Zoey 101 was such a weird show...

Alex Meyers
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28 jul 2020






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Comentarios 100
guitarboyjeff Hace un día
Danny and young girls feet!! That’s all that needs to be said!!!
MrProvincial Hace un día
A show about nothing becomes very popular and goes on for many seasons. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
CroX_X Less
CroX_X Less Hace 2 días
5 years later and his commentary will never get old
Matthew Enos
Matthew Enos Hace 2 días
7:18 made me die out laughing for a solid 5 minutes.
Sadiya Hussain
Sadiya Hussain Hace 3 días
Please do degassi the next generation
Alexis Grant
Alexis Grant Hace 3 días
You should do Bad Hair Day!! PLEASE
JonDee Stoner
JonDee Stoner Hace 3 días
cooties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some of Something
Some of Something Hace 3 días
The Mayans were wrong, 2012 was the end of the TV world... Also, how loud Chase’s voice is.
Suicidal Wolf
Suicidal Wolf Hace 4 días
it sucks how Dana left 🥺Dana was my favourite! also shes so hot💀buh also amazing!
Dear Ezra
Dear Ezra Hace 4 días
do sunset overdrive
Valentine Valentino
Valentine Valentino Hace 5 días
The university I came from has female basketball team who always win 9 out of 10 times at inter-school sports competitions.
Agoos Martinez
Agoos Martinez Hace 5 días
*key to copyrighted music* *beatboxing* "nailed it"
Laura Vargas
Laura Vargas Hace 5 días
You should do Anne with an e!!!
Kane Kakunde
Kane Kakunde Hace 6 días
Airbender is like the best zoey 101 is like i suck
scrubby boi089
scrubby boi089 Hace 7 días
When I was little, they all looked like adults to me, now they look so tiny
scrubby boi089
scrubby boi089 Hace 7 días
Big Time Rush!!! PLEASE!
A gaming girl
A gaming girl Hace 8 días
Back in a magical time were teenagers actually look liked teens instead for looking like a 27 year old
Fantasticfloor Hace 8 días
I can never tell which show was more sexualised, victorious or Zoey 101. I'm leaning more towards victorious since there was a scene which was basically a gang bang metaphor.
Rune stone
Rune stone Hace 8 días
Brynn Waters
Brynn Waters Hace 9 días
Let’s turn the music up and get this party started yo~!-insert cringe move- okay that’s enough
k fan
k fan Hace 9 días
Zoey 101 characters as zodiac signs Zoey - Aquarius Nicole - Pisces Lola - Leo Quinn - Virgo Dana - Scorpio Chase - Libra Michael - Taurus Logan - Aries
Memeology Hace 12 días
THE FLASHBACKS are CRAZY like omg the purple room
Tom Shelton
Tom Shelton Hace 12 días
I remember thinking she was so grown up when I was a little kid and now it’s like “She’s just a baby”
Olivia Burke
Olivia Burke Hace 13 días
What I want to know is why it was such a big deal that Logan was rich when everyone at that school was rich?
Blue Winkle
Blue Winkle Hace 14 días
Dana made me gay as a kid
Life of Talise
Life of Talise Hace 15 días
I absolutely love Zoey 101 I don’t really grow up with it because I was too young but I have watched almost every rerun
Daanyaal Rahman
Daanyaal Rahman Hace 15 días
Wait can soap get dirty?
