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Grab your reading glasses, today we're checking out some book.
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1 may 2020






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bruh ً
bruh ً Hace un año
Who are you
Cobugged Hace 4 horas
Not really.
melanie's cookies
melanie's cookies Hace 6 horas
500th comment
Funsun Hace 2 días
Ariana Grande
Mindblown Studios
Mindblown Studios Hace 14 días
500th comment(no one cares)
melanie's cookies
melanie's cookies Hace 2 meses
PayBaf PVZimp
PayBaf PVZimp Hace un hora
he almost hit 3 mil subs write a book
Cooper Hutchins
Cooper Hutchins Hace 2 horas
I want to dislike this video just because of how bad the book is but I feel I need to like it now because drew went through the pain of reading it
Samantha Holt
Samantha Holt Hace 2 horas
jake paul’s whole existence makes me so uncomfortable that if i ever saw i’m irl i would RUN in the opposite directiion
sadisticvans Hace 10 horas
drew it’s almost time for you to write a book 🤔🤔
Bailey Collins
Bailey Collins Hace 14 horas
I’m so happy to hear about Rhett and Links book being good 🥺 I saw them in the thumbnail and got big nervous
Burtlederp Inc.
Burtlederp Inc. Hace 16 horas
And then there's the vlogbrothers..............
Matthew Mackerras
Matthew Mackerras Hace 19 horas
Drew, you’re nearly at 3 mil. Better start writing!
Matthew Mackerras
Matthew Mackerras Hace 19 horas
Jake Paul’s book is a mistake and must be purged
Memelord 423
Memelord 423 Hace 20 horas
Theoddone’sout books were better than i expected because it was funny, and had story’s he hadn’t told on his channel so very cool
Dara Sarraf
Dara Sarraf Hace 20 horas
Drew: " At some point, I think it became the thing to do when you reach 3 million subscribers" 2.98M subscribers
RB Hace un día
So yeah, less than 20000 subscribers to go before you reach three million. I hope you're working on the NYT bestseller 'Hey Guy, Read This - The Adventures of Amanda's Husband'.
May Nicole Crain
May Nicole Crain Hace un día
I thought Adultolescence was self published
jman Hace un día
Please burn that book immediately.
The Honorable Prince Zuko
"OMG, your book is trash." "Ha, jokes on you. You just buy my trash"
Hexa Gonal
Hexa Gonal Hace un día
8:01 ......why does he say he made out with someone & then include a citation???
GARG TAGGFUT Hace un día
I'm very uncomfortable just hearing this
Mymanslippy Hace un día
‘ I came out three weeks early , which is typical of me’ Weird of him to say he gets out of women a lot quicker than even people who get out quick
chiri Hace un día
The D- joke is a work of pure genius.
Avery Rose
Avery Rose Hace un día
Wait.. drew's getting close to 3mil.. book time?
Jimi Wexler
Jimi Wexler Hace 2 días
Almost at 3 mil, about time to write that book.
Charm Hace 2 días
When drew read “hello ladies” I laughed so hard I accidentally clicked on another video
mikabeats Hace 2 días
00:41 hate to break it to you drew but it’s time to write a book..
basicallyanedit Hace 2 días
the dan and phil books were pretty good for their audience at the time! i remember being a 7th grader and absolutely loving those things lol, for their audience and their past style of videos, they were great and you can tell they had put genuine effort into them because of how much emphasis they put on the fans and references to their channel in the book
WiltedIris Hace 2 días
8:22 In 8th grade I was worrying about if I had failed math or not. Also about how I wished I was born a boy and would cry myself to sleep. Guess Im just built different 😎
Dustin Brown
Dustin Brown Hace 2 días
Ngl this video was an unintended add for the fun science book, as in I just went and bought it before the video ended lol. Great video!!
goofy Hace 2 días
drew reading smut
Cassidy Scharfl
Cassidy Scharfl Hace 2 días
one book that i feel was really made for the passion of doing it is dan and phil's The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire. it is basically a bunch of their videos but printed. if feels like it acctually took time and they wrote it with the audience in mind
potatopouf Hace 2 días
excuse you. i love books. i read many books. but also game. there is time for both.
Blue Hace 3 días
Ngl I’m surprised Jake Paul can read in the first place
kira cornforth
kira cornforth Hace 3 días
This book is trash but you reading it is god tier
sam lasley
sam lasley Hace 3 días
This video taught me that Rhett and Link are good eggs
Amy Hatch
Amy Hatch Hace 3 días
I see you at 2.98 million subscribers, nearly time to get started on your book
Joe B.
