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Do All Veterans Think The Same?
Hace 2 meses
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How To Draw A Soldier Saluting (Veterans Day)
Hace 7 días
We are grateful for our veterans, men, woman, past, and present! Thank you! Join our monthly membership and download our app ...
Veterans React to MILITARY Movies: EP05
Hace 4 días
You chose it, we viewed it. “Full Metal Jacket” was at the top of our list, especially with the Marine Birthday having just passed.
Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven
Hace 5 años
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Veterans Reveal Their Most Difficult Experiences
Hace un año
What would you say if it was just you and a camera in a room for 15 minutes? We gathered a group of Veterans to see what they'd ...
Veterans React to MILITARY Movies
Hace 11 días
Veterans React to MILITARY Movies Fuel your freedom here with BRCC Coffee: brcc.coffee/2rjdvS5 Looking for Fullmag ...
A Veteran's Story on Veterans Day
Hace 7 días
Try Skillshare for two months for free by going to skl.sh/knowingbetter13 Knowing Better opens up about his military ...
Thanking Veterans | This is Happening
Hace 7 días
Do you have a veteran in your life to show gratitude? Pass this along to a vet you appreciate! | This Is Happening SUBSCRIBE for ...
WAR VETERAN made The Voice coaches CRY | STORIES #3
Hace un año
Crissy Ashcroft is a war veteran who served the military for 13 years. Her blind audition is her step off into leaving the army.
Veteranos describen matar durante la guerra
Hace 4 años
Les pedimos a veteranos que hablaran de lo que era matar a alguien. Si desea ser voluntario o donar al Departamento de ...
Veteran Can't Pay or Afford Food in San Antonio, Texas | What Would You Do? | WWYD
Hace 4 años
What will people do when a military veteran doesn't have enough cash to buy his groceries? Subscribe for new episodes from ...
Whisper Challenge Veterans Day Reunion Surprise
Hace un año
Jimmy Fallon partners with T-Mobile and uses a game of Whisper Challenge to reunite a military veteran with her active-duty ...
New York City salutes veterans, active military at Veterans Day Parade
Hace 7 días
Thousands took to the streets Monday as New York City saluted veterans and current members of US Armed Forces at the 2019 ...
Vietnam Veterans never expected this..
Hace 10 años
Vietnam veterans were stereotyped and demonized to such a great extent that even the widows of deceased servicemen received ...
Thousands march in New York City Veterans Day Parade
Hace un año
New York City honored those who served their country with the annual Veterans Day Parade Sunday. Thousands of marchers ...
What Would You Do: A veteran cannot afford groceries
Hace 2 años
What Would You Do: A veteran cannot afford groceries Watch brand new WWYD episodes on Friday at 9PM on ABC (starting ...
Veterans React to MILITARY Movies
Hace 2 meses
Veterans React to MILITARY Movies Rambo Exploding Arrows in Real Life esvid.net/video/vídeo-2yvSrTE4Z0s.html Hosted by Richard ...
Veterans Day Tribute
Hace 6 años
A tribute to the brave men and women of the United States military. God Bless our veterans..The song for this video is called Not ...
WWE pays tribute to all who served on Veterans Day
Hace 7 días
WWE thanks and honors all the brave men and women who have fought for freedom with a special Veterans Day message.