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The Champions on America's Got Talent 2019 | Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global
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Watch the brand new season of America's Got Talent The Champions 2019. Best loved auditions and winners such as Susan ...
Top 5 best auditions animals, America's Got talent 2017
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Best auditions animals Dogs can talk, birds can sing, cute birds, cute dogs.
Light Balance FINALIST | ALL Performances | America's Got Talent 2017
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Watch ALL Light Balance dancers BEST performances on America's Got Talent 2017. What was your favourite best dance group ...
Странная ДЕВОЧКА-Фокусница Пугает Жюри и Зрителей На "Таланты Азии"! русские субтитры
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Священная Риана в программе "Таланты Азии 2017" пугает жюри и зрителей своими страшными и жуткими фокусами! Как она это делает?!
Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix- Style Martial Arts Dance - America's Got Talent
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You've never seen dancing done like this! From his head fall to his Matrix-style moves, Kenichi Ebina will blow your mind!
OMG! You'll Never Believe These Talents! - America's Got Talent 2018
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These acts will make you say OMG! Catch some of the most jaw-dropping performances from Season 13 of AGT. » Get The ...
Britain's Got Talent 2018 | WEEK 1 Auditions | Got Talent Global
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Watch all the amazing auditions (WEEK1) on Britain's Got Talent 2018. What did you think of the best performances?? Let us ...
Darci Lynne: 12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2017
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12-year-old who uses ventriloquism to overcome her shyness stuns the crowd with a surprising singing act! See her wow ...
Will the Judges bend over backwards for Bonetics? | Britain's Got Talent 2015
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See more from Britain's Got Talent at itv.com/talent Just WOW! We don't how he does it, but if you can bear to watch ...
Top Best Magic Show of America  -  America's Got Talent 2016
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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE........ Best Magic Show of America - America's Got Talent 2016 ☞DISCLAIMER: I do not own nor claim ...
Will jaw harpist Olena be galloping through with her unique HORSE noises?! | Auditions | BGT 2018
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Olena has come all the way from Russia to treat us to her unique throat singing and khomus-playing skills. Oh, and not to mention ...
BEST Magic show in the world - Street Magician America's Got Talent
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SUBCRIBE Len Ken Channel: bit.ly/2fhpDdd ➤ About Len Ken: The Compilation TV Show Worldwide: The Voice, Got Talent, ...