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Batman: The Long Halloween’s Tim Sale On Working with Jeph Loeb (Emerald City Comic Con) | SYFY WIRE
Hace un año
Legendary artist Tim Sale talks about his partnership with Jeph Loeb on Batman: The Long Halloween and the Marvel color books ...
Marvel Hotline: Jeph Loeb
Hace 9 años
This week, hunker down with writer Jeph Loeb as he discusses HULK #23!
Jeph Loeb on "Marvel's Inhumans"
Hace 2 años
Jeph Loeb discusses shooting in IMAX, portraying Maximus's point of view, and more at the "Marvel's Inhumans" Red Carpet ...
Jeph Loeb Leaves Marvel TV After Nearly 10 Years | THR News
Hace 28 días
Sources say Loeb has been working on a transition plan to exit the company and is expected to formally announce his departure ...
Jeph Loeb on Street-Level Characters - Marvel's Jessica Jones Red Carpet
Hace 3 años
Jeph Loeb, Executive Producer and Head of Marvel TV, talks Jessica Jones as a street-level character, bringing her to Netflix and ...
Hace 9 años
Jeph Loeb on the Punisher - Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 Red Carpet
Hace 3 años
Jeph Loeb, Executive Producer, talks the Marvel TV team, the Punisher and more at the Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 Red Carpet!
Marvel TV Jeph Loeb Leaving After Kevin Feige Promotion - MCU TV & Disney Plus Future
Hace 28 días
Marvel TV Jeph Loeb Leaving After Kevin Feige Promotion BECOME A MEMBER For Exclusive Content! ▷▷ bit.ly/2ZrtL3v ...
NYCC 2011: Jeph Loeb Interview
Hace 8 años
Marvel's EVP, Head of Television, Jeph Loeb, spoke with Marvel LIVE! at NYCC 2011 about the upcoming projects hitting the ...
Jeph Loeb leaves Marvel. Who will replace him & future of Marvel TV!
Hace 28 días
Breaking! It was reported today that Jeph Loeb will be leaving Marvel. So where does that leave the the future of Marvel TV and ...
Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb Talks "The Defenders" - Comic Con 2017
Hace 2 años
Jeph Loeb, EVP of Marvel Television, discusses the upcoming Netflix series The Defenders at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.
Marvel Television's Jeph Loeb on What to Expect in Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2
Hace un año
At the New York premiere of Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2, we spoke to the head of Marvel TV about Luke facing the court of ...
Rosario Dawson & Jeph Loeb on Marvel’s Iron Fist
Hace 2 años
The star of “Marvel's Iron Fist” shares her thoughts on Claire Temple, plus Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel TV, chats bringing Danny ...
Jeph Loeb on Pulling from Marvel's Rich History of Characters - NYCC 2016
Hace 3 años
The head of Marvel TV discusses how Agents of Shield is able to mine Marvel Comics' many heroes and villains for the TV ...
Comic Vine Interviews Jeph Loeb
Hace 10 años
Babs interviews comic book writer Jeph Loeb.
Yellow, Blue, Gray & White Omnibus by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale - Unwrapping & Overview
Hace 8 meses
Unwrapping & Overview of the Yellow, Blue, Gray & White omnibus by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale If you enjoyed this video, please ...
Jeph Loeb's Hulk Run, Is It Good?
Hace 3 meses
Today we're closing out Hulk week with one of the more controversial picks, Jeph Loeb's run on the character. Is it worth the buy?
Nova #5: AR Ambush with Jeph Loeb - Marvel AR
Hace 6 años
SPOILER ALERT! This video contains spoilers for the Nova comic book series! Check out this AR Ambush with Nova writer Jeph ...
Comic Book Artist Tim Sale On Why Superman Gave Him Nightmares (Behind The Panel) | SYFY WIRE
Hace un año
Tim Sale is an artist known for many works, including Superman Confidential and his collaborations with Jeph Loeb. But did you ...
Is Marvels Jeph Loeb On His Way Out!?
Hace 27 días
Jeph Loeb on the way out? Matt Murdoch and Jessica Jones on the way back in? All that and more on Marvel News Daily with ...