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What's the Difference Between DevOps and SRE? (class SRE implements DevOps)
Hace 10 meses
Seth Vargo and Liz Fong-Jones go head-to-head to determine which is better: DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). In this video, Liz and Seth discuss ...
Getting Started with SRE - Stephen Thorne, Google
Hace 6 meses
Stephen Thorne is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google. He learned how to be a SRE on the team running Google's advertiser and publisher user ...
Life of an SRE at Google - JC van Winkel - Codemotion Rome 2017
Hace un año
We've all heard about DEVOPS and companies adopting DEVOPS tactics and strategies. But how can we limit the inherent tension and resulting conflicts ...
SRE | Gabriell Nascimento | Papo Reto
Hace un año
Neste Papo Reto, Gabriell Nascimento fala sobre SRE ou Site reliability engineering. O SRE é uma disciplina que incorpora aspectos da engenharia de ...
Conferencia Negociaciones comerciales SRE SE
Hace 4 meses
Conferencia Negociaciones comerciales SRE SE.
SLIs, SLOs, SLAs, oh my! (class SRE implements DevOps)
Hace 10 meses
Liz Fong-Jones and Seth Vargo are back again with 8 minutes of action-packed SRE and DevOps education. This video discusses building blocks of the ...
SRE Nuclear Facility Decommissioning (1982)
Hace 3 años
Credit: U.S. Department of Energy - Decommissioning (March 1982) Description of the decommissioning and decontamination of the SRE prior to its release for ...
SREcon18 Europe - SRE Theory vs. Practice: A Song of Ice and TireFire
Hace 3 meses
Corey Quinn, Last Week in AWS, and John Looney, Facebook In many technical talks, you see a speaker from a renowned tech company stand up and describe ...
Keys to SRE
Hace 4 años
Ben Treynor Presented at SREcon14.
SREcon16 - Panel: SRE Managers
Hace 2 años
Moderator: Michael Kacirek, Facebook Panelists: Liz Fong-Jones, Google; Harrison Fisk, Facebook; Blake Scrivner, Netflix.
SREcon16 - Putting Together Great SRE Teams
Hace 2 años
Kripa Krishnan, Google What kinds of people make up a great SRE team? This talk explores whether SRE just means software/systems engineers, and what ...
Can't Stop FEELING that SRE Spirit!
Hace un año
SRE family welcomes you back! FEELS like it's going to be a fantastic year! Created using Video Star: VideoStarApp.com/FREE.
Best Practices from Google SRE: How You Can Use Them with GKE + Istio (Cloud Next '18)
Hace 6 meses
Learn some best practices directly from Google SRE about the tools and practices we use for deploying and running services at Google -- and then see how you ...
SRE Story - explained in 2 minutes and 42 seconds
Hace 2 años
Here is your 2 minutes and 42 seconds chance to understand the SRE mission.
Growing Up with Yasmine and Tom - interactive SRE for primary schools
Hace 4 años
Meet Yasmine and Tom - they're here to teach children aged 5-11 all about the body, growing up, feelings, staying safe online and much more. Growing Up with ...
AWS re:Invent 2018: Building SRE from Scratch at Coinbase during Hypergrowth (DEV315-S)
Hace un mes
Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. This talk covers its journey from a small band of engineers ...
SRE Core Recovery (1961)
Hace 3 años
Credit: U.S. Department of Energy - Accident Recovery (November 1961) - Description of the 1959 SRE core damage accident and the procedures used to ...
SREcon18 Europe - SRE Team Lifecycles
Hace 3 meses
Stephen Thorne, Google Site Reliability Engineering is more than a job title or the name of a team: we know it is a collection of approaches and practices that ...
Ofrece SRE nuevo número telefónico para solicitar pasaporte  / Andrea Newman
Hace 4 años
Ofrece SRE nuevo número telefónico para solicitar pasaporte / Andrea Newman 1 de julio del 2014 Programa: Excélsior Informa. Conductor: Andrea Newman.
Van 145 afectados por fraude en citas para pasaportes: SRE
Hace 7 meses
Martha Martínez Mendoza, directora General de Delegaciones de la SRE, indicó que se tienen nueve páginas fraudulentas detectadas.
