accomplished about now? And I suppose the same question can be asked about adults addicted to screen scrolling; what do they get out of it? Be it right or wrong, when I contemplate questions like this, I always seem to circle back to education as being a possible solution. Do kids (and adults) know what it feels like to learn and actually physically do new things (sometimes fail but sometime succeed) instead of watching someone else on a screen? How do we get more people doing instead of watching? Now, don't get me wrong; I am a big fan of educational videos on all kinds of subjects and I like to think that the videos I make effectively share what I've learned while doing something. So my question is, how do we get people to do less watching and more doing.
1Esteband Hace 12 días
Sadly YT leadership only cares about $$ and have zero regard for our children.
Michael Green
Michael Green Hace 19 días
@Richard Daniel F.C. you make I larf❣🤣 Having lived among the Orthodox church community and the Latin church. Few people even know there are 2 different types of Orthodox church and that split predates the split with the Patriarch of Rome! I have also seen some of the dead sea scrolls; and seen the sinai codex. I also used to live close to the oldest purpose built church in the world, and now live in what is probably the UK's oldest town.
Richard Daniel F.C.
Richard Daniel F.C. Hace 19 días
@Michael Green you wrong man . The Bible was made by the Catholic Church, there is only one Church that come directly from Jesus Crist time . The Protestants was made in Halloween day. Etc
Veritasium Hace un mes
Thanks for this thoughtful video Destin. I am constantly reminded of how ‘the medium is the message’ which makes me wonder what is the real message of ESvid? I think for a long time the message of ESvid has been in depth, quality content, which contrasts with other social media platforms. Like you I hope they keep it this way and don’t keep trying to copy every other platform out there. What I love about your work is you’ve never lost your voice. Thanks for using your voice for good on here.
AwkwardAquaponics Hace 17 días
I think ESvid definitely has its place but it's important to understand that audiences are changing. I love ESvid for the quality content that is available and have found that it has been a great way to connect what we are doing in our school with the PARENTS (and a small amount of students) in our community. My students are leaving ESvid and flocking to other platforms that are quicker, more instantaneous, and 'trendy'. This is a problem but where they are. They aren't on ESvid and I don't know if they are coming back. Other platforms have a younger audience in general but are more surface level in the learning or void of any positive learning at all (you can see this clearly in some of the ratios between numbers and actual creators and what the content actually is). They want to consume something short, quick, and are not necessarily adverse to learning just maybe not in a 'longform' format (it's crazy what that means to my students as of today). I know my four year old views food the same way but I think it's important that he gets the nutrition he needs to grow. If it means snacking more often, but on stuff that is nutritious and healthy, then maybe I'm okay with that, he's going to end up where he needs to be. I would love for more educational creators to 'infiltrate' what my students are exposing themselves to on a day to day basis. There is definitely an educational content vacuum in some of these spaces and I think having creators move into this space from time to time is beneficial to help balance what my students are exposing themselves to.
IDICS Tech News
IDICS Tech News Hace 20 días
I am just happy that Destin was not "Derek'd"
riccardo cacchioli
riccardo cacchioli Hace un mes
Sold out much?
Brendan PW
Brendan PW Hace un mes
@S F Sorry to say so but you are 100% right. The real Derek of old Veritasium was such a blessing. What a loss.
Lee Brenton
Lee Brenton Hace un mes
@SmarterEveryDay both of you are such an inspiration, not just for your world class content but moments like this when, you Destin, show your humanity. Derek you do the same so well, which is the magic of your channels. You're both such thoughtful educators, it's great you have these platforms but I'm sure you would put the same tireless efforts into this calling no matter the vessel you had access to. < That's the inspiration for me.. the idea that you would be the maddest dudes regardless .. I feel like the praise and thanks you guys and others like you deserve is barely uttered but felt by millions and is making this world a better place. So thank you for not only not losing your voice, but using it and encouraging us to do the same. The nuance of what you're trying to achieve isn't lost. 👌
Edwin H.
Edwin H. Hace un mes
Thank you all creators still try to steer ESvid to the right direction.
Sorenkair Hace 11 días
Anything Outdoors with Steve
We are all trying! " like and subscribe" 😄😄
Abandoned and Forgotten Places
“Gly”: Absolutely brilliant video! As a creator myself I’ve struggled with this very same issue. Thanks for bringing it to light. Take care.
briansmobile1 Hace un mes
ESvid "Broadcast Yourself" That was the slogan and mantra when it was climbing up from obscurity. It was power to the people to make their voice heard.
stevenx3m Hace 22 días
It was. Now it is turning into another Facebook full of censorship.
E M Hace 29 días
@chrismathewsjr Yes, and it was all about the people and small creators. That was over a decade ago, what's so hard to believe? ESvid wasn't always so political and censored as it is today, you know?
chrismathewsjr Hace un mes
power to the people lmaooooo hahahahahahahahhahahaha
Felipe Ugalde Pereira
As Destin would say: “in a world of talkers, be a THINKER and a doer”. Thank you Destin for thinking about how content on internet should be delivered and for producing such good stuff for so many years.
 ShortHax Hace un mes
“Half of ESvid's mission is to give everyone a voice" The other half is making sure no one is able to hear it
Ryan G
Ryan G Hace un mes
Yt is shadow banning some comments and people. If you post a comment, try replying to it or even try to see it on another device in incognito. You will learn that your voice is being silenced quite often.
RJ L Hace un mes
@The Barking Mouse why do they want it destroyed?
My comment today, trying to help a suicidal person, was deleted by these leftist ESvid demons repeatedly. So are 90% of my prepping comments. But hey, they censored DOCTORS too! Starting to see a pattern?
Love Your Own Tribe
@Sawyer Hello anti-white. Nationalism is evolutionary advantageous to the group, therefore it's morally good.
Sawyer Hace un mes
@Xnappy Wrong. You arent even aware of your own rights.
chungdha Hace un mes
I hate video need to be longer to get more views, as I want to give good review and tutorials that are straight to the point, instead of annoying long tutorials with a lot of fluff to just make it longer to fit the algorithm. I hate youtube made it like this and its killing my channel with short vids as I dont want to make long 10min vids if I dont need to.
Lubli Hace 20 días
Very fair point, this is something animators bring up often as well. Long watchtime is not great for detailed animation. Wonder how often these alghoritm changes in YT will happen.
