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Simone Giertz is Queen of Crappy Robots
Hace 3 años
The inventor and ESvid star creates some of the world's most dangerous (and pointless) contraptions. Subscribe To "The Late ...
Tengo un tumor cerebral
Hace un año
¡Bola curva de la vida! Todo se siente bastante surrealista aun, pero estoy superandolo. Chistes en cola sobre robots de ...
I made a robot that serves me soup
Hace 2 años
I hate pumpkin soup, and I thought it might get better if a robot served it to me. It didn't. And thanks Google for this paid partnership ...
Why you should make useless things | Simone Giertz
Hace un año
In this joyful, heartfelt talk featuring demos of her wonderfully wacky creations, Simone Giertz shares her craft: making useless ...
Robot Queen Simone Giertz Tours Her Mad Laboratory | WIRED
Hace 3 años
Swedish robotics enthusiast Simone Giertz is known for her inventive contraptions that may or may not work as intended. Simone ...
A robot that serves beer for you
Hace 3 años
I made a beer robot. Do it, it'll be fun, the dark parts of my brain said. My whole house now REEKS of beer. I reek of beer. I'm not ...
I got a manicure from a robot
Hace 2 años
I had a robot do my nail polish because I'm DISAPPOINTED that it's 2017 and I still have to DO THAT STUFF MYSELF. C'mon ...
Simone Giertz on Her Robots and Returning to Work After Brain Surgery
Hace 8 meses
Simone Giertz describes herself as a maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. She's also known as the Queen of Shitty Robots.
Robot Clock Wake Up Machine | Scrappy Robots with Simone Giertz
Hace 2 años
This robot clock wake up machine will get you out of bed for good. See how Simone Giertz, the Queen of Scrappy robots, made it ...
The Breakfast Machine
Hace 4 años
I programmed a uArm robot arm to feed me Cheerios for breakfast. And yes: duct tape is an inevitable part of the DIY process.
A drone that carries babies
Hace 2 años
PARENTS! Stop carrying your children. We have drones to do that now. Want more shitty parenting? Check out Useless Duck ...
Mi tumor cerebral ha vuelto
Hace un año
Sí. Quememos a Brian el Tumor Cerebral 2019. Y como siempre: mis más sinceras disculpas a cualquiera que se llame Brian. Aquí ...
I built a hair washing robot
Hace 3 años
I made a robot to wash my hair. It's built using two Hitec servo motors, Actobotics from Servocity, an Arduino UNO and a 6V battery ...
I built a Westworld robot and it's awful
Hace un año
HBO asked if I wanted to do a #sponsored #Westworld video and I was like #sure. And did I use it as an excuse to audition to get ...
Simone Giertz: "The Making of Sh*tty Robots" | Talks at Google
Hace 2 años
Simone Giertz is, in her words, ESvid's Queen of Sh*tty Robots, Breaker of Transistors, Mistress of Malfunction, and Mother of ...
Why my sponsors are leaving
Hace 3 años
Clickbait much. But hey, it's true. My life is clickbait I guess. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: www.patreon.com/simonegiertz ...
Tested at NASA Ames Research Center (with Simone Giertz!)
Hace 6 meses
Tested recently spent the week at NASA Ames Research Center in silicon valley, the campus where NASA performs research and ...
The Dog Walking Robot with Simone Giertz
Hace 3 años
Simone Giertz and I build a Robot for my Dog Smudo. He loves it and we had a great time working together. Check out the Pussy ...
Making Sh** with Simone Giertz (This is an Adventure Inc.)
Hace 4 meses
Simone Giertz has amassed a major ESvid following courtesy of her “sh robots” and other highly entertaining projects. She'll ...