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ZAYN - There You Are (Lyric Video)

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11 dic 2018

PopRCA Records LabelThere You AreZAYN






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VEN Hace 6 horas
Zayn's voice is my religion.
-1Niall and the potatoes:D
Oh god this is such a good song 😍😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ i can relate to this song
Muhammad Anas Thurmudzi
guys seriously, who is Harry ?
Kendyll :3
Kendyll :3 Hace un día
Came from Instagram edits
Paulina R
Paulina R Hace un día
my favourite zayn's song so far
enelou's channel
enelou's channel Hace un día
Hardin to Tessa with a song of Zed😂
yin' ni
yin' ni Hace un día
yin' ni
yin' ni Hace un día
yin' ni
yin' ni Hace un día
Zahraa Sattar
Zahraa Sattar Hace un día
I love it 😭
ivan villamizar
ivan villamizar Hace 2 días
Arte puro man. There you are.
Unknown Youtube
Unknown Youtube Hace 2 días
If a think about Harry I hear his voice when it says “there you are”, but if I think about zayn I hear his face WHAT THE FUCK
Emily Black
Emily Black Hace 2 días
Why do we keep hearing the boys in this album? My heart can’t handle this
Khokan Mahmud
Khokan Mahmud Hace 3 días
WTF....why its so underrated???? It deservs minimum 100 million+ viees!!!
Beloved 1D
Beloved 1D Hace 3 días
bought an speaker then when i tested it i put it on the highest volume lol idk why anyways zayn's voice is angelic but in that there you are part i legit heard harry lol
Zain Khatib
Zain Khatib Hace 3 días
How could u hear harry styles???
Gin Ewen
Gin Ewen Hace 3 días
In love 😕💘💘💘💘
Habib Chauhan
Habib Chauhan Hace 4 días
Only Harry can tell!
Zuza ツ Brawl Stars
0:43 insta edits *join* the chat 0:57 insta edits *left* the chat 2:07 insta edits *join* the chat 2:17 insta edits *left* the chat
Dunja Tanasic
Dunja Tanasic Hace 4 días
So sad that this song has only 8.8M, it deserves so many more❤
Khokan Mahmud
Khokan Mahmud Hace 4 horas
Yeap maam😣
Rhaine Del Rey
Rhaine Del Rey Hace 5 días
Lyrics has a wedding vows kind of vibe. 🤔👀
themotrash Hace 5 días
i wish i could explain how much i love zayn's voice....
Bikash khatri
Bikash khatri Hace 7 días
love you zayn❤❤
Darklight Official
Darklight Official Hace 7 días
Only you know me the way you know me only you forgive me when I’m sorry. Anyone there loving these lines❤️
Taina Barriffe
Taina Barriffe Hace 7 días
Why you don't be with Harry because you love each.other but you letting egos destroying what you guys had... I wish i had chemistry like how you and Harry had.... just one phone call can change all that.... Team Zarry No matter whAt you say about harry there will always be love Zayn: Harry there you are Harry: Babe i am right here
Wendi Miles
Wendi Miles Hace 7 días
❤️❤️ ❤️
Aieza Ahmad
Aieza Ahmad Hace 8 días
Am the only one who doesn’t Here Harry??
Joss Mendoza
Joss Mendoza Hace 8 días
Lara louis
Lara louis Hace 10 días
Ashley steward
Ashley steward Hace 11 días
I love this song. Zayn your vocals are my faveourite :))
sasa Tasya
sasa Tasya Hace 11 días
about gigi♥️🔥🔥♥️
Hannah Welsh
Hannah Welsh Hace 12 días
As another commenter mentioned, I agree the first few seconds were so beautiful and should have been used longer or again at another point in the song, you know? I felt the same way with Dua Lupa's song New Rules at the 3:16 mark she repeats the words "don't don't don't" and it sounds so dope. It is my fave part of the song. Or in the song Heavy with Kiiara and LInkin Park when and the very tail end of the song sings the word "oh" only twice at 2:33 and 2:40 and heard only faintly in the background, yet it is so beautiful and stood out to me it gave me goosebumps while others may not even notice it at all. I kept wishing they would have recognized how moving it was and emphasized it more. I often wish i could remix songs to get rid of parts i dont like and repeat parts they dont play enough haha
Hannah Welsh
Hannah Welsh Hace 12 días
Wow was this song inspired by God?? Yes on the surface it can simply be about a person who he is in love with or it can be a spiritual song where he is singing to God in his lowest point in the night and friends have all scattered.
Chrystina Maria
Chrystina Maria Hace 12 días
The best song of Zayn era
HiphopSvet de Msp
HiphopSvet de Msp Hace 13 días
Qui est la grâce au Anges11?
superappleofyoureye Hace 13 días
Feel like this song is for the Almighty...
Katrina Andrade
Katrina Andrade Hace 13 días
Shikhar Sugandhi
Shikhar Sugandhi Hace 13 días
This song deserves more veiws
Selena S
Selena S Hace 14 días
Anyone know any songs with the same kinda meaning?
hazlinda ligar
hazlinda ligar Hace 14 días
Very touched 😭
Yade Alanie
Yade Alanie Hace 15 días
this song has power
Cosmovate Hace 16 días