BassByTheBay Hace un mes
20:59 - This isn't surprising to me, and it's why YT is still my fave platform after 13 years of use. Even with its changes over the years (most of which I haven't really liked), it's better than any other video/social platform. I have learned *so much,* and I've enjoyed learning it!
BassByTheBay Hace 28 días
@Can Nam"Dog nuts" is too scientific -- explain in layman's terms 😀. Which video platform is better?
Can Nam
Can Nam Hace 28 días
That's cause the creators are good people. The platform itself is dog nuts.
c90adventures Hace un mes
I couldn't agree more. And I'm sure it hurts me in the algorithm, but I only make videos the correct length for the story I'm telling, and not to please an AI. Thanks for fighting the good fight 🙂
c90adventures Hace un mes
@Simon Rees-Owen haha. Due to Covid restrictions, the most adventurous I can do at the moment is Walmart
Simon Rees-Owen
Simon Rees-Owen Hace un mes
@c90adventures Mate i'd follow you all the way to North Korea
c90adventures Hace un mes
@HuntingTarg I do agree that I might lose the battle against the algorithm. But I still win the battle of conscience when people discover my content and enjoy it because it's honest and from the heart. I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside reading their comments as they binge-watch my latest series in one go for 12 hours. It makes it all worth it 🙂
HuntingTarg Hace un mes
Fighting platform algorithms is ultimately a losing battle. ESvid controls the algorithms, so they directly influence who's watched & shared more/less, and who's monetized/demonetized. Ultimately the answer is to look for alternative platforms, like @RealEngineering has done. Vote with you feet and your wallet (and your mouse/fingers/stylus). If you choose to diversify or move, the people who matter will follow you (that's what 'follower' used to mean).
94jub Hace un mes
hey!! how are you doing? is episode 16 coming soon? :P
Installation00 Hace un mes
I agree to the sentiments of not losing your voice. My content is very specific and has its niche, and I up right refuse to change the format based on the algorithm. I'd rather remain true to myself and continue to make content exactly as I intended with no tweaks to appease the neon god 😁. If it gets views, it gets views. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Ultimately it goes back to "How much can a person be paid to work to someone else's time or constraints?"
Niek S.
Niek S. Hace un mes
I don't know yet what your channel is about but I'm going to follow right now.
SensualCream Hace un mes
Yo nice to see you here!! Just started Infinite last night, can't wait to delve into your content when I'm done! There are thousands of Halo fans who appreciate what you've already made
McDude OW
McDude OW Hace un mes
I'm actually so happy I watched this video and that you commented on it. I've been looking for a halo ESvidr to watch, I haven't been in touch with the game and lore since reach came out so I can't wait to watch your stuff!
Setenos Hace un mes
There's a significant amount of passion that the ESvid algorithm constantly misses because it cannot recognize human emotion and how it attracts us to certain content. Stay true to yourself and your base and keep pumping out great content like you do. Just a little Truth and Reconciliation for you :]
Mathieu Stern
Mathieu Stern Hace un mes
Thank you Destin for the fun photo project! Running around Paris to find the exact same spots and capture it again was like a really cool Indiana Jones adventure!
Mathieu Stern
Mathieu Stern Hace 28 días
@Jérémy Bouchez Fantastic, I hope you will make it work again and show us the photos.
Jérémy Bouchez
Jérémy Bouchez Hace 28 días
Very interesting to have Mathieu helping Destin with this project. Besides that Mathieu, I bought an Edixa Mat Reflex model d after viewing your work. I need to restore it because it has not been stored in ideal conditions and oxidation has taken its toll on the mechanism and gears, it's a long project, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to take pictures with it again. Memory is also about being able to use old cameras that captured special moments in the lives of people we will never know and I find that so fascinating. Salutations de Montréal et je vais probablement prendre des photos à chaque étape de ma restauration, même si je suis novice comparé à toi.
jsbrads1 Hace un mes
Did you photo the opposite side of the Arc d Triumph?
Mathieu Stern
Mathieu Stern Hace un mes
@Ivo Piscevic Merci !!
Ivo Piscevic
Ivo Piscevic Hace un mes
@mathieu stern the viens de découvrir votre chaîne, c'est vraiment cool de voir des Frenchies sur des chaînes américaines aussi !
Adrian Koch
Adrian Koch Hace un mes
With those acoustics in Notre Dame, imagine how absolutely crazy the fire might have sounded before it destroyed the ceiling.
Mat Broomfield
Mat Broomfield Hace un mes
Fascinating and a little initially depressing to see all these sights swarming with people where they were not so much 100 years ago. I wonder if that is down to population growth of the shrinking globe brought about by cheaper air travel. Then I see your bit about actually experiencing these places in the flesh, and I realise that yes, they may not look as pristine, and spacious, but they were built to be enjoyed in person, not simply seen in photographs, and I realise that even though they are disfigured by the swarms of people, the democratisation of international tourism has enabled these places to be enjoyed as they were designed to be enjoyed.
Daniel Burt
Daniel Burt Hace un mes
Thanks Destin. You're a good man with a solid foundation, and I look up to you for that. Keep up the fantastic work!
Victor Smith
Victor Smith Hace un mes
I honestly feel this is one of your most important videos that you have done. Although the aim of this video content is directed at the platform of ESvid, it's application is much more broader and far reaching. And is fundamental to navigating our "modern" life. Keep up the good fight and stay the course.
zollotech Hace un mes
Agreed. I'm not a fan of shorts, but rather more thorough content. Shorts, TikTok and reels are fine, but everyone wants to be what ESvid is. ESvid shouldn't try to be what they are not.
Beelzebub Hace un mes
SbI29 Hace un mes
true true but some old ancient videos were also short and were good that way, like that one video of a couple of guys throwing a big rock over a bridge into a river
Ron Warner
Ron Warner Hace un mes
@Mahuk you may recall that back in the day, you couldn’t upload videos longer than 10 minutes without a special account.
Jolly Family
Jolly Family Hace un mes
I agree
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson Hace un mes
I like LockPickingLawyer. 1-3 minute videos. Can pick a MasterLock in 3 seconds or less.
TruthMercyBaptist Hace un mes
Thank-you. For going against the flow. For staying human. For being real. I appreciate your channel for what it is, not for what YT wants it to become.
