ZOE VALENTINE | Season 1 | Ep: 4. “Metamorphosis”

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Zoe and Brody attend an eye-opening party at Boot's house.


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6 feb 2019






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dead roses
dead roses Hace 15 horas
I have a question, did Cleo die of cancer or did she do a magic trick im very slow 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Haanee Rizvi
Haanee Rizvi Hace 3 horas
dead roses cancer
Am i The Only who Thinks these Show Is So DaMn pRedIctIbaLe Good... But PrEdicTiAbLe 🙊
Ysha Gaming
Ysha Gaming Hace 18 horas
Alot of gayness is happening
Naomi Teko
Naomi Teko Hace un día
'M in love.... With the song at the beginning
The Kitty Musketeer
The Kitty Musketeer Hace un día
Wha is the theme song called?
no one important
no one important Hace un día
I'm way to old for this shit but for some reason it's kinda good.
//Accio Harry Potter\\
5:11 doesn't that guy look like the boy from kissing booth? or is it just me?
Potato Verse Gaming
Potato Verse Gaming Hace 4 días
OMG Isaac is gay?!?!?
Brianna Amado
Brianna Amado Hace 4 días
Yo Brody's smile is adorable
STOP TRIPPIN Hace 4 días
Dammit I shipped Zoe and Isaac AND NOW HES GAY
Jisela Amezquita
Jisela Amezquita Hace 4 días
Emma Koscielny
Emma Koscielny Hace 5 días
Ooh Milo was so maadddd
Gacha SportsKitty
Gacha SportsKitty Hace 5 días
Boost is gay but by trying to express it he is telling someone how they are gay and always trying to do stuff with other girl's. And iassac is gay too just never told anyone.
Kameelah Hughes
Kameelah Hughes Hace 6 días
Zoey pulled The reverse card on her mom
Eleecia Woodards
Eleecia Woodards Hace 7 días
1:59 who is that yeah she cheating
Kloe Mollena
Kloe Mollena Hace 7 días
I didn’t think about how Isaac would feel after Cleo died.
#vanityforever Xx
#vanityforever Xx Hace 8 días
Called it! I just knew he was gay
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter Hace 8 días
This should be on Netflix
Faith Matta
Faith Matta Hace 9 días
Wow. Isaac is gay. That's a twist. And cute at the same time =)
Mr30615 Hace 9 días
I think the mom has cancer because when Zoe came back from the party 🥳 she saw the doctor but when she saw her mom she was crying
ReversedGalaxy 22
ReversedGalaxy 22 Hace 9 días
Brody is so darn cute!!!
Mélissa et Mathys
Mélissa et Mathys Hace 11 días
Ou sont les français
Angel Supergirl
Angel Supergirl Hace 11 días
is Zoe Valentine related to Johnny Valentine from Dirt
Ilean Ortiz
Ilean Ortiz Hace 11 días
LMaO Diego
Clouds N stuff
Clouds N stuff Hace 11 días
Lizzy ItZ
Lizzy ItZ Hace 11 días
i honestly think boots is gay this is an edit sooooo i just got to the part where Isaac is gay and my mind is BLOWN
baby zo
baby zo Hace 12 días
I thought at 8:26 he liked her but he's gay!?😱🤣
JASK Sqaud
JASK Sqaud Hace 13 días
Bro milo and zoe yesssssss
JASK Sqaud
JASK Sqaud Hace 13 días
Issac is gay omgg
Lyricmaster Hace 13 días
He's GAaaaAAAaAAAaAAaaaYYy................. YaaAAAaaaAAaaaaaAAAAAaAaAayYY I STAN GAY PEOPLE
Aurelia Rich
Aurelia Rich Hace 13 días
ok but ik i've seen the dad somewhere
SiSTeR TaYlaR Hace 14 días
So that’s why I am shy my zodiac sign is Virgo
vivienie sutz
vivienie sutz Hace 14 días
Isaac's Gay really
xjess Hace 14 días
I have the same bday as Brody
Ilean Ortiz
Ilean Ortiz Hace 14 días
Zoe and Issac are friendship goals
Christian Paul Manuyag
Isaac: Theres something you need to know, im *_GAY_* Zoe: Im sorry, what was that? Im dead at that part😂
We together BAAM
We together BAAM Hace 15 días
I knew it! Isaac is gay!
Rabia Awan
Rabia Awan Hace 16 días
ok who ships Milo and Zoe like if you do comment no if you don't
trini flores
trini flores Hace 16 días
Nicole Haynes
Nicole Haynes Hace 17 días
ErrorIt’smeh !!!
ErrorIt’smeh !!! Hace 18 días
I hate looking at the comments because they spill the tea before I get to the good parts
Kaylee Smith
Kaylee Smith Hace 18 días
at 12:55 i have the same towel lol its nothing to comment about, but yeah
Lillianne Levesque
Lillianne Levesque Hace 18 días
Who else cries every time Cleo’s name gets said
Marion Boudreault
Marion Boudreault Hace 18 días
No I’m sorry but I know that many of you are like oh yes Isaac is gay ( i wish he is too ) but seriously, boots may be gay for Milo I mean he keeps calling him gay out of nowhere and he’s always around him
Aimee Kitty Kat
Aimee Kitty Kat Hace 20 días
fdji0ncu9bcuce2nhyc9rfhyw9 wth i thought zoe and issac would be together
Your the second person on the planet who knows, oh Jesus, I guess the only person on planet. THAT KILLED ME
big chungus
big chungus Hace 20 días
“hey freshman wanna make out?” “umm yes please” I CANT LMAOOO
Darron Mc Neil
Darron Mc Neil Hace 20 días
How is he gay I really have a crush he him
samantha Lim
samantha Lim Hace 21 un día
