YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

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In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated: rewind.youtube/about
Top lists featured the following channels:
@1MILLION Dance Studio
@Ariana Grande
@Awez Darbar
@Billie Eilish
@Black Gryph0n
@Daddy Yankee
@David Dobrik
@Dude Perfect
@Felipe Neto
@Galen Hooks
@James Charles
@Kylie Jenner
@Lil Dicky
@Lil Nas X
@LOUD Babi
@LOUD Coringa
@Magnet World
@Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
@Noah Schnapp
@백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
@Shawn Mendes
@Team Naach
@하루한끼 one meal a day
To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit: rewind.youtube/about


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5 dic 2019






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YouTube Hace 20 horas
Us: “So in 2019, let’s see what you did like” Everyone else: “We like copy and pasting other people’s comments in the comment section."
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Hace 14 horas
Here before 1000 likes
Mighty Cat
Mighty Cat Hace 14 horas
DeadChannel.mp3 Hace 14 horas
Worse than last years
Richard Brodsky
Richard Brodsky Hace 14 horas
2cool18 Hace 14 horas
I asked for a good rewind not a top 10 list
Soso Bowei
Soso Bowei Hace 35 segundos
ESvid: If in 2018, we couldn't give you what we wanted you to like, in 2019, we'll throw scraps of what you really like on a dirty plate. Be content with it!
Alan Arismendi
Alan Arismendi Hace 36 segundos
Y los memes
MARVELHUB jpg Hace 36 segundos
Si!!!! Minecraft 1 lugar
Dominick 1234
Dominick 1234 Hace 36 segundos
This doesn’t feel like a rewind
Dominick 1234
Dominick 1234 Hace 17 segundos
Bollat Fashion
Bollat Fashion Hace 36 segundos
why are you running? why are you running?!
Ya Boi LoLo
Ya Boi LoLo Hace 37 segundos
nice compilation you got youtube
Elinc rail productions
Elinc rail productions Hace 37 segundos
No one likes james charles or shane dawson
Jakob Flykt
Jakob Flykt Hace 37 segundos
This is even worse then 2018
Haroon Hace 37 segundos
we need something like the 2016 youtube rewind
Suli Puc Cen
Suli Puc Cen Hace 37 segundos
ESvid solo queríamos que regresaran los anteriores años como 2015,1016 y 2017 :(( estanto pedir?
Erick GUZMÁN Hace 38 segundos
So now we know where brad is working now after leaving felix team
Adsız Hace 38 segundos
05:12 ilk türk youtuber değil, ilk Türk youtuber Burak Oyunda (Burak Şahin)'dır.
Abi Cherry
Abi Cherry Hace 38 segundos
The fact that you didn’t mention team trees once besides in a two second clip really bothers me. That and pewdiepies wedding were the only things worth talking about.
I'm socially Awkward
I'm socially Awkward Hace 39 segundos
Where's team trees? Where is team trees? THEY DIDN'T PUT TEAM TREES!?!
ProSecert Ninja
ProSecert Ninja Hace 39 segundos
This is how cringy / bad this rewind is | | |
Jay McKee
Jay McKee Hace 39 segundos
I feel like ESvid just got lazy this year. And also I’m pretty sure fouseytube was the first middle eastern to hit 10 million subscribers
Destroyer X 090
Destroyer X 090 Hace 39 segundos
This is even worse than before are jokeing
Narutorunner 7
Narutorunner 7 Hace 40 segundos
i thought i was on watch mojo
Xx ABXx Hace 40 segundos
Imagine pewdiepie or lazerbeam copystrike them 😂 😂 😂
La Mas Capita
La Mas Capita Hace 40 segundos
@Angie Velasco te amo😍
segamann Hace 41 un segundo
what is this DS ESvid
Lili B
Lili B Hace 41 un segundo
WA Hace 41 un segundo
From all the world we here.🌍 I’m from 🇾🇪living in 🇺🇸. How about you 🤔
Binish Manandhar
Binish Manandhar Hace 41 un segundo
ESvid's new way of showing off their Stats. With music & fancy editing. LoL !
Mr. Reality
Mr. Reality Hace 42 segundos
4:41 Lo malo es que es verdad, pero no se lo merecen.
faith hodgson
faith hodgson Hace 42 segundos
ESvid: let's see what you did like * proceeds to give us a glorified top ten list, with no reference to trends or anything an actual rewind would have *
Penda Jr.
Penda Jr. Hace 42 segundos
Nice youtube. 😀😀
hejz Hace 42 segundos
that was so good
Gynna Nana
Gynna Nana Hace 42 segundos
Atta halilintar indonesia
Deathstroke Gaming
Deathstroke Gaming Hace 42 segundos
I'm just waiting for the pewdiepie rewind because this one is a punch in the stomach. ESvid: hey we messed up so here is a compilation of videos and we just stopped caring.
Ben Avila
Ben Avila Hace 43 segundos
The comments are savage XD oh man rip youtube lmao
Random Videos
Random Videos Hace 44 segundos
*Now we have to wait for one more year to have something worse than this.*
Deathhabinger Productions
Deathhabinger Productions Hace 44 segundos
Guys in comments stop going off last year this is a lot better and they listened to what we like they did ok it doesn't deserve this kind of hate
Jalen_10 Hace 45 segundos
where was ksi and logan paul?
Jesavid Guerrero Brito
Jesavid Guerrero Brito Hace 45 segundos
esperaba algo mejor ESvid I expected something better ESvid
matias gonalez
matias gonalez Hace 45 segundos
hola soy el unico español
Arvin Rianto
Arvin Rianto Hace 45 segundos
atos halilintos gledeg
ZedForce 1234
ZedForce 1234 Hace 45 segundos
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