Joshua De Lisle
Joshua De Lisle Hace un mes
As a traditional blacksmith when I first uploaded to ESvid, one of my first comments was from a professor who said " this is a great example. It's not not the strongest or the smartest that survive but the ones that are most adaptable". I've never forgot what he said. I've since moved from being traditionalist and embraced all technology no matter how modern and ever changing in order to not just survive but to thrive. I'll never forget the journey and I'll always love and appreciate the traditional skills but I think change is not only good but necessary. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Cheers J
Dougald Hendrick
Dougald Hendrick Hace un mes
@Joshua De Lisle As long as one realises that change for it's own sake is perhaps not a good thing, as is growth for it's own sake. That describes what cancer is, unrestrained growth.
Joshua De Lisle
Joshua De Lisle Hace un mes
@Novantico yes in a way I can do more projects for enjoyment as not everything I do has to earn money. When I was stubbornly trying to hold on to my identity as a traditional craftsman I was actually really unhappy and maybe even depressed. Letting go and adapting was actually very freeing. I now tend to think most things that are good are to be enjoyed for a time but not to be held onto too tight because when change happens it is very painful, but if you embrace change then it can be exciting entering into something new.
Novantico Hace un mes
@Joshua De Lisle I imagine it also gives you the breathing room to be able to practice whatever traditional work you like to on the side or for particular projects/needs/fun and such too. There's that bit of sadness that comes with needing to give in to the future and change, but as long as you can find some time (should you event want it) to do things however you want to sometimes, I think that can be good too.
Joshua De Lisle
Joshua De Lisle Hace un mes
@Marino Hernandez using technology for marketing such as ESvid itself is one. Using CAD software and using CNC laser cutting for most of my parts prior to forging is extremely efficient. Using modern welding equipment instead of traditional joinery has opened a hole area of work and that is very profitable that I couldn't access if I remained traditional. I've even built my own power hammer and about to build my own CNC plasma table. I started off wanting to be a purist traditional blacksmith but failed to make it sustainable and so adapting and embracing change has really benefited me and helped provide services to a greater amount of people by making metal work more efficiently.
Marino Hernandez
Marino Hernandez Hace un mes
Any specific examples or stories of times where adapting to newer technology unexpectedly helped you thrive?
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace un mes
Thank you for this! My brain requires constant educational stimulation, and ESvid has become the greatest platform to learn from... I really hope it doesn't change into yet another cheap social media platform that panders to the simple minded.
Paul Binks
Paul Binks Hace un mes
I really enjoyed this episode it felt really organic and made a nice change to the more ‘production’ type videos nice one Destin, thank you!
TRL Limitless
TRL Limitless Hace un mes
Completely agree. So many other ESvidrs I see just copy the latest trend or success, rather than stick to their style that gave them the passion in the first place.
Alfred Hitchcook
Alfred Hitchcook Hace un mes
@NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse What solid point? That Destin isn’t about self-reflection, data, and understanding how things work? You’re joking, right?
Alfred Hitchcook
Alfred Hitchcook Hace un mes
Passion doesn’t feed the family
Inckman Hace un mes
That is our fault as viewers. If we watch different content and follow it instead of trends youtubers will try to do different things to experiment. Like in the old days.
Bright Hace un mes
Did not expect to see you here 😆
thejunkman Hace un mes
@Sean Chapman That is the joke. It is niche.
Kapil E
Kapil E Hace un mes
Thank you for this! I totally agree: we have something magical here on ESvid right now, and I enjoy it everyday. Things are always changing, but I really hope we can hold onto this as long as possible
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Hace 19 días
I have been watching you for a few years now, if there was a youtube saint award, you would get one. Khan academy comes to mind to compare to what you are doing. Making facinating subjects accessible and adding a level of unobstuctive entertainment is a massively effective delivery. You do an incredible job. Smarter Every Day is an example of the good things online communication has to offer and I wish you nothing but the best. (Also, as a 50 year old, I've been forwarding the James Webb video to everyone. Geeking out hard, fingers crossed, can't wait to see the results. Cheers to your Dad)
Paul Williams
Paul Williams Hace un mes
Very well said Destin, Stay Original as you always do. Thank you for making us aware about these things!
Shooting Utah
Shooting Utah Hace un mes
I'm SOOOO HAPPY! I was able to go to Paris before the Notre Dame fire and was able to see it inside and out. One of the best parts was feeding pigeons outside the cathedral with my wife. It really is a special place of European culture and history and it should absolutely be preserved as close to original as possible.
Jeremy VanMarrum
Jeremy VanMarrum Hace un mes
Thank you for providing content that has content! You bring a genuine curiosity to the topics that are explored. I hope you stay true to your own voice.
Joseph Socha
Joseph Socha Hace un mes
Thank you for your dedication to actually showing us your care for us by giving us knowledge and tools how to have positive gains from those sources we let into our lives. Watching your videos has definitely been a positive gain in my life over and over again! Thank you for what you do and for showing genuine care for us who you hardly or don't even know. It has truly been awesome to come across your videos and you genuine interest in God's creations and your sincere Charity for people around you and that you've never met. You're truly amazing and I aspire to see the world and people I come across in my life with as much light, joy, and excitement as you have shown in your videos! Thank you for the time you've put it to be a positive output in all of our lives to bring more of the amazingness if what is all around us into our view!! I hope and pray for all the best for you, your family, and your friends! Have a great and wonderful day Destin, keep seeing the world the way God has so abundantly bless you with!!!
saab92513584 Hace un mes
I’m genuinely impressed with Linus Media Group and their ability to balance this. They definitely feed into the algorithm, but this is obviously in part to pay all their employees salaries at this point. They also keep expanding and at least carrying the viewer along for the trip and trying to be better.
Amethyst Orchard
Amethyst Orchard Hace un mes
Thanks Destin! This is one important and heart-warming topic. It is really a conflict to pick what one wants to embrace and what one throwaway while there is a need... like need to survive, more money, fame, etc...
The History Underground
I'm a huge fan of doing these then and now photo projects. It's a great way to connect with history. Appreciate your voice!
The History Underground
@Logan Martin Interesting. I’d like to see that.