The kissing scene omg 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
MILA NELSON Hace 21 un día
O my gosh help is Zoe's mom gay
MILA NELSON Hace 21 un día
Wooooow hold up
Chloee Simerly
Chloee Simerly Hace 21 un día
My birthday is August 31st
Elizabeth Briones
Elizabeth Briones Hace 21 un día
He's gay yess now she can stay with Brody
_Squishii _
_Squishii _ Hace 22 días
*EsSays ARe GAy* ...
Kenzie Grace
Kenzie Grace Hace 22 días
That’s a real bro and sis bond right there
Alisdey Pimentel
Alisdey Pimentel Hace 22 días
Wow two boys like zone at the same time😂😂😂😆
Moon.Hunter Spirt
Moon.Hunter Spirt Hace 23 días
Maybe the mom isn't cheating, she's sick
Gaby Hace 23 días
I thought this was gunna be a another cringy musically story but honestly I’m now invested into this show
Kennedi Price
Kennedi Price Hace 24 días
Salma Eihab
Salma Eihab Hace 24 días
lmao Boots is basically JK Rowling now
Playboi Mari
Playboi Mari Hace 24 días
Wow I’m 08/30/2002 I’m shy wow
Reagan Brooke
Reagan Brooke Hace 24 días
those of y’all who thought zoe and isaac were gonna date hah y’all thought
Ragin Small
Ragin Small Hace 24 días
Brody has the same birthday as me 😨
Kaiya Wilson
Kaiya Wilson Hace 24 días
Milo + Zoe = mizo = so cute
Sarah Chung
Sarah Chung Hace 25 días
boots is gay
Brie Oglesby
Brie Oglesby Hace 25 días
Okay here's what I think in one episode the dad was looking at the of him and Zoe's wife maybe he's cheating, then Zoe's mom was looking at the picture so maybe she's cheating or she's the only one who knows that Cleo is alive but she didn't tell her husband
Makayla Dickinson
Makayla Dickinson Hace 25 días
The fuck was that that was more like eating each other then making out
Clarissa Nieto
Clarissa Nieto Hace 25 días
I'm already SOO obsessed with your shows lol 😂😍
why are avocados so good
Gay means happy
racing.a. pali
racing.a. pali Hace 26 días
Annie always lands the cute guys, and poor Zoe is left with..them. I mean her bff is cute
Zahara Sanchez
Zahara Sanchez Hace 26 días
that was a picture of demi levato
QUEEN ORCHID Hace 26 días
Noone is talking about what a beautiful cryer isaac is
Crystal Amaraich
Crystal Amaraich Hace 26 días
I ship Isaac and Zoe..
Emily Thibodeau
Emily Thibodeau Hace 26 días
I think Boots is gay, and that's why he is always making gay jokes and stuff. Just a theory! Don't @ me please, Spoilers below, Edit: SISTER SHOOK I JUST FINISHED THE EPISODE ISAAC IS GAY WTF PLOT TWIST AHHHH
Pink fluffy unicorns
Pink fluffy unicorns Hace 26 días
Ok so how does Zoe just have her hair down and then as soon as she walks in to a room her hair in braids. Like what?
Feriha Mushtaq
Feriha Mushtaq Hace 26 días
Ooooo I thought brodi n zoa will be in love with each other but brodi was shocked by seeing that girl
Samantha Konidaris
Samantha Konidaris Hace 27 días
Every time the intro song comes up I start to cry like if agree
EloC’estElsa !
EloC’estElsa ! Hace 27 días
Libra is October not Virgo
Planet Becca
Planet Becca Hace 27 días
Rosa Arreaza
Rosa Arreaza Hace 28 días
ISAC IS GAY!? 😁things just got a lot juicer
Rosa Arreaza
Rosa Arreaza Hace 28 días
Wow I just started this show and now I can’t get of the phone.
The Ukey Unicorns
The Ukey Unicorns Hace 28 días
Read more
Khadijah Ibrahim
Khadijah Ibrahim Hace 28 días
OOF huge plot twistt
LINA AL SAMARAY Hace 28 días
This is way better than some Netflix shows
Anthony Givens
Anthony Givens Hace 28 días
This mother fucker just said he gay..waaaaaaa🙀🙀🙀
Anthony Givens
Anthony Givens Hace 28 días
Greatest show ever
Nykira Webb
Nykira Webb Hace 28 días
I ship zoe and whats his name
Nowshin Talat
Nowshin Talat Hace 28 días
Oml, I just realized that Brody's Diego! Omlll, 'm feeling nostalgic
snazzy jazzy
snazzy jazzy Hace 29 días
our homegirl brenda is DEFINITELY cheating on zoe’s dad smh
manuela montesclaros
manuela montesclaros Hace 29 días
I did not see that coming. I mean I thought he's in love with Zoe.
Unicornlover_ qween
Unicornlover_ qween Hace 29 días
salma Sameh
salma Sameh Hace 29 días
What if zoe's mom has cancer or she's cheating
Lizza Diou
Lizza Diou Hace 29 días
The mom is definitely cheating because she was looking for a nice dress and she said she had plans when Zoe asked her if she wanted to go to the movies with her like old times.
mariavelaification Hace 29 días
Okay so brat who’s are usually full of drama and are good and stuff but this one is like kinda deeper but not super deep but it’s like so good and ahhh I can’t New fav show like love this
Happy Life
Happy Life Hace 29 días
radia omer
radia omer Hace 29 días
zoe moira
zoe moira Hace 29 días
Why do they act like being gay is something bad?? I mean love is love right? They’re so childish lol
Simone Lefebvre
Simone Lefebvre Hace 29 días
he has my bday
lee moonbin
lee moonbin Hace 29 días
btw what is that gay guy with the black hair''s real name
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