Managing Risks as a Site Reliability Engineer (class SRE implements DevOps)
Hace 4 meses
Liz Fong-Jones and Seth Vargo are back with Season 2 of the DevOps vs. SRE series. In this video, Liz and Seth discuss Risk Analyses and how SREs use a ...
DevOps Moscow meetup: DevOps vs SRE
Hace 9 meses
4 апреля, после долгого перерыва, мы возобновляем встречи сообщества DevOps Moscow! На первой встрече, которая...
SREcon16 - College Student to SRE: Onboarding Your Entry Level Talent
Hace 2 años
Michael Kehoe and Nina Mushiana, LinkedIn Just over two years ago, I completed college, moved countries and started as a SRE at LinkedIn. Over those two ...
Ten Persistent SRE Antipattern - Success Like Netflix and Google - SREConf2017
Hace un año
Jonah Horowitz, Netflix, and Blake Bisset www.usenix.org/conference/srecon17americas/program/presentation/horowitz.
From Sys Admin to Netflix SRE
Hace 3 años
Talk by Jonah Horowitz, Albert Tobey What does it take to be a Netflix SRE? With tens of thousands of Linux instances in a distributed system architecture, and ...
Love DevOps? Wait until you meet SRE - Atlassian Summit 2015
Hace 3 años
A crucial transition is taking place at Atlassian... we can feel our DNA evolving a little each day. Our focus is always on the future, and that future will mean ...
#017 | Yamaha SRE | BFC 840 (Seri)
Hace 11 meses
Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Peace be upon you. Video ringkas yang aku edit sempena kerinduan aku terhadap motor ni. Insya Allah akan kembali sebelum April!
Kmao Sre Sung by Preap Sovath
Hace 4 años
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Implementing SRE practices on Azure: SLI/SLO deep dive - BRK4025
Hace 3 meses
One of the most useful practices many organizations embrace when they first implement Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is the adoption of Service Level ...
SRE, SAE, SRS: Most awaited revisionary clip!
Hace un año
This is the topic for which I had received highest number of requests & I am sure majority of you are going to feel awesome once I disclose the topic in the video!
Khmer song " Neuk srok neuk sre "
Hace 12 años
Votre pays vous manque ? You miss your country ? Regardez cette chanson, on va vous raconter tous vos souvenirs d'enfance, d'adolescence. Enjoy this song ...
Google SRE for Availability, Reliability, and Scalability (Cloud Next '18)
Hace 6 meses
Google pioneered or invented many of the core concepts of observability like distributed tracing and continuous profiling, and these tools are a major reason ...
KOMLOS SROK SRE - SOVANA REACH - SOPHEA - កំលោះស្រុកស្រែ - ពេជ្រ សោភា
Hace 12 días
KOMLOS SROK SRE - CHHORN SOVANA REACH ft PICH SOPHIA . កំលោះស្រុកស្រែ - ពេជ្រ សោភា.
Hace 6 días
National travels scania SRE volvo b9r This video captured at bangalore SRE VOLVO bangalore - davanagere National travels scania Bangalore - Mumbai ...
Journey of an SRE intern at Nutanix
Hace un año
This is a short video showing the Journey of an SRE intern at Nutanix.
LISA18 - SRE (and DevOps) at a Startup
Hace 2 meses
Craig Sebenik, Split Abstract: The Google "SRE book" gives a great explanation of what SRE does. That model works great for LinkedIn or Facebook. But, what ...
Khmao Sre - Preap Sovath
Hace 4 años
Khmao Sre - Preap Sovath preap sovath old song preap sovath preap sovath collection khmer songs preap sovath songs khmer music all preap sovath songs.
DevOps vs. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in Age of Kubernetes
Hace 7 meses
There is a transformation brewing for DevOps in age of Kubernetes. The tools of the trade, configuration management solutions, have been superseded in agility ...
QUERIDA URNA: Belinda lo adelantó: Ebrard a SRE.
Hace 6 meses
QUERIDA URNA: Belinda lo adelantó: Ebrad a SRE QUERIDA URNA es un programa de Rompeviento TV conducido por Julio Astillero, columnista de La ...
Hace un año
This lecture was given in SRE SRE Radhakund on 12.10.2017.
Hace un mes
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