After hearing to the story of Icarus and Daedalus and the mythological name you've kept to your album Icarus Falls. I am hearing all of the songs from this album from a different perspective. Well Played. Zayn. Love you and Peace
be kookie for my tae
be kookie for my tae Hace 16 días
Lyrics Maker
Lyrics Maker Hace 16 días
Hi bro your my idol because of your high notes
Ika Rafae
Ika Rafae Hace 17 días
Yes this song ft should ft harry right
Whaldee Apriandi
Whaldee Apriandi Hace 17 días
Lagu kesukann gw bgt nih Sering di play di radio Prambors dan masuk di trending 20 countdown No.14 🖒🖒🖒
Honey V
Honey V Hace 17 días
Great song
Thaneda Tamilarasan
Thaneda Tamilarasan Hace 18 días
Just 8 million views??? He deserves more ...we love you ZAYN
chaennie luvr
chaennie luvr Hace 18 días
only you forgive me when im sorry
chaennie luvr
chaennie luvr Hace 18 días
shutup about harry this is ZAYNS song.
Bsa ralte Ralte
Bsa ralte Ralte Hace 18 días
Beutiful song
Zzz tech
Zzz tech Hace 18 días
wft! why this song don't get views...
Mirnalini Sagolsem
Mirnalini Sagolsem Hace 18 días
Why did I find this song only last Saturday in spotify? 😭 this is my fave of Zayn right after let me and entertainer. God! Is he gifted for erotic sings only with his dreamy voice!
noelisttoll uwu
noelisttoll uwu Hace 20 días
You reciprocate to me-just larry is real.
Indah Amalia
Indah Amalia Hace 20 días
Love you sm zayn!💖
Indah Amalia
Indah Amalia Hace 20 días
I love this song so muchhhh💖💖💖💖💖
Nadia Al-habsji
Nadia Al-habsji Hace 20 días
Lol i think I'm the only one who doesn't hear harry from this song
Asia Venious
Asia Venious Hace 21 un día
Zayn is so cute and when he sings he melts me away.😍😘😉
TheInfinityGauntlet 17
TheInfinityGauntlet 17 Hace 21 un día
Is it just me or does it sound like Zayn is saying something in Arabic or Urdu at 3:14
Dita Astriani
Dita Astriani Hace 21 un día
chiara cerroni
chiara cerroni Hace 22 días
I have goosebumps OK
Aamir Ghaghada
Aamir Ghaghada Hace 22 días
No patience for the official video🤗can't wait😆😆
Aamir Ghaghada
Aamir Ghaghada Hace 22 días
Best high note's by zayn ever😍😍😘touches the soul😍
kiara kiara
kiara kiara Hace 22 días
💛💚Zarry for life babe 😘
Camila Barbosa
Camila Barbosa Hace 23 días
Wow this perfectly sounds like Harry's voice 3:06
Ot5 Hace 23 días
Angel Hace 23 días
Beautiful 🎶😍 Perfect 😍❤️👏👏👏👏👏💃🎶
Danish Azmi
Danish Azmi Hace 24 días
High note king😘😍😘😍
Mayrita Rodriguez
Mayrita Rodriguez Hace 25 días
Beautiful song
Harsh Kaushik
Harsh Kaushik Hace 25 días
Who the fuck is Harry?? 😡😡 ZAYN MALIK IS WORLD ♥️
Sougata Dey
Sougata Dey Hace 25 días
I need this song everyday, especially my bad days in my life.
Jeffrey Robert
Jeffrey Robert Hace 25 días
Fantastic dude mind relaxing song
saudades minha bandinha
nao ouvi nenhum harry musica maravilhosa sim queria deixar claro como todo o album👍
Ayush Patial
Ayush Patial Hace 26 días
am i the only one who thinks this is having 1d vibes?
Shelby Williams
Shelby Williams Hace 26 días
Kambriel Brimhall
Kambriel Brimhall Hace 27 días
you are so good at singing
Edaw Archie
Edaw Archie Hace 27 días
Thank you for this beautiful song.
julia Hace 27 días
heard this at work and honest to god thought this was one direction bc i heard harry too..mind blown rn
nik nuryasarah nik mohd zaki
This song is really underrated 😣
Ahmad Soda
Ahmad Soda Hace 28 días
When I'm high when I'm low🖤
Sophia Uy-oco
Sophia Uy-oco Hace 28 días
Aja JIC Hace 28 días
Oh I'm a little drunk now! There you are and I run!!!😘yasss drunk Now😘😘😘
dolenk dolenk
dolenk dolenk Hace 28 días
Love zayn
The Hope
The Hope Hace 29 días
U see a lot of indians in comment section , 😒doubt me here's the proof😤👇
heyzal Hace 29 días
who is harry ?
Ranu Debnath
Ranu Debnath Hace 29 días
I love you Zyan... 😍😍😍
gifted Hace 29 días
2019 anybody?
Naomi Ruiz
Naomi Ruiz Hace un mes
Romyle Moreno
Romyle Moreno Hace un mes
i'm sorry but this gave me hella 1D vibes
Blessings Sithole
Blessings Sithole Hace un mes
I'm loving this song more and more each day💕
aidah Hace un mes
Still find myself coming back to this
ItsFinity Gaming
ItsFinity Gaming Hace un mes
dev devesh
dev devesh Hace un mes
Stop saying its harry! Since when does Harry's voice sound so godly like zayn's huh?
D McMillion
D McMillion Hace un mes
rodrigo dri
rodrigo dri Hace un mes
a música mais bonita do album pra min na minha opinião, vacilou em não ter feito o clip
Keysi Hernández
Keysi Hernández Hace un mes
Isabela Inácio
Isabela Inácio Hace un mes
This light and letter reminds me of Tarzan. Just me?
Nahida Akhter
Nahida Akhter Hace un mes
Even when i messed it up... Best line...
사랑해요우진, 호시 &도겸
I thought 1D sing this song 😭😭 .. It's only Zayn actually 😭
Sainu Nowshad
Sainu Nowshad Hace un mes
Zayn love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍
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