Lois Mae TV
Lois Mae TV Hace 16 días
I lIkE yOuR tEeTh Why why would you say that
Taheem Lewis
Taheem Lewis Hace 16 días
Dan schnieder got zoey pregnant. Yeah i said it
Sarah Pitzen
Sarah Pitzen Hace 16 días
In all honesty, I can't tell if your being sarcastic with the girls stuff😶😶
Poke Crossing
Poke Crossing Hace 16 días
1:01 her head is BIG (no offense)
PTO Edits
PTO Edits Hace 17 días
I actually just binged it like 3 months ago and the first season and especially the first few episodes are not great. You can really tell that they are just kids trying to figure out how to act. Each season that goes by, the show gets better and better
benjaminlewis75 Hace 17 días
Zoey 101 was definitely my favorite simply because it had no laugh track, I was getting tired of that. 😒
Jupiter Muffles
Jupiter Muffles Hace 17 días
I just noticed that the dad is the same guy who was that doctor on Drake and Josh. The one who always overcharged for his services
Evangelia Hace 17 días
Acting skills -10000% 😂
lovelive trash
lovelive trash Hace 18 días
I think having a simpler plot leaves more room for adventure
Stupid Hace 19 días
I always thought zoey was actually played by britney spears, now I feel like an idiot
Oguchukwu Peculiar
Oguchukwu Peculiar Hace 19 días
I don't like the fact that boys make fun of girls saying why should they play sports with us it's gender discrimination
Oguchukwu Peculiar
Oguchukwu Peculiar Hace 19 días
Make a video of every witch way and make it pop
Idk_Yeet Hace 19 días
Zoey was a dribble god she broke everyone’s ankles and be making no look full court shots
Idk_Yeet Hace 19 días
Zooey was a dribble god she broke everyone’s ankles and be making no look full court shots
1oAce Hace 19 días
That basketball coach said "Sometimes things change" like his wife laid divorce papers just that morning on his desk.
tianna kennedy
tianna kennedy Hace 19 días
😂😂😂😂 Abs: The Musical
Luna Eclipse
Luna Eclipse Hace 19 días
Can you pls do dog with a blog plssss
The Duck
The Duck Hace 19 días
The ✨bèbè✨
木漏れ日Mittens Hace 20 días
Ok but like I loved this show-
Nathan Ferrebee
Nathan Ferrebee Hace 20 días
I believe as we get older, the more we realize that the shows we watched were pure cringe.
Cleo Watson
Cleo Watson Hace 20 días
Please do a video about every witch way, one of the best show
Alexander_ Hamilton
Alexander_ Hamilton Hace 20 días
Feel like so.etimes we just watch Alex vent about his childhood.
EEVEE MASTER Hace 21 un día
I used to watch this when I was younger It had it's moments
Nathaniel Suarez
Nathaniel Suarez Hace 21 un día
lets get this party started yall. that physically hurt me
Tornado Dee
Tornado Dee Hace 21 un día
no one: absolutely no one: Alex Meyers: *i LIEK UR TETH* XD
Camila Bonfa
Camila Bonfa Hace 21 un día
You forgot to mention that the baby’s father was the director or producer of the show... I mean, disgusting, she was just a child at the time
Caroline’s Corner
Caroline’s Corner Hace 21 un día
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO invisible sister
CaptainBlunt Hace 21 un día
I really wanna watch the entire series again. This was one show I used to watch every day as a kid
crazeekiwi1 Hace 22 días
I can't enjoy Zoey 101 anymore after hearing about what happened between the girl who played Nicole and the rest of the cast
arocknrolldream Hace 22 días
4:15 is it me or does she look straight into the camera?
John Riley
John Riley Hace 22 días
Why do I keep breaking up when Alex says Bebe lol
TheASHgirl Is so lovely
2:20 Abs: the musical?!🤣🤣
Viraj Sinha
Viraj Sinha Hace 22 días
Straved Hace 23 días
do big time rush!
Uncle Doge
Uncle Doge Hace 23 días
Why did u need to the danSchneider shows ;-;
Paradise Watt
Paradise Watt Hace 23 días
Do barbie in the dream house.
davidcarle0 Hace 23 días
LearningtoAdult Hace 23 días
you should do some more of this show i loved the nostalgia bomb
Crooty Hace 23 días
Logan is up there with Chad Dylan Cooper in the tier of "absolute chads who are the true protagonists"
C.W.Simpson Productions
Maddie Briann Aldridge: The baby everyone blames for Zoey 101's cancellation. Like, the the sheer amount of rage that Zoey 101 fans have for this girl is something else.
ekkos Hace 23 días
All of their voices are so high and theyre all baby-faced and awkward wtf this doesn't match my memory
Justaboertjie! SA!
