Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer in REVERSE

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The Official Reveal Trailer of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel for Nintendo Switch from E3 2019 Nintendo Direct in reverse.
Since the audio sounds pretty reversed in the original trailer, I wanted to show you the trailer in the reverse.


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16 jun 2019






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Potato Person
Potato Person Hace 3 días
Link: Finally, I've killed Ganon. He shall never rise again. Ganon: Yeah good job. Link: *waht* Ganon: *waht*
Undead Warrior
Undead Warrior Hace 3 días
Link: he's still imprisoned we still have time *Ganon revives* ganon: im about to end this mans whole career
Kaylee the geek
Kaylee the geek Hace 4 días
Isn't the skeleton the version of Zelda from twilight princess
DrFuzz Hace 3 días
i don't think an evil lookin' green guy with red hair wearing very ornate clothing is zelda.
Mr. Baklava
Mr. Baklava Hace 8 días
well im hyped, if it has reversed audio files, then it usually is a pretty dope game.
ZeldaHarp Hace 10 días
0:53 If you listen carefully, it says "Oh Hyrule, poor Link has found the body" Then it says "Oh Hyrule, for Link is gone by morning"
Chris Hace 5 días
Actually yes, this is fucking creepy man
pSION Hace 11 días
Lol all I hear. Is oh my god
Banrick Hace 18 días
Oh God, help us please, find our bodies
Banrick Hace 18 días
not dead fucking bodies not corpses just bodies
Fatma Ceylan
Fatma Ceylan Hace 20 días
I love botw its soooooooooo cooooool
Alpha Mc
Alpha Mc Hace 21 un día
Come find us, or she is gone my morning
Max Kreuz
Max Kreuz Hace 21 un día
The song is normal just the video is backwards and if you watch the normal trailer read this and you see iis the text : "come find us, or you can find the body. Come find us, or he'll feast by morning. Come find us, or hell set the darkness free. Come find us or she is gone by morning. Come find us or she is gone" and he is Ganon, she is Zelda zo maybe she could die in botw2 PS you did good work too👍
Max Kreuz
Max Kreuz Hace 21 un día
Sry ist right but backwards this text is right sryyy
Marcel Gahleitner
Marcel Gahleitner Hace 22 días
Do someone hear the Text in the Background
eray can
eray can Hace 23 días
Wtf creepy
Bence Szollár
Bence Szollár Hace 24 días
I'm kinda hearing 奪い (ubai) which means to take away. Also, on the original, I kinda heard bye bye lol
Cookie Crumz
Cookie Crumz Hace 29 días
Almost like a horror game
Gavin Honholt
Gavin Honholt Hace un mes
It's the game over music from zelda 1
David Koel
David Koel Hace un mes
Hi, I'm Vulcan and backwards we hear "Back in black!"
JT Alvarez
JT Alvarez Hace un mes
También si lo ves al revés se ve como si Ganondorf estuviera levantandose y absorbiendo todo el mal en dentro de su cuerpo.
samael rodriguez
samael rodriguez Hace un mes
0:35 is link
samael rodriguez
samael rodriguez Hace un mes
0:57 what SAY?
1병즁맛 Hace un mes
oh,my link, please find my full body
Kique Ro
Kique Ro Hace un mes
Seaido qui en
FoundCookie Hace un mes
I think it says “ poor hyrule for link has found the body.” Then “poor hyrule for link is gone.”
Marco the dragon
Marco the dragon Hace un mes
Bye bye oh link you going to die OH bye bye hyrule it's going end
samael rodriguez
samael rodriguez Hace un mes
Im crying qwq
Marie de Coriolis
Marie de Coriolis Hace un mes
Im french and i hear '' rejoins nous pour qu'hyrule soit enfin libre '' and in inglish is '' Join us so that hyrule is finally free ''
Zombo HD
Zombo HD Hace un mes
I heard „oh Zelda oh link find his body“ of find our body when it‘s in 0,75
young and free Andersson
Is it only me or is somone saying find oss 0:46
Marie de Coriolis
Marie de Coriolis Hace un mes
Help us
Mohamed Salloum
Mohamed Salloum Hace un mes
I’m scared 😱
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez Hace un mes
1:08 He's gone -El se a hido
Jaded Sins
Jaded Sins Hace un mes
I've tried listening on 7.5, 1, 1.5, & 2 and it all is essentially the same message oh help us, please find us, find our body/ies. Now I don't know if it's my brain just attempting to add logic and I hear zelda/link at times but I don't think that's actually apart of the lyrics.
TheNapster153 Hace un mes
“They are calling to us... Can you hear them? It is beautiful..”
Somehorrorfan Hace un mes
