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Did I Waste $1500 on a 50W Laser Cutter from China?
Hace 7 meses
TL;DR: Nope! There are some things I would do a little different when purchasing my 50W laser from eBay. The main thing...look ...
DIY Homemade Laser Cutter
Hace un año
I share my process of designing and building a co2 laser cutter using a combination of 'V' & 'T' slotted aluminium profile 3d printed ...
Did I Waste $2400 on a 60W Laser Cutter from China?
Hace un mes
We've all been there. We checked out lasers and found they're really expensive to purchase an American made machine.
El Makeblock Laserbox: ¿El mejor cortador láser de hobby que puedes comprar?
Hace 3 días
Echo un vistazo a un sorprendente cortador láser inteligente que promete facilitar el corte y grabado con láser. Makeblock ...
K40 Laser Cutter/Engravers... How Are They Really?!?
Hace 8 meses
I heard much about these mysterious cheap Chinese "K40" Lasers. I decided to take the leap, and this is what I found out.
Prima Power Platino Fiber with 4kw Laser Cutting Demonstration
Hace 4 años
Prima Power PLATINO® Fiber 2D laser cutting machine is based on the fully tested Platino platform, which can boast more than ...
DIY Laser Cutter/Engraver (CHEAP!)
Hace 9 meses
I don't know why most people don't go this route to build a laser cutter. Can't wait till I get my hands on a 80 Watt Co2 laser tube, ...
Dremel Laser Cutter Update and Overview
Hace 9 meses
Here is an update and overview from my wife about her new Dremel 40 Watt Laser Cutter. Check out more of her videos at ...
Eleksmaker EleksLaser A3 Pro Laser Engraver Build, Test & Review - 2018
Hace un año
EleksMaker® EleksLaser-A3 Pro: goo.gl/Rb4coH 6%off: EleksMaker Laser promotion: goo.gl/YSnXT7 Download ...
Tested: Dremel Digilab LC40 Laser Cutter
Hace 5 meses
We test and review Dremel's Digilab LC40 laser cutter, a 40 watt hobby laser designed for personal workshops and maker spaces ...
130W Wood Co2 Laser Cutting Machine with RuIDa 6442 Controller
Hace un año
In the video, that is UG-1290L Co2 laser engraving cutting machine, with # Reci W6 130W Co2 laser tube, fine cutting ability for ...
Laser Cutting Acrylic at Home
Hace 2 años
Attempting to cut 3mm Acrylic in various colours with the HyperCube 3D Printer/CNC. Moved the HyperCube outside for this.
WOW! How to Make a DIY CNC Laser Engraver
Hace un mes
JLCPCB - 2$ For PCB Prototype: jlcpcb.com Hello Friends, in this video i will show How to Make CNC Laser Engarver at ...
Amazing High Speed Metal Laser Cutting Machine Working, Modern Technology CNC Metal Cutting Machine
Hace un año
Amazing High Speed Metal Laser Cutting Machine Working, CNC Metal Cutting Machine.
China Prima CNC Metal Plates1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1.5kw
Hace 10 meses
China Prima CNC Metal Plates1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1.5kw #ChinaPrimaCNCMetalPlates ...
A3 Pro 5500mW 300 x 380mm DIY Laser Engraver Build,Test and Review!
Hace 2 años
Hi Guys! Check the unboxing, build, test and review of this powerful 5.5W laser engraver. Here are the links if some of you guys ...
How to cut through double the thickness. Using 50W Chinese Laser Cutter
Hace 3 años
With careful planning you can significantly increase the thickness you can cut with a cheap laser cutter. At least 1/2" with a 50W ...
How CO2 Laser Cutters work and ...Why you might want to build one!
Hace 5 meses
While I'm waiting for parts to arrive I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick video on the basics of CO2 Laser Cutters.
100 Watt Laser Cutter Makes Paper Wedding Invitation
Hace 4 años
Here's a look at a Gen 4 - BOSS LS-2436 (NOTE: GEN V NOW AVAILABLE) cutting out an example wedding invitation on some ...