Joe B. Hace 3 días
Who are you
Ellie Hace 3 días
ESvidr books can be summed up in a tweet
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose Hace 3 días
but the green brothers?
apple pie
apple pie Hace 3 días
Drew’s almost at 3 mil, expecting an autobiography/poetry book soon
Mary Lambert
Mary Lambert Hace 4 días
15:32 - "as you're scrolling through the book..." ?????
bklea Hace 4 días
jake paul is such a good writer. veryy good writer i mean he wrote a diary and sold it
FairilyChuu Hace 4 días
Jake paul objectifying women 😐🔪
Lauren Linney
Lauren Linney Hace 4 días
i saw a comment on this video saying, "gabbie tried to pull a milk and honey but it turned out to be water and mustard" and that could not be more accurate
Brownie K
Brownie K Hace 4 días
You’re getting close to 3mil.. can you give a hint of your new book😲
Kim Vana
Kim Vana Hace 4 días
Dammit Drew. Why do you always know how to attack my weaknesses? First you point out my hair, then my inability to read? Sheesh too much man.
Boba Tea
Boba Tea Hace 4 días
The book of mythicality started selling at dollar tree for a dollar and it was still the hardcover ones it was really cool
Christina Murphy
Christina Murphy Hace 4 días
Iv had a book idea for a while now. Iv written some of it, but only a little. Im quite proud of the plot and characters, but i get self concious in my writing. However, knowing these books exist, and have been bought my lots of people, it inspires me to write something im actually proud of.
l Spites l
l Spites l Hace 4 días
drew you’re very close to 3M... so when’s the new book coming out
Scandinavian Raccon
Scandinavian Raccon Hace 4 días
1 Year Old
FireSonic101 Hace 4 días
The only youtuber that can actually write good books is Dan Green from Crash Course.
Mars Hace 5 días
Drew (currently as I’m commenting this) has 2.97M subs We need to get him to write a book at 3 mil, we’re SO CLOSE.
grEEn pyTHon
grEEn pyTHon Hace 5 días
The way you manage to be unbiased is truly remarkable.
Bunga Adjeng Ayu
Bunga Adjeng Ayu Hace 5 días
this is really out of context but i just realized that i watch this on the same day that it was uploaded...
MJohn2001 Hace 5 días
Drew is at 2.97 million subscribers currently. He is gonna write a book soon!
considering jake paul is now being accused of sexual assault, maybe he shouldn’t have googled what sex is.
Blake McGovern
Blake McGovern Hace 5 días
0:41 oh no he has 2.9 million subscribers
The Bee's Knees
The Bee's Knees Hace 5 días
Lay lay pawns
masu gegeshidze
masu gegeshidze Hace 6 días
Exactly one year has passed.
Bucket Mann
Bucket Mann Hace 6 días
drew is pretty much at 3 mil. gotta write a book ig
K Burgess
K Burgess Hace 6 días
I remember watching this like it was yesterday, but when I looked at the upload date it was posted exactly a year ago... Huh
Ashish Gujjar
Ashish Gujjar Hace 6 días
Her book is like Naruto Shippuden 80%filler😄
Tom Hace 6 días
you're nearly at three million subscribers. write a book
Last Bastard
Last Bastard Hace 6 días
Shadow of the Conqueror by Shadiversity is badass
Rachel Holland
Rachel Holland Hace 6 días
Oh my god a cat appears on the sofa in the back part way through. Sneaky boi. After the buffet poem.
Probably Ben
Probably Ben Hace 6 días
The part where he reads about Jake's experience with the transformer films makes me think of a really weird witness testimonial.
Just Me Content
Just Me Content Hace 6 días
8:20 most girls and most boys: *no?*
Rupali Ramteke
Rupali Ramteke Hace 7 días
I am personally bothered by how much paper was wasted by these degenerates.
sheepy times
sheepy times Hace 7 días
ok drew but "scrolling through the book-" huh
Ramen Socks
Ramen Socks Hace 7 días
drew's almost at 3 mil.. 👀 he gotta write a book now
Simra Bawany
Simra Bawany Hace 7 días
Dan and Phil's book was well made and matched their audiences very well
Spo oky
Spo oky Hace 7 días
“Harry Potter the boy who. . . did, something of significance. I haven’t figured out what yet but I’ll let you know when I do” is a banger book starter I’d read that
CallMeStripes -
CallMeStripes - Hace 7 días
Drew wtf and you listen to the contortionist brooooooooooooooooooo why your music taste like mine
else thompson
else thompson Hace 7 días
teenage girl here i dress for noone but myself and the only thing he got right is that I do like cool rings and necklaces
Lightning Productions
Were getting a Drew Gooden book now, I mean 2.97 million subs. hmmmm very close 3 mil. get him to 3 million
logan Hace 7 días
that’s uh... some questionable advice for teenage girls from an adult
Thebiggestweebever Hace 7 días
RandomKandor Hace 7 días
almost book level.. .03 milli to go!