Logan Martin
Logan Martin Hace un mes
There is a roughly 40 minute video of exploring the Somme and recreating photos taken over a hundred years ago, and its amazing to me that you can see just how much the earth was moved to accommodate the Great War, and just how much of those earthworks still remain exactly the same today.
Enigma NL
Enigma NL Hace un mes
Hey Destin, I just want you to keep doing what you have always been doing. Don't change for the sake of metrics. You're doing great!
Cameron Lindhorst
Cameron Lindhorst Hace un mes
I've been watching your videos for years Destin. I've noticed the changes and agree! Stick to your guns (figuratively and literally lol). Thanks for everything you do and stand for!
Cody Parslow
Cody Parslow Hace un mes
Thanks Destin. I’ve been showing your videos to my kids since they were in elementary school and we all still follow you. 2022 my daughter goes off to college at her 1st choice university and I can’t help but think of special memories we have watching and discussing videos of yours throughout the years. Probably didn’t seem at the time that we we’re making memories I’d want to cherish but I realize that now. Thanks for doing what you do. Cheers.
jevers123 Hace 22 días
after watching your channel for a couple years... i am finally subscribing after watching this vid ....because you are starting to think in 4 dimensions , stay the course.. follow you're heart ... you seem to be a good student and teacher . this episode is important.. you got said what i've been wanting to say thank you
JD's Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles
Very good points. To add to the conversation, I'm not a fan of the dislike button no longer showing the count either. Now it's harder to sort through tutorial videos. I learn how to do some household tasks like change outlets here on ESvid. Now I can't tell if the video is clickbait, low quality, or if everyone got electrocuted unless I read the comments in every video. The problem is, content creators can turn the comments OFF. So now people here on ESvid can curate a well crafted lie for watch time, and even propaganda can flourish now. I think they're creating a monster without even realizing it. The ESvid shorts are only going to exacerbate this downward trend too.
Peter Avram
Peter Avram Hace un mes
@Blox117 not coincidentally removing dislikes has been shown to be better for mental health :)
Daniel Beaver
Daniel Beaver Hace un mes
@Josh Dowden And then you have only yourself to rely on to make judgements, oh no. Or, you can take it to the many platforms like reddit that are made for debate. This isn't one of them
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
@babybirdhome The feedback on the ESvid announcement about the dislike count has been met with insane amount of backlash and they don't care one iota, just like they don't care for independent creators or their user base. ESvid is evil.
N Q H Hace un mes
They realise that too, they're not a multibillion-dollars-company for no reason. Thing is, they care more about their ad revenues than the well-being of us plebeian viewers. What if one or two got electrocuted over a bad tutorial? Nothing. What if a bad video with millions of views got boycotted? Something.
Neal Foster
Neal Foster Hace un mes
Here here
Theunis Holthuis
Theunis Holthuis Hace un mes
Destin, you're such an amazing, sincere and wholesome person.. one of my favorite humans on earth, truly. A bit of a weird comment, but I just had to put it out there.
Cars & Coffey
Cars & Coffey Hace 22 días
I’m so grateful for your channel and work. Love the material, perspective and heart and soul of your work.
Av8orn8 Hace un mes
Wow. Such an excellent video. I always feel uplifted when watching your content. Keep up the awesome work and do not change!
thepiedpiper13 Hace un mes
Thanks Destin for another great video. Always thought provoking. One thing I'd be interested in regarding your data analytics is this: I see your length of vids has increased with upload date and longer vids correlate with more viewers. However, over that time you have also gotten alot more subscribers. It'd be interesting if you could normalize the data to account for subscribers (ie % of subscribers that watched your vid). This, I feel might add some nuance to the data and make it more relevant (you may be getting more views, but less % of subcribers than you were getting with shorter vids. Your subscribers may actually prefer vids in the 5-15mins range, but may not be seeing that with the data as it is formatted now). All the best! God bless.
Edwin Sarkissian
Edwin Sarkissian Hace un mes
I love this video. You are so right about everything. That’s exactly what my thought were about these changes within all these social media platforms. I feel like they want us to be a sheep and jump from one place to another for their own benefits.
Rajat Sinha
Rajat Sinha Hace un mes
@Joe Bidet painful to even read this
Joe Bidet
Joe Bidet Hace un mes
@Rajat Sinha Kentucky ballistics moment
Yair Martinez
Yair Martinez Hace un mes
Hi, Edwin and Gasparito! glad to see you here! How about some fun with Destin's Supersonic cannon?
Raymo_2_u Hace un mes
The mission from social giants, corporations, banks and everything from the top down (many of which control our political figures at this point) is control, profit, and power....they dont see us as people - they see us as profit margins and "useless eaters"....they've made it clear many times....including one of Destin's/Rober's Idols they've had on here previously.
Ano N. Ymous
Ano N. Ymous Hace un mes
Taras has unfortunately...
Mark W
Mark W Hace un mes
Thank you, Destin! Your videos are much more preferred over the millions of other 'useless' information.
TeeJay irl
TeeJay irl Hace un mes
I've learned so much from your channel and your passion for learning is inspiring. It's good that you're not going to go down the rabbit hole of chasing views. Don't let their algorithm change yours.
David Hyre
David Hyre Hace un mes
Destin, please do no lose who you are - because you are awesome :) The raw honesty, inquisitiveness, integrity, and fun, are what drew me to your channel and keeps me coming back... whether the video is short or long. I think your decision will pay off in the long run, over algorithmic adjustments and the longer term of people digging back through your content after discovering you, more than any short-term gain. Well-thought and expressed, bruh!
Prajwal Bhagwat
Prajwal Bhagwat Hace un mes
Very good message ! Really appreciate your effort here to shed light on current mindless social media consumption. Keep making us smarter every day 😃
Hacksmith Industries
Thanks for making this video Destin!
Omesh Persaud
Omesh Persaud Hace un mes
Im second!!! I wonder if theyll reply...probably not
XXXXXXXXXX Hace un mes
First to found u
Matt Braaten
Matt Braaten Hace 25 días
Destin, thank you for speaking your mind and doing what feels right to you. Hopefully this is inline with your ideas, but I'd like to say that the videos you did on the USS Toledo were amazing. I frequently rewatch them, and wonder what its like onboard. I've probably watched every other discovery channel/ documentary video about submarines and they all seem so clinical/ sterile. Yours seem very organic and real. Odds of doing similar video(s) on an Ohio class?
