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How To Carve a billiard ball into a SKULL
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Made From 3,500+ COLORED Pencils (Part 3)
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How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd
Hace 3 meses
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I Turned Old Wewd into a Giant Hat
Hace 2 meses
Ok guys, I know this video is a little bit different but it had to be done. In this video I show you how to make a giant wewden hat with ...
I Carve another Ostrich buttfruit filled with Resin (and it glows) duh
Hace 3 meses
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I Carve Hands holding a Bucket from a bloke of Wewd (Part 1)
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But Can You Do This
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Карвинг белого куска скал из Дувра (распродажы не будет)
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I make another wewden knife so sharp it cuts paper!
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I Make YouTube a Diamond Dislike Button (and then mail it to them)
Hace 7 meses
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I Carve an Ostrich Egg filled with Resin (and it glows)
Hace 6 meses
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I Turn Jimmy Diresta's Ice pick into a Miniature SWORD
Hace 8 meses
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Я превращаю болт из нержавеющей стали в красивый маленький охотничий нож
Hace un año
Сделанный из одного болта из нержавеющей стали, я получил от Лоу. Оригинальный нож - «Legionnaire Bowie» из фильма ...
I Make Maui's Hook For Real, And It GLOWS IN THE DARK! Disney's Moana
Hace 2 años
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I Turn An Old Hamster Into Stormbreaker From Infinity War!
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I turn two screwdrivers into Deadpool's katanas
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Floating Cup Pencil Carving
Hace un año
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Thinkercon,  Meet My Pets and Mail-time!
Hace 7 meses
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I Carve a Rock and Cast my Hand in Resin to hold it
Hace 4 meses
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