S Wood
S Wood Hace 7 días
you’re about to hit 3 million... where’s the book 🤨
Gianni Rodriguez
Gianni Rodriguez Hace 7 días
"He's working at Disney Channel I hope that goes well." Thats called foreshadowing
Robert H
Robert H Hace 7 días
Shit bro, you’re getting close to 3mill, hope you’ve started your book!
yogurt Hace 7 días
“when you hit 3 million subscribers” *is now at almost 3 million subscribers*
E To The Z
E To The Z Hace 7 días
Your analogy between books and games is so accurate, that it makes me really sad because it describes me so well haha
Signe Meyer
Signe Meyer Hace 7 días
I can't say I'm the right audience anymore, but Dan & Phil's book was honestly well designed and written for thr audience targetted and i was impressed
basicallyanedit Hace 2 días
i remember being like 11 or 12 and having a genuine good time reading it, it was definitely great for their audience
Simra Bawany
Simra Bawany Hace 7 días
Yeah for what it was, it was very well made and funny
Marin Kelepolo
Marin Kelepolo Hace 8 días
I'll be waiting for his book once he hits 3 million lol
Ugly Fxxx
Ugly Fxxx Hace 8 días
So he's Ricky Berwick
Bluey Hace 8 días
5:43 i'm taller than other people of the same age and i was born 3 weeks early and also my limbs work but that's obvious
Bluey Hace 8 días
flipping no gives you ou
Audrey James
Audrey James Hace 8 días
Okay Danny Gonzalez
Ella Tuballa
Ella Tuballa Hace 8 días
may I please have a little bit of your time God created us for his glory. Therefore every human should live for God’s glory but we have all sinned and the wages of sin is eternal death basically hell. (hell is described as a distant land of no return weeping wailing gnashing of teeth darkness, flames, burning, etc.) In his great mercy, God sent his only Son Jesus Christ into the world to provide for sinners the way of eternal life. So eternal life is a free gift to all who will trust in Christ as Lord and Savior and those who accept him thx for your time
Durkle Georgeson
Durkle Georgeson Hace 8 días
him being born early does explain some things
Stephane Hace 8 días
gordon Samsung
Lunna Hace 8 días
I've bought the Dan and Phil book just to support them but it was actually pretty good. It was personal and deep in some segments but also really goofy and light-hearted. Of course it wasn't as real as it would have been if they wrote it today but I still enjoyed it. And even though this was written in the "whiskers! & pinof!" time of 2016 I really like it and it's apparent that a lot of thought and effort was put into it
Duncan Ballance
Duncan Ballance Hace 8 días
About time for a book drew...
naomi jones
naomi jones Hace 8 días
Gabbies book kind of reminds me of that book that had vine quotes called milk and vine like the whole format of it and the drawings just seem similar. (Milk and vine is a parody book of milk and honey and both compared to gabbies book have some similarities)
Meena Hace 8 días
Drew you could've pirated these, we wouldn't have snitched on you
Kathryn Esser
Kathryn Esser Hace 9 días
Thank you for finally putting in German subtitles, I am learning in class and I need to have practical use and this is the perfect place.
Camsters_Cool Hace 9 días
I hate mcns I’m only to familiar with Machinima
Kalm Hace 9 días
You almost got to write a book! Your almost at 3 million
Jack McFadden
Jack McFadden Hace 9 días
TheOdd1Sout books are actually pretty entertaining. just a collection of a bunch of anicdotes told trough comics and pictures.
j nicole
j nicole Hace 9 días
Jake Paul’s book is more sexual than most books i’ve read and i have read MANY young adult novels
Sondra Thorsland
Sondra Thorsland Hace 9 días
I want to get the odd1sout book also I recommend him
Ian Nutter
Ian Nutter Hace 9 días
7:58 I am dying to see what that citation is
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