Scott McIntosh
Scott McIntosh Hace un mes
That was a very good video Destin. I like how you are committed to sound principles and always back up your commitments with thoughtful evidence. As a software developer for thirty (30) years I have seen a lot of change in how humans view and otherwise digest information and all the changes are not good. I think the simple message of "Know your voice" has a grand design and I appreciate the message.
Let's make a mess!
Let's make a mess! Hace un mes
You're an amazing creator. I love your videos. Thank you for your contribution to knowledge! You're awesome!
Jason Beatty
Jason Beatty Hace un mes
Love this, and thank you for your constant quest to gather and then share knowledge. Your comment about "what does this mean for future generations" got me thinking of another bad ESvidr trend where they may purposely misstate, mispronounce, or misspell things in order to garner interaction by people jumping to correct them, which boosts the algorithm, gets more promotion, and gets more views. Yes, it creates engagement but it's the wrong kind of engagement, and the more you repeat an incorrect thing the more likely it is to be accepted as normal. Over time, gaming the system in that way to get more views or engagement like that can actually hurt future generations. Anyway, I like that you're concerned about the legacy of your voice, and not just how far it carries. :)
TimeBucks Hace un mes
I love how educational ESvid
Paweł Peszko
Paweł Peszko Hace un mes
Unlucky if i cant see dislikes i cant know, video is good or not when i watching tutorials 😞
Taylor Duncan
Taylor Duncan Hace un mes
Thank you Dustin. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us have felt in this weird age of mis/disinformation competing with real facts. I appreciate your voice, your opinion, and your insight on the matter. Keep doing what you do, because you truly do make the world smarter every day :)
Dakotah Rickard
Dakotah Rickard Hace un mes
To be extremely unfair, one of my favorite ESvid features is the "Playback Speed" setting. I listen to almost everything at at least 1.5X, many things at 2X. The biggest lesson I've learned by doing that is the importance of processing time. Many persons (such as myself) with no (or little) useful site use computers with screen readers, and some of us push the words-per-minute well past 5- or 600. The ingestion of the information is rarely a problem; processing it and making it personally relevant is the tough part. I think the most difficult part of watching ESvid, the biggest thing that loses voices (either personally or socially) is jumping from post to post, video to video, without giving oneself processing time. That's why I turn off "Autoplay." I want to choose what and when to watch next. That's why, if I were a creator, I would post videos when I had something to talk about: maybe four a week, maybe one a month, without letting myself become an assembly line of content. No accusation at all is intended in that; I don't really know your upload schedule, but we all need time to think, discover, and discuss. Be well, and thanks for the videos.
Brenden Emmond
Brenden Emmond Hace un mes
Thank you, thank you for the thought and for being strong! love your videos!
Felipe Utiyama
Felipe Utiyama Hace un mes
I'll be greatly thankful for you and anyone that resists the short video format! I agree with your take wholeheartedly, thank you very much for standing your ground.
Medlife Crisis
Medlife Crisis Hace un mes
This was enjoyable to watch. I've thought about it often when I chat to full time YT friends who I can see are chasing what brings in the clicks, and thus revenue. And it's their livelihood, so I never judge but I can tell they don't always enjoy it as much. I have also not been able to engage with shorts, which tbh I've considered almost a failing on my part as a 'creator'. But I am privileged to have an outside job, and a small enough ESvid channel to not really feel those pressures in a meaningful way. I can't imagine what it's like to run a channel with millions of subs and several employees. The other reason I liked it was that I've spent a great deal of time in Paris and love it dearly - it's an interesting choice for then & now photos as it's had strict building restrictions in the centre since even before the Belle Époque. A thoughful introspective vid :)
@SmarterEveryDay My comment today, trying to help a suicidal person, was deleted by these leftist ESvid demons repeatedly. So are 90% of my prepping comments. But hey, they censored DOCTORS too! Starting to see a pattern? These evil demons hide behind walls and bodyguards. If they push me just a tiny bit more.....
RocKITEman _ 2001
RocKITEman _ 2001 Hace un mes
@Hello Corona >>> _"Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves?"_ *-- KELLY'S HEROES [1970]*
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma Hace un mes
@Medlife Crisis 😂
Medlife Crisis
Medlife Crisis Hace un mes
@Aman Sharma I appreciate you translating it for me 😂
Medlife Crisis
Medlife Crisis Hace un mes
@SmarterEveryDay Absolutely. Long live longer videos!
Alex Garver
Alex Garver Hace 16 días
As a recently minted engineer, your videos are so refreshing - the informativeness is great, but I love the bare curiosity and discovery you so frequently show. A lot of other creators have great informative videos, but yours are so refreshing in the way you take us on the journey of discovery with you moment by moment. And as a fellow Christian, I find your fascination with the creation and your desire to dive deeper into its mysteries and intricacies so wonderful and inspiring. I'm happy to be in a field where I have a lot to be in awe over, and I hope that feeling follows me through life as it has you.
Krishna Choudhari
Krishna Choudhari Hace un mes
I have only watched the first 2 minutes of this video, and I have to say, everytime I think Mr Sandlin will eventually give in to the content consumption "machine", eventually and will his videos will become like almost every other content creators', you take me by surprise, it is extremely valuable, the lengths that you go to make genuine unadulterated science, and I (along with many more people I'm sure) have utter respect and am truly grateful for the work you do. Thankyou.
Pedro DaSiva
Pedro DaSiva Hace un mes
Thank you for being YOU, Destin! And thank you for showing us what you want us to know...no more and no less. History will remember you as an excellent bridge between us tech-curious and true scientists.
TeeJ Hace un mes
Very fitting verse at the end. Love your work, love getting smarter everyday. I would imagine most people go to ESvid to find the ‘help guide’ to solve their problem, I know I do.
Jeff Geerling
Jeff Geerling Hace un mes
I agree about Notre Dame; most of the reason people want to visit is to see that time capsule; how all the parts of such a building encapsulated a period of time in France and Europe's history, and the relationship the Catholic Church had with art, architecture, and civil engineering. When you randomly change bits of it to have modern art, you lose part of the spirit of the cathedral, what makes it what it is.
