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All The President's 2020 Challengers
Hace 2 días
Reports say Trump sees one candidate from the ever-growing field of potential 2020 Democratic challengers as the most ...
Peppa Pig Is Corrupting America's Youth!
Hace un día
Parents are reporting that a charming English cartoon called 'Peppa Pig' is affecting their children's accents. Subscribe To "The ...
Here's How Trump Spends 60% Of His Day
Hace 6 días
Donald Trump took to Twitter during his 'Executive Time' to explain how he spends his 'Executive Time.' Subscribe To "The Late ...
Pelosi Warns Of The Consequences Of A National Emergency
Hace 3 días
There's a national emergency in America? You wouldn't know it from looking at Mitch McConnell. Subscribe To "The Late Show" ...
Trevor Noah Is Disappointed In Jeff Bezos
Hace 3 días
'Born a Crime' author Trevor Noah thinks Jeff Bezos' net worth is too high to be taking his own d*** pics. Subscribe To "The Late ...
Trevor Noah Is Stealing 'Executive Time' From Trump
Hace 3 días
'Born a Crime' author Trevor Noah doesn't exactly strive to be like Trump, but he couldn't help but borrow the term 'executive time.
Averting Shutdowns Is The Bare Minimum
Hace 4 días
Stephen is tired of celebrating the government's ability to achieve its bare responsibility of being open. Subscribe To "The Late ...
Bill & Melinda Gates Talk Taxing The Wealthy
Hace 4 días
On the day of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's annual letter, Bill and Melinda Gates give their (admittedly biased) view on the ...
Trump's Friends At Fox Don't Like The Bipartisan Deal
Hace 5 días
Donald Trump's main influencers (anchors at Fox News) are trying to bully him into rejecting the bipartisan deal that gets him 55 ...
Pete Buttigieg: The Case For A Younger President
Hace 2 días
Pete Buttigieg believes his experience as Mayor of South Bend has given him leadership skills that are sorely lacking in the White ...
Donald Trump's SOTU Didn't Impress Joshua Trump
Hace 11 días
Donald Trump's State of the Union literally put an audience member to sleep. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: ...
Meanwhile... Poop Johnson Is The CFL's Next Star
Hace un día
Stephen doesn't always cover sports. But when he does, it's a story about a player named Poop Johnson. Subscribe To "The Late ...
Meanwhile... When You Have To Resign Over Face-Licking
Hace 4 días
In a very Florida political scandal, a city commissioner was forced to resign over face-licking allegations. Subscribe To "The Late ...
Russia Is Attempting To Hack Our Brains
Hace 3 días
Apparently elections aren't enough. Russia is now attempting to interfere with our brains. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel ...
BLACKPINK Performs 'Ddu-du Ddu-du'
Hace 5 días
The four members of BLACKPINK make their Late Show debut with a song from their EP, 'SQUARE UP.' Information about for ...
Full Interview: Lady Gaga Talks To Stephen Colbert
Hace 4 meses
Stephen's wide-ranging conversation with 'A Star Is Born' star Lady Gaga was too long for air, but not too long for the web!
The Best (And Worst) Valentine's Day Gifts
Hace 3 días
Love is in the air this Valentine's Day. But it's also available in the form of bacon and buttons. Subscribe To "The Late Show" ...
John Oliver's 'Late Show' Lifetime Achievement Award
Hace 5 días
'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver accepts one of the Late Show's most prestigious honors. Subscribe To "The Late Show" ...
Jeff Bezos Invents A New Euphemism For Penis
Hace 5 días
Jeff Bezos coined a new euphemism for male genitalia in his blog post, 'No Thank You, Mr. Pecker.' And it's not 'pecker.