Justaboertjie! SA! Hace 23 días
The urinal part killed me. Also why am I watching this
Khal Drogo23
Khal Drogo23 Hace 23 días
Ahhhhh back when I actually watched television.
Jojo 210204
Jojo 210204 Hace 24 días
Can you Do a Video to lost and found?
it's so funny when he says vshe prego
This isn't Sean
This isn't Sean Hace 24 días
Damn bro. Stretching the video out to exactly 10 minutes, repeating yourself and spewing useless information. Aaaaaaaaaaand a paid promotion? Geez it must be hard being original bro. Hope your dumbass teen fanbase quits watching you and grows a brain.
bodki malone
bodki malone Hace 24 días
A boy's only school...is not cool...trust me,I know..
griffith stone
griffith stone Hace 24 días
its pretty unfair to call this a wierd show when it was made in the 90s and intended for kids/teens, its suppose to be a school/drama grow up live events show, i really enjoyed it when i was in highschool along with drak and josh, icarly and a couple other nick shows, im from canada, so i loved alot of those shows, there are some wierd scenes, but without the wierd shows now a days would be boring.
Colby Garrow
Colby Garrow Hace 25 días
Man I wish i was born ten years earlier I was born in 2004 and missed a lot of good stuff with tv
lalala land
lalala land Hace 25 días
"before the world wasn't on fire all the time" When I tell you I *FELT* that 😔
Jackson 5
Jackson 5 Hace 25 días
noemie lucius
noemie lucius Hace 25 días
With "Before the world was just like on fire all the time", you immediatly got me
Chakurax Hace 25 días
bruh i was born in 2005
Rose Lin
Rose Lin Hace 25 días
7:22 😂😂😂😂
Trinity Hill does the logo his and vlogs
Alex: about the bebé Me: 😂
Jordaine Hace 25 días
*Because of the "bébé"* Idk why that cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Law Hace 26 días
When I was younger I never noticed that they all look, maybe were? 13-16 years of age. Now I look older than them and I'm 16.
tearson Hace 26 días
one of those odd shows i liked to much lol
Sesina Goitom
Sesina Goitom Hace 26 días
You should do good luck Charlie, Shake it Up, Thats so raven, or Jessie
fatimah fitri
fatimah fitri Hace 26 días
This is a bit weird, but uh can you do a review on girl meet world? Its a sequel on boy meet world. Heck maybe you can do both!
hay hay the oreo master
Some of these jokes, mostly the ones about sleep deprivation, are so uncomfortably detailed they cannot possibly not be inspired by real life. So, Alex, are you ok?
Adjustforkicks Hace 26 días
*Hi, did you just scream?* Thats how I start every conversation
Andres E. Gomez M.
Andres E. Gomez M. Hace 26 días
Honestly, Quinn was the true star of the show.
Breanna Hace 26 días
Caitlynn Marufu
Caitlynn Marufu Hace 26 días
Stop hating like @peaches
Token Handicap
Token Handicap Hace 26 días
It's like a car wreck. I can't look away.
gloria kabugho
gloria kabugho Hace 26 días
U should talk about Henry Danger
The Siblings
The Siblings Hace 26 días
I want Evermoor Chronicles 🤩🤩🤩
Elaine Juquiana
Elaine Juquiana Hace 26 días
Omggg “because of the... bébé” oh lawd. XD
Charocco Woodside
Charocco Woodside Hace 27 días
Sir Zoe 101 is thee best Nickelodeon show. It is better than the shows they produce nowadays. It shall always be better than the shows they post on Nickelodeon .
Life with Indiamariex
Life with Indiamariex Hace 27 días
She wasn’t even dressed to try out, how do you try out with a skirt on ?
Berta Dellasala
Berta Dellasala Hace 27 días
is it bad i've never seen this show? XD
jdmj707 Hace 27 días
I’m amazed the whole Dan Schneider part of this story never came up
A continuación
iCarly was a weird show...
ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...