Yoni Dellarocha
Yoni Dellarocha Hace un mes
@A HA i think you are forgetting that the current french people are the descendants of the people who didn't leave france to go colonizing, while it is the white people of africa and the americas the ones who descend from colonists... Now, why should the descendants of french peasants that never even saw the riches of Paris, let alone the riches of, well, erm, africa, be forced to accept people who hate them unfairly because of a fallacious argument about colonialism? And before you start claiming that all the french benefited from colonialism, let me remind you that before 1880, 95% of the french population was rural peasants, they didn't see a penny, unlike the defunct monarchy and republics of the era. You are taking it out on the wrong people, and they don't appreciate it one bit. I expect cultural relations to get worse in the coming decades, since you can't have 2 or more cultures living in the same place if they share an original-sin-styled historical narrative that works against the native population. It's going to end up like every historical example we have, in a hot-cold civil war, and don't think that people aren't aware of this. When i lived in france a few decades back there was people who tried to make this clear to their government officials, yet the americans had already decided the fate of france, no matter the will of the french people. And pretty ironic that you complain about colonialism when the topic of immigration comes up, since, unlike immigrants like me who integrate as best we can, these types stick to themselves and establish their own neighbourhoods among the native population. I think there is a term for those places and behaviour, oh yeah, colonies.
Bill Dewahl
Bill Dewahl Hace un mes
​@F F Most viewpoints and cultures do not mix. Even a cursory look at the world around you or really any point in history makes this patently obvious. The best and only way to be pro-diversity is to advocate for more homogenous societies. This idea that because you are involved in commerce you must immerse yourselves with foreigners is pathological and suicidal.
John Peric
John Peric Hace un mes
@Zoltan No, they weren't. That's not what the Renaissance was. Renaissance literally means a revival or return to something, and it does not mean abandoning your culture. It means integrating old ways into the contemporary era. That's not remotely what we are doing today.
Zoltan Hace un mes
@John Peric 400 years ago was the era of French Renaissance, which was about breaking away from medieval culture. So yes, they WERE destroying their culture, replacing it with new one.
John Peric
John Peric Hace un mes
@Zoltan They really wouldn't, at least not in the same way. 400 years ago they weren't deliberately destroying their own culture.
Jeff Bader
Jeff Bader Hace un mes
Great work, keep up it up. It is an excellent example of the of what the internet can be.
Christian Acker
Christian Acker Hace un mes
Destin, your videos are getting even better recently. Bravo! Keep finding and using your voice. Authenticity is being the same in every situation. That's easier than we think it is, when we are able to forget ourselves and nearly impossible if we are observing ourselves from the outside.
Dan Manthe
Dan Manthe Hace un mes
I love the longer format! It takes time to convey ideas and some of your ideas or questions can be somewhat abstract. Please keep at least some of the longer ones
Jose Padilla
Jose Padilla Hace un mes
This is an awesome video/concept! Unfortunately we are living in a time where our attention span is very minimum. I work with first graders and can see a change from my generation and this current generation. I’m only 27 and I think I grew up in an awesome time period, in my opinion, where I got a taste of life with and without technology. Social media and technology have a huge influence on our lives and we receive so much information at one time it’s actually overwhelming. I think as a human race we are trying to figure out technology and in particular social media. I can see why these platforms want to keep it short. They’re just to compete with everyone’s attention span but can mislead generation alphas and Z’s in the way they think. Going back to working with first graders. From what I have noticed is they don’t want to have to think for themselves for too long. Now I understand they are just kids but common core in California is suppose to help with their ability to problem solve but I find it a little counter intuitive in the fact that the world is showing them to not be deep thinkers with these social media platforms. Now, this is only my opinion and this is what I have been able to pin point myself but I’m sure there’s parents, educators and anyone can chime in.
Tayo Aina
Tayo Aina Hace un mes
This is so insightful. Owning your voice is important on youtube. Thanks for making this video!
Charles Balliet
Charles Balliet Hace un mes
@Zenn Exile its because he lives in a privilaged bubble and has never been censored or had his content taken down without any reason or recourse like so many others have experienced.
Zenn Exile
Zenn Exile Hace un mes
Corporations being able to buy your voice and use it to sell product is the only benefit you get from using the internet in this way. We are all no nobody on the Internet by design. Corporations are trying to change that model so they can profit from it. Not so you can have more voice. The Internet is meant to be "EVERYONEs" voice. Not just the highest paid most commercially viable voices curated to us by the Corporations that for all intents and purposes, own them. It blows my mind how people as smart as Destin, and the people he regularly associates with, could get the Internet so completely wrong. And fall so easily for corporate "gifts".
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Hace un mes
Its important every man
Dr. Boots
Dr. Boots Hace un mes
Hard to have “your voice”… when YT censors those who step out of line😒
S F Hace un mes
The funny thing is many other "science" channels have already succumbed to it
Tommy Schaeffer
Tommy Schaeffer Hace 29 días
Gah! As a beginning/beginner/amateur content producer, this was so amazing and informative to watch. Thank you, Destin, for these great insights and extremely insightful views--especially on The Voice of ESvid itself. I hope your voice resonates loudly in the C-Suite on this. Oh that and I spit out my coffee laughing every time you said "ear holes" at the end, bwaaahahahahahahaa! (Incidentally, I have "tiny little ear holes!" bwwaahahahaahahahaaaaa!
michael gilchrist
michael gilchrist Hace un mes
Pretty insightful. Thank you for taking a step back and sharing your thought process on this. I feel like authentic content like this might be taken for granted sometimes, but it will always hold its value. The same isn’t true of videos that try so hard to grab your attention and please the algorithms. Keep sharing your voice Destin! 👏
Shadowhunter27 Hace un mes
Thank you Destin for being honest and open with your thoughts
Jennah Mirrim
Jennah Mirrim Hace un mes
I love your channel! I learn something cool every time. Thank you!
Ben Sullins
Ben Sullins Hace un mes
Love the message. I think this is even more important for smaller creators trying to find their voice as well. The challenge of course is being able to make it as a channel and also not fall into the chasing views trap. Always giving me something to think about Destin! 🤙
Samuel Tompakov
Samuel Tompakov Hace un mes
As. Ghjhj jkn nun
Jevon Frost
Jevon Frost Hace un mes
Thanks for the one off OLF episode. Miss them. Hope you do some more now and again.