This sounds so familiar, but I have no clue where I've heard it before. Btw I sped it up and slowed it down, it didn't help. Especially slowed.
United Universe
United Universe Hace un mes
Sounds like it was saying "you forgotten me,"
Steven Tran
Steven Tran Hace un mes
I'm confused about the backwards words I'm hearing
Dracivonican Hace un mes
2 reverses don't make a forward i guess
Shellyfierce Hace un mes
Somewhere at 1:00 i heard "Link is gone" that creeped the hell out of me wth is going on? Am I hearing things or what? If he's really gone I'm going to cry in a corner don't mind me..
Timothy Marroquin
Timothy Marroquin Hace un mes
Ok so apparently the song is Zelda 1’s death music backwards which can only mean this is the failed hero timeline, and that botw 2 is set in Link’s perception of purgatory directly following the events Ocarina of Time.
Gavin Ahnquist
Gavin Ahnquist Hace un mes
Timothy Marroquin Doubt that, because they said Nintendo called it the sequel to botw.
contacto041 Hace un mes
*that song only say (oh god, save our bodies) or something*
Gameking1happy Hace 2 meses
Next thing you know Nintendo starts making horror games I mean come on, first horrors games come on the switch, next this
Sushi Dude
Sushi Dude Hace 2 meses
Poor Hyrule, for link, found the body
Foxyplayzmeow Jr
Foxyplayzmeow Jr Hace 2 meses
I put reverse Zelda trailer and I thought that sound on the original trailer were a song in reverse, when I let the video on reverse play, I was like “ok that wasn’t a song I hear some stupid subliminal messages lol”
Splatoonfan 110
Splatoonfan 110 Hace 2 meses
Is it me or does it feel like a flashback in reverse
The hollow
The hollow Hace 2 meses
Gannon : I mean I was gonna kind of destroy hyrule but I guess I could SNAP MY NECK AGAIN.
Superfisch LP
Superfisch LP Hace 2 meses
„Oh Zelda and Link please find the body“
Isaias Sanchez
Isaias Sanchez Hace 2 meses
Oh Zelda, oh Link please find my body. What does this mean!!! Someone give me ANSWERS!!!!!
Connor Hill
Connor Hill Hace 2 meses
I think this is twilight princess ganondorf. Same wound location and he's fekkin huge
enderson garcia
enderson garcia Hace 2 meses
In this trailer, link is evil
K- Subliminals*:・
K- Subliminals*:・ Hace 2 meses
"Oh Zelda,oh please find the body" "Oh Zelda,oh please find the body" "Oh Zelda,oh please find the body" "Oh Zelda,oh please find the body" "Oh Zelda,oh please find the body" "Oh Zelda,oh please find the body" "Oh Zelda,oh please find the body" "Oh Zelda,oh Link is gone"
penguin Hace 2 meses
I only hear help us
Jaden Chan
Jaden Chan Hace 2 meses
really hear that but only revenge (really horror???)
Im mexican and i hear "Porfavor, por fin hora de morir" Which translates to "Please, finally time to die"
Marie de Coriolis
Marie de Coriolis Hace un mes
Im french and i hear '' rejoins nous pour qu'hyrule soit enfin libre '' in inglish is '' Join us so that hyrule is finally free''
Marie de Coriolis
Marie de Coriolis Hace un mes
Im french and i hear '' rejoins nous pour qu'hyrule soit enfin libre '' and in inglish is '' Join us so that hyrule is finally free ''
ItsJustJustyn Hace 2 meses
1:05 oh Zelda, oh please, he’s gone
Luca Craft
Luca Craft Hace 2 meses
I heard in the hig notes “oh Zelda, now link has no bodie” and its sooooo creepy
Son Toro25
Son Toro25 Hace 2 meses
“Oh Link Please Help Us. Oh Link, Good Bye.”
Libra Washyntong
Libra Washyntong Hace 2 meses
Yo escuché "Gozalo, porque cristo va a parir"
TV_ SCREEN_ Hace 2 meses
"help us...help...."
Mr Bob HD
Mr Bob HD Hace 2 meses
All I can hear is please save our kids fortnite taking over please save us Than a kids really canon breaks free and does take the L 100% LEGIT BY THE WAY NO CLICKBAIT alia intro plays
Alex KW
Alex KW Hace 2 meses
"something is coming please help me"
CountRising MoonStar
There are multiple things people can hear like Find our bodies O my god Help us please The evil king will arise
Amethyst and Halï
Amethyst and Halï Hace 2 meses
I heard: Why are you here, why my mind and help us, find us, save us please, Help us and find our bodies.
OrMaster2K Hace 2 meses
0:46 J'entend "t'es un enfoiré" je suis un peu bizarre
Octotaco Hace 2 meses
"Oh zelda. Oh link. Find the body" he entendido
DasGlasMilch Hace 2 meses
Idk why but I think when you reverse it its harder to understand maybe its just pitched down
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