Horeea Hace un mes
Hi, I'm Emilia. Can you guess my age and nationality? Hom😊
Mitchell Barker
Mitchell Barker Hace un mes
I love your love of graphs. You've made me realize how useful they are.
Brett Byrd
Brett Byrd Hace un mes
Thank you for this video Destin. I got rid of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and pretty much all social media. This is all I have left. I find myself watching shorts and instantly stop as soon as I catch my self mindlessly scrolling and wasting time. This is why I watch your videos. To learn. I watch your channel StuffMadeHere, and a few others to learn and engage my mind. I do watch Dude Perfect and How ridiculous to support them because they give it all to God (and sometimes you just need good clean entertainment). Thank you for all you do. God Bless!
paul ianchis
paul ianchis Hace 29 días
Destin, what I like about your voice, that seems to be consistent in my eyes is that you enjoy to meet new fascinating and diverse people, people that come from all sorts of backgrounds. I absolutely love how your curiosity gets you excited to meet them and to pick their brains for the expertise they have...from engineers to inventors, to artists and musicians and so on. In my opinion you kept your voice and you are still using it. All that changed is the increased number of friends you make and keep in touch with. Every episode someone new shows up to share their knowledge with your viewers. Thank you for creating new experiences for us, the viewers.
Nancy Gutierrez
Nancy Gutierrez Hace un mes
Wow! Those slides are a treasure! It would be a wonderful project to collect as many images of the original Notre Dame and create an online museum...perhaps take it on a museum tour!
A Mere Creator
A Mere Creator Hace un mes
Shorts are fast food but long form is a home cooked meal. Yes fast food is popular, but it cannot beat moms cooking. It doesn't make you feel good in the long term, that's why I think there will always be a spot for long form videos here on ESvid. Shorts is just an answer to where the attention market is moving towards, and I am not immune to this. Destin you said you are resisting but are not closed to shorts. I am a noob but I can personally vouch that there is value in converting a long form video into a short. It is like distilling an idea to its purest form, it shows whats important, and is just another tool in content creation.
Jonathan Covington
Jonathan Covington Hace un mes
This is the best analogy. I compare attention based social apps to sugar sometimes. We are exploiting parts of ourselves that could have severe consequences. Similar to the obesity problem but for your brain
Nick Hace un mes
@Kevin Luo They induce dopamine which makes you want more, that's why you often never just watch one short, but many. That's basically how TikTok works except the content on that platform is absolutely mind rotting and sickening.
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo Hace un mes
Shorts are like snacks/ junk food, while longer form videos are the main course. Like snacks, shorts are fine in small amounts, but are addictive and unhealthy if they become all you consume, as they are shallow and don't go in depth.
Nick Hace un mes
In some aspects I like to equate shorts to, if you've read or heard of Kantian philosophy, Kantian lower pleasures and long videos to Kantian higher pleasures.
Jack Hace un mes
very well said man
Michele Savoldelli
Michele Savoldelli Hace un mes
There's always this sensation when i finish your videos, the sensation that you touched the right points, you touched me in the depth and that by watching you, what you do and how you do it, i can get a lot. You know, the same sensation you have when you finish that particular intense film or tv series: you are astonished and you have so much to think about you don't even know where to start. So thank you, thank you for what you do and for staying always the same. It's not common to do what you really think it's right, above all on social media. Thank you.
J smith
J smith Hace un mes
I really appreciate your thoughts and perspective. Love it. Thank you.
YourLocalTexican Hace un mes
I really appreciate the overall message sir. Always Love your content !
Sean Hace un mes
Destin...man don't change anything. I like watch your videos due to how you do things, the enjoyment you get from it (Evident in each video) and yeah...your voice in every applicable meaning of that phrase. Love this project you did and had no idea about your other channel which I will certainly check out. Cheers mate!
DJLsb Vapes
DJLsb Vapes Hace un mes
As a content creator myself, I agree, we are loosing who we are, trying to please and compete with an algorithm, leading the next generations to something that doesn’t look good…
DJLsb Vapes
DJLsb Vapes Hace un mes
@Heathen Oh wow, how are you brother, I knew you were the kind of guy who wants to be smarter everyday too. ❤️
Slappy Hace un mes
Roderick Lenz
Roderick Lenz Hace un mes
No, you're selling out to make money. Your views represent your income. You don't have to, but don't blame others if your content isn't as saleable.
Heathen Hace un mes
Funny seeing you here Daniel! Congrats on the wedding my friend.
James Collier
James Collier Hace un mes
never attach your waggon to a dem horse
Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamara Hace un mes
Thanks for your efforts to highlight the positive aspects of ESvid, over the race to the bottom. As you have so clearly explained.
manny thehunter
manny thehunter Hace un mes
Great video! You are correct todays society has become all about the instant gratification without really "learning" the 5Ws. Thank you for not changing your content!
Joey Mac
Joey Mac Hace un mes
Another great video Destin. You're spot-on about the race to the bottom in content creation. ESvid has an amazing place in the online world, with interesting, educational, historical, scientific, funny, scenic, relaxing etc. etc. etc. long form videos. The world has enough dummed-down content on instagram, tik-tok, twitter, all of which contribute to and reinforce an ignorant, short tempered and polarised online "community". ESvid creators can still take the time to educate, inform, report, entertain while taking their viewers on fantastic journeys to far away cities, galaxies or even around the body. Thanks for all of your content!
fugithegreat Hace 22 días
I tend toward the educational end of ESvid, but I absolutely love it! As long as I'm learning, I don't feel like it's a waste of time or negatively affecting my mental health. This is the only platform that I actually enjoy and doesn't really make me angry (just mildly annoyed when there are too many ads)
MattColbo Hace un mes
Great video, Destin. I find it is a different battle, though, for fringe full-time creators, who one month could make a sustainable amount of money, and the next be on the brink of needing to take up a second job to pay rent. When you want nothing more than to do this for a living, the fear of it all going away is very strong. And when making those little tweaks can be the difference between making rent and not, it’s very hard to ignore. I think most people want to stay true to themselves, so it really is a shame that it’s turning into a platform where not everyone can afford to.
Gabriele Bursi
Gabriele Bursi Hace un mes
I don’t know you and probably never will but this is a good comment. Sadly sometimes reality imposes you not to be true to yourself
Edward Paulsen
Edward Paulsen Hace un mes
It is precisely for this reason (and a couple others) that I would NOT monetize videos... I would be doing them as my own voice, liking it or not is entirely immaterial, those that like it will come back. those that don't can go bother someone else. We modify ourselves to suit others plenty within the real world every single day.
BlackCell22 Hace un mes
In a race to the bottom, everyone eventually loses.
Nathaniel Brough
Nathaniel Brough Hace un mes
Mate, could sell some sea shells on the side
Bernie Lomax
Bernie Lomax Hace un mes
Gerry Beltgens
Gerry Beltgens Hace un mes
I love your format and content. I have shared it with all four of my grandchildren. They love watching Smarter Every Day with Opa.
McNab Hace un mes
Thoughtful video. I have a love-hate relationship with youtube. There are still some great content providers and it's a great resource for old documentaries which would otherwise be gaining dust in an archive, but I detest the insidious political bias and censorship which google have imposed on the platform. keep doing what you are doing, and if fewer people watch to the end it's their loss.
jonathon wessling
jonathon wessling Hace un día
I would like to speak from behalf of the Australian viewers and I we love your content and please do not change! We love it! Maybe team up with the how ridiculous boys to do some science with them 😁
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. Hace un mes
Destin, thank you for maintaining integrity! That's becoming a rare commodity in this instant, mindless world climate.
Mau365PP Hace un mes
I use ESvid mainly for education. I watch tutorials and DIY projects, and the dislike button saved me from wasting my time with bad videos, because people with more knowledge than me would dislike something that is wrong. Now I have no idea if something new for me is correct or wrong !!! ESvid just destroyed education!!! 🤬
Pritam Bissonauth
Pritam Bissonauth Hace un mes
I do same
Proloy Codes
Proloy Codes Hace un mes
@Mari Onette *has become
Chaine secondaire du DarkMouche
Nooo stop watching education videos rn!!!! You should instead watch Ed sheran youtube shorts slapping some paint on a canvas !!!!!1!1!😡😡😤
Inkwalker Hace un mes
@Walde We still have views to likes ratio. From my experience videos with 10% likes are good.
GOLD Hace un mes
I completely agree.
Shaun McDaniels
Shaun McDaniels Hace 27 días
A very fascinating video!!!! The power of the “Voice” is amazing!! Thanks for your version/vision of voice….. You hit a major point I have thought of often. The “short” version… I watch Utube because I have the choice to go in-depth on a subject and think about it. It provides many opinions and points of view. That’s the short part. But it also allows you to think about it and make your own choice. That’s the long part. At least for me… Thanks again for the video!!! Definitely a change of pace!!! Keep your voice!!!! Please!!!! In this point in time too many are content with letting others “Voice” for them……
Killagoat Hace 6 días
Its been a month since i have seen your video. During this month I have seen alot of creators referring to your message! You are doing the right thing Destin.
kr7799 Hace un mes
Appreciate your desire to maintain your true voice, Dustin, I think in the long run there are always going to be a group of people who appreciate that more than the quick click baits, and those are going to be your type of people. You shouldn't try to please everyone because the fact is the approval of people who are foolish or mindless actually implies something negative about you. On the other hand, when your ESvid audience becomes your identify it does actually change you, so perhaps the voice you become IS now your true voice. Whatever happens I hope that you do not follow the path of Veritasium and end up putting out his electricity video type of click bait.
Titus Overmyer
Titus Overmyer Hace un mes
I been watching this channel for a while now. I would say that you have gotten more seasoned in your presentations of things and also being around longer will also have a better chance that we will come back. Always enjoy your thoughful informative content.
Tinys Kustoms
Tinys Kustoms Hace 14 días
Ive been watching your submarine video series, and really enjoying it. That having been said, this video got me to subscribe to you. Thanks man, thanks for NOT chasing the BS. A lone voice in the wilderness. I hope more people with an audience assume your posture...
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ
Cool! I had a job at a photo lab and sometimes I'd be digitizing hundreds of slides at a time. It was the best part of the job.
Bill Meade
Bill Meade Hace 4 horas
You are my favorite creator, there's not one video of yours that didn't hold my interest, I think the main reason is we get to ride along your journey of learning something new and interesting instead of you coming across as say some expert or professor shoving it down our throat, so thanks for what you do and you should be proud 👍
Morgan Hace un mes
You are wonderful. Thoughtful, kind, real. Thank you so much for terrific videos!
Jake Likes Tech
Jake Likes Tech Hace un mes
I also don't like how they removed the dislike button. It's going down the path of the other platforms that also don't have dislikes. It really provides a good measure of whether a video is actually good or bad. It is supposed to be a useful tool, but some people just use it as a weapon and now we all have to suffer without one of ESvid's greatest tools.
Chris S
Chris S Hace un mes
And even better, I am still able to like or dislike whatever was uploaded - they haven't removed that
Chris S
Chris S Hace un mes
@Miner47000 if something was uploaded that was a scam, I would find out - odd as it may seem, I actually enjoy thinking for myself - if something sounds outrageous, I check its veracity, anything fake will soon be shown up
Miner47000 Hace un mes
@Chris S What if there was something posted that was a scam or something like that, removing dislikes removes the ability to easily see if something is fake. Not the only example but that is one way that it was useful, besides I just have a chrome extension now lol
leafpool2014 gaming
@kuinks also one other thing, i dont rate movies by rating but by what it contains such as if it contains blood and gore i most likely wont watch it
leafpool2014 gaming
@kuinks for your information i give most things a chance, but if you are doing research and dont have that much time to find something that can help you it's good to have a way to tell if the source is reliable, spam is a problem same with scams, sometime relieing on others is a good thing, some times its bad to have your own opinion or give something a chance because you may realize that it was a waist of time. should i apply your logic to other sites. oh let's remove the review system on amazon and keep the 5 star rating because everyone should give the product a chance, or how about let me spend 10 dollars to watch this bad rated movie and then realize that it was a waist of time and i should have listen to the reviews. learn to take criticism and stuff. not everyone has the time to watch everything and so the dislikes are good to tell if you should spend time with this video. instead of being mad that you get dislikes and just want people to like your videos. how about make good videos or be glad that some people like your video. your not going to get everyone to like your stuff or